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Pin in a sentence

Could hear a pin drop.
Pin as much as you can.
It was a beautiful pin.
Fold half over the pin.
You could hear a pin drop.
They can pin nothing on us.
He wanted to pin it on me.

Pin it together (with this).
Wait he put a pin in the map.
The output pin (÷ by 10), 8.
O, Mairy lost the pin of her.
I don't care a pin about them.
With a rolling pin, roll out.
And when he struggled to pin.
There is a split pin through.
You could have heard a pin drop.
Suppose he lost the pin of his.
I have only my cap to pin on.
Pin pictures that are humorous.
I, her tutor, held the pin tray.
Chin dropped the pin to one of.
We can never pin nothing on him.
Pull the pin before you leave.
Work the action to cock the pin.
One could have heard a pin drop.
You would be able to hear a pin.
Leaning in to pin the third man.
Stick a pin in a map like I said.
When mains resumes, pin 1 of iC2.
Who will pin them and their pride?
The pin was probably a cloak clasp.
O, Mary lost the pin of her drawers.
Shiva's dance on the head of a pin.
Weave the pin back out from under.
But the answer was hard to pin down.
Lines of string ran from pin to pin.
She said, Do you have a pin?
With shaking hands, she put the pin.
Then, pin some pictures on other days.
There is pin drop silence in the hall.
Pinning Calvin and his people back.
Heartlessly pinning Alex on the wall.
Soon the mare is pinning her ears and.
Pinning of the ears or a twitching of the.
His fist grabbed her hear pinning her down.
He then stopped, pinning me with an intense look.
He came to the table, pinning together his sheets.
Pinning of ears when you are cinching a saddle is.
Now, he said, his eyes pinning me to the chair.
He fisted her hair in his hand, pinning her head back.
The Barbeg sat on her stomach, pinning her to the floor.
Buy a large cork board and start pinning up your dreams.
Several wolves held the dogs captive, pinning them to the.
Some of them literally sat on your chest, pinning you down.
They all rushed to him and hugged him in the chair pinning.
The pinning board in particular was a plentiful source for her.
I wrestled with her, finally pinning her into the large recliner.
Ash was on top of her the next second, pinning her to the floor.
As he finished pinning the medal on Nancy, Amin whispered to her.
The spell pinning Rincewind to the wall vanished with a faint pop.
He remained unmovable and grabbed my wrist, pinning it behind him.
I pushed her off of me and rolled on top of her, pinning her down.
The horse jumped away then toppled over, pinning the man under him.
Alex was lying above me, pinning me to the bed and grinning crazily.
He lay upon his back, with the angry Badger's paw, pinning his throat.
Then I brought down the axe on his loose shirt, pinning it to the ground.
The sharp splinters buried themselves into my ankle, pinning me in place.
She bustled around pulling this curl, pinning that one, spraying another.
His assailant sat on his left shoulder, pinning his left arm between legs.
Pinning her hands down above her head, Damien eased up over her and smiled.
I struggle against the massive arms pinning me in place, but I can’t move.
He is pinning his hopes on me and all I have for him is a lie, a bloody lie.
Rotate your thighs outwardly, pinning the outer thighs against the floor, so.
Who are you? he spits, straddling me now, his palms pinning my shoulders.
The Ghost Raider had stamped down on Lavina’s wing, pinning her to the ground.
I lunge toward her, pinning her shoulder to the wall, and lean closer to her face.
Rotate your thighs outwardly, pinning the outer thighs against the floor, so that.
The crater closed around its foot like a noose, pinning the mech in that position.
I wasn't the only one that could help take out the gun pinning down the Mike Force.
He slammed into her, pinning her against the wall with his hand on her throat, and.
I saw them pinned up.
She pinned back her hair.
I felt pinned to my chair.
Adros was pinned beneath him.
His eyes pinned on the wall.
His intense stare pinned me.
Jaw pinned against the floor.
Then, pinned and posted with.
He is completely pinned down.
As they pinned the medals on.
They are pinned to the plains.
Meyers was pinned down and.
He had her pinned to the chair.
He pinned her against the wall.
My heart beat fast as I pinned.
Duana and Ilona pinned her down.
He pinned her down and started.
It slams into another pinned car.
When they pinned those medals on.
She pinned down both of his wrists.
She pinned her hair up into a bun.
I was pinned down under heavy fire.
Something pinned on: photo perhaps.
She had her knees pinned to the mat.
I accidently pinned her to her diaper.
She took up her hat and pinned it on.
He was pinned like a beetle on a card.
Those who had Moshe pinned instantly.
His body pinned her to the cold floor.
You see Kaite pinned down by a shooter.
There’s a box and a not pinned to it.
Her sweaty hand pinned it to the floor.
My swain with pride pinned the corsage.
In less than an hour after they pinned.
I found this pinned to the corkboard.
She clambered on top of him, and pinned.
A clawed foot pinned Harlan to the ground.
Gary’s eyes were pinned to the ceiling.
Instead of complying, Mal pinned her hand.
Footsie soon had him pinned to the ground.
Pins and pain of bees.
The pins stayed out, the.
Safety Pins stifled a laugh.
Locking pins held it in place.
One-by-one the pins tipped over.
Shaky on his pins, poor old sot.
Step2: Ensure all the pins of IC.
Step1: Ensure all the pins of IC.
Safety Pins was carefully pouting.
Notice the two red pins above the.
The more pins you have, the better.
The power users average 2,700 pins.
Tim is knocking the hinge pins out.
There are several red pins here.
Safety Pins rolled her eyes and stood.
Focus on making the corner pins fall.
The pins are like a ranking system.
Make conscience of pins and syllables.
Diane pins her ear to the bedroom door.
The first of the red pins offers.
Teresa pins her ear to the bedroom door.
Michael pins his ear to the door first.
He pins the whole thing on someone else.
Joseph pins his ear to the bedroom door.
I don’t know! Safety Pins snapped.
Queer the number of pins they always have.
Yeah, Safety Pins agreed, she was.
Sergeant’s rank pins shone at his collar.
Her fingers tingled with needles and pins.
He pins the mech down with his sheer weight.
When full dry, remove the pins and rollers.
She slowly took out the pins from her hair.
Safety Pins poked her head around the corner.
Safety Pins with not so thinly veiled scorn.
What about the yellow and green pins?
Then what’s with the matching pins?
Step1: Indentify the pins of IC and transistor.
Safety Pins sulking seductively in the corner.
Emily sighed and grabbed the seven Cavalry pins.
Straight on her pins anyway not like the other.

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