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Rove в предложении (на )

Wherever your winds ever rove.
I let my vampiric hearing rove.
Boy Genius: Karl Rove, The Brains.
At morn, hand clasped in hand, they rove.
Free as the winds I give thee now to rove:.
I let my eyes rove around the trunk and the surrounding area.
Then the Eye began to rove, searching this way and that; and Frodo knew.

Karl Rove, a Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff during the Presidency of George W.
Instead, she stood in the firelight, facing him fully and let his eyes rove over her, unimpeded.
One of his disciples was Karl Rove, who elevated manipulation and nastiness to an unreached high by his actions.
Gaily and with evident and intense enjoyment she let her eyes rove over the faces, and over the walls of the cathedral.
The anti-Bush forces could only be satisfied with taking out some of his team, including Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Rove and Gonzales.
He let his eyes quickly rove over the crowd to see if he could perhaps get a glimpse of him or even his stallion somewhere down there.
With anxiety I watched his eye rove over the gay stores: he fixed on a rich silk of the most brilliant amethyst dye, and a superb pink satin.
Many observers thought Libby's obstruction was to hide the fact that the one who exposed the CIA agent's identity may have been adviser Karl Rove or even Bush himself.
Those families which had lived on a little piece of land, who had lived and died on forty acres, had eaten or starved on the produce of forty acres, had now the whole West to rove in.
Now, mine continually rove away; when I should be listening to Miss Scatcherd, and collecting all she says with assiduity, often I lose the very sound of her voice; I fall into a sort of dream.
Then it says that to lie at Baabe embedded in soft dry sand, allowing one's glance to rove about the broad sea with its foam-crested waves, and the rest of one to rejoice in the strong air, is an enviable thing to do.
Did Wilson tip off his anti-Bush bias when he said he’d like to see Bush’s adviser Rove frog-marched out of the White House in handcuffs? When the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee said that Wilson lied when he claimed his wife had no.
Bush, the 2005 book by Lou Dubose and Jan Reid, offers some of the gems that Rove originated, including the abominable moves he made to destroy John McCain in his bid against Bush for the presidency in 2000, as well as seeing to it that Max Cleland lost to Saxby Chambliss in his run for the Senate in 2002.
In the Eastern story, the heavy slab that was to fall on the bed of state in the flush of conquest was slowly wrought out of the quarry, the tunnel for the rope to hold it in its place was slowly carried through the leagues of rock, the slab was slowly raised and fitted in the roof, the rope was rove to it and slowly taken through the miles of hollow to the great iron ring.
Whose gaze afeard on all things round doth rove,.
I have a roving foot.
Moreover, as a roving reporter for.
Does your wife have roving eyes?
Once when he was a roving lieutenant at station #4.
The cameras flashed and the pens scribbled and roving.
One sad, still point in the midst of a roving universe.
The White Mice and ARVN troops, supplemented by roving U.
Roving through mind wandering in the secular, shoe on the moon.
Roving through sincerity to all directions, forever is our course.
On the other hand, the quick, roving eye of the scout seldom rested.
There were pictures of his parents, painted by roving Flemish artists.
You saw how one went mad at the knowledge that Thog was roving the palaces.
Hans’s eyes popped open, his head snapping to attention, his eyes roving.
I was on some award show’s red carpet and he was a roving reporter for MTV.
Volkheimer keeps them out in the field, roving villages along the Rance River.
I have received word in advance of your intention to establish a roving militia.
In those days there were roving photographers on the streets who used to snap.
Usually, she prudently chose less attractive girls although I never had a roving eye.
Sweating fatigue-clad men gathered at the bar in groups, pairs, or alone, eyes roving.
Picking up a roving thought in my mind almost before I had thought it myself, he said that.
Werner sees the roving cane and opaque lenses of her glasses and realizes that she is blind.
She held a roll of paper in her hand, and scrutinised the guests with impatient and roving eyes.
The boys became roving reporters who went about camp each day and simply observed what was going on.
In my time Riot Unit 19 became a roving unit to go to any place in South Africa which needed support.
Was it only the wind blowing the roving clumps of weeds? He began to tremble—a fine, aching tremble.
She held a crippled doll in her hand, and her eyes were roving in an apparent search for its missing limb.
Sir, those roving robots have just succeeded in cutting the main power cables from the generators section.
Sophie, eyes wide with panic, her gaze roving over him in slow understanding as she tried to shake off the images.
Some years ago, the DEQ authorities in Boise established a set of roving vans housing emission control inspection stations.
And at length there arose one circumstance that I could not fathom, which, after much roving about, I expressed to the youth.
My eye traveled along from the south, roving the shore, past the front of Constance Rattigan's property, and on north until.
Werner is captured a mile south of Saint-Malo by three French resistance fighters in streetclothes roving the streets in a lorry.
Her eyes were roving along the top of the frame, where a series of crude faces, each wearing a different expression, had been carved.
All of these precautions had been implemented in order to prevent roving gangs of outsiders draining the meager stocks of the village.
This mixed race was in turn conquered later by a roving tribe of Hybori, and from these mingled elements came the kingdom of Zingara.
On a wireless network, roving stations can conceivably wander into a different network’s operational perimeter, compromising security.
I fancied that his roving eye was considering various means of utilizing his seemingly inexhaustible ingenuity if occasion should arise.
Then she’s past, dress swaying lightly, cane roving back and forth, and he watches her continue up the street until the fog swallows her.
Every time it stopped, the metal arms unfolded and turned this way and that, like a roving robot on an alien planet looking for signs of life.
Having mooned away during the honeymoon, she finds her life souring well before she turns forty as by then her man would have developed a roving eye.
My eyes roved and fixed on one.
Ben’s eyes roved Francesca’s in worry.
Her eyes widened as they roved over his body.
His matching eyes roved over the attending group.
Mac’s restless eyes roved about among the trees.
Several swaggering Naud taskmasters roved through the huge bay.
Then, when nothing was doing, the Cossacks roved in the neighbourhood and robbed.
His fierce blue eyes roved about the chamber, and he kept his sword close to his hand.
The Rover roved on towards its’ goal and by eight o’clock Nottingham was on the horizon.
For ten long years I roved about, living first in one capital, then another: sometimes in St.
Kiri’s eyes roved over his tired features, and she reached forward and took his hand in hers.
The little girls had a private tea party, and Ted roved among the edibles at his own sweet will.
As his eyes roved to the far side of the cave they came to rest upon the limp and lifeless body of Leora.
His gaze roved to the green roof above their heads, a solid ceiling of thick leaves and interwoven arches.
He spun around to face her, his hazy eyes growing more alert as his gaze roved over her scantily-clad body.
I roved about and noticed that there were shoe prints in the ground, the type that could be compared with combat boots.
A gang of bastard sailors roved through the land and carried me off—a little boy to be sold for a slave in the Indies.
Suddenly her eye roved to the floor of the little cockpit, and her face took on suddenly its severe lines of the day before.
His eyes, meanwhile, roved very slowly all around the room—he completed the arc by turning to inspect the people directly behind.
Ahead of him roved a swarm of scouts, and Amalric waited impatiently for them to return and tell of the Poitanians trapped beside a furious flood.
Sydney’s eyes roved over the crowd, obviously taking stock of the cute-guy quotient, and I wondered how serious she really was about being with Anthony.
But she did not get it, for though he joined her and answered all her questions freely, she could only learn that he had roved about the Continent and been to Greece.
Soon, however, everything was blotted from his consciousness save a section of brown hill, over which his eyes roved eagerly in search of the small, Japanese-looking fungi.
My eye still roved over the sullen swell and along the moor-edge, vanishing amidst the wildest scenery, when at one dim point, far in among the marshes and the ridges, a light sprang up.
As we got closer our eyes roved the country sight seeking out places where ambushes might be situated the Captain sent ten of our men forward to recce the village to see if any of the enemy were lurking there.
A wide open park, enclosed against injury, yet with its natural beauty unspoiled, with stately forest trees, many of them bearing fruit, watered by clear streams, on whose banks roved large herds of antelopes or sheep.
He had made a loop with the merchant's belt at the end of the poles, and was carrying his share of the load with one hand, while the other gripped his naked broadsword, and his restless gaze roved the sinister walls about them.
When he raised his head there was sanity in his bloodshot eyes and he stretched his massive limbs out on the marble floor as she requested, though he kept his saber in his hand, and his eyes continually roved toward the archways.
Thus, during this October month of wonderful afternoons they roved along the meads by creeping paths which followed the brinks of trickling tributary brooks, hopping across by little wooden bridges to the other side, and back again.
With a moan of pain she forced herself to sit up, having to squint for a second time so that she could see what was around her, her eyes roved around; stopping once they locked onto a now prone figure lying in the right corner of the wall that the window was on.
Inside this exterior, over which the eye might have roved as over a thing scarcely percipient, almost inorganic, there was the record of a pulsing life which had learnt too well, for its years, of the dust and ashes of things, of the cruelty of lust and the fragility of love.
Wolf and the pack, who roved the deer with their eyes enough to make them nervous; the Turkeys were there, Janine looking displeased as animals bumped into her, while Bud was cautiously having a good time, furtive glances back to his wife reminded him that he was on borrowed time.
Winters and summer, nights and days, have we roved the wilderness in company, eating of the same dish, one sleeping while the other watched; and afore it shall be said that Uncas was taken to the torment, and I at hand—There is but a single Ruler of us all, whatever may the color of the skin; and Him I call to witness, that before the Mohican boy shall perish for the want of a friend, good faith shall depart the 'arth, and 'killdeer' become as harmless as the tooting we'pon of the singer!.
And as a country damsel roved,.
Marie-Laure roves the cellar in her stocking feet.
In the evening, at home, I took out my thick pair of knitting needles and the roves.
They were simple constructions of black-brown wood that made roves over wooden walls of compact posts.
Roves is overjoyed and, when I listen to the completed track later, it’s clear the song has come together beautifully.
Now Jaume roves the Tyrant’s Head as Imperial Champion and leader of the Companions, and Carles administers the county in his stead as seneschal.
Way below, were most of the architecture had a four-sided appearance with domed roves, the people were at their daily activities on the streets; all nycarmans.
Around them their escort kept silent, only guiding them to a large hanger with multiple wires stemming from a cone in the top and into the roves of other warehouses.
Two days later, Old Chippy arrived in Kreplon City train station; a grandiose looking place, if that was what one could call all the rusty looking colossal metal arches above with their glass roves punctured with holes like a meteor hit not too long ago.
Some motorists, who had the money, could afford ethanol fuel being grown from huge farms of algae from one of the many Green-Puff Houses throughout the city; buildings noted for their circular tapering stones roves and chimneys puffing out greenish-tinge smoke.

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