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Satisfy в предложении (на )

  1. This seemed to satisfy her.
  2. That seemed to satisfy him.
  3. That seems to satisfy them.
  4. By straining to satisfy St.
  5. And that should satisfy you.

  6. When only less will satisfy.
  7. That seemed to satisfy Sharon.
  8. God's testing you did satisfy.
  9. You satisfy everything I need.
  10. That answer did not satisfy John.
  11. Without love nothing will satisfy.
  12. And you still don’t satisfy me.
  13. No human could ever satisfy this.
  14. He wasn’t about to satisfy them.
  15. To satisfy his curiosity he went.

  16. This clearly did not satisfy Pedro.
  17. I only went with her to satisfy her.
  18. Does that satisfy you, Wade?
  19. I said feed the hungry, satisfy the.
  20. Even though it does not satisfy them.
  21. Nothing would satisfy them but blood.
  22. Did that satisfy John? she asked.
  23. Nothing would satisfy that good old Mrs.
  24. I could satisfy myself that he was safe.
  25. Would this satisfy the Emperor? No, sir.

  26. He promised to satisfy you and to fill.
  27. It will hold you but not satisfy you.
  28. It could only fuel and satisfy the body.
  29. The answer seems to satisfy her—for now.
  30. And then it needs to satisfy its hunger.
  31. Well, does that proof satisfy you?
  32. Money is not God’s way to satisfy mind.
  33. I hope that will satisfy your sweet tooth.
  34. And that it was inflicted to satisfy the.
  35. No power will satisfy but the power of love.
  36. I’m not here to satisfy your curiosity.
  37. Eat meals that satisfy you and nothing more.
  38. Her actions would at least satisfy herself.
  39. The reason is to satisfy the pride feeling.
  40. STANDARDS you can satisfy any other standard.
  41. No wealth can satisfy but the wealth of love.
  43. Nothing he did seemed to satisfy her anymore.
  44. Did this satisfy my end of our agreement, Ms.
  45. Seeing me didn’t exactly satisfy it though.
  46. Only a conscious action can satisfy its doer.
  47. He will satisfy me, and show me His salvation.
  48. I find nothing in this world that can satisfy.
  49. But it gives me strange urges I can't satisfy.
  50. That should satisfy even the largest appetite.
  51. He whispers in my ear to satisfy my curiosity.
  52. While they couldn’t help but satisfy their.
  53. But that wasn’t enough to satisfy my craving.
  54. He existed only to satisfy his hunger for life.
  55. There is never enough to satisfy the addiction.
  56. It was enough to satisfy Sarah who clapped her.
  57. To satisfy me, those characters must be united.
  58. Lord is not given to satisfy our selfish desires.
  59. Friends! Your friendship can't satisfy me, Anne.
  60. Empires are always forged to satisfy greed and.
  61. Being with humans will not satisfy those needs.
  62. It is impossible to satisfy this thirst, it is.
  63. Let me bring you something to satisfy the thirst.
  64. There was not a whim of his he would not satisfy.
  65. It will satisfy both the intellect and the heart.
  66. He had intended to satisfy a carnal desire there.
  67. Frankie says nothing will satisfy him but a dool.
  68. At least not an answer that would satisfy Walden.
  69. There is no way that any reparation can satisfy me.
  70. Politicians are difficult lots to satisfy sometimes.
  71. Strive to satisfy their questions with your belief.
  72. He went through the cross to satisfy the Father’s.
  73. That alone, I'm guessing, wasn't enough to satisfy.
  74. Structure and to satisfy its needs of production of.
  75. How about that, will it satisfy your appetites?
  76. Surely there is someone who will want to satisfy the.
  77. One of the ways to satisfy this hunger is food, but.
  78. Thank you Ruta, but would that satisfy my old man, I.
  79. Jesus is the bread of life that can satisfy our hunger.
  80. They satisfy the lazy masses’ spiritual thirst, as.
  81. He brings His fruit to us, to strengthen and satisfy.
  82. Capital follows those that are able to satisfy markets.
  83. It would satisfy me, I dare say, to know that I had it.
  84. I was trying to satisfy a God that was worse than the.
  85. Continue to act as a good girl, and you will satisfy us.
  86. It could not, therefore, satisfy the British Government.
  87. It took a long while to satisfy her, as she had brought.
  88. Q: Then of what use is all this to me? It does not satisfy.
  89. Many substitutes have come and gone, but none that satisfy.
  90. Liquid assets satisfy urgency needs, illiquid ones do not.
  91. It seemed to satisfy the sailor, who sat down next to him.
  92. The arts destined to satisfy our aesthetic pleasures have.
  93. Let your proximity be enough to satisfy your compulsion.
  94. She did see red, but only his demise would satisfy her now.
  95. If nothing else, it should also satisfy any lurking Editors.
  96. If we are married we have our spouses to satisfy ourselves.
  97. But before I could begin, I had to satisfy my curiosity, and.
  98. If we knew we would let him satisfy that without running off.
  99. But Marianne could no more satisfy him as to the colour of Mr.
  100. Nothing else will satisfy and nothing else will captivate them.
  1. It had been a satisfying day.
  2. It was so satisfying to have.
  3. BLOOM: Simply satisfying a need I.
  4. It landed with a satisfying crunch.
  5. The soul satisfying Proverbs 13:25.
  6. It has very satisfying acceleration.
  7. And it’s quite satisfying that way.
  8. The soul satisfying, Proverbs 13:25.
  9. It shut with a satisfying ‘clunk’.
  10. But Anne no longer found it satisfying.
  11. Her answer was brief and not satisfying.
  12. The secret to soul satisfying relations.
  13. This is a deeply satisfying thing to do.
  14. It was not natural but it was satisfying.
  15. What could be easier or more satisfying?
  16. The result will be a satisfying, rich life.
  18. Nothing will be entirely satisfying anymore.
  19. Almost as satisfying as love and lovemaking.
  20. Our meal was incredibly tasty and satisfying.
  21. There was a most deliciously satisfying roar.
  22. Simple things are often the most satisfying.
  23. With a satisfying click the lock opened and.
  24. It was marginally satisfying, but not enough.
  25. It turned with a precise and satisfying click.
  26. Tea and newspaper was a satisfying experience.
  27. The process is neither painful nor satisfying.
  28. Sexually, yeah, it was a satisfying experience.
  29. Satisfying it might be, but it does not fulfil.
  30. Pink gives us a good analysis of satisfying work.
  31. He’d never tasted so satisfying a wine before.
  32. She believes that eating a tasty and satisfying.
  33. A mutually satisfying relationship requires that.
  34. To witness it all first hand was deeply satisfying.
  35. After over a week without, this was very satisfying.
  36. The orders, when they came, were far from satisfying.
  37. It's every bit as satisfying for me as it is for you.
  38. I hope you are continuing to find the work satisfying.
  39. Too soon her orgasm was forceful, deep and satisfying.
  40. Release your inhibition and have more satisfying sex!.
  41. But the results can be very rewarding, very satisfying.
  42. It’s definitely more satisfying to be confrontational.
  43. It is delightful and richly satisfying in every respect.
  44. From there, it was a matter of satisfying their carnal.
  45. It was actually simpler than Medusa, but not satisfying.
  46. She had been more than obliging in satisfying his needs.
  47. There was a satisfying clunk and the shock of the blow.
  48. It was a satisfying feeling believing that she was more.
  49. Satisfying the conscience can be a trap in and of itself.
  50. Maybe it’d be easier and more satisfying to read plays.
  51. It wasn’t as satisfying as a fingernail, but it helped.
  52. I then proceeded to have one of the most satisfying and.
  53. It made a satisfying Kong sound as it hit his temple.
  54. I have toiled and earned this simple yet satisfying reward.
  55. David, my dear brother, you lived a full and satisfying life.
  56. The flow of loving attention toward you wasn’t satisfying.
  57. It was also satisfying to see the demise of Harald Gascoigne.
  58. After satisfying myself that the coast was clear I decided.
  59. One wonders how satisfying a life centered around war can be.
  60. The first response was so satisfying he was dying to see the.
  61. There was a satisfying ‘Click’ as he pulled the trigger.
  62. But the externals of our lives are never satisfying for long.
  63. This is the least satisfying source of happiness and is often.
  64. My most personally satisfying coup was selling that penthouse.
  65. No form is more satisfying to stretch in than a humanoid one.
  66. Doing so generated a really satisfying sensation that coursed.
  67. They led, for the most part, a sustaining and satisfying life.
  68. While theirs had been a nonexclusive arrangement, satisfying.
  69. Emma yielded to this lazy mode of satisfying all her caprices.
  70. You really think life is all about satisfying instincts?
  71. In a way, it is satisfying to see stunned looks on their faces.
  72. After a thoroughly satisfying dinner, during which conversation.
  73. Their love-making on those days off, was intense, and satisfying.
  74. He wondered if this was how people with satisfying lives dreamed.
  75. Quite a few combinations satisfying this condition can be created.
  76. Nafs — the impulses that motivate one on satisfying his desires.
  77. So much the worse, since they won't be capable of satisfying them.
  78. Nothing mattered except satisfying his deep compulsion to be with.
  79. The living waters will flow through us, satisfying the hungry, the.
  80. Food is of course satisfying a basic need although there are many.
  81. It wasn’t all that satisfying, to be honest, but it was something.
  82. This day was the satisfying climax of their whole career as apostles.
  83. But it’s not entirely satisfying to toss off an answer that invokes.
  84. Of course, in the last analysis, sex without love is never satisfying.
  85. Students without some sort of internal motivation are less satisfying.
  86. Her hand connects with his cheek a moment later with a satisfying smack.
  87. There's something very satisfying about nailing an overpriced security.
  88. We might not have a perfect marriage, but it’s been a satisfying one.
  89. The following three years (1559-1561) were very satisfying for Elizabeth.
  90. Why? I have to say as physical experiences go, that was very satisfying.
  91. That’s when I found that writing was more satisfying to me than acting.
  92. It’s a satisfying thing to shop at the bazaar of ideas, outfitting our.
  93. Round two was far more satisfying as they explored and changed positions.
  94. Vronsky was obliged to be his guide in satisfying both these inclinations.
  95. What I found in the pages of Epstein’s book was thunderously satisfying.
  96. Ergo, for a satisfying, interesting story, these steps should be utilized.
  97. Most finished off there by satisfying a perquisite on the educational bill.
  98. Meanwhile, a new satisfying element was added to her life: the presence of.
  99. After satisfying myself of the absence of souls, I quietly closed the door.
  100. The outcome: Quite different, however mostly satisfying and once in a while.
  1. I am satisfied with him.
  2. At last he was satisfied.
  3. And he will be satisfied.
  4. She gave a satisfied smile.
  5. Molly gave a satisfied nod.
  6. But Clara was not satisfied.
  7. When satisfied he was not.
  8. And are still not satisfied.
  9. When he was satisfied that.
  10. Do be satisfied for once in.
  11. Satisfied with the effect, Mr.
  12. I was satisfied that it was.
  13. Still Carl had been satisfied.
  14. I heard a deep, satisfied sigh.
  15. My audience will be satisfied.
  16. With it you must be satisfied.
  17. Finally he sat back satisfied.
  18. I am satisfied that it is not.
  19. We shall be satisfied with the.
  20. Oak gave a satisfied smile back.
  21. Don't be satisfied with a pair.
  22. Satisfied, he turned to Daniel.
  23. They satisfied no anxious mind.
  24. The baby was satisfied and he.
  25. Of one thing I am now satisfied.
  26. I'm satisfied with this decision.
  27. Satisfied that they had hidden.
  28. A mouthful satisfied all thirst.
  29. I am satisfied with the house.
  30. When I had satisfied myself, I.
  31. When he was satisfied that his.
  32. Chloe lets out a satisfied sigh.
  33. Still, she wasn't JUST satisfied.
  34. Earl Grey with a satisfied smile.
  35. Never be satisfied with his lot.
  36. And in the end she was satisfied.
  37. He wouldn't have been satisfied.
  38. I am totally satisfied with the.
  39. And yet the soul is not satisfied.
  40. I hope you’re satisfied, Tom.
  41. But I was still far from satisfied.
  42. He has satisfied my expectations.
  43. Satisfied that things were about.
  44. The Muslims though were satisfied.
  45. But you will have to be satisfied.
  46. The Captain seemed to be satisfied.
  47. And satisfied with vengeance ta'en.
  48. I’m happy now, fully satisfied.
  49. Satisfied, he returns to the house.
  50. He was satisfied with her reaction.
  51. But you're not satisfied with that.
  52. Satisfied, he turned and followed.
  53. Ferguson nodded his head, satisfied.
  54. The creators were not yet satisfied.
  55. And their neighbours were satisfied.
  56. I can't be satisfied this way, Eve.
  57. It was so satisfied that I was here.
  58. Ruby nodded, satisfied with the plan.
  59. I am always satisfied with the best.
  60. I can see that you are not satisfied.
  61. Cox was satisfied with this statement.
  62. But you’re not satisfied with that.
  63. Neither response had satisfied Caris.
  64. Vyyn nodded, satisfied by that answer.
  65. Never having enough, never satisfied.
  66. Satisfied then with her success, in.
  67. With The Friend I am forever satisfied.
  68. Only when he was perfectly satisfied.
  69. Very much! Even more than satisfied.
  70. The devotee is not satisfied with the.
  71. She looked satisfied and that she was.
  72. Amy looked up at him, and was satisfied.
  73. Louisa, flashing a haughty, satisfied.
  74. A self satisfied look crossed his face.
  75. Once satisfied, I would hit send order.
  76. She seemed satisfied, even proud of it.
  77. Not satisfied with the results of his.
  78. When he was satisfied, they lifted off.
  79. The youths who are satisfied with the.
  80. Alfred seemed to be satisfied with that.
  81. Azura wasn’t satisfied with his reply.
  82. She was not satisfied with the decision.
  83. Finally satisfied with what he'd chosen.
  84. He was satisfied when he saw them blush.
  85. They were not satisfied with their wives.
  86. Nothing happens, but he seems satisfied.
  87. At last I was satisfied that I was alone.
  88. A satisfied grin came to Millie’s face.
  89. My thirst for answers will be satisfied.
  90. Satisfied, I groaned out my own release.
  91. Neil’s body was being satisfied, but.
  92. Satisfied, he turned back to the camera.
  93. I was totally satisfied with the results.
  94. Shiva rose, satisfied with the blessing.
  95. She satisfied herself that he was alone.
  96. He was satisfied that his work was done.
  97. I was happy, but not entirely satisfied.
  98. Satisfied, I walked back to the vehicles.
  99. Warren nodded his head, visibly satisfied.
  100. Lezura was not satisfied with that answer.
  1. I hope that satisfies you, Mr.
  2. Whatever satisfies souls is true;.
  3. Whatever that satisfies the appetite.
  4. That neither nourishes, nor satisfies hunger.
  5. He steals, lies, and satisfies his megalomania.
  6. When we come to Christ, He satisfies our thirst.
  7. He looks, he feels, and satisfies himself: there.
  8. It, at once, satisfies, and then makes me beg for.
  9. An alliance has been proposed to me which satisfies.
  10. Telecom satisfies all of your telecommunication needs with.
  11. It’s pretty, it satisfies his hunger, it makes him happy.
  12. God and saying;' it has a tone with it that satisfies your ear.
  13. And no matter who I kill it only satisfies the void temporarily.
  14. Whilst this satisfies a certain logic, it is not a concept that.
  15. Through collaboration, conflict ends in a way that satisfies all.
  16. Who satisfies your mouth with good things, So that your youth is.
  17. A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics.
  18. Take the path of least resistance that still satisfies the situation.
  19. He or she becomes rich who satisfies best the desires of the consumers.
  20. If it is for meat, then find a breed that satisfies this type of need.
  21. We need a code of ethics that satisfies us - a high-quality code of ethics.
  22. Because it satisfies a need in me that wasn’t met in my formative years.
  23. A morning glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books.
  24. The Nobel mind is a great mind of thinkers, it poorly satisfies Darwin claim.
  25. This solution satisfies with completeness all countries and the cost is about 0.
  26. Thus this physical feature saves the infant from hunger and satisfies its needs.
  27. Even when an advance satisfies all the aforesaid principles, it may still not be.
  28. Create an ideal network design that satisfies all of the previously defined needs.
  29. We then choose a prime modulo p so that the elliptic curve satisfies this equation:.
  30. You choose to hide the truth because he satisfies your body, but yet your heart hungers.
  31. Nothing stirs nor satisfies the senses more than that of profound revelation…Lesley.
  32. On the other hand, if he satisfies her fully, he’ll be beheaded for sleeping with a priestess.
  33. Make sure you get the prices you need and the strategy that satisfies you before you make a move.
  34. Once he satisfies himself that you are trustworthy, he will trust you as much as he trusts anyone.
  35. But that this activity be good or bad, does not depend on how much it satisfies the demands of art, i.
  36. Ranking - Who best satisfies P+R=S for the client, followed by a list of the next highest to the lowest.
  37. Playtime does not just giving your child what he needs; it satisfies your need for companion and interaction.
  38. Spill in her mouth the passion that only in me she satisfies, and that the nectar of this saga never finishes.
  39. Not even a comparatively temperate middle class revolt such as the Beatles satisfies today’s lost generation.
  40. It’s a piece of forbidden fruit that she fantasizes about as she satisfies herself during her private moments.
  41. Yes, he thought, I will speak the answers which resonate most with me, whether it satisfies my questioner or not.
  42. She has always been somewhat degenerate and with her husband safely cremated, she now openly satisfies her whims as they occur.
  43. The minds and bodies of the children are nourished with discovery and stimulation, which satisfies the curiosity of the students.
  44. Implicit constraints: These are the rules which determine which of the tuples in the solution space satisfies the criterion functions.
  45. That delightful small island satisfies well the human desire to elude the problems of civilization in search of a simpler way of living.
  46. If there is at least one assignment which satisfies a formula, then we say that this formula is satisfiable; otherwise, it is un satisfiable.
  47. The consequences of counterfeit art are the perversion of man, pleasure which never satisfies, and the weakening of man's spiritual strength.
  48. If the data entered satisfies our requirements, this means that we have valid input, so we set the appropriate variable to 1 by the statement.
  49. And this fellowship will appeal alike to men and women in that both will find that which most truly satisfies their characteristic longings and ideals.
  50. It satisfies one of his most ardent wishes even since his youth: to visit one of the places in modern times that Mary herself chose to bless with her presence.
  51. Furthermore, there were large flocks of deer and birds that were accustomed to coming there, for indeed, Al’lah satisfies all the needs of His obedient followers.
  52. It is probable that she had had with Marius one of those conversations in which the beloved man says what he pleases, explains nothing, and satisfies the beloved woman.
  53. Give me the religion of texts and hymns and simple faith, which satisfies thousands, rather than the dreary void of speculative philosophy, which thoroughly satisfies none.
  54. This person is more likely to do what he needs to do to alleviate the pain of hunger while taking less consideration whether or not he satisfies it in a self-respecting way.
  55. Well, say your father has a German valet, and he is a splendid valet and satisfies your father’s requirements better than you could, then it’s all right to let him serve.
  56. But according to the context of this verse, it serves the high part of chest which helps the baby when he cries asking for food, so it saves him from hunger and satisfies his need.
  57. F (n) is w (g(n)) if, for any constant c > 0, there is an integer constant n0> 0 such that f(n) > c• g(n) for n >=n0 need 5n02> c•n0given c, the n0that satisfies this is n0> c/5 > 0.
  58. Also, it does with that the organizations act together with another organizations in great partnership that optimizes resources and it satisfies with completeness the purposes of each one.
  59. He slowly satisfies her when he places his tongue inside of her and tastes her juices flowing down and she can’t do anything but enjoy the multiple orgasms that he has caused her to achieve.
  60. As this innovation satisfies so desired need of social and behavioural change, we decided to apply as methodology principal fundamentals of this authentic economic model in the current economy.
  61. This consciousness of one's self as a son of God, whose essence is love, satisfies at once all those demands made by the man who professes the social life-conception for a broader sphere of love.
  62. The consciousness of being the Son of God, whose chief characteristic is love, satisfies the need for the extension of the sphere of love to which the man of the social conception of life had been brought.
  63. When they actually come upon him, he satisfies them from his cash account with the bank, and gradually replaces the sum borrowed with the money or paper which comes in from the occasional sales of his goods.
  64. And the recognition of self as this son of God, whose chief quality is love, satisfies also all those demands for the widening of the sphere of love, to which the man of the social conception of life was brought.
  65. There’s a reason why they call Buddhism advanced common sense; it’s all about methodically confronting obvious-but-often-overlooked truths (everything changes, nothing fully satisfies) until something in you shifts.
  66. This budget satisfies 100% of the population that it involves the following countries of Latin America: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela.
  67. You see, gentlemen, reason is an excellent thing, there's no disputing that, but reason is nothing but reason and satisfies only the rational side of man's nature, while will is a manifestation of the whole life, that is, of the whole human life including reason and all the impulses.
  68. It appeals to the West because it has no dogmas; satisfies the reason and the heart alike; insists on self-reliance coupled with tolerance for other points of view; embraces science, religion, philosophy, psychology, ethics and art; and points to man alone as the creator of his present life and sole designer of his destiny.
  69. In the preceding chapter it has, I hope, been shown that outline drawing is an instinct with Western artists and has been so from the earliest times; that this instinct is due to the fact that the first mental idea of an object is the sense of its form as a felt thing, not a thing seen; and that an outline drawing satisfies and appeals directly to this mental idea of objects.
  70. Angel, we are no longer in control of our destiny: our prestigious beautiful culture is being debased; our revered cultural norms that would preserve our heritage and dignity are completely eroded, our identity is gradually transforming to that of the white man, an alien culture, a strange custom and their own ways of life that satisfies their environment and their own fancy.
  71. Besides, the given income practices action of the total quality through Process Validation of the agreed organizations for the beneficiary people, that is, the agreed organizations have to satisfy the beneficiary people, always in the search of the continuous improvement in the services rendering, because the people choose the organization that satisfies its exigencies as customers.
  72. This budget exhibits how is easy to solve the social and economic problems with only an innovative systematics that satisfies diverse countries that are ideologically united in a great community as it is the case of CPLP - Community of Portuguese Language Countries with the following lusophone countries: Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, San Tome and Principe and East Timor.
  73. Here, as part of the group’s activity, Roger indulges his literary curiosity with a visit to Juliet’s house (for Romeo and Juliet supposedly lived in Verona), and Lucille satisfies her musical itch by going to the opera at the city’s majestic “Arena”, a centuries-old Roman amphitheater with a gigantic stage that lends itself to the massive numbers of persons and animals in the production of “Aida”, a frequent summer presentation.
  74. What I entreat of you is that you reproach me not with my transgression and grievous wrong-doing; for the same cause and force that drove me to make you mine impelled me to struggle against being yours; and to prove this, turn and look at the eyes of the now happy Luscinda, and you will see in them an excuse for all my errors: and as she has found and gained the object of her desires, and I have found in you what satisfies all my wishes, may she live in peace and.
  75. Itself only finally satisfies the soul,.
  76. This recipe satisfies the hardest pizza craving,.
  77. Prudence entirely satisfies the craving and glut of souls,.

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