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    1. ‘Oh, do call me Molly, ‘Mrs Merrett’ is so … so prissy

    2. He gets himself organised and sober, she gets less prissy

    3. “Max! Prissy! Shut up! You want a treat?” (She often tries to bribe them

    4. "No of course he isn't," Miss Pinchard assured Uncle Hobart in her prissy voice

    5. This is not some prissy debating society where we can chew the fat on various issues and come away thinking we have had a really interesting little chat

    6. He’d say the headmaster was going to expel the prissy black queer today

    7. And listen, mister, don’t get prissy with me

    8. ‘The pilot and the prissy bastard who was with the girl

    9. I have thin, fluffy, short, tall, old, young, prissy, and plain friends and

    10. Rosebud had been pampered and fussed over, true, but the girl was far from a prissy,

    11. Fuck the prissy little bitches in their adorable pleated skirts and perfectly styled hair

    12. Caris imitated Anthony’s prissy tone

    13. I was going to bring my car, but when he held out a spare motorbike helmet, it seemed prissy to insist on my own transport

    14. “She a good mammy, but you a young lady now and needs a good maid, and my Prissy “Mammy getting ole,” said Dilcey, with a calmness that would have enraged Mammy

    15. Prodded by her mother, Prissy bobbed a sudden curtsy and grinned at Scarlett, who “A sharp little wench,” she thought, and said aloud: “Thank you, Dilcey, we’ll see about it when Mother comes home

    16. “How could he know? I’ve always acted so prissy and ladylike and touch-me-not around him he probably thinks I don’t care a thing about him except as a friend

    17. So Scarlett’s trunk was packed again with her mourning clothes and off she went to Atlanta with Wade Hampton and his nurse Prissy, a headful of admonitions as to her conduct from Ellen and Mammy and a hundred dollars in Confederate bills from Gerald

    18. the mud with Prissy sloshing, pouting, after them, she recalled what Charles had said about Uncle Peter

    19. recent graduation from a skinny pickaninny with brief skirts and stiffly wrapped braids Scarlett looked at Prissy and sighed

    20. Prissy was not the most adequate of nurses

    21. It was useless for her to take little Wade from Prissy

    22. when she held him as when Prissy did

    23. Mist’ Gerald in a temper was always exciting, providing “Dey’s in yo’ skirt pocket,” said Prissy, who had been hovering behind Scarlett, his temper was not directed at her kinky head

    24. the whole Southern Confederacy, as Prissy buttoned her in her oldest and raggedest corn and dried sweet potatoes that passed for coffee, she went out to join the girls

    25. Even Melanie, now great forgot that the sight of blood always made her faint and she worked until her little feet in with child, forgot her modesty and worked feverishly side by side with Prissy, Cookie

    26. The carriage and horse she donated to the hospital in a burst of patriotism which were left alone with Wade and Prissy in a house that was much quieter, even though the she immediately regretted and that brought on more tears

    27. Prissy and Wade scurried for the cellar and crouched in the cobwebbed darkness, Prissy squalling at the top of her voice and Wade sobbing and hiccoughing

    28. Prissy be sent home immediately

    29. This suggestion met with the complete approval of Prissy, who was now reduced to teethchattering idiocy at every unexpected sound

    30. Suppose the Yankees should capture the train on which Wade knew that Yankee atrocities on helpless children were even more dreadful than on and Prissy were riding—Scarlett and Melanie turned pale at the thought, for everyone women

    31. The shrill, melancholy minor of Prissy was raised, From the kitchen below, she heard the rattle of china as Prissy prepared breakfast, but “Jes’ a few mo’ days, ter tote de wee-ry load…” The song grated on Scarlett, its sad implications frightening her, and slipping on a wrapper she pattered out into the hall and to the back stairs and shouted: “Shut up that singing, Prissy!”

    32. After sending up Melanie’s breakfast tray, Scarlett dispatched Prissy for Mrs

    33. Why didn’t she come on? And where was Prissy?

    34. After a She rose and went out onto the front porch and looked for them impatiently, but the long while Prissy came into view, alone, switching her skirts from side to side and looking over her shoulder to observe the effect

    35. Meade say? How soon will she be over here?” “You’re as slow as molasses in January,” snapped Scarlett as Prissy opened the gate

    36. “She warn’t dar,” said Prissy

    37. When an hour had passed she heard scuffing negro feet coming down the street, and looking out of the window, saw Prissy returning slowly, switching herself as before and audience

    38. Spurred to speed, Prissy hurried toward the back of the house while Scarlett

    39. ” the doctor nor Prissy got there in time? She walked to the window and looked down the Scarlett relapsed into silence but she could not sit still

    40. counting on Prissy to handle the situation if no doctor should be available

    41. Prissy knew all about midwifery

    42. But where was Prissy? Why didn’t she come? Why didn’t the doctor come? She went to the window and looked again

    43. Prissy was sitting on the bottom step in the hall, panting

    44. Prissy edged back up the stairs

    45. She tried to think of all the things Mammy and Ellen had done for her when Wade was She did recall a few things and she spoke to Prissy rapidly, authority in her voice

    46. It was going to be difficult, telling She jerked Prissy to her feet and sent her kitchenwards with a shove

    47. Prissy was crouched and about the edges

    48. So Scarlett sent Prissy down to warm up the breakfast hominy and feed him

    49. Prissy was off with a clatter and Scarlett watched her hurrying down the street, going “And if he’s not there, ask Mrs

    50. She turned to Prissy and spoke with feverish urgency

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