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    1. I explained that I wore “that cap” to cover an operation scar and the loss of hair from radiotherapy – this seemed to satisfy

    2. Sixteen aluminums made Ava's soulmate a wealthy man, rich enough to satisfy someone from a planet still in the dregs of an energy age

    3. You should exit a fund when you need money or the funds performance does not satisfy you or when you want to modify the portfolio distribution

    4. Our actions are motivated towards physical well being and to satisfy our desires

    5. He will satisfy me, and show me His salvation

    6. ‘No, they can generally find a younger woman to satisfy their paternal urges

    7. a) Boyfriends and husbands: Even in the modern, “feminist” society, a woman's thoughts and actions are focused mainly on one thing -how to satisfy her man

    8. This is exactly what the male-vampire offers the woman: A social position (as his wife or mistress) and an acceptable reason to leave (satisfy him sexually and have his children)

    9. "Can you satisfy my desire?"

    10. “They are losers, who stupidly make do with 140,000 drachmas a month; they are cyphers, all of them!” she cries pompously and goes on with an air of profundity: “A businessman wants to earn as much as possible, this is natural! He will pay you as little as he can, unless you prove to him you deserve to be given something more!” … “A clever businessman will hire a secretary who will work for him for a month or so ''on trial'', then he will tell her she is incompetent and he will fire her without paying her a dime; then he will hire another stupid chick who will work for him for another month without payment, then another one will take her place, and so on, until he finds the one who will satisfy him fully” harangues Diana, showing her admiration for bosses

    1. His curiosity had to be satisfied, it was getting loud and close

    2. Finally, satisfied, her face broke into a thin smile, but her eyes were still cold and lifeless

    3. During that hour she got so totally satisfied that it was really tough to get back up

    4. Satisfied that he had done his best to appear like he lived in the house, Ackers went back inside and slammed the door behind him

    5. Anger and frustrations result when our needs and desires are not satisfied

    6. He pumps his arm, looks at John with a satisfied grin

    7. God live satisfied with their good and long life until old age, and then go

    8. satisfied with the territory of just your body, it will go on spreading onto

    9. ’ He said with a satisfied air

    10. He seemed satisfied that I was gone quiet and it slid shut again

    1. ’ You must help the man as a means of satisfying my will as I am in that man

    2. The aim of the counseling is to provide an opportunity for the client to live a more satisfying life

    3. What the hell, if satisfying her one more time meant arriving an hour or two later in Ireland than planned, well, it was the price he would have to pay

    4. I’d quite enjoyed dealing with that – there is something very satisfying about plumbing

    5. It wasn't that easy and that encounter was the least satisfying sex on the trip so far

    6. Too soon her orgasm was forceful, deep and satisfying

    7. After terminating the call and feeling irrationally pleased with herself that she knew how to, she pottered around the house, cleaning and tidying … it was satisfying

    8. I hope you are continuing to find the work satisfying

    9. After over a week without, this was very satisfying

    10. After satisfying himself that

    1. Who satisfies your mouth with good things, So that your youth is

    2. ness and tender mercies, Who satisfies my mouth with good things, so that

    3. 9For he satisfies the longing soul, and fills the hungry soul with goodness

    4. which satisfies not? Hearken diligently unto me, and eat ye that which is good, and let

    5. And no matter who I kill it only satisfies the void temporarily

    6. When they actually come upon him, he satisfies them from his cash account with the bank, and gradually replaces the sum borrowed with the money or paper which comes in from the occasional sales of his goods

    7. Take the path of least resistance that still satisfies the situation

    8. Take the path of least resistance that still satisfies the situation

    9. problems and satisfies wants

    10. the theology may be helpful, but nothing satisfies the

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    satisfy in English

    complete accomplish meet assuage satiate provide qualify appease gratify conciliate pacify please humour delight assure persuade induce inveigle

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    conform to fill fit fulfil fulfill meet satisfy gratify live up to complete accomplish assuage satiate provide qualify appease conciliate pacify please humour delight assure persuade induce inveigle