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    1. But you’ve got to keep trying your best, you’ve got to keep doing well, it’s what she would have wanted,” Henry stumbled over his words, but he forced himself to press on

    2. ‘Liz, we may have to run the gauntlet of the press or TV outside the police station

    3. He hands the trooper his Driver’s License and Press credentials

    4. He hands the press ID and the license back

    5. John is ushered into the room by Assistant Press Secretary, JED BAKER, 40-something, graying temples, neatly trimmed hair and a smart gray suit with mirror finish shoes

    6. ‘Oh Mum … I can …’ she starts, but I press the money on her and with a sheepishly grateful smile, she takes it

    7. It was a very small circulation magazine, but with a fancy press

    8. He wondered if a press that could print this magazine on paper could fit in that crate

    9. He had a lot of experience with the press and knew many of the correspondents personally, but he had rarely given press conferences

    10. with a metal press, an old pre-war monster that should have been pensioned off with

    11. Sometimes even he believed the things some of the European press said about him

    12. I could leave without a fuss and he wouldn't press charges

    13. Jermaine hadn't reacted to my use of his name so I decided to press it a little further

    14. had assumed the revolutionary name of Marat was, according to the press and the

    15. Mrs Lemony's husband, Harry, has had a bad accident recently: He got his left leg badly injured by a press in the factory where he works as a factory-hand

    16. Press down, they’ll run harder

    17. How on earth do you know which ones to press and when? Then the array of dials set into the surface above the steering wheel caught her eye … what did they all mean? She’d been in taxis many times but never in a personal vehicle like this

    18. In pressing the questions about our own fathers, we press the question about God

    19. The man who had assumed the revolutionary name of Marat was, according to the press and the revolutionary council, dead and buried

    20. To press the red button that would

    21. Struggling on with a box full of losers medals and honest press clippings

    22. “Never needed to do anything with it, other then press the

    23. “Ok Catwhiskers, press the red now

    24. Everytime we press the button we

    25. Beholding this great cloud of witnesses, we press forward

    26. “Well we just press this button on the Travel Device” said

    27. Press that button now”

    28. KELLY: Of course she wants to press charges

    29. “No, you keep it, just press the red button”

    30. Yes, I want to press charges

    31. a full press of sail on the stairs,

    32. It was a pleasant press of warm bodies getting in there for there was quite a crowd

    33. Press your chin firmly against your chest in a chin lock and place your hands, palms down, facing the opposite way to your legs

    34. It should bend the same way as your arms, which you should, throughout the movement, try to press backwards as far as possible to avoid any possible sagging forward of your body

    35. They stood over me in their authoritative positions asking my parents if I wanted to press charges and asking if I was on drugs then pressing the question again in disbelief that I wasn't

    36. He pulled back kind of shocked as he joined his friends to stare, and before I could press on, I noticed some kids were yelling at me from across the street

    37. In all of this, in the hurricane of press interest that engulfed the protagonists and in the quietly ebbing tide that followed as the story wound down onto the spools of microfiched newsprint, Miss Jones and the young man never actually met

    38. More out of frustration than hope, the soldier started to press the buttons randomly, and as he did so the door to his meagre little motel room crashed open and in sprang the dog with eyes the size of sparkling Catherine Wheels

    39. They watched and listened in the market places, taverns and forums, and then, one morning, they called an impromptu press conference where they made a grand announcement

    40. Reassured by his aides and aware that the world’s press was waiting with baited breath, the great politician himself now wanted to read the document, even though there were still some relevant facts to include and a few final conclusions to draw

    41. Calling on every ounce of his experience and all of his blithe abilities, honed to perfection through dealing with cabinet crises and the terrier snappings of the gutter press, the great politician read through a few pages silently

    42. Backbenchers on all sides of the house became more and more animated, while the press pack in the gallery repeated the words of the otherwise unknown political representative to their editors by means of their mobile phones

    43. The fans, the press and all of those ex-footballer pundits on the television said that Terry was a legend in the making; that he was ten times the player Chazza had ever been

    44. Terry and Bling became what the world's press called an 'Item', appearing everywhere together

    45. In between games, and when not training, Terry and Bling held press conferences and photo-shoots

    46. All that Terry could do, once the dust had settled and his divorce had been dragged through the mire of the gutter press, was to lend his name and his former glories to endorsements and dubious advertising campaigns

    47. With their respective lawyers flexing their considerable egos and with the press pack baying like wolves, Burberry hopped onto the next transatlantic red-eye

    48. It was something about the Caribbean breeze that seemed to follow her everywhere and press her robes against glimpses of her body

    49. She told me to dip three fingers instead of one and press harder

    50. Then, whenever you are feeling confident, you press down on the trigger point

    1. They walked up to Vinnie and stopped, watching him listening to the glove he had pressed against the door

    2. Vinnie pointed the remote controlled device at her grenades and pressed a button

    3. “I need the Chip now!” Ackers pressed

    4. Zitteraal as in the opening scene, dressed again in the pressed white lab coat, a dress shirt and a tie,

    5. "doostEr," he introduced himself and they pressed palms

    6. "But you're working for a ghost?" doostEr pressed him on this

    7. He was pressed close to a cute little dark girl with a billow of curls who questioned him at length about the life of someone his size

    8. She stood in front of him and pressed her backside into his groin

    9. Theo jumped to his feet and in one flowing action he had his pistol pressed to Travis's forehead, between the eyebrows, he held the back of his head with the other hand

    10. Slowly, stiffly, MacKenzie unclasped his hands and pressed them against the wall

    11. Then, he saw that nub of an alien helmet up close, pressed against his own visor

    12. Alien atmo vented out punctures where Chief Horcheese’s machine fingers pressed their way straight through the Squidy’s suit

    13. I felt the gun barrel being pressed into the small of my back again

    14. The same pistol that I had seen this morning was now pressed against my temple

    15. A hand pressed firmly in the small of my back

    16. Apollo slides down the corner of his cell with his palms pressed firmly against his ears, trying to stifle the girl's cries

    17. Our shoulders and hips and knees pressed together

    18. I pressed two fingers to my lips, kissed them, and then transferred my healing love gently to Menachem’s lips

    19. She pressed comfortably on him, he didn't remember her being this well turned and wondered if she'd taken something to enhance her figure a bit

    20. Angie pressed another key and the screen changed

    21. "She undoubtedly told you how I love that," Desa told him while turning towards him and putting her arm around his shoulders so her chest pressed against him

    22. Slowly, stiffly, MacKenzie unclasped his hands and pressed them against the wall behind him

    23. Catwhiskers pressed the red button on the Travel Device

    24. He had to have his face pressed to the animal's back to stay on it and its fur and hide were like dirty industrial carpet

    25. tin pressed, chipped and dented,

    26. Catwhiskers reached over and pressed the red button

    27. When I pressed for more he laughed at me

    28. He turned and saw that Kate was curled up, pressed to his side

    29. Cosmicblasto pressed the button on the Travel Device

    30. with my hands pressed down hard about my ears,

    31. Joe pressed the red button

    32. He sang a velvet lullaby as we walked, my cheek pressed firmly into the

    33. for her own Travel Device and pressed the button

    34. "Why thank you," she said, and pressed the back of his hand to her ample bosom

    35. The hands are held palm to palm, and the head is then pressed to the knees as before

    36. The students pressed their noses to the window pane watching what was going on outside

    37. with the toes at the maximum distance from the head and the chin pressed firmly into the middle of the chest, as in the illustration

    38. He also made a solemn vow to his wife later that evening that, willing or not, Cyberia would marry the very first man, be he prince or pauper, that pressed the buzzer on the security gates that separated the family mansion from the mean streets that housed the capital’s hoi-polloi

    39. After a few seconds the soldier started to feel really freaked out, so he popped the dog into the shopping trolley, pressed the buttons and built the biggest pile of fifty-pound notes he had ever seen by the door

    40. If he pressed one, then the dog with eyes as big as compact disks would come

    41. If he pressed two, the dog with eyes as big as saucepan lids would come

    42. If he pressed three, then the dog with eyes as wide as sparkling Catherine Wheels would come

    43. He pressed one on his mobile phone and with a whoosh, up popped the dog with eyes as wide as compact disks

    44. The soldier pressed one, two and then three

    45. 'Mint?' Sticky minty chewing gum had been pressed into my hair and head

    46. She pressed him to tell her everything, which he did, including the part where the poor unfortunate man had promised to remember them if they ever needed help

    47. She pressed a button on her intercom, which was rendered as a big brown box on her desk

    48. She moved over to him, her knockers pressed against his shoulder now

    49. The one on this side pressed deep around his shoulder, her grip on the back of the stool kept him from turning it away

    50. “My Lady, I am honored to meet one of the Warrior Clan,” he took her hand and pressed it to his forehead

    1. Suddenly she produces a knife from god only knows where, presses it into John’s hand

    2. John looks quizzically at Russ -- What the hell is he up to? Russ presses on, grinning, eating, enjoying himself

    3. The crowd presses in,

    4. When printing presses were finally up and running again there was a very large demand for this particular book

    5. Time presses into itself what it would preserve

    6. He keys in the four digit code and presses the green button

    7. As soon as he is sure that he is clear of Leona's body he presses the button

    8. She imagines the tip of the needle breaking skin, sliding into muscle, the bulge where the liquid pools as she presses on the plunger, and the spasms, a face, a rictus grin

    9. The doctor can feel Helen's heart beating against his upper arm as she presses herself into him

    10. There were high-speed photogravure printing presses in full color turning out millions of copies of glossy publications to millions of consumers basin-wide

    11. measureless measure of the might of the Spirit in the inner man, so that we are always like a great river that presses on and heals everything that it touches

    12. She puts articles in the wrong magazines, overstocks supplies and is far too lax about manning the presses

    13. For the beginning, as printing presses were only a few,

    14. He wanted to prove he could do more than run the presses

    15. “Books will doubtlessly know more about printing presses than I

    16. He began with bench presses, laying on the steel bench with its padding and black leatherette cover

    17. Our orders were to stop their printing presses, break up the protests and bring the organizers to justice – or kill them: it didn’t matter any longer, but time did

    18. Four flips the gun in his hand, presses the barrel to Peter’s forehead, and clicks a bullet into place

    19. Edward turns his head and presses his lips to Myra’s

    20. Suddenly he presses a hand to my stomach

    21. The breeze that brushed my cheeks earlier now presses against my side

    22. Four, however, crouches and presses his back to the metal support, breathing heavily

    23. “Is this because I’m a—” I start to say, but she presses her hand to my mouth

    24. ” She presses her lips together

    25. “But please, when you see an opportunity…” He presses his hand to my cheek, cold and strong, and tilts my head up so I have to look at him

    26. He presses his hand to my cheek, and I turn my face into it, keeping my eyes closed

    27. Next to me, Four gasps and presses a hand to his chest

    28. He grins and presses his mouth to mine

    29. I let my hand trail over the edge of the car so it presses against the wind

    30. He presses his lips together

    31. Caleb presses a palm to the metal wall

    32. The bone presses into my palm

    33. He presses his mouth to mine, and my lips part

    34. The barrel of a gun presses to my temple, a cold circle against my skin

    35. And then something peculiar happens: fingers lace with mine, and a palm presses to my palm

    36. “They receive commands from our computers in the transmitters we injected them with…” At this, he presses his fingers to the injection site to show the woman where it is

    37. She presses her palms together

    38. Jeanine presses her palms together in front of her

    39. He presses the screen again, and everyone on the first floor goes still

    40. He presses his lips together and says, “Hmm

    41. Tobias walks over to Peter, ignoring the woman crouched beside him, and presses his foot into Peter’s rib cage to keep him in place

    42. I stand on my tiptoes to kiss him again, and he presses his finger to my lips to stop me

    43. He grabs my left arm with one hand and presses a gun barrel to my forehead with the other, smiling down at me

    44. Tobias shoves Marcus to the ground and presses the heel of his shoe to his father’s throat

    45. He gets on, and presses the CLOSE button so the doors shut between us

    46. Tobias presses into the wall behind me, so close to me that his chin floats over my head and I can feel his chest against my shoulders

    47. The Dauntless traitor with the gun presses Tobias toward me

    48. He leans over and presses his forehead to mine

    49. He stares down at me for a few seconds and then presses his hand to the glass so it lines up with mine

    50. Peter slips an electrode beneath the collar of my shirt and presses it to my chest, right over my heart

    1. " She was wrapping herself in his arm and pressing his palm to her nib

    2. Meanwhile, there was nothing pressing

    3. He pulled out a thin glove from his pocket and put it on his hand, pressing the glove against the door and listening

    4. slowed his pace, drew close, pressing his body into hers and as the music faded he

    5. "What is more pressing than the end of the world?"

    6. ’ He invited, taking my hand and gently pressing it

    7. When she opened her eyes the girl was on top of her, the stain of her bloodied crotch pressing into Melinda's gagging mouth

    8. ’ Stephen said quickly, pressing my hand

    9. Alexander has been pressing us importunately so that each one of us reveals their innermost secret before everybody

    10. This morning, as soon as she stepped into my office with some new texts in hand, the screen suddenly went black with a ''system error'', without my pressing a single key! What the heck, has she got a magnet or something? We called for a technician, as usual, but in the meanwhile the fair lady fumed and fretted at me and started shouting about my incompetence

    11. In pressing the questions about our own fathers, we press the question about God

    12. Oh Joris … what am I going to do without you? I’ve done what you asked of me … but what now? She sighed and closed her eyes, pressing her hands against the lids as if to contain the dreadful emptiness she felt

    13. He leaned in and kissed her gently, then with more force exploring her mouth with his tongue, pressing her body to his

    14. ” She lowered her voice as she passed Daniel and leaned close, pressing her breast against his arm, “…I’ll see you later … lover-boy!”

    15. While inhaling deeply through the nose, and pressing downwards

    16. possibly can, pressing into the ground with your clenched fists

    17. It happened when a passenger, trying to close the luggage door by pressing it shut with his foot, bent it out of shape

    18. Remain in this position for as long as you can and all the while arch your spine to the utmost, at the same time pressing downwards with your head

    19. He was pressing her to him all the while he was kissing her

    20. Pressing against the Instinct as well as Nuran she was able to coax her from the bed and into the hall

    21. They stood over me in their authoritative positions asking my parents if I wanted to press charges and asking if I was on drugs then pressing the question again in disbelief that I wasn't

    22. She had stood up a little so her jugs were on each side of his neck, pressing both the tops of his shoulders and the backs of his ears

    23. They tutted and clucked, pressing their tongues against their cheeks, sucked in their breath and made notes on their judge’s pads

    24. As the wind and snow swirled and howled against the Hold, Tarak bent and kissed Rayne sliding his arms around her and pressing himself to her

    25. He rolled over pressing her to him, kissing her playfully

    26. pressing my fingers into the muscles of his forearm,

    27. She turned around in his arms, she was now pressing against him and he was way too conscious of that

    28. He noted that she actually held on pressing herself to him in a hug

    29. They tutted and clucked, pressing their tongues against

    30. guidance became ever more pressing, and that, my dear, was the

    31. that looked to Tom as if he was pressing down an invisible sprung

    32. his head down, pressing his face into the damp

    33. For eleven of those years, White Feathers had spent quite a bit of time up at James Connor's livery stable when other family matters weren't pressing

    34. Pressing on along the track, Tom could see the castle on its

    35. Your mother and I didn't see any pressing need for you to have a separate account setup, or even now for the twins

    36. “There must have been a pressing reason to land like that,” Tom

    37. The woman moves away from Billy, pressing herself back into her seat

    38. His footsteps sound like thunder in his ears and he can almost sense the weight of the club pressing against his ribs, but he can't stop now

    39. But if you've nothing more pressing than touring hill and dale, perhaps you could be persuaded to visit Redditch along with us

    40. Heather moved forward pressing her chest against his

    41. Spelman had received a wire first thing before breakfast and had had to beg their indulgence to attend to the most pressing matter the wire introduced

    42. Without responding Johnson flipped open his cell and began pressing

    43. ” She sat down in his place and started pressing slowly on the pedal

    44. As August wound into its last week the Village Council met to discuss a very pressing issue indeed

    45. Pressing his free hand to her shoulder, he whispered softly into the nap of her neck

    46. " She whispered, pressing her face against his chest, if only she could tell him the truth

    47. Pressing his fingers to her lips, he said

    48. Bobby’s face, his palm pressing the nose up, and his middle and index fingers

    49. pressing on the eyelids, forcing the thug backwards

    50. The schedule on the main scope was pressing so they could no longer watch with that either

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