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    1. Now he just had to locate Mr

    2. Locate horse or cattle farms and, after asking if they spray their animals or the manure, use the manure

    3. It was his job to get Vic to understand, get her to stop further speculation on how they could locate him

    4. Wiesse, clearly with my next journey in mind, very sensibly reminds me that I shall need proper sea-going waterproofs; he suggests that I would be advised to locate some here in the fishing village

    5. I have had plenty of time to recall exactly where I left the Element, though I have my tawstones with me so would be able to locate it even if I hadn’t remembered

    6. It took me a while to locate something to tie my hair back … don’t know where all my hairbands went but if my hair blows about like it did the other day, I shall just have to filch a pair of scissors and hack it off

    7. These listings hold the interests and personality answers to your opening profile questions, as these are used to locate a compatible mate, offering a nice

    8. Using his famous listening device he was able to locate the mysterious Dragon Riders, and he sent a group to make contact

    9. easily locate the year a trapped emotion originated

    10. Rayne looked about and above, sending out her ‘feelers’ to locate the danger

    1. There was a good chance he wouldn't want to delay in getting back to the Gengee where both maps were located

    2. Is it very wet? Fog? Winds? Where are you located? Your state will have its own special environmental issues that you will have to deal with

    3. SuperSeaweed was invented by myself in 1972 while I attended school at the University of Florida located in Gainesville Florida

    4. Sure enough, she easily located Leonora Wells sitting with a breakfast sandwich at the Riverside Burger Joint at ten-fifteen in the morning, not a half an hour before

    5. "The ports to the actual neural interface processors are located on the torso side of the connection

    6. "Where is the women's section of Paradis located?"

    7. It is located between the Temple and the Mount of Olives

    8. Angie can go to Abery with JJ until such time as her family can be located

    9. and the greengrocer located

    10. She quickly located the things that belonged to his family on the left of the room and moved on

    1. Locating Williams at his post, he immediately saw the hard rigor mortise in the Boston Cream

    2. Wiesse, in true organiser style, had been somewhat vague about the practical side of locating this man

    3. The man I was looking for was some sort of curator, at least that’s what I had discovered, though I’d worried that locating him might be another matter

    4. This time Terry had no trouble locating the bubble gum card, the tee shirt and the video, and he snapped out of his vacant trance with a sense of welcome relief

    5. located is optional, but locating it can be fun as well

    6. This time Terry had no trouble locating the bubble gum card, the

    7. Locating Trapped Emotions by Using, 210

    8. clearly irritated at their lack of progress in locating the errant Major

    9. ‘Well, I expect your dad is finding it hard locating somewhere with internet access

    10. She was just about to ask his help in locating the old lady, when out of the corner of her eye, she saw her going through the bushes heading in the direction of the little white house

    1. As always, Berndt is practical and sensible – it is he who locates our bags and checks that they are as they should be and he who oversees the ggs being settled in the stable

    2. I whip out my notebook and wait while she locates the right page

    3. If, some years later, one of the slime locates you, move again and enjoy the

    4. He reaches out behind his back, locates Helen's hand and gives it a faint squeeze

    5. Once she locates the flower, she removes the whole plant, ensuring that its return is prohibited

    6. And he locates it in Eden as its geographical designation

    7. In any case, the hagiographer locates it eastward

    8. Grailem locates the science headquarters through the ship's computer network and instructs the navigator to land the starship at a nearby park

    9. At first she cannot find it much to her frustration until she locates it under her forefinger

    10. A final evaluation of this theory locates an absurd post-tribulation principle that claims

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