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Seat в предложении (на )

  1. Have a seat my love.
  2. The two took a seat.
  3. I shifted in my seat.
  4. Come and have a seat.
  5. For the seat of God:.

  6. They both took a seat.
  7. Please do take a seat.
  8. Alex froze in his seat.
  9. Please pull up a seat.
  10. I returned to my seat.
  11. He had to take a seat.
  12. He gestures to a seat.
  13. Have a seat and relax.
  14. I fidgeted on my seat.
  15. Get in the back seat.

  16. Please, do have a seat.
  17. Ben shifted in his seat.
  18. John turned in his seat.
  19. He returned to his seat.
  20. Was the seat too long?
  21. Jake rushed to his seat.
  22. Jason sat up in his seat.
  23. Put on your seat belt.
  24. It is the seat of power.
  25. Come in and have a seat.

  26. I stood behind his seat.
  27. You all can have a seat.
  28. Mat squirmed in his seat.
  29. He put them in his seat.
  30. Locke jumped in his seat.
  31. Have a seat young lady.
  32. Have a seat, she said.
  33. Lucia shifted in her seat.
  34. Please have a seat, Mr.
  35. Kain returned to his seat.
  36. Able squirmed in his seat.
  37. I took a seat, as did he.
  38. Rhone shifted in his seat.
  39. He pul ed out a seat and.
  40. Data returned to his seat.
  41. Dustin, back to your seat.
  42. Ronnie shifted in his seat.
  43. He took a seat back down.
  44. Aaron, come have a seat.
  45. I showed Neder to his seat.
  46. Let’s all have a seat.
  47. Just kidding! Have a seat.
  48. Ellis took a seat in the.
  49. Have a seat at the com.
  50. Take a seat please, Mrs.
  51. The seat of the couch was.
  52. David fidgeted in his seat.
  53. Well, here, have a seat.
  54. Have a seat, she says.
  55. Have a seat if ya care to.
  56. I have a seat at the table.
  57. He jumped out of this seat.
  58. Come on in and have a seat.
  59. Then he jumped in his seat.
  60. Ed made his way to the seat.
  61. Anyway, please have a seat.
  62. So the seat of a worship-.
  63. Jonathan sat up in his seat.
  64. Josh got in the back seat.
  65. Inacio squirmed in his seat.
  66. Go ahead and have a seat.
  67. Ruth eased back in her seat.
  68. That is the seat of wisdom.
  69. Xzavier stands from his seat.
  70. Enzo unbuckles his seat belt.
  71. She asked me to have a seat.
  72. Can you find your seat?
  73. The seat was more of a shelf.
  74. Go in there and have a seat.
  75. Brale jumped out of his seat.
  76. Raden, please take a seat.
  77. I sat in the back seat and.
  78. Rachel climbed into her seat.
  79. Rand leaned back in his seat.
  80. I had a seat and just waited.
  81. The man in the driving seat.
  82. He slithered out of his seat.
  83. Celia in the passenger seat.
  84. Gorham went back to his seat.
  85. Please have a seat; let.
  86. This is the seat of the mind.
  87. Heather off her bleacher seat.
  88. Please have a seat, Miss.
  89. She nodded and took the seat.
  90. Firstly, his seat seemed to.
  91. John jumped up from his seat.
  92. He lowered the seat and sat.
  93. I was invited to take a seat.
  94. Steve left his seat, and in.
  95. He found a seat directly in.
  96. Adam leaned back in his seat.
  97. Have a seat, Doran said.
  98. Perched upon his smooth seat.
  99. Mary rose from her seat and.
  100. The feet controlled the seat.
  1. Abby was already seating herself.
  2. Ali chose the middle seating area.
  3. Seating himself he asked for the king.
  4. The seating for thirty was comfortable.
  5. Seating the knot means to tie it tightly.
  6. There was no assigned seating, of course.
  7. The order of seating was going to start.
  8. Rows of theater seating are separated by.
  9. There’s a seating plan over that way.
  10. Seating ascended from floor to ceiling on.
  11. Also available was a large counter seating.
  12. Seating is on a first come first serve basis.
  13. I took the liberty of bringing some seating.
  14. Seating himself at the desk, he began to look.
  15. Carrington, Hastings went on, seating himself.
  16. I arranged your seating, Jaromer, through Nemia.
  17. Seating himself, he rested his hands on the table.
  18. We scaled it at the same time reaching the seating.
  19. Special elevated seating was arranged for the nobles.
  20. Your seating request should be listed on the cruise.
  21. I entered a seating area below which youngsters were.
  22. High-lady step over to the ornate seating to sit down.
  23. Today's Greyhound offers reserved seating, on-board.
  24. They are seating you at around 6:15 instead of 7:15.
  25. His Aunt grabbed one of the only comfortable seating.
  26. The stadium had seating for more than 7,000 spectators.
  27. After seating myself on one of the swings I went at it.
  28. He just hoped he could get over the seating long enough.
  29. You have a choice of seating, Stone said to Hedy.
  30. We took a semi-private room with seating on the clay floor.
  31. Charlie trying to find ways to ignore the cramped seating.
  32. There’s a seating area therein where people admire the.
  33. She directed Beth to change the seating cards accordingly.
  34. Mick checked the foyer and the seating area, not noticing.
  35. They had all changed their seating arrangements following.
  36. They looked around for seating and found some that would.
  37. Clambering over the seating, the others prepared themselves.
  38. What other animals sit in ordered groups on rowed seating.
  39. Adequate seating in the lobby – you will be spending time.
  40. The children were seating themselves around the kitchen bar.
  41. Brooke, seating himself and sticking on his eye-glass again.
  43. The stadium seating had been replaced with a series of tiered.
  44. Hours spent on hospital seating have a strange, elastic quality.
  45. Seating at an outdoor wedding usually consists of folding chairs.
  46. Macha, replied Yukino, seating herself on one of the stools.
  47. Referring to the conversation we had before dinner about seating.
  49. Sharon sitting with a group of people and the seating was similar.
  50. I’m sorry; believe me, the seating arrangements weren’t my idea.
  51. A mercifully prosaic seating area presented itself on the other side.
  53. They will be there two hours before the seating, which starts at 6:00 p.
  54. Yellelle told her that seating could be a silent cat fight among mortals.
  55. Sabrina felt the ship lurch as the mass of the seating section fell away.
  56. The stadium seating was full and the patrons were as rowdy as he might have.
  57. Bush was seating the small children cross-legged on the polished wooden floor.
  58. The living area was spacious and offered comfortable seating arrangements for.
  59. I will drink a small glassful too! said he, seating himself by the table.
  60. Upon seating of children at a table, waiter automatical y adjusts covers with.
  61. All other heads of state would also be seated in the first four rows of seating.
  62. All eyes were riveted on him, and anyone who had seating space sat down quietly.
  63. He started to cut into the sandstone directly under the seating of the roof slab.
  64. This would force them to either sit with him or adjust their seating arrangements.
  65. At the end of the long arched seating, Brandor was surprised but encouraged to see.
  66. Upon seating of guests at a table, waiter removes extra covers within 5 minutes of.
  67. My pail’s full, he called, seating himself on one of the projecting bowlders.
  68. I passed the curtain that separated first class and entered the normal seating area.
  69. Good morning, Mother, he said, kissing her before seating himself at the table.
  70. Waiter ensures that within 5 minutes of guests seating, the latter are presented with.
  71. There are one-hundred and forty-five seats there stacked up like sports field seating.
  72. Without comment he went to his place, and he did not disturb their seating arrangement.
  73. Bales of hay in the corner make excellent additional seating and can contribute to the.
  74. Passing through the rows of seating, I went out a side door on the far end of the chapel.
  75. Wade looked at Hastings, who was seating himself with outer sobriety and inward hilarity.
  76. The track is surrounded by a myriad of tiered seating, and it appears more like an arena.
  77. The seating sections were designed as modules on platforms separated by the center aisle.
  78. With a last lingering scrutiny of the ground about, she came, seating herself beside him.
  79. At the far end there was a small stage and a theatre, with seating for about ninety people.
  80. The cushions were over on the bathroom sides between the beds as seating in the lower hall.
  81. Forms for seventy-two tiers of seating had been built, enough to accommodate 110,000 people.
  82. You can sit in the third row seating, Paige said as she adjusted the seat to let her in.
  83. Before leaving the mother ship, the seating section could be removed and stored for later use.
  84. The platform of the bed melted into the floor and a bench for seating formed part of the wall.
  85. Jean Valjean did, in fact, take possession of Javert, by seating himself on the end of the table.
  86. Seating for dinner was assigned and she had been given the chair directly beside George Dearling.
  87. He showed her where, and she, seating herself, smoothed with her left hand the sleeve of the right.
  88. Where, a seating to the left or to the right of the one anticipated can cause a diplomatic incident.
  89. Off to both sides, on a level with him, was a wide balcony with tables and chairs and extra seating.
  90. No-one else volunteered to say anything so he sent everybody he did not need back to seating area two.
  91. When I returned to our compartment a few minutes later, there was a change in the seating arrangements.
  92. Indeed, indeed, said Nick as he offered his services to his wife, who assigned the seating to him.
  93. Except for the journalists in the front two rows, there are few exceptions to the racial seating pattern.
  94. Gueste, she said, seating herself in the sand, and warning the wet terrier away with upraised finger.
  95. The lads were shown to a table in the seating area and about 30 young Vietnamese ladies surrounded them.
  96. Give it a few more days and both the emergency locker and seating area three will be as flat as pancakes.
  97. On the other side is seating for the President and several other dignitaries from all across the globe.
  98. We could start by trying to gain access to that emergency supply locker in front of seating area three.
  99. At the far end of the caravan was a seating area with banquette seats around a cheap laminated wooden table.
  100. With business being so slow our servers can handle the task of greeting and seating customers on their own.
  1. I seated on the bed.
  2. All may now be seated.
  3. I was now seated on.
  4. Once seated, Red went on.
  5. I 65 was seated at the.
  6. They enter and are seated.
  7. I seated on his small bed.
  8. I was seated behind Rhona.
  9. Louise was seated in the.
  10. Until he seated them and.
  11. Sylvia, seated behind a desk.
  12. She was seated next to him.
  13. She remains calm and seated.
  14. They are seated to my right.
  15. Mama and Chinedu were seated.
  16. Many Elves were seated there.
  17. But I couldn’t stay seated.
  18. Its driver seated on the rim.
  19. Eve was already seated when.
  20. Ryan, Cal and Paul were seated.
  21. Theodule seated himself, and M.
  22. Upon the stage were seated Rev.
  23. Rick was seated ahead of Malik.
  24. Stay seated, she tells you.
  25. And he seated with the driver.
  26. A woman is seated in my office.
  27. In 1927 he painted the Seated.
  28. Each were seated in their own.
  29. We were seated to the left of.
  30. You were seated with two girls.
  31. I'd remained seated on the bed.
  32. Fanning? You may remain seated.
  33. Hall where they had been seated.
  34. And please be seated as well.
  35. Some were standing; some seated.
  36. Marius seated himself on his bed.
  37. She found him seated on the bed.
  38. I was seated on my camp-bedstead.
  39. And seated a little apart was a.
  40. He crossed his arms, still seated.
  41. With You on high are seated;.
  42. Make sure it is seated correctly.
  43. Another man was seated there also.
  44. When I was seated, he spoke to me.
  45. After getting seated Samara was.
  46. They seated themselves at a table.
  47. Once I was seated I looked around.
  48. Bush were seated in front with Mr.
  49. Carter, Cox said, staying seated.
  50. I was seated on the kitchen table.
  51. As the royal party seated itself.
  52. The Dragons were seated at a porch.
  54. Rebecca, seated on her cot, nodded.
  55. He banged his gavel as he seated.
  56. You will be seated behind a table.
  57. Be seated, the judge directed.
  58. He was seated next to Canon Claude.
  59. Once they were seated inside, she.
  60. Would you please be seated?
  61. Beg her, we pray you, to be seated.
  62. The visitors were seated at supper.
  63. Harold was seated to Artemus’ left.
  64. There were two crowds, each seated.
  65. We were seated in a conference room.
  66. Pranjit’s mother seated next to me.
  67. Within five minutes, we were seated.
  68. Be seated, Sir, She requested.
  69. The passenger who was seated ahead.
  71. The woman seated herself at the table.
  72. That is fine, please remain seated.
  73. People were seated on the couch and.
  74. And they seated themselves at a table.
  75. I wish to be seated next to the king.
  76. Sheridan grimaced as Marcus seated me.
  77. They were seated at a long table in.
  78. A seated man offered his place to her.
  79. He was seated at the small table and.
  80. Seated at his left, I edged a bit away.
  81. Two men were seated in its front seat.
  82. George Potter, seated near a fireplace.
  83. Cora was seated in a breathless spell.
  84. Sunena held me and seated me on the bed.
  85. Scott were seated at the kitchen table.
  86. HBP seated roughly one thousand patrons.
  87. He looked round over the seated company.
  88. The groom was seated at the sacred fire.
  89. He was already seated and in animated.
  90. Jyoti didi was seated besides the groom.
  91. I slept on the sofa that I was seated on.
  92. The gentleman seated to his left is Mr.
  93. Once he was seated, he shuffled closer.
  94. Monty and Alicia were seated on the cot.
  95. I remain seated by the aged Hồ Gươm.
  96. Kaliea, Alan said as he seated Donna.
  97. I seated at the campfires and warmed up.
  98. But we'll get on without him! Be seated.
  99. Be seated please! He said candidly.
  100. Ah! well, come forward; be seated here.
  1. We took our seats in.
  2. It had only two seats.
  3. All of us went to our seats.
  4. Reserved seats are also a.
  5. They both took their seats.
  6. He ordered two of our seats.
  7. The white wooden seats were.
  8. He moved past the seats and.
  9. Two metal seats of the same.
  10. They returned to their seats.
  11. We have to remove the seats.
  12. Then Zem and I took our seats.
  13. Everyone turned in their seats.
  14. They are both seats of wisdom.
  15. It’s even got leather seats.
  16. Rows of seats mostly occupied.
  17. Please stay in your seats and.
  18. Though the seats seemed to be.
  19. The seats and table were white.
  20. We had our own seats in a warm.
  21. I only have two seats in my car.
  22. I fell across the seats in back.
  23. The two butties had cooler seats.
  24. He seats me on the end of the bed.
  25. There are two seats at the bar.
  26. The four seats, however, filled up.
  27. The seats were quickly filling up.
  28. None of them rose from their seats.
  29. These stools had padded seats and.
  30. Orcher pushes two seats to the desk.
  31. Blackie’s seats are black leather.
  32. These refurbished seats lasted 3-5.
  33. They all took seats around him and.
  34. The force pushed me back in my seats.
  35. It is packed and all seats are taken.
  36. The class was out of their seats, now.
  38. The children went back to their seats.
  39. What do we do with the seats?
  40. I stood up and slid out of the seats.
  41. Melissa and Ed remained in their seats.
  42. I got me a car, it seats about twenty.
  43. The only seats left were way in front.
  44. Coldmoat was the greatest of our seats.
  45. Brown leather covered the seats inside.
  46. The crowd filed in and took their seats.
  47. I got me a Chrysler, it seats about 20.
  48. Fisher had us at the edge of our seats.
  49. The seats to the right, where usually.
  50. The bye-election is only for two seats.
  51. Seats were brought in and so was the tea.
  52. People are even sleeping under the seats.
  53. They changed and got into the rear seats.
  54. Number of seats where AAP vote share was.
  55. The press, in front-row seats, was alert.
  56. And we changed seats, in James Bond style.
  57. The agents scurried back to their seats.
  58. The guests, too, sat mute in their seats.
  59. Could you try to book us seats on it?
  60. There aren’t enough seats in that car.
  61. The ATV had two bucket seats in front, a.
  62. Sue and I elected to sit in the rear seats.
  63. These take their seats; the coach of state.
  64. The box seats had long since been occupied.
  65. Booth seats in restaurants have been a no.
  66. The barristers began to shift in their seats.
  67. Both reporters leaned forward in their seats.
  68. When everyone had settled into seats around.
  69. You know these seats recline all the way.
  70. Tom and the others subsided into their seats.
  71. The audience were still finding their seats.
  72. Two seats are put in front of you about 20.
  73. The woman and man sat silently in their seats.
  74. I started kicking the front seats, swearing.
  75. The delegates returned quickly to their seats.
  76. UP offered the biggest prize of eighty seats.
  77. Book the seats you are most comfortable with.
  78. We saved these seats, the angriest said.
  79. We refurbished driver seats for these accounts.
  80. No seats at all, and a long queue for standby.
  81. Wendy and Rachel strapped into the pilot seats.
  82. Two officers sat on plush seats playing cards.
  83. The tables and seats had already been arranged.
  84. State Seats won by NDA / total seats on offer.
  85. All rose from their seats and hastened to him.
  86. They sat back in their seats with vacant faces.
  87. There were seats and a couple of sofas therein.
  88. A few metal seats are fixed to the outer walls.
  89. Nodding curtly he picked his way past the seats.
  90. Seats cannot be booked here, said Operoff.
  91. They took their seats, as did many, and waited.
  92. The audience shifted in their seats – confused.
  93. Women’s seats are wide and men’s are narrow.
  94. All the men had resumed their seats at the table.
  95. That's all! Act's over! Back to your seats!.
  96. They found seats along one side of the aircraft.
  97. We walk off the court to rest by the shaded seats.
  98. When all were in their seats he turned toward us.
  99. David walked slowly up and down the rows of seats.
  100. To my dismay there are no seats in and around him.

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