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    1. They sat at the two vacant seats and a prim waiter inquired about their drink preferences

    2. “At school, Miss Prim was talking about the elections next week and she mentioned it

    3. Miss Prim answered the school door, she smelt smoke, the three men had just lit a bonfire in the school yard

    4. “You shouldn’t have told them about the Wellbelove’s Miss Prim, Granny won’t thank you for sending those rogues to her

    5. The steward, looking prim as ever, was relaying Lady Phyllis’s instructions for

    6. Mother was far too prim a woman

    7. She said that she loved me more than life itself but that if it hadn’t been for the war we would still be at the hand holding stage of our courtship or maybe we might have got round to prim kissing

    8. Her tone was prim, but her eyes danced with pleasure

    9. I had just taken a step towards the kitchen when the two very different women – prim, proper and middle-aged Mrs

    10. The kids will be so relieved you’re not neat, prim teachers in pressed shorts and T-shirts, expecting them to be good little civilized boys, they’ll be over the moon at having an adventure with two real heroes

    11. The gangly one with glasses was concealing his insecurities behind a supercilious facade, and four obvious Christians were betrayed by their prim, pursed lips and disapproving manner

    12. She’d have hated it here, with the green and the trees and the prim, proper people

    13. “You could have told me she was so spirited, I really was expecting miss prim and got miss lion heart

    14. They were usually so prim and proper

    15. He had taken a liking to this graceful young woman on the train during their journey, and seeing her now in these conditions made him admire her all the more as a well-mannered, prim Southern belle who embodied traditions of a life destroyed by Civil War

    16. white man, and he had mumblingly interjected, with a prim smile and sliding eyes, that

    17. She was not quite prim, but freshly-scrubbed, stiff disapproval quivered the bakkie’s

    18. "The truth is," he said in a low voice, "she's from a small planet called Rison in the Prim solar system

    19. " What do you say?" Said the prim happy little mother

    20. Prim and proper I’m not

    21. Melissa mulled it over, considering her reply carefully as she watched him through the prim glasses perched on her nose

    22. "And I've wanted to jump your bones every minute of every day since I first laid eyes on you in that prim little business suit of yours

    23. He wore a prim blue shirt and nicely fitting black pants with formal shoes to boot

    24. She sat down and straightened her skirt looking all prim proper and girly

    25. He made me think of owls as he sat at supper that night in his prim clothes, with round gloomy eyes fixed on Papa, whom he was lecturing

    26. A small lift of her shoulders under the white pintucked blouse, so prim and proper, so opposite what she’d been when she lived here in Jerome

    27. She calls her things like Her Nibs and Miss Prim and Proper

    28. (Points with prim finger to the sky) Ahhh

    29. So hopeless was he by the end of the night, that he couldn’t walk straight, or talk great and that is how he loved to be left, in a prim and proper mess; beaten-up by his own will and a letchard inc odyssey

    30. Prim little Winkle too is here,

    31. But Aunt March had not this gift, and she worried Amy very much with her rules and orders, her prim ways, and long, prosy talks

    32. I've played the part of a prim young lady on the stage, and I'll try it off

    33. We both bowed, and then we laughed, for the prim introduction and the blunt addition were rather a comical contrast

    34. Gentlemen, which means boys, be courteous to the old maids, no matter how poor and plain and prim, for the only chivalry worth having is that which is the readiest to pay deference to the old, protect the feeble, and serve womankind, regardless of rank, age, or color

    35. For Amy's face was full of the soft brightness which betokens a peaceful heart, her voice had a new tenderness in it, and the cool, prim carriage was changed to a gentle dignity, both womanly and winning

    36. How Jo did enjoy her `wilderness of boys', and how poor, dear Aunt March would have lamented had she been there to see the sacred precincts of prim, well-ordered Plumfield overrun with Toms, Dicks, and Harrys! There was a sort of poetic justice about it, after all, for the old lady had been the terror of the boys for miles around, and now the exiles feasted freely on forbidden plums, kicked up the gravel with profane boots unreproved, and played cricket in the big field where the irritablècow with a crumpled horn' used to invite rash youths to come and be tossed

    37. China 's wa s hope le ssly inse cure by com pa rison; e ve n the prim itive m a tria rchies weren't stea dier tha n we a re

    38. "Is tha t you, Edze l? Prim o Me llon spe a king

    39. It too was prim and pretty

    40. And then, like Katniss volunteering to be a tribute for her useless sister, Prim, one brave writer, Tracey Wigfield, said she would request Will’s friendship on Facebook so we could learn more about him while protecting my identity

    41. ” He was a prim, fussy man, always immaculately dressed

    42. I made a fine tramp and a fair drover; and here I was ushered by a prim butler into this temple of gracious ease

    43. It was my first visit to the scene of the crime—a high, dingy, narrow-chested house, prim, formal, and solid, like the century which gave it birth

    44. You have seen a group of ninepins standing, all so rigid, and prim, and unbending

    45. He is exceedingly neat and prim in his ways, dresses always with great care in white drill suits and high brown mosquito-

    46. I had left him calm in his bearing, correct in his person, prim in his dress

    47. Was this the luxurious Lord John Roxton who had sat that evening in the Albany amidst his Persian rugs and his pictures in the pink radiance of the tinted lights? And was this the imposing Professor who had swelled behind the great desk in his massive study at Enmore Park? And, finally, could this be the austere and prim figure which had risen before the meeting at the Zoological Institute? No three tramps that one could have met in a Surrey lane could have looked more hopeless and bedraggled

    48. It was a prim, virginal little room and it lay still and warm in the slanting rays of the and the white walls unornamented save for one corner which Melanie had fitted up as a shrine

    49. It was a spacious octagon, later in design than the rest of the house its walls, were adorned with wreathed medallions and across its dome prim Pompeian figures stood pastoral groups

    50. It was the most wanton place and the most prohibitive, both seductive and prim

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