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    1. “Did I really fracture his jaw?”

    2. I remember Caleb telling her that it would only take a month to mend, because it was a hairline fracture

    3. with the way it echoed, but in truth, it was the result of a fracture, plated

    4. X rays have found a bone fracture there

    5. A close relationship with a human gone wrong can fracture our mind, turn us mad

    6. Having just healed a foot fracture, Ramasamy would lean on his crutch and walk slowly; and Meenu would synchronize her steps with him

    7. Fracture down the difficulty into

    8. She had an X ray taken when back in the civilized world to make sure that there was no fracture and she planned surgery sometime in the future as she had had several dislocations in the past and needed surgery to prevent these recurrences

    9. Murray was suffering from a suspected rib fracture, a probably broken nose, and possible concussion

    10. The high pressure needed to keep the Butadiene gas liquefied soon worked on the fracture to enlarge it enough for gas and a trickle of liquid butadiene to escape

    1. In the downtime, in between these fragmentary episodes of brutal human contact, I lived my pathetic life in a split and fractured landscape

    2. We were astounded, even though their Portuguese was very fractured, we were able to understand with the diagrams

    3. inclusion amid the chaos of a fractured and hostile world

    4. ‘His skull was fractured and he died instantly

    5. A cold snap (-40 0C), before winter began, fractured one of the cylinders in the radial engine

    6. The majority of its limbs ended in splinters, but even these fractured branches were thicker than the largest trees Brice had ever seen -- even those of the Brentwood, where the elves lived among the branches

    7. Beyond the pile of rubble and fractured wall, smoke seeped from the blackened earth, rising from the ashes of evergreens and oaks

    8. Fractured wood crunched with each step

    9. But with no water in the immediate vicinity and nowhere left to hide, a fractured beam and all of its sharpened splinters was the only plausible approach left

    10. Metal walls splintered and fractured

    1. He made Colling first demonstrate the splinting of various fractures, being careful only to refer to the broken bones by their anatomical names

    2. Without knowing it, she sought with her hands over her body as if to find out if there were cuts or fractures

    3. An MRI of the brain and spine showed no fractures or internal signs of trauma—

    4. Although you were not harmed at the scene of an arrest, your body has suffered some interior bruising on the stomach, lungs, and heart that match a few fractures and skin wounds

    5. able to see multiple old fractures in her bones

    6. images of the old fractures in my pelvis and hips, though, ended

    7. Between four and six old fractures is what my doctor

    8. fractures, death to the animals

    9. behind the spider web fractures, lined up shoulder to shoulder on

    10. rather like potatoes, riddled with craters and fractures, 19 km long and

    1. He becomes entangled and falls, dropping his doughnuts and fracturing his shin

    2. Sure, he knew there was temporal fracturing: pockets of time existing in a kind of uncertainty state, bits of the future and past breaking through, much like general quantum uncertainty but on a macro scale

    3. He could find no coherent pattern to the level of fracturing; no mathematical formula fitted

    4. And for what? “Practical applications of chaos theory in patterns manifested in semi-random ceramic fracturing,” the asshole Mike Childers had the audacity to tell you

    5. Without fracturing what we have found

    6. His slitted eyes were aglow with morbid anticipation as his erstwhile tormentor pushed his hand under his nose and with the admonition, ―Squeeze,‖ pressed against the two fingers fracturing the ampule with a tiny tinkling sound that would have been a thunderclap to Gypsy Jack Pappadoupoulis—had he known

    7. There were, in the beginning, only one source or type of life, throughout the ages there have been many splits or fracturing of existence and therefore many have evolved in different ways from those who were originally directly part of their life group

    8. Then she thrust her pelvis into his as her grip on his hand began fracturing his right hand

    9. 22-caliber rifle, but the shot ricocheted off a rock near the hole and hit pal Vi Olated in the head, fracturing her skull

    10. the whole self, free of the fracturing and of the hurt

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