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    1. Titania and Hipolyta convinced their parents to take in the lad and situate him in Harry's old room off the workshop

    2. 14 And the children of Meshech are the Shibashni and the children of Tiras are Rushash, Cushni, and Ongolis; all these went and built themselves cities; those are the cities that are situate by the sea Jabus by the river Cura, which empties itself in the river Tragan

    3. 14 And the children of Meshech are the Shibashni and the children of Tiras are Rushash Cushni and Ongolis; all these went and built themselves cities; those are the cities that are situate by the sea Jabus by the river Cura which empties itself in the river Tragan

    4. mentioned – so the questioner wants more information with which to situate something

    5. Watch top players in the alley, and situate yourself near enough to check out their techniques

    6. Thus, it is important that you situate your fridge in a cooler place

    7. It is not a good idea to situate a television set or a lamp near your air conditioning thermostat

    8. By doing these things, you can take a glimpse of marvelous landscape pictures, which should give you a better idea about where to situate yourself when you reach your destination

    9. For example, if you are taking a family picture outside, situate them near a group of large boulders, so that they would sit on different levels

    10. When it comes to that, choose the seats by the wing, or situate it as near to the wings as possible, since it is where you won’t experience too many bumps during the ride

    11. Finally, I was able to exit the fraternity house and situate myself in a far corner of the back lawn

    12. They situate themselves

    13. By the same token, they provide references using which people can situate themselves

    14. Situate: To be place, with respect to any other object; as a town situate on a hill or on the sea shore

    15. The elder maiden is conveyed to a neighboring people, whose lodges are situate beyond yonder black pinnacle of rock; while the younger is detained among the women of the Hurons, whose dwellings are but two short miles hence, on a table-land, where the fire had done the office of the axe, and prepared the place for their reception

    16. Our readers will learn, not altogether without interest, in reference to the recent romantic rise in fortune of a young artificer in iron of this neighborhood (what a theme, by the way, for the magic pen of our as yet not universally acknowledged townsman TOOBY, the poet of our columns!) that the youth's earliest patron, companion, and friend, was a highly respected individual not entirely unconnected with the corn and seed trade, and whose eminently convenient and commodious business premises are situate within a hundred miles of the High Street

    17. Demesne situate in the townland of Rosenallis, barony of Tinnahinch

    18. Not to inherit by right of primogeniture, gavelkind or borough English, or possess in perpetuity an extensive demesne of a sufficient number of acres, roods and perches, statute land measure (valuation 42 pounds), of grazing turbary surrounding a baronial hall with gatelodge and carriage drive nor, on the other hand, a terracehouse or semidetached villa, described as Rus in Urbe or Qui si sana , but to purchase by private treaty in fee simple a thatched bungalowshaped 2 storey dwellinghouse of southerly aspect, surmounted by vane and lightning conductor, connected with the earth, with porch covered by parasitic plants (ivy or Virginia creeper), halldoor, olive green, with smart carriage finish and neat doorbrasses, stucco front with gilt tracery at eaves and gable, rising, if possible, upon a gentle eminence with agreeable prospect from balcony with stone pillar parapet over unoccupied and unoccupyable interjacent pastures and standing in 5 or 6 acres of its own ground, at such a distance from the nearest public thoroughfare as to render its houselights visible at night above and through a quickset hornbeam hedge of topiary cutting, situate at a given point not less than 1 statute mile from the periphery of the metropolis, within a time limit of not more than 15 minutes from tram or train line (e

    19. In the first year, or, to be more exact, during the first month of my exile, I went to work with a gang of kiln men to the tileries situate at two versts from our prison

    20. Have the three branches of this Government a right, at will, to weaken and outweigh the influence, respectively secured to each State, in this compact, by introducing, at pleasure, new partners, situate beyond the old limits of the United States? The question has not relation merely to New Orleans

    21. The barrens, also, found in Kentucky, are another evidence that water had no agency in their formation—they are situate, it is believed, in the elevated parts of the country exclusively

    1. television monitor that shows the courtroom, John situated in the middle of the picture

    2. She would not give up the ability to have the views from the house show it situated somewhere entirely different, like a rainforest canopy or crags on a seacoast or a warm meadow of dandelions in a mountain pass or high in the clouds of Jupiter

    3. was where the barn was situated

    4. She took a wherry across the river to the Southwark side where the warehouse was situated, strolling along the lanes behind the Shakespearean theatre where herb gardens, supplying the nearby centre for the Herbmasters, occupied neat little patches of ground carefully tended by a cadre of gotteswomen specially trained for the purpose, the purple outfits of their calling showing up clearly as they toiled amongst the neat rows of plants

    5. The café is situated on one side of a small square and, from where I am sitting, I can see the masts of boats bobbing at the quay just down the street; the tang of salt in the air is tantalising

    6. Ardha-Matsendrasana primarily affects the adrenal glands which are situated above each kidney, thus sending them a richer supply of blood

    7. Situated in the centre of the clearing, the Well is beautifully trimmed with fresh flowers and set about with what I now recognise as Gottestones

    8. I could just take the easy (if expensive) route and go straight to the DIY shop but I can fall back on that if I need to when I do the food shopping in the supermarket which is situated next door to the DIY store

    9. He moved slowly and gingerly until he was situated in Joyce's car and he gave her directions for Blackbird and then his car

    10. It was only then that I noticed the hardware store here, in this little village, situated in California

    11. several recent occasions, was situated closer to the causeway itself

    12. Harry gazed sidelong for a moment as the Great Plains smeared past the open state room window situated over where he sat at a small table

    13. Chloe's father and step-mother were beside themselves with surprise at her early arrival and after she was situated in her rooms once more they gathered in the parlor for tea

    14. Situated in the hil s, it is rumoured that the land was given to a stonecutter by a rich woman, whose son he had cured

    15. Situated on the Asian border, this is the 9th largest country in the world, and covers two time zones and five climate zones

    16. relished the fact that on this occasion we were situated in

    17. "This is a handy cove," says he at length; "and a pleasant situated grog-shop

    18. What they have, therefore, is applied to the cultivation only of what is most fertile and most favourably situated, the land near the sea-shore, and along the banks of navigable rivers

    19. When the most fertile and best situated lands have been all occupied, less profit can be made by the cultivation of what is inferior both in soil and situation, and less interest can be afforded for the stock which is so employed

    20. - complex, surrounded by pleasant woods and situated

    21. Although the school was situated in buildings that were in excess of five hundred years old, it was a model of the modern private school or, as the English called it, a public school

    22. Some coal mines, advantageously situated, cannot be wrought on account of their barrenness

    23. But the value of a silver mine, even though there should not be another within a thousand miles of it, will not necessarily increase with the improvement of the country in which it is situated

    24. being strategically situated as it was at the confluence of

    25. I found that I bothered a turtle, which was situated

    26. If human institutions had never thwarted those natural inclinations, the towns could nowhere have increased beyond what the improvement and cultivation of the territory in which they were situated could support; till such time, at least, as the whole of that territory was completely cultivated and improved

    27. There was a small town situated on an inlet

    28. But those of a city, situated near either the sea-coast or the banks of a navigable river, are not necessarily confined to derive them from the country in their neighbourhood

    29. This benefit was not even confined to the countries in which they were situated, but extended more or less to all those with which they had any dealings

    30. Whoever has had the fortune to live in a mercantile town, situated in an unimproved country, must have frequently observed how much more spirited the operations of merchants were in this way, than those of mere country gentlemen

    31. It is even uncertain where some of them were situated, or to what towns in Europe the Latin names given to some of them belong

    32. They followed the spiral staircase in the lobby, flanked by highly polished brass railings, to the top floor where the main bedroom was situated

    33. The debris that couldn't be 'recycled' as it were, was removed to the asteroid belts of that system and then what still couldn't be situated there and balanced, was removed to the Illian system's asteroid belts, where it could be balanced

    34. His cabin was situated about ten kilometres west of Calgary, and then he’d have about a twenty minute walk from the nearest stop; a remoteness he was particularly proud of

    35. The AI was still functioning on some level, situated on a white semi-circular desk in the grey and white lab

    36. Situated in the lower valley of the Lebanon mountains, we often saw these caravans as they snaked around the mountains and down into our village

    37. As we got closer our eyes roved the country sight seeking out places where ambushes might be situated the Captain sent ten of our men forward to recce the village to see if any of the enemy were lurking there

    38. I stopped scanning the terrain for a moment and looked down into the village square where the well was situated

    39. They were founded by the authority of the pope; and were so entirely under his immediate protection, that their members, whether masters or students, had all of them what was then called the benefit of clergy, that is, were exempted from the civil jurisdiction of the countries in which their respective universities were situated, and were amenable only to the ecclesiastical tribunals

    40. There must have been hundreds, thousands? The bodies were all situated inside the circles, which ran in rings around the center of the room

    41. box situated in a recess amid all the display graphics

    42. When the parish happened to be situated in a great city, it divided all the inhabitants into two parties; and when that city happened, either to constitute itself a little republic, or to be the head and capital of a little republic, as in the case with many of the considerable cities in Switzerland and Holland, every paltry dispute of this kind, over and above exasperating the animosity of all their other factions, threatened to leave behind it, both a new schism in the church, and a new faction in the state

    43. But he knew there was lots of activity at the back of the house where the orphanage and school was situated

    44. Some of the little Italian states which are situated upon the Po, and the rivers which run into it, derive some revenue from duties of this kind, which are paid altogether by foreigners, and which, perhaps, are the only duties that one state can impose upon the subjects of another, without obstruction in any respect, the industry or commerce of its own

    45. Those who live in another country, contribute nothing by their consumption towards the support of the government of that country, in which is situated the source of their revenue

    46. They were Torkhan’s army, brought here through the Travelling Gate situated at the foot of the Harknon Mountains

    47. Cape Thaddeus is situated on the opposite meridian to

    48. It was situated in the small village of Saint-Marianne-Angléy just the other side of Querrieu and this is where I would spend my last precious moment of time

    49. Amidst a seemingly unremarkable industrial estate was situated a low oblong building with no obvious windows or doors

    50. * The Wild West was a nickname we gave a certain part of Pretoria, situated in the western half of the city

    1. Harold and Jameson took very little time situating themselves and were ready for breakfast in the Dining car very soon after boarding, although breakfast wouldn't be served for another two hours

    2. After situating himself at the desk once again and dispelling the sense of déjà vu, he immediately began investigating Spalding’s whereabouts and movements of the previous week

    3. Feng Shui is the art of placing and situating a structure so it is in harmony with nature

    4. She moaned, and after situating her restraints, he hit her with another dose of sedative

    5. situating the measures of pharmacological reinforcement with behavioral economics: A theo-

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