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    1. There it was, plain as day

    2. Ezek: 3:22: And the hand of the LORD was there upon me; and he said unto me, Arise, go forth into the plain, and I

    3. ’ He replied conversationally, though it is plain his thoughts are miles away

    4. He’s still rubbing his hair with the towel though it is plain that his thoughts are working on my suggestion

    5. She leaned over to the tall pink-faced plain looking Englishman next to her, Nigel Grimsby and whispered into his ear

    6. She has been independent for a long time, that’s plain to see, and desperately protective of her independence too

    7. But the alternative is just plain silly

    8. It is plain that this whole incident with the car has shaken Liz badly

    9. plain, cream in colour, with just a hint of flow and swirl towards the hem

    10. There was a tiger, a 6 pointed star, a badly drawn Chinese tattoo meaning 'insane' although not the 'crazy' type of insane, rather just plain medically insane

    11. Nobody can escape their destiny by acting on the physical plain

    12. Again the Scriptures are very plain on what the work of the church is:

    13. It is the triumph of humanity to have hope, and here, across a continent, sitting on a plain wooden chair in rare daylight, I heard a new word: ‘over’

    14. Right below him on the desolate plain was an endless field of dogs, mainly dobies, stiffs and weilers; too thin, a little bloody, with dripping mouths and crusty yellow teeth

    15. Trying to put the impending meeting with the residents out of my head, I go and make myself a sandwich, forcing myself to eat it despite the churning which is going on in my stomach – not morning sickness this time thank goodness – but just plain nerves

    16. His walls are no longer covered in mirrors, but are made of just plain, white bricks

    17. "You will be stripped of your technician's powers and all heavenly powers and held in a plain environment for the remainder of the voyage of this Haad

    18. It was also plain that she was fairly educated and intelligent in spite of her fairy tales

    19. The Countess rose and walked over to the rustic, blue painted wardrobe and pulled from its hanger one of a number of simple cotton summer dresses, long and plain, cream in colour, with just a hint of flow and swirl towards the hem

    20. of a million whirring things in the plain dark night

    21. Screams and growls and booms echoed across the plain; and at one time, a few hundred yards away, he heard the sloshing of deep water and a pitiful bellow

    22. If there were any thonga around he could catch them in this brush, he couldn't get close enough to the herds on the open plain

    23. It was a dangerous gamble, he could be seriously injured, but there seemed to be no other chance at a meal on this plain this dark

    24. "I'm glad we met it here and not out on the open plain," Alan said

    25. Why was she so wrapped up in it now? Why was this plain as bleak as the tundra beyond Trastrab in her eyes?

    26. The land was so flat and the air so thick that it seemed like there was no horizon at all, just an infinite plain that receded farther and farther into the distance til it was lost in the haze

    27. Way out here on the plain, big rains hadn't yet come to knock the blooms down

    28. ‘There’s no place called Weston-super-Mare that I know of … there is a village on the coast called Uphill and another on the plain called Milltown

    29. It was plain to all around them that Nuran was more than ready to couple with Alan and had been for some time

    30. From the way Orens chats, it is plain that Berndt has spent a substantial amount of time at this kloster … This impression is underlined as we enter the main building, several of the Gottesmen we encounter as we walk along a corridor greeting Berndt with enthusiasm

    31. It was becoming more and more plain that Nuran was trying her best to get between Alan and Desa

    32. She was a master at the art of illusion and had the ability to hide in plain sight; something the crew found very unnerving

    33. The red earth gave way to green vegetation in spotted areas, and after rounding a corner they came out onto a beautiful green grassy plain

    34. Again, there is no magic here, just plain old common sense

    35. “Good riding!” he called as she galloped out of the Hold to the plain below

    36. As she came out of the forest, the plain opened up before her

    37. He wants to make it partly a general remembering of all those who have suffered from natural disasters and partly a personal celebration of those loved ones known specifically to members of the congregation, feeling that it will have a much more positive effect than a plain and simple memorial service

    38. Since he had been an Angel for more than two hundred years now, he was no longer amazed by the fact that he could pick up the plain paper envelope from the screen of the phone

    39. For one thing, she really is that plain,” Kelvin said

    40. She leaned over the balcony and looked over the parapet onto the plain below; as far as the eye could see there was white covering the ground

    41. know its size as plain as the…”

    42. She had already made it plain she wasn’t bound by the needs of stomach, bladder or bowel, so she couldn’t say she was in the bathroom

    43. The view of the fields and the brook and the mountainside in Wescarp was better than these plain block walls

    44. There was a pretty nice bed in it, she showed Ava a chest of clothing, which had some of those flounced skirts, plain but colorful skirts and open-fronted blouses in it, several long strips of soft cloth, a bronze hand mirror and an oil lamp

    45. For everyday the skirts had plain leather belts, but for the ceremony they would have wide and decorated belts shaped to resemble the bronze corsets and almost as tight

    46. knowing better than to be plain stupid

    47. This peasant’s wife was pretty but not as voluptuous as the temple girls, she appeared to be no more than eighteen, and was dressed only in a plain skirt that was cut off well above the ankles of her bare feet

    48. Naria listened saying nothing, but it was plain that she was not pleased

    49. big boned, overweight and plain

    50. Now, there was still one more group of Scathers out on the plain; but just where they landed was anyone’s guess

    1. plained about bad or no service or anything in that regard and in my

    2. plained the bite like scar on her neck to her grandparents when they

    3. plained why they are unable to realize the truth

    4. plained before, carving is the last thing a student needs

    5. She plained of love; she longed for wings

    6. It plained of its gaping wounds, its

    1. plaining the newness of actions by the first-time of actions runs into similar difficulties as above

    2. plaining why the dead should not be mourned over, he says:

    3. plaining that the snow-cats were doing nothing about packing that

    4. plaining it, other than it is just overkill of ski tech-

    1. He watched in irritation as the others played through the endless golden plains that stretched across the Universe

    2. There was barely enough light to run it, but the plains were devoid of signal anyway

    3. For Afternoonday they trudged on in front of the Troarar hills, some greener humps in the distance across dun plains of thinning ribbonleaves in rough gravel

    4. Personally doostEr was more comfortable with the Brazilians he had met than some who lived out here on the sear plains

    5. She didn't have to have a thought in her head, just the wide open road, the plains, the mountains, whatever there was out the window

    6. But, maybe, there is a way out: Conscious dream control and intervention in the astral plains may affect the flow or reality

    7. I discovered new horizons, and daily I journeyed across the plains of my meagre captivity in search of the treasure caves of Ali-Baba and his forty thieves

    8. So, from now on I will be Yvonne and I have taken refuge in the world of the living, hoping to avoid a dreadful danger which awaits me in the astral plains

    9. He was told these plains are safe for fences because there are no kranjans

    10. The Northern Teeth were now visible to the north where they extended fifty miles further out onto the plains in the direction of Lastriss

    11. We mind acres of thesh, but we also follow lentosaur and thonga out on the plains

    12. Northeast of there were two relay towers in a row that were out on the plains away from anything

    13. He did not know if it was mainly forest or plains

    14. The next century of my life I learned quite a bit from the Dwarves in Wescarp, they were much more advanced at the time than the Nordics that lived on these plains

    15. Cynd was up and by it's ruddy light they could see them out on the plains around them

    16. There was a pinpoint of light out there on the edge of the plains, too low to be the reflection of Kunae off a spot of water

    17. For him it wasn't dark at all out on these plains

    18. Just then she must have heard something out on the plains around them

    19. Desa went wild with the fire, building a blaze that lit the plains for a hundred yards in all directions from this keltoid clump

    20. She stood up and looked across the plains again

    21. Luray's lip's just started to smile, then her gaze slid away, back out onto the plains around them

    22. But something new was developing out on the plains

    23. What was out there on the plains in front of her? What were their lives like? Most of them were thongas, there lives are all in trying to be near the center of the herd where they are less likely to get eaten

    24. They set way out across the plains, knowing they would probably not need to eat til they stopped for Noonsleep

    25. They got into conversations about the wildlife and found these people left the plains to the herdsmen

    26. Colored sparkles of light slanted in from the enormous pictureglass windows that looked out across the Karedarzin plains

    27. In a small town set upon the flat plains of England’s far flung eastern lowlands there once lived a very pleasant young man

    28. “she is not yet fully acquainted with all the dangers out on the plains

    29. The cold winter winds began to announce their arrival down the mountain ranges towards the plains below

    30. They have no idea how it is on the plains this time of year; I refer to the biting cold and unrelenting winds

    31. 'Long before all the tribes of the great plains came under the sway of the first great chief, far away in an open field beyond the distant mountains, two groups of young men from 'the people' armed themselves with spears, sticks, and bows and excited each other to the verge of a violent fight

    32. Harry gazed sidelong for a moment as the Great Plains smeared past the open state room window situated over where he sat at a small table

    33. eye could see there were only plains

    34. He enjoyed the countryside scuttling passed the window and had to remind himself that he was viewing the Great Plains roll passed him just the month before; and now, here he was on another train, bound for Paris, in the company of two people he had not met before that last journey seemingly so long ago

    35. This must be the Numondit Plains he had talked about

    36. The plains ended at a wide valley with low hills beyond, miles closer than the distant mountains

    37. All the large cities of Wescarp were actually out on the plains where the mountains could barely be seen in the distance

    38. “I’m not sure, I don’t know anything about the area below the plains

    39. “I’ve never been anywhere, I wanted to see what was down the other side of the plains

    40. Lentas are common on the high plains but his first guess at the word was ‘meat’ so that explained a lot

    41. “Way up that way,” he pointed west, “Way up beyond the source of the Minok on the west escarpment of the Numondit plains

    42. A land of sweeping plains,

    43. open plains to the west

    44. She got a good view of the rugged mountain slope below this castle with plains in the distance

    45. plains below was spectacular

    46. huddled serenely in the middle of the surrounding plains -

    47. As Jean approached Bourges from across the plains to the

    48. The only way winter made itself felt was the speed the temperature dropped on those plains once dark set in and they found they were short of clothing to stay out there

    49. last they descended into the plains of southern Navarre

    50. monotony of the plains was becoming almost oppressive

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