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Sofa в предложении (на )

1. I sat on the sofa.
2. Eric sat on the sofa.
3. I flop onto the sofa.
4. They sat on the sofa.
5. But there was the sofa.
6. I sat back on the sofa.
7. Mayank on the same sofa.

8. He guides me to the sofa.
9. She sat down on the sofa.
10. Morel glanced at the sofa.
11. I can manage on the sofa.
12. She sat on the sofa and.
13. He collapsed on the sofa.
14. There was a sofa where Mr.
15. Sally sat back on the sofa.
16. He leaned back in the sofa.
17. Holmes grunted from the sofa.
18. Slept on the sofa, resting.
19. He sank wearily on his sofa.
20. Three of us sat on the sofa.
21. She walked towards the sofa.
22. Ivan jumped up from the sofa.
23. Linda was sitting on the sofa.
24. She sat down on the sofa again.
25. Greg had left next to the sofa.
26. Jack stretched out on the sofa.
27. He sat crouched up on the sofa.
28. But there is a sofa for sell.
29. They sat on the living room sofa.
30. He jumped up and sat on the sofa.
31. The girl sat on the sofa, crying.
32. Raskolnikov got up from the sofa.
34. Most likely it would be the sofa.
35. The woman collapsed onto the sofa.
36. Watson was on the sofa, sleeping.
37. His dad was reclining on the sofa.
38. Claire almost jumped off the sofa.
39. John pushed Gina down on the sofa.
40. She went back to sit on the sofa.
41. Jack sat on the sofa watching him.
42. He sat on the sofa and felt giddy.
43. She made him sit down on the sofa.
44. He wanted to hide behind the sofa.
45. Yes, on that sofa in the corner.
46. Caitlin sat next to me on the sofa.
47. Sabrina threw a sofa pillow at him.
48. She threw it on the sofa, laughing.
49. She no longer wondered at the sofa.
50. This outsize sofa measured 20.
51. Shamefaced, I returned to the sofa.
52. Richard sat next to her on the sofa.
53. They all sat round him on the sofa.
54. He slumped down on to his old sofa.
55. I sighed and sank back into the sofa.
56. Before the sofa stood a small table.
57. I dropped upon the sofa, and sobbed.
58. Dean slides to the corner of the sofa.
59. He sat on the sofa refusing to look.
60. I shrugged and dropped onto the sofa.
61. KITTY: (From the sofa) Tell us, Florry.
62. She rolled off the sofa and onto the.
63. They moved from the table to the sofa.
64. You on the sofa, me on Cordra’s mat.
65. Jumped out of the sofa on hearing that.
66. I left my drink on the arm of the sofa.
67. The lengthiest sofa measured 890.
68. Mom on the sofa as I studied the Bible.
69. He turned away and sat down on the sofa.
70. Abbie was lying down on the other sofa.
71. Miriam sat on the sofa absorbed in him.
72. Stomach full, I rested back on the sofa.
73. Khan sighed and sat on the sofa with her.
75. She could have done just fine on a sofa.
76. I slept on the sofa that I was seated on.
77. Joyce caught her and sat her on the sofa.
78. They were lying on the sofa, Sharon with.
79. Selecting a book, he returns to the sofa.
80. Gary pushed further back against the sofa.
82. Afterwards they sat together on the sofa.
83. She uttered a shriek and sank on the sofa.
84. He started sleeping on the sofa after that.
85. She carries me to the sofa and disappears.
86. But he liked the lines of the sofa so he.
87. She placed them over the rear of the sofa.
88. From chairs, we went to a secondhand sofa.
89. Medallion reclined on the sofa in the den.
90. She dropped down on the sheet-covered sofa.
91. His men sat on the small sofa to the side.
92. Donna sat next to Sir Richard on the sofa.
93. Not behind the curtains, or under the sofa.
94. Andersen shifted on the sofa, facing Haven.
95. She beat up the sofa cushions for the youth.
96. Gary sighed and sat on the sofa next to Sam.
97. Back in Vancouver, Liam stirred on the sofa.
98. Couldn't he come? He could lie on the sofa.
99. Something on the sofa near the front desk.
100. All the time Lily sat miserably on the sofa.

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