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    1. I get so agitated with him sometimes

    2. Then the sudden possibility of human existence beyond the gun barrel started to take shape amid the chaos and swirl of the suddenly agitated surf upon my hitherto lonely shoreline

    3. "Then we shouldn't look that agitated

    4. As she was telling Jake, Kate could see that he was getting very agitated, his eyes were twirling and he grunted several times

    5. Sir John Gladstone went to the rather tastefully decorated office where the two word-smiths were beavering away at their task, and as he perused page after page of the report he became more and more agitated

    6. Duncan watched Naria’s reaction become more and more agitated as Boras continued shouting

    7. Have you ever seen someone who’s agitated infect a

    8. That patient is sending a strong, agitated vibration

    9. long, everyone’s feeling a little agitated

    10. The agitated patient has not only

    1. The thunder was agitating her

    2. Hearst's media campaign agitating for war against made it increasingly harder to avoid war

    3. Yet a few people in China Grove were still agitating for the bus service, even with $769,000 homes; their SUV’s and BMW’s

    4. The treatment involves agitating her myelin cells

    5. His fiddle-scratching was as pathetic as my piano key-tickling, but agitating in near unison and with the help of strong drink we celebrated many a happy hour

    6. and sweeping was agitating those

    7. Although the Baptist missionaries had attempted to prevent the uprising, the plantation owners blamed them and all missionaries for agitating the slaves and causing the revolt

    8. Going back to August 1944, Montgomery had been agitating to launch a major offensive into North Germany

    9. Going back to August 1944, Montgomery had been agitating to launch a major offensive into North Germany

    10. And on the international dance floor America should be neither a shut-in that avoids contact with others, or the reckless showman agitating for attention

    1. is he the right person to agitate? That is why bibles are thrown into prisons

    2. "Well Lemoss it's often those who profoundly agitate their religiousness who eventually get thrown onto the bonfire

    3. agitate it and then you want to create the solution for them

    4. can agitate all the other vital organs

    5. Though his restlessness and fickleness agitate me to no end yet I feel a strange mixture of sympathy and respect for this prodigal son of our family

    6. When the heart hears sounds that agitate such grieving,

    7. Webb founded to agitate for reform of the “poor” laws

    8. I was in a hurry, agitate and anxious

    9. He was to relentlessly harass and agitate me until, supposedly, I began to see their point of view, and submit myself to their idea of godliness

    10. thoughts, which let me to worry a lot and agitate

    1. idea of a cascade of nerve excitement in the brain that agitates the

    2. excitement in the brain that agitates the arteries in the brain

    3. Elizabeth observed my agitation for some time in timid and fearful silence, but there was something in my glance which communicated terror to her, and trembling, she asked, "What is it that agitates you, my dear Victor? What is it you fear?"

    4. But it is not even this question "What will happen?" that agitates men when they hesitate to fulfill the Master's will

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    agitate in English

    disturb disquiet fluster trouble alarm confuse upset shake up jolt jar stir up churn argue campaign debate dispute incite controvert

    Синонимы для "agitate"

    agitate commove disturb raise up shake up stir up vex charge charge up excite rouse turn on shake budge shift stir foment campaign crusade fight press push disquiet fluster trouble alarm confuse upset jolt jar churn argue debate dispute incite controvert