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    1. The Victorian solidity of brick and stone was finally giving way to

    2. Armed with her father’s old address book, and after many disappointing telephone calls to old friends and distant relations, Annie eventually tracked down an ancient great-aunt who owned a crumbling Victorian villa that had been converted into bedsits

    3. The vase is quite nice, and certainly Victorian, but not worth more than a couple of hundred

    4. They told me it’s early Victorian and belonged to a local musician

    5. a small Victorian terraced house, except for the fact that the walls

    6. Early Victorian, I believe

    7. Yellelle explained that because of the omnipresent geothermal springs on all the isles of Atlantis, there was hot and cold running water like even the wealthy of America wouldn’t see until the Victorian Age

    8. crumbling Victorian villa that had been converted into bedsits

    9. Victorian, but not worth more than a couple of hundred

    10. Jock Cascarino’s silver Lexus is parked by the kerb outside a Victorian villa at the foot of Old Sticklepath Hill, an old terrace that has seen better days

    11. A frenetic city searching for an identity looked back at them as they alternately rumbled beside avenues of the wealthy in their bright Victorian enclaves, then through the crowded and filthy streets of broken buildings, poverty and desolation

    12. Victorian villas and a row of doorstep cottages take over from the solid urbanity of the slightly more modern, semi-detached conformity where he parked

    13. Victorian houses are full of ghosts, full of shit, don’t be a complete twat all your life

    14. The house is substantial, essentially Devonian in its Victorian solidity and state of grand decline

    15. It was a most beautiful occasion and the reception was bacchic, by Victorian standards

    16. Eventually they came to a massive Victorian rectory

    17. After a few turns they came to a small Victorian terraced cottage

    18. They looked Victorian

    19. I got off the tram and walked towards the slightly gothic seeming red brick building part of which was Victorian but I was going to the new part of the Infirmary that had only been finished and opened in 1910 so it was only five years old I walked on up the driveway that led to the large double doors

    20. That stereotype came in with the Victorian era, many centuries later

    21. The southwest tended to be big, Victorian homes converted to low-rent apartments

    22. He was born into an aristocratic Victorian family, and in his lifetime witnessed Britain’s transformation from Empire to welfare state

    23. A nice old lady – not a lesbian but maybe a Victorian -

    24. He sat there looking like one of those old school headmasters from the Victorian era

    25. In Victorian times, Nottinghamshire farmers had made their fortunes and losses on just this spot

    26. You don’t have a Victorian permit for those guns

    27. Throughout late 2006 and into early 2007, Australian bushfires burned out of control in the Victorian Alps and Gippsland area

    28. These abandoned Victorian buildings give off a strong message that the church is a thing of the dead past and not of the living present or of the future

    29. The women in the family don’t face this issue because in the Victorian belief system, women exist only to care for their husbands (and their obedient children)

    30. The Victorian system of entitlement goes hand-in-glove with Darwin’s theory of ‘survival of the fittest’

    31. My dad’s beliefs are strongly aligned with Victorian and ancient Chinese principles together with those of Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, Charles Darwin and Enoch Powell

    32. Meanwhile, David Rohl found Victorian dictionaries that refer to this river as Gibbon-Aras

    33. Domineering in a Victorian manner, his pronouncements allowed for no questioning

    34. Opening, I saw a young-old face on slender body wearing the costume of an early nineteenth-century Victorian woman

    35. Stayed in an Old Victorian house

    36. The occupant of the rather grand Victorian house in the Knightsbridge suburb was expecting a call and let it ring till it stopped; he knew he would receive another a few minutes later, he had already taken one from Bob Austin

    37. Three months had passed and the sun cast its glow over the sprawling Victorian façade of the Karen Phillimore Centre, a large mental health institute that dominated the surrounding parkland on the borders of Epping Forest

    38. The old structures stand, Victorian, Edwardian, Colonial, but what is inside them? Are they hollow? Has the wrecking ball already got to them?

    39. In its surroundings, magnificent elegant and attractive structures of mainly Victorian architecture dominate the scene

    40. Nowadays, Gastown constitutes a pleasant mixture of the old and the new, with cobbled streets, Victorian architecture, restaurants and boutiques, and a landmark clock, unique in its kind, that functions with vapor, which it emits into the air and greets the people with music every fifteen minutes

    41. the difference between our house and a situation in Victorian

    42. In films set in Victorian times we often see the old-

    43. up a big old Victorian house

    44. All the buildings all looked like old Victorian style houses and shops with small doorways and stone walls and floors

    45. Charly picked out a sprigged early American pattern while Trask insisted on something Victorian and grand

    46. You are twenty times more wealthy than the average Victorian

    47. Looked at another way, you have the equivalent today of twenty Victorian servants working for you

    48. A Victorian household with twenty staff would most definitely have been owned only by the superrich

    49. It was a perfect Victorian bedroom

    50. Beyond the security gate were neighborhoods of beautiful houses from every time period in history, Roman villas and medieval castles and Victorian mansions

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