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    1. " Jorma knew that Herndon was pretty excited about his boat because he popped back out the hatch and lifted one of the seat cushions to show him

    2. Have a seat

    3. “This was Adam’s seat

    4. Sitting in the driver's seat was some kind of hairy man-thing, its nose stretching into a snout, fingers to claws before her eyes

    5. The policemen put me in the back seat of their car – an unmarked police car, thank goodness – and we drive off

    6. Violet bounced up and down in her seat the whole way there

    7. "Po-knees! Po-knees! Po-knees!" At "po," she would rise up as far as her seatbelt would let her and then at "knees," crash down into her seat as hard as she could

    8. ’ Stephen muttered as we reach the car; he’s got one of those automatic unlocking devices on his car and, by the time the crowd have caught up with us, I am in the front seat buckling on the seat belt and he is starting the engine

    9. Finally he hangs up, tosses his phone on the passenger’s seat, reaches over and turns on the radio

    10. John ends the call, tosses the phone on the passenger’s seat

    11. John puts a bag in the overhead, settles into a window seat, puts his laptop on his knees

    12. John takes his tray and finds a seat beside an elderly man, who is staring off into space, drooling

    13. Dave grabs the seat and the arm rest on the door to steady himself

    14. I slowly take my seat again as he walks across the room and gives his mother a kiss on the cheek

    15. ’ Stephen said conversationally, taking a seat at the table

    16. "It's the asteroid," Estwig yelled and launched from the seat, "and it's headed straight at us

    17. doostEr was also already off the rockosaur's seat as Tahlmute said, "If you can see a meteor before it hits you, it missed, you have no chance of getting out of its way

    18. He shudders, takes a cushion from his seat, hugs it close and lays his head on the table

    19. clutches the seat armrests and stares straight ahead

    20. Khalid studies a spread sheet in the seat behind Russ and John sits gripping the seat armrests, beads of sweat on his forehead

    21. Russ pulls John out of his seat to help him put his parachute on

    22. Ricci shifts nervously in his seat as he listens to Ahmed’s hysterics

    23. Mohammed and John are in the back seat

    24. "Take a seat man

    25. ’ She assured me, resuming her seat on the bed

    26. "Have a seat policeman

    27. Sarah relaxed and even lowered her seat

    28. "What's your name?” said a voice from the back seat

    29. Saya was stretched out on the back seat, fast asleep

    30. He opened his mouth ready to shout her down and just as the words found his lips, the bus gave a great jerk forward, whiplashing Keogh in his seat and aborting his outburst

    31. ’ Stephen commented taking his seat beside the bed

    32. In the seat next to her Ernst shifted

    33. “Then spake Jesus to the multitude, and to his disciples, 2Saying, The Scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat: 3All therefore

    34. He didn’t hear Parker coming and his surprise jolted him out of his seat

    35. He returned to his seat and took the automatic pistol from his belt

    36. The ceremony is finally set to begin and I have taken my place at the seat in the center of the square, with Nathan standing by my side

    37. He quickly sketched in a little space near the door and a guest seat

    38. Jaseem slipped into the seat cradling a cloth-bound bottle of scotch from 2318

    39. She yelped and sank to the bench seat over the pumps for a couple bounces

    40. Some will remain asleep until the judgment seat, and then they will be judged according to their deeds

    41. He opened the passenger door and helped Kara in before stowing the baggage in the boot and encouraging Angie into the back seat

    42. As they settled themselves, he went around to his own seat

    43. There's a nice deep baggage shelf under your seat, and your footrest is the landing board

    44. Clutching it, she watched as a pale and patently edgy JJ and an absurdly protective Angie clambered into the kaht, stowing their bags safely under the seat; she watched until they disappeared

    45. A glance at the clock speedily obliterated her self-satisfaction and set her running … her train was due to leave in five minutes’ time! Safely on the train, though still panting from the exercise and more than a little overwhelmed by the crowds of commuters thronging the station subways, she settled herself in a seat and, leaning her head against the headrest, closed her eyes, forcing herself to relax

    46. I sit in the seat of God, in the midst of the seas;

    47. She found a seat at the back of the bus, watching the other passengers as they got on and off at the various stops; the vehicle finally reached the town

    48. She smiled and took her seat, the wonderful scent of home filling her head

    49. It is upon that final defeat that God rains down fire from heaven, and the only thing to follow is the judgment seat (see Revelation 20)

    50. Perched upon his smooth seat

    1. One could sit up when seated on the low benches

    2. The old man seated himself, crossing his

    3. a great boldness rise in me! I seated her body on a bed and her head fell

    4. Inside, the goon was seated, resting his fat elbows on the counter and preparing to sink his teeth into a sloppy breakfast roll

    5. While Theo seated himself Sammy took his time to examine him

    6. The floor was a slope of benches and tables with bars like the one she was seated at on each of a dozen levels

    7. seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly places,

    8. prepare the disabled people seated in the tent for Oral Roberts who

    9. If supervisor McManus hadn’t been asleep in the locker room for the whole of that night, resting his bum leg, he would have seen the upright corpse seated at the Boston Monitor rear entrance

    10. In front of me, seated on a similar, rustic wooden dining chair sat the man

    11. The new class of students are seated directly in front of us, divided into the two main areas of study, agriculture and engineering

    12. Then I spot our Corsair guests, seated in the first row behind the students

    13. feet were still chained so he remained seated with his back to the wall and

    14. She’d stayed seated until it stopped, uncertain and unfamiliar with the motion … yes, the bus had stopped and she’d risen, turned to pick up her bag … walked quickly down the gangway to the door … there’d been footsteps behind her … heavy ones – the men

    15. its cushions moulded with heavy seated shallows

    16. This body is seated, waiting for a kettle to boil,

    17. Paul mentions in Ephesians 2:6 that we currently are seated with Christ in heavenly places

    18. before instruction everyfolk to be seated

    19. Berndt is seated at the table when I arrive in the galley

    20. He slowly walks to the chair where he had been seated during the trial

    21. The last of the seated postures I will describe in this chapter is as follows:

    22. While seated in the Lotus Pose lace your fingers together and turn them palms upwards

    23. Loud noises and protests were coming from the table where the children were seated

    24. When you have a satisfactory seated position rub your palms together vigorously to charge them with electricity and place them over your closed eyes

    25. The second seated position is for those who cannot sit cross-legged on the floor

    26. He tossed his bag into the trailer, and helped the ladies climb aboard and get seated

    27. The two minders then climbed in and sat on top of her, remaining seated upon the squirming woman all the way to their final destination

    28. The pilot was seated at the command console on a platform one step up; in front of what was a large window spanning the front of the ship

    29. Duncan was given one of the solo seats, and Rayne was seated directly behind him

    30. “Hopefully these ruffians will have seated themselves by then

    31. climbed in and sat on top of her, remaining seated upon the

    32. Dave is seated at my desk reading the newspaper when I get back to the office

    33. She seated herself again and felt confused

    34. Mandy was welcomed warmly into the house, and seated at the table in great room

    35. It was not uncommon for Jameson to be included in family outings and he was often seated with them at their supper table

    36. Miss Hill came over to greet them and seated them at a table which had over the last few years become their table

    37. Once seated, Harry surveyed with some admiration the dining hall and their accommodations

    38. was seated in his usual spot at the end of the bar

    39. Allcock was seated reviewing the sheaves of business correspondence in his hand and looked up as Harry re-entered

    40. Seated once again in the rolling restaurant, they were offered bills of fare and chose quickly from the selections available

    41. Before any time at all they were coaxing the bands up the outside of the tub, tapping them higher until seated at their proper latitudes round the container

    42. At dinner they were seated with a family, also staying until the Britainic sailed

    43. We were seated a couple of tables away from the piano in the main room

    44. When they returned to their places in the little gathering, and Kaitlyn was again seated next to her friend, it was Harry's comments to which Kaitlyn most attended

    45. She looked around the room at the four of us seated at the table, then at

    46. the full regalia of their Office, were seated behind a long

    47. After being seated in the little anteroom for only minutes, Rev

    48. intimidated, but the delegation seated before him had

    49. ” Olivia pronounced as they were seated

    50. was again seated in the corner of the room behind a small

    1. straw in the other corner and simple seating arrangements

    2. ‘We can rig up some tarpaulins to keep the wind off and use those boxes for seating

    3. For seating he had provided plush plumes with ornately carved wooden arms, ergonomic for one percent gravity, invisible of course

    4. We took a semi-private room with seating on the clay floor

    5. Yellelle told her that seating could be a silent cat fight among mortals

    6. in one of the divided sections, sliding their way onto the worn seating

    7. ’ Billy pointed out as they struggled to heap up the seating out of the way in a corner

    8. More velvet window dressings, more well apportioned seating and carefully placed book shelves integral with the walls of the long cabin met his gaze

    9. the couch and a small TV was positioned so you could see it from either seating

    10. Seating ascended from floor to ceiling on

    11. A section of the seating area in the new cafe would serve the school's students as a lunchroom, for their special occasions and always for breakfasts

    12. Once that business was concluded, Saint O’Connor went over who wished to be seated where at tonight’s dinner, and asked everyone to begin requesting their seating at the ‘dinner in God’s heaven’ he was planning for the coming Sunday

    13. Otto and the team sat down with the captain and his wife, the chief engineer and first officer and other officers at appointed seating positions


    15. seating, so the boys and I chose one at random, while

    16. Both kitchen's in their room were pushed back and the stools used as more seating, almost like a balcony in a concert hall

    17. The cushions were over on the bathroom sides between the beds as seating in the lower hall

    18. the house that he had built, the food on his table, the seating of his servants, the service of his waiters and their apparel, his cupbearers, and his entryway by which he went up to the house

    19. The Arrington Symphony has been together for 23 years, and relies on season-ticket holders to fill 25% of the seating at each event

    20. With business being so slow our servers can handle the task of greeting and seating customers on their own

    21. No-one else volunteered to say anything so he sent everybody he did not need back to seating area two

    22. Chris could not think of anything else they would need so he and Fletcher set about retrieving thirty or so of the plastic tubs and then they carried them all back to seating area two, soon discovering that they were awkward things to carry

    23. “We could start by trying to gain access to that emergency supply locker in front of seating area three

    24. Give it a few more days and both the emergency locker and seating area three will be as flat as pancakes

    25. “That’s not a good sign, is it?” said Jenny as they reached the bottom, looking at the remains of the door to seating area three

    26. Inside she could see a large chamber, possibly larger than seating area two but with a lower ceiling, stacked three wide and two high with large metal trunks

    27. As if she could sense his presence, she turned sharply to the upper level seating, the right hand side of the ancient stadium

    28. Seating for dinner was assigned and she had been given the chair directly beside George Dearling

    29. I’m sorry; believe me, the seating arrangements weren’t my idea

    30. Sharon sitting with a group of people and the seating was similar

    31. What kind of college course had a seating chart, anyway? She looked down the tiers of seats, all the other students’ faces turned up to look at her

    32. “Juanito,” he roared to the bartender, “two tables for my amigos and cerveza for everybody! And send over the señoritas! Tell them that, if they’re nice to us, maybe we’ll invite a couple of `em to La Hacienda for a fiesta! Hey but, Juanito,” he continued in lowered tones, “tell Chiquita I’m sorry but not tonight, I’ve already got a date, okay?” Upon seating, Mike began relating the story of his brief arrest at Juan Santa Maria Airport and the resulting harassment charge against a most hated cop

    33. Ethan had come up with a very comfortable-looking seating arrangement on top of a sack of rice, along with a wooden crate against his back and a couple of flour bags to put his feet up on

    34. “Indeed, indeed,” said Nick as he offered his services to his wife, who assigned the seating to him

    35. I had had them rip out almost all the walls on the floor and put in couches, recliners, and other comfortable seating

    36. “Macha,” replied Yukino, seating herself on one of the stools

    37. reflecting the elevators and seating area as well as the tiled silver

    38. past the visitors and seemed to nod their petals in a greeting before scampering off to what appeared to be a seating area where they

    39. I held Jiva for the next five minutes as she mourned the loss of her young life, her brother coming across to her as well, seating himself closer to her on the other side, as we cradled her between us like a long lost child

    40. As my tears drenched my Boston apartment’s tiled floors with increasing puddles of my blood, I could hear my brother scarping my study chair against the hard surface, sighing as he made himself comfortable, seating himself in my chair as he waited patiently for me to refrain from crying

    41. minutes, I bought lunch and was scanning the seating area for an avail-

    42. 11) When I started Innovative Seating Solutions, I designed a seat that solved all

    43. The track is surrounded by a myriad of tiered seating, and it appears more like an arena

    44. turning all the seating so that it faced the table

    45. in the trunk and began working on seating

    46. In the area where she sat, bookcases lined walls with several seating areas with sofas, chairs, tables and the occasional plant

    47. In the area where she sat, bookcases lined walls with several seating areas, sofas, chairs and coffee tables with an occasional plant

    48. “I arranged your seating, Jaromer, through Nemia

    49. Most of the floor was bare stone, some was carpeted, and there were scattered areas of seating close to the center for humanoids from gnome to giant size

    50. ” Kevim waved to a circle of various seating furniture

    1. Herndon slid into the seats on the side with the sink

    2. I noticed that the volume of noise in the adjoining seats had lowered and eventually I whispered “Do you

    3. After the obligatory studio photographs they had to individually sit for on the way in, presumably for record keeping purposes, they were frisked and taken to seats at long heavily loaded tables

    4. Other passengers take their seats around him, some stowing luggage in the overhead areas before sitting

    5. him before directing his colleagues to their respective seats

    6. Boxes upon boxes of moonshine line the aisle behind them and the hooch is also stacked in the seats

    7. Frosty minted drinks of a golden nectar appeared on the glass table at the corner between their seats when they looked for them

    8. was able to clamber onto the space made by the flattened seats, cross his legs, and

    9. They filed silently to the seats of the amphitheater

    10. While everyone was in their seats and not moving very much, very little re-rendering is done and the visuals were running cool, often not needing the second clock cycle

    11. They both stirred in their seats while Vincef leaned back in his, but neither said anything

    12. Once again they shuffled in their seats, but did not say anything

    13. Most of the crew filled the seats, looking as bewildered as he did, like they had also all been blinked in at once

    14. When all were in the seats the Ayatollah came to the pulpit in an endless sea of regalia

    15. He pulled at the tailgate, screwing up his scrawny, twitching features, and slowly but surely, emitting mineral groans and metallic shrieks, the metal and glass door began to inch upwards until, with the tailgate at seventy-five degrees, the little man was able to clamber onto the space made by the flattened seats, cross his legs, and utter a loud harrumph

    16. Closing her eyes, fighting against the sharp disinfectant smell of the hospital, she forced herself to picture the interior of the bus … nauseating diesel fumes … a dingy, well used fabric covering the seats, chipped and faded paint on the accoutrements of metal … or was it plastic? She found it hard to tell sometimes … she heard again the chatter and laughter of the young people as they swayed along the aisle towards the door as the vehicle approached the bus stop

    17. Alan thought there should be a central aisle in the streetcar with rows of seats facing forward

    18. People had found you use the least material and provide the most seats and easiest entry with back-to-back benches facing outward with a grab bar every two seats

    19. After discovering 350,000 seats, they are still digging

    20. It’s guessed that there are over 500,000 seats

    21. The seats to the right, where usually

    22. Fred and Joe took their ringside seats earlier then most

    23. seats were not numbered but they wanted to be in a position

    24. We lounge on proper seats watching the landscape go past

    25. the cheap seats, the last resting place of badgers

    26. She landed, and as they mounted, Oreo jumped on one of the seats that Steve had made for the ‘twins’; and they took off

    27. in the furrows dug between chair seats and arms

    28. Then my flight was called and I was like a schoolboy on an outing and couldn't wait to join the shuffling queue and be herded onto the compact turbo-prop of nineteen seats

    29. Once there, Jerry cut air holes around the top, and they placed seats in it like a bus

    30. Two long tables were placed together and the children all found seats

    31. With every screech of metal on the wooden floor and with every yelp that came out of his mouth as he smashed his shins into rotting theatre seats, Archibald expected to be attacked by the hounds of hell, but nothing stirred within

    32. Please stay in your seats until we arrive at the gate

    33. The best seats were on a dais to his left and in these seats sat the bank's chairman and his wife, their daughter, government ministers, the chief judge and the Superintendent of the Metropolitan Police

    34. The inside was sleek with six large seats facing forward, two on each side and one in front

    35. They were led to their seats and Duncan observed that they had reconfigured the seatbelts, as Duncan and Rayne were a lot smaller than their hosts

    36. Duncan was given one of the solo seats, and Rayne was seated directly behind him

    37. Heymon stepped from normal gravity at his door and drifted to the invisible tufted velvet seats Kelvin had adorned this space with today

    38. the posh, red fibre-glass seats and sat down in an empty row

    39. The bye-election is only for two seats

    40. 'The by-elections for these seats came as a boon

    41. 'What? For losing two seats?' Mama said, 'the total number of seats is

    42. theatre seats, Archibald expected to be attacked by the hounds of

    43. The best seats were on a dais to his left and in

    44. these seats sat the bank's chairman and his wife, their daughter,

    45. left their first class seats in the usual state of long distance disarray,

    46. seats, and then doubled back to interrupt them, having overheard

    47. His porch had grown-in balcony seats in the rail above it, they took the side opposite him

    48. A few metal seats are fixed to the outer walls

    49. hard seats and functional wooden desks, and a raised dais in front of a

    50. Tom and the others subsided into their seats

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