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Puritanical в предложении (на )

  1. For instance, Pat was puritanical.
  2. They turned their puritanical origins into a religion.
  3. Though the puritanical age has taught us to fear the unfettered.
  4. As usual, the family had been gathered, all wearing their solemn, puritanical masks.
  5. In our building I had acquired a certain notoriety although it was far from a puritanical abode.

  6. As a youth it was also an act of mutiny against the puritanical attitudes of my peers and their parents.
  7. Also a puritanical attitude towards sex, where any sort of public display of affection will offend the bystanders.
  8. For example, look at the puritanical procureur, who has just lost his daughter, and in fact nearly all his family, in.
  9. The Hollywood studio system was incredibly puritanical, and had been since censorship regulations came into play in 1934.
  10. It was Muhammad’s ideal of a puritanical society that seems to have unwittingly pitted the poor of Islam against his penal code.
  11. Honestly I am not sure about the reason for this attitude and not at all what I expected from a country as puritanical as America.
  12. His puritanical expression not changing, the ever-serious coroner nodded agreement and adjusted his pince-nez on the end of his nose.
  13. Woolmack was what many would call a puritanical man, believing in family values and quite unforgiving of what he considered to be vices.
  14. They focused on puritanical lifestyle and advocated the repentance of sins; this is very common and similar to the teachings of John the Baptist.
  15. It was where young blades went to enjoy the sort of female company that was not available in the puritanical circles in which they had been reared.

  16. Any puritanical fanatic could convince themselves that their wishes came from a direct communication with god himself and that their will was the will of god.
  17. After centuries of Papal oppression exemplified by the dogma of sexual sin, the Christian West broke loose from its puritanical shackles, as though with a vengeance.
  18. The society she came from in India was still a conservative and puritanical one, especially where the poorer classes were concerned, and teenagers there were expected to be close to their families and to obey their parents.
  19. They looked at their own religion critically and scoffed at the myths of the Bible as individuals; they developed critical intelligence to such a religious degree of puritanical intensity: that they couldn’t stand the hypocrisies of their own Protestant religion.
  20. If we were belles, or women of wealth and position, we might do something, perhaps, but for us to frown at one set of young gentlemen because we don't approve of them, and smile upon another set because we do, wouldn't have a particle of effect, and we should only be considered odd and puritanical.
  21. Those very eyes that you turned upon my with such a bitter flash a moment ago, they come to me just as you showed them then, in the night and in the day! Tess, ever since you told me of that child of ours, it is just as if my feelings, which have been flowing in a strong puritanical stream, had suddenly found a way open in the direction of you, and had all at once gushed through.

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