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Rupture в предложении (на )

1. There is no end to La Rupture.
2. There is a rupture in our conscience.
3. Then there was a final, complete rupture.
4. Morel was too wise to have any open rupture.
5. At any moment the graveyard itself might rupture.
6. Luzhin, a rupture to which I believe 519 of 967.
7. Andrey Petrovitch says it's rupture of the heart!.

8. A rupture so large it had already swallowed three lives.
9. If he missed he might rupture the airlock to the colony.
10. The rupture had really sent things flying, myself included.
11. We are possibly upon the eve of a rupture with that nation.
12. A final rupture took place and he was turned out of the house.
13. His abdomen became hard and his appendix was about to rupture.
14. He came to see me for the first time three davs after our rupture.
15. Love will build a new body in a second or zero time at the rupture.
16. He says I should be back to a normal life within 12 months of the rupture.
17. Some waves oppose each other and bring about discord, disharmony and rupture.
18. It was as if they had accidentally uncovered a rupture in reality’s fabric.
19. There is a good chance of a fuel line rupture resulting in massive fuel loss.
20. I knotted it up the best I could so I doubt it will rupture again but he’s.
21. He and I did not come to a rupture, but we were never on a really friendly footing.
22. That the rupture in the earth was made at that time is probable, though not certain.
23. Vessel rupture headache is acute with intensive pain chiefly at the back of the head.
24. Worm’s armored dulled the blow, but the force was still enough to rupture the skin.
25. Because the rupture or fulfilment of this engagement is connected with the person of.
26. He was devoted to his sister, and it was shown that since the rupture between her and Dr.
27. If this occurs (the vent filter becomes blocked), possibly either the filter will rupture.
28. In both cases, rupture disks equipped with a rupture alarm device should be used as a further.
29. At which the heavens almost rupture, and the earth splits, and the mountains fall and crumble.
30. I prefer to see you flee into the white cloud of rupture standing than to face the wrath to come.
31. But the story of the duel, confirmed by Pierre’s rupture with his wife, was the talk of society.
32. In terms of numbers, the Cross shares the number four responsible for our Rupture (if we are wise).
33. If a rupture and a leakage occur, then you will certainly have quite dangerous health complications.
34. Luzhin, a rupture to which I believe she is herself not disinclined, if she could see the way to it.
35. There was an early alarm of the rupture, but it was ignored and the flow was not cut off for six hours.
36. Her rupture with Biiring took place very quickly, and as it were of itself, that is, extremely naturally.
37. The thief could not do much more to counteract his nervousness except rupture forth with awkward laughter.
38. But to speak truth, there’s not so good a chance I could actually rupture his front the way the Duke did.
39. Even though at times the rupture can be sealed in a natural way, in most cases surgery is needed to seal it up.
40. He now understood for the first time all the cruelty of his rejection of her, the cruelty of his rupture with her.
41. With sufficient force the explosion could rupture the hull causing complete depressurisation of much of the aft section.
42. The latter had behaved modestly, but with dignity, on this occasion of his first meeting with the Epanchins since the rupture.
43. I still could not see the bottom of the glacial river but I could see the air vent tube cut open by the crevasse’s rupture.
44. Another feeling, even stronger, impelled him as quickly as possible to smooth over the rupture without letting it grow greater.
45. This rupture is the result of our beliefs that mostly often leads us to judge people, events and situation thus creating the Karma.
46. Then, begging her pardon for all past unpleasantness, to make her a present of ten thousand roubles and so assist the rupture with Mr.
47. Nevertheless, there was an incident that provoked the rupture of their friendly bonds and it would mark forever Leonardo's character.
48. Pulcheria Alexandrovna was surprised to find that she, too, was glad: she had only that morning thought rupture with Luzhin a terrible.
49. During the last few days there had almost been a complete rupture between the two households, as I have mentioned incidentally already.
50. Alexandrovna was surprised to find that she, too, was glad: she had only that morning thought rupture with Luzhin a terrible misfortune.
51. Well, sir, the rupture of a blood-vessel on the lobe of the brain has destroyed all this, not in a day, not in an hour, but in a second.
52. They saw no rupture in the earth, although they came within two or three rods of the spot, and state the water to have been two feet deep.
53. The local police physician certified that the cause of death of said Smelkoff was rupture of the heart, caused by excessive use of liquor.
54. Naturally, this clash of interests would have induced fission in the system that could have lead to the eventual rupture of the mechanism itself.
55. Preparation!—day!—In honest words, her money was necessary to me, and in a situation like mine, any thing was to be done to prevent a rupture.
56. Pulcheria Alexandrovna was surprised to find that she, too, was glad: she had only that morning thought rupture with Luzhin a terrible misfortune.
57. As the volume of ice is about 9 % more than volume of water, there is significant pressure that can rupture concrete and gradually loosen its structure.
58. North of the rupture, also, between it and the river, is a gradual descent of three feet: indeed, the ground slopes from it on every side except the northwest.
59. Bad as this might be, it was anyway better than a rupture, which would put her in a hopeless and shameful position, and deprive him of everything he cared for.
60. What had in fact happened was that there had been a pinhole rupture in the coolant coils inside the reactor, and liquid ammonia was spilling into the reaction vessel.
61. Able to survive the rupture, momentarily anyways, the child had lived while her newborn creation emerged -- a disease that quickly began feasting on its mother's flesh.
62. If the contents are ignited through a rupture or defective valve or if the container is subjected to heat, the pressure built up in the container will cause an explosion.
63. And Jesus spoke out with less reserve because he knew the hour had come when he could do nothing more to prevent an open rupture of relations with these religious leaders.
64. I told him everything as best I could, and told him what I had proposed to our Petersburg lodge, of the bad reception I had encountered, and of my rupture with the Brothers.
65. From Russia, we have the satisfaction to receive assurances of continued friendship, and that it will not be affected by the rupture between the United States and Great Britain.
66. It ended in a rupture full of rankling bitterness, and I believe he tried to kill her ; he frightened her, and would have killed her, perhaps, but it was all turned to hatred.
67. Now then, on May 25 while submerged to a depth of 3,836 meters, the Nautilus lay in precisely the locality where this second cable suffered the rupture that ruined the undertaking.
68. The expectation of a rupture with the colonies, accordingly, has struck the people of Great Britain with more terror than they ever felt for a Spanish armada, or a French invasion.
69. What is the state of British commerce at this time? The rupture of the peace of Amiens did not arise from Britain having received injuries from France after the cessation of hostilities.
70. Yet if the plan proposed by these resolutions be adopted; if we by formal resolutions approve the conduct of the President in an affair so exclusively his own, as that of the rupture with Mr.
71. A sudden contact between the outer and inner rock layers could have exerted enough breaking force on sections of the crust above the contact point, to cause it to tear or a rupture in the crust to occur.
72. Representative of the conservative element of the Cubans, the breach was serious, and only the withdrawal of Shafter and the appointment of General Wood averted further disorder and a threatened rupture.
73. On reaching the house I had never so much as looked for the boy; I had simply gone straight to my room to change what I was wearing and to take in, at a glance, much material testimony to Flora's rupture.
74. Alone, they softly hummed, but when touched together they created a wave a sound so violent it could rupture an enemy’s organs from over a hundred yards away, or crack stone within a hundred standard feet.
75. The whole bank, which is from twenty to forty feet high, is sometimes overlaid with a mass of this kind of foliage, or sandy rupture, for a quarter of a mile on one or both sides, the produce of one spring day.
76. His natural feeling urged him to defend himself, to prove to her she was wrong; but to prove her wrong would mean irritating her still more and making the rupture greater that was the cause of all his suffering.
77. Again, just as at the first moment of hearing of her rupture with her husband, Vronsky, on reading the letter, was unconsciously carried away by the natural sensation aroused in him by his own relation to the betrayed husband.
78. The hunger and thirst in Ramadan help in causing rupture of relations between man and and Satan, and man’s spirit will be drilled on such favorable separation all during its day of which he feels no shame before his Provider at all.
79. A rupture with any of our neighbours upon the continent, though likely, too, to occasion some stop or interruption in the employments of some of all these different orders of people, is foreseen, however, without any such general emotion.
80. Subversively anticipated and constructed with insidious precision, will Culminate in a sort of rupture, or breaking through from one side Into the other—the unconscious breaking through into Consciousness—or rather, unconscious becoming.
81. Earthquakes are caused by the sudden release of tension built up in the Earth’s crust, as deep as 700km (435 miles) below the surface—but only a rupture in the upper tens of kilometres is likely to produce movement affecting the surface.
82. My own view is that the Gandhis, like many feudal politicians, were trapped in a mai–baap culture and that the odd public sector project can never be a substitute for long-term infrastructure (Amethi’s roads are designed to rupture the backbone).
83. Some time after our rupture, you wished to study music, under the celebrated baritone who made such a successful appearance at the Theatre Italien; at the same time I felt inclined to learn dancing of the danseuse who acquired such a reputation in London.
84. The reason of this rupture was still a mystery to Varvara Petrovna, which made it all the more offensive; but the chief cause of offence was that Praskovya Ivanovna had succeeded in taking up an extraordinarily supercilious attitude towards Varvara Petrovna.
85. A ruptured uterus is not such an unusual condition in later pregnancy, but what was unusual was that this rupture happened in completely unscarred uterus (no previous damage by C-Section, perforation or surgery) and that she was only about 16 weeks along in her pregnancy.
86. The hunger and thirst that are experienced during Ramadan help to cause a rupture of the relations between a person and Satan, and a person’s spirit will become accustomed to such favorable separation throughout its days and will thus feel no shame whatsoever before its Provider.
87. In that chamber, where a gaunt, hairy beast of a man in leather breeks squatted gnawing a beef-bone voraciously, stood the machines of torture—racks, boots, hooks and all the implements that the human mind devises to tear flesh, break bones and rend and rupture veins and ligaments.
88. When his attack was over, and the prince reflected on his symptoms, he used to say to himself: These moments, short as they are, when I feel such extreme consciousness of myself, and consequently more of life than at other times, are due only to the disease—to the sudden rupture of normal conditions.
89. The fascination of a charming, virtuous, highly educated woman might make his way easier, might do wonders in attracting people to him, throwing an aureole round him, and now everything was in ruins! This sudden horrible rupture affected him like a clap of thunder; it was like a hideous joke, an absurdity.
90. The rupture in the negotiations of that day was made not on points affecting directly the British interest, but grew out of the indirect concern she felt in maintaining those urged by Russia, which Power, having since declared war against Great Britain, has obliterated the then only existing object of the war.
91. And in Helene’s salon, which Rumyantsev himself honored with his visits, regarding Helene as a remarkably intelligent woman, they talked with the same ecstasy in 1812 as in 1808 of the ‘great nation’ and the ‘great man,’ and regretted our rupture with France, a rupture which, according to them, ought to be promptly terminated by peace.
92. And in Hélène’s salon, which Rumyántsev himself honored with his visits, regarding Hélène as a remarkably intelligent woman, they talked with the same ecstasy in 1812 as in 1808 of the “great nation” and the “great man,” and regretted our rupture with France, a rupture which, according to them, ought to be promptly terminated by peace.
93. Such and such-like were the reasonings of Sir Thomas, happy to escape the embarrassing evils of a rupture, the wonder, the reflections, the reproach that must attend it; happy to secure a marriage which would bring him such an addition of respectability and influence, and very happy to think anything of his daughter's disposition that was most favourable for the purpose.
94. Fourteen days after completion, this floor was loaded with bricks and sacks of cement to the amount of more than six hundred pounds per square foot, without suffering any injury, although, after the load was on, a workman hammered with a pick on the concrete, close to the loaded portion, so as to provoke the cracking of the arch if there had been any tendency to rupture.
95. Such and such-like were the reasonings of Sir Thomas, happy to escape the embarrassing evils of a rupture, the wonder, the reflections, the reproach that must attend it; happy to secure a marriage which would bring him such an addition of respectability and influence, and very happy to think anything of his daughter’s disposition that was most favourable for the purpose.
96. With this assertion of her dignity she bade them farewell; and after that there were lively doings in the Durbeyfield household for some time on the strength of Tess's bounty, her mother saying, and, indeed, believing, that the rupture which had arisen between the young husband and wife had adjusted itself under their strong feeling that they could not live apart from each other.
97. After this conversation we went to the mowing, and there he, in the hope of finding more sympathy for his ideas among the masses, asked me to translate to the peasant Prokófi, an old, sickly man, with an enormous rupture, who none the less stuck to his work, and was my companion in the mowing, his plan of attacking the Germans, which was to squeeze the Germans, who were between the French and the Russians, from both sides.
98. The indignant member, by the time my letter reached hand, had cooled in his passion, and, I fancy, was glad of an occasion to do away the consequence of the rupture; for with a most extraordinary alacrity he procured Mr Scudmyloof the post, writing me, when he had done so, in the civilest manner, and saying many condescending things concerning his regard for me; all which ministered to maintain and uphold my repute and consideration in the town, as superior to that of the provost.
99. Thoughts of where she would go now, whether to the aunt who had brought her up, to Dolly, or simply alone abroad, and of what he was doing now alone in his study; whether this was the final quarrel, or whether reconciliation were still possible; and of what all her old friends at Petersburg would say of her now; and of how Alexey Alexandrovitch would look at it, and many other ideas of what would happen now after this rupture, came into her head; but she did not give herself up to them with.
100. The sight of these so radically different men,—the one beaming with freshness, alacrity, elegance, the well-fed Frenchman, in a silk hat and long overcoat of the latest fashion, energetically illustrating with his white hands, unused to labour, how to squeeze the Germans, and the sight of the dishevelled Prokófi, with hay-seed in his hair, dried up from work, sunburnt, always tired and always working, in spite of his immense rupture, with fingers swollen from work, with his loosely hanging homespun trousers, battered bast shoes, jogging along with an immense forkful of hay over his shoulder in that indolent pace of a labouring man, which economizes motion,—the sight of these two so radically different men elucidated to me then many things, and has occurred to me now, after the Toulon-Paris celebrations.
1. She had been bleeding because of the rupturing of the hymen.
2. It was followed by an explosive sound, like a balloon rupturing.
3. The staircase was a light green color with grass and flowers rupturing out of the rocky surface.
4. Mastecus sunk his hands into the Makii’s body and sent his energy out – rupturing his every last internal organ.
5. Watanabe beat POWs every day, fracturing their windpipes, rupturing their eardrums, shattering their teeth, tearing one man’s ear half off, leaving men unconscious.
6. At a rupturing rate of nearly 50% and with the mere mention of silly things like 'the environment' or 'standards' or 'the planet' being punishable by death, it was not long before every ocean was oozing with oil.
1. When the sky is ruptured.
2. The sadness in him ruptured his heart.
3. Ruptured or open skin will be easily penetrated.
4. He had ruptured a lower disk and couldn’t work.
5. Now, I was in a cave with a ruptured jugular vein and.
6. It filled up with Valentino's ruptured appendix in '26.
7. We're fairly sure the cause was a ruptured and infected.
8. That meant he must have ruptured the lower hydraulic line.
9. Out over the center, a flurry of bubbles ruptured its lie.
10. A ruptured melon lolls in the drive like an amputated head.
11. The ship’s diesel was leaking from the ruptured gas tank.
12. They think his intestine ruptured, contaminating his blood stream.
13. Her eyes were empty sockets, as if they had ruptured in her skull.
14. Water and gas pipes ruptured from Omori in northern Japan to Chiba.
15. Her young, innocent son… A mass of broken bones and ruptured organs.
16. He was at first transfixed by the sheer spectacle of the ruptured dome.
17. The shots left his chest in ruins; his lungs and heart a ruptured mess.
18. If the ruptured disc does not begin to heal with rest and pain relieving.
19. He couldn’t catch his breath, and I thought maybe his gut had ruptured.
20. One of the gas tanks had violently ruptured and spread its contents about.
21. Ziggy’s flesh ruptured, sundering to jigsaw bits, and more flies emerged.
22. Jericho let her, but the sound of voices shouting ruptured his heart, to die.
23. Matthews a ruptured aneurysm means there is a spilling of blood in his brain.
24. Judging by the pain in his head, he was certain his ears had ruptured, as well.
25. I hold it to be the wondrously thin, ruptured membranes of the case, coalescing.
26. Ruptured or open skin will be easily penetrated by bacteria that cause infection.
27. Wilkie’s retina was ruptured causing the loss of most of his vision in his right eye.
28. Then, in a brilliant flash of light, the station ruptured, spewing debris in all directions.
29. The Squidies that got hit with that wave vented clouds of snowy gas out their ruptured suits.
30. But unbeknownst to Reagan and his doctors, a blood vessel in his head ruptured during the fall.
31. We walked out to the uneven rubble of ruptured pavement, vegetation growing out of city streets.
32. The man dressed in a heavy black coat, said that the gas line had been ruptured in the accident.
33. All I know is that the Butadiene tanks ruptured and BANG! I was in that plant just minutes before.
34. Unfortunately, his appendix ruptured during surgery and pus spread throughout his abdominal cavity.
35. It bombarded him with images of his people; their flesh pealing, their bodies ruptured and torn to pieces.
36. Max feared her appendix may have ruptured from the impact and if so, death from peritonitis was inevitable.
37. Her membranes had apparently been ruptured and she was having strong contractions every two to three minutes.
38. This usually happens in the brain when a ruptured blood vessel or a clot stops oxygen-rich blood from flowing.
39. Back at the camp things were flowing as usual—that was until a loud shriek ruptured the stable minds of the people.
40. We ended up operating on her and found a ruptured uterus with the dead fetus in its amniotic sac partially extruded.
41. In some cases the cause may not be muscle strain but a herniated disc (also known as a ruptured, bulging or slipped disc).
42. This ruptured the side of the colony and opened the chamber to the outside atmosphere, sucking the Magi out in the process.
43. Huge explosions ruptured the serene calm of the river and blew out a volley of boulders and rocks and enormous clouds of dust.
44. The Silvertip pipeline had ruptured under the Yellowstone River in July, spilling oil into the water, so the news was horrible.
45. Remember the coolant line has ruptured and then been shut off, so the heat from the reaction is now massively over safety levels.
46. He had taken seven shots to the stomach, ribcage and upper thorax, two of which ruptured the heart, all coming to rest in the body.
47. As far as LeCynic could discern, the girl's womb had ruptured, the force of which was yet displayed on the ceiling and adjacent wall.
48. He staggered backwards, clutching his ruptured orbs and tripped, falling with a crash against the wall, sliding heavily to the ground.
49. Louie invented an imaginary system, making a drawing so elaborate that, it was later written, the system looked like a ruptured octopus.
50. Air rushed from his throat and sinuses, drawing muscuos along with it, tinged with blood, suggesting some venous nasal membranes had ruptured.
51. Sada reported that when an irrigation dam ruptured in Syria on June 4, 2002 President al-Assad asked Saddam for help, and a lightbulb went off.
52. That old man, for instance, is ruptured and is suffering, and yet he works from four in the morning to ten at night, though he is only half alive.
53. More booms followed causing most of the lights in the hub to go out completely, shortly before a large chunk of the ceiling ruptured and collapsed.
54. Tomorrow night, at the very earliest suggested Carla, assuming she recovers at all; her appendix ruptured and she has all this pus inside her body.
55. The saints that were to flee to the mountains would be in the mountains at the time of rapture, not ruptured to Heaven where the Millennialists say they will be.
56. A herniated disc in the spine, also known as a slipped or ruptured intervertebral disc, happens when one of the spinal discs is pushed out of its normal position.
57. But, Alfredo cutting open the gut and fishing about inside could only mean one thing: smuggling and a ruptured bag of cocaine was way more than enough to kill a horse.
58. Suddenly with a great whooshing sound, soil flew up into the air, as a thick stream of black liquid, gushed forth from the ruptured hymen, of the for-so-long virgin soil!.
59. My official report will state that this man died of a ruptured Berry aneurysm of the internal carotid artery in the circle of Willis, blood vessels in the base of the brain.
60. With the blast, hundreds of gallons of burning gasoline had been at once spewed high into the night, and thousands of gallons remaining in the ruptured tank had been set ablaze.
61. With the frenetic side to side serpentine motion of a ruptured air hose the fired up boar raked the bull‘s hind legs as the bucking animal tried to turn and gore his tormentor.
62. For a few seconds he stared at the screen, then the boiler ruptured in a hissing explosion of corrosive steam – Under Manger's instructions or not, up with this he would not put.
63. And you will kill that monkey easily and safely… Without any tell-tale blood being spilled as its internal organs are ruptured and hemorrhaging, as it bleeds to death internally.
64. Those wounded Japanese were nearly all bleeding from the nose and mouth, their lungs ruptured by the overpressure from the bombs, and all of them proved to be deaf, their eardrums punctured.
65. Though the firefighters had managed to extinguish most of the burning fuel with their special foam sprays that resembled silly string, fumes continued to leak from several of the ruptured tanks.
66. The water bathed over the helicopter only to land on the ruptured power supply that even now electrically traced back up the falling veil of water to fry the helicopter where it hovered in midair.
67. They met Max outside the big gates and were about to discuss their options when Anita cried out in agony, I think my appendix may have ruptured, you have to get help immediately, please hurry.
68. My personal life, before and after my illegal firing (I filed my state EEO complaint two days late with EEOC in Albuquerque because my right eye ball ruptured in August 2002 and I could not use my computer till December), was surprisingly good.
69. The main fire dangers are: before take-off when there is volatile fuel and vapour around the plane and especially when landing under difficult circumstances when fuel tanks could be ruptured and electrical or friction sparks ignite aviation spirit.
70. A ruptured uterus is not such an unusual condition in later pregnancy, but what was unusual was that this rupture happened in completely unscarred uterus (no previous damage by C-Section, perforation or surgery) and that she was only about 16 weeks along in her pregnancy.
71. This antenna, when touched, transmits a sensation or vibration to a certain membrane which is instantly ruptured; this sets free a spring by which the pollen-mass is shot forth, like an arrow, in the right direction, and adheres by its viscid extremity to the back of the bee.
72. A valley encircles the ruptured spot on the east, south, and west, only five feet lower, yet so marshy and soft, as to render draining necessary to make it passable; and immediately back of this valley, on the south, rises a hill 100 feet high, at whose foot are several springs.
73. They knew nothing of the tendrils of blood that had billowed in the waters of the river Spree and the Langer See in June of 1933, when SA storm troopers rounded up hundreds of Köpenick’s Jews, Social Democrats, and Catholics and tortured ninety-one of them to death—beating some until their kidneys ruptured or their skin split open, and then pouring hot tar into the wounds before dumping the mutilated bodies into the town’s tranquil waterways.
74. Is man, that is without a relationship with God, like this caterpillar, eating all or taking in all of this world, and the things therein, but going nowhere until he has built himself a cocoon, where he then becomes blind, restricted, and living as if sound to sleep? Does not every man do as I did, and walk this world with his eyes open, but see nothing; eating, drinking and have his fun, but going nowhere, until the spring of his life, when the cocoon is ruptured, the man is awakened, and comes forth as a new creature? Are we all born as larvae, an eating machine, a sort of parasite, immature in every way, but destined to become a moth or butterfly, and then as we seek the wholeness of life, become nothing, wrapped in our individual cocoon, lying dormant until the Spirit awakens in our body in a new form, and the transformation takes place; not that we determined this, but God.
1. Sheila is going to try and remove it before it ruptures.
2. Coombs was on his back, ruptures of crimson oozing out of his blue shirt.
3. See me! There! It is I who ruptures the earth to make mountains out of the.
4. The pouch ruptures and all the contents of the stomach go into the abdominal cavity.
5. The father of her child gone,—alas! such ruptures are irrevocable,—she found herself.
6. There can be complications if a vein ruptures inside an external hemorrhoid, forming a blood clot.
7. Shouldn’t they wear pressure suits in case the bomb goes off and ruptures the hull? suggested Debbie.
8. It ruptures the unity of the human personality by repressing the unconscious deepest aspirations and inspirations of being, affecting the vital principle itself.
9. The same rulers go about to their various interviews, they have the same meetings, hunts, festivities, balls, and uniforms; the same diplomatists have the same conversations about alliances and armies; the same parliaments, in which Eastern and African questions are discussed, and questions in regard to alliances, ruptures, "Home Rule," the eight-hour day.

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