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Simple в предложении (на )

1. It uses a simple if.
2. It was a simple plan.
3. M: It is quite simple.
4. He had a simple plan.
5. Let us keep it simple.
6. She is a simple woman.
7. This is not a simple.

8. The cost of a simple.
9. A simple x-ray of the.
10. It is simple too great.
11. This was a simple room.
12. It was so simple, yet.
13. It's as simple as that.
14. It was simple and neat.
15. It is just that simple.
16. This was a simple task.
17. You said it was simple.
18. I am a simple detective.
19. It is more simple than.
20. It is as simple as that.
21. It can be as simple as.
22. It all seemed so simple.
23. This time it was simple.
24. You can simple call me.
25. It was really a simple.
26. It was as simple as that.
27. It is not that simple.
28. It’s as simple as that.
29. But it wasn't that simple.
30. It is really that simple.
31. It's as simple as that!.
32. Its as simple as that!.
33. This one is VERY simple:.
34. It really is that simple.
35. It is also simple to use.
36. I told you it was simple!.
37. It would be clean, simple.
38. It's just not that simple.
39. This one is really simple.
40. It's that simple, I said.
41. It is so simple my friend.
42. It was a simple cemented.
43. It is really quiet simple.
44. It would be a simple shot.
45. The simple man keeps the.
46. The simple fact that his.
47. It’s a simple statement.
48. No, it’s not that simple.
49. The joy of the simple,.

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Синонимы слова simple

simple simpleton elementary uncomplicated unproblematic bare mere childlike

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