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    1. Red stepped into the basement, still clutching her four square grenades, and scanned the room, taking stock of everything that was going on

    2. So, while you should continue to shift your portfolio towards bonds you should still keep a part of investment in the stock market, which have in recent decades generated real returns

    3. ‘… the stock exchange

    4. shares of stock in Microsoft and

    5. Our investor has five sixths of the entire world stock of this series and he thinks they're going to be popular

    6. solid wooden stock fence, and a straight run up to the house lined on the right with

    7. He stood stock still for a moment considering his options

    8. What can I do? How can I reveal that at the age of 29 I have never had a relationship with a man, without becoming the laughing stock of Janus? At the same time, I feel guilty because I can't reveal in public what I am

    9. Steven stood stock still for a moment

    10. She worked out that if she were frugal for a few years, and given the likely length of her life, then the glories of compound interest and stock markets might make her fabulously wealthy

    11. before passing out in a puddle of chicken stock

    12. By nine o’clock Cyberia had nearly sold out her stock and was looking forward to the little luxury that might be afforded by way of a bacon butty and a polystyrene mug of tea, when her husband arrived pushing an old pram full of soiled tee-shirts and builders’ low slung jeans

    13. The young man with the broken wrist was of some ethnic stock, while the three other youths were Caucasians and Miss Jones was no fool

    14. And the other one - stock broker

    15. They couldn't build cheron space for that many if they backed out all the crew, so it was populated with stock video during masses

    16. 'Worst case, we sell the stock at a loss and I'll cover the rest through my tuition

    17. She was clearly of the same breeding stock as her sister, although she was, being in her early forties, some seven years older, and those years had not been kind to her

    18. 'How much is the stock worth?'

    19. We are all family here on Aura; we do not place stock in the dire need for a child to be of one’s own blood

    20. Without Desa and Kuthra, they're all stock panels running nonvolatile

    21. By nine o’clock Cyberia had nearly sold out her stock and was

    22. of some ethnic stock, while the three other youths were Caucasians

    23. Their first task was to herd the cattle to the stock pens

    24. town, with an admonishment to meet back at the stock pens by five

    25. stock pens had been constructed from the same stones used for the

    26. Maggie stands stock still for a moment, then turns slowly away from the boy and, without saying another word, she walks parallel with the bar, heading towards the far end of the room

    27. Stock question number one

    28. It was on one such occasion during this last mentioned avocation, that two visiting gentlemen who had arrived only that morning, accompanied by a third---one of the bachelors staying at the Lodges---happened into Hasting's Equipment Store to peruse his stock of angling tackle

    29. Stock photographs and prints on the wall

    30. The shot cuts back to the studio and the girl in the red blouse pauses and looks sad for a moment before resuming her stock smile and moving to another story about the happy farmer and then another plan for the redevelopment of Plymouth city centre

    31. Harry was as yet impassive at the information, so he continued, “That figure was determined by allowing for three dollars a day, for every day that you worked on the account books, or at the counter, or in the stock room over the last nine years or so

    32. When he was tall enough to see over the counter in the hardware store he was given new chores: counting and recording stock on shelves once a week, restocking, cleaning the shopfront windows and the countertops

    33. Definitely Friday's stock

    34. She stays stock still for a moment

    35. “Everyone is under suspicion,” he said, a stock answer

    36. the Tavern he would’ve continued with it if they had it in stock

    37. Ben puts his arm around Abi who is standing stock still swallowing hard,

    38. Then there were the livery's own stock to be managed, cared for and let out for hire

    39. The store shelves were rearranged and the stock room shelves were put into order and he closed the front door for the day

    40. As he silently took stock of

    41. "Be patient, he comes from good stock, I'm sure it'll show

    42. contemplated how he should respond, taking stock of the

    43. The machine must also be able to be moved on a flat bed unless it comes with its own rolling stock

    44. I don’t put much stock in all the mushy bullshit about fate and destiny, but this did

    45. As soon as stock has accumulated in the hands of particular persons, some of them will naturally employ it in setting to work industrious people, whom they will supply with materials and subsistence, in order to make a profit by the sale of their work, or by what their labour adds to the value of the materials

    46. In exchanging the complete manufacture either for money, for labour, or for other goods, over and above what may be sufficient to pay the price of the materials, and the wages of the workmen, something must be given for the profits of the undertaker of the work, who hazards his stock in this adventure

    47. The value which the workmen add to the materials, therefore, resolves itself in this case into two parts, of which the one pays their wages, the other the profits of their employer upon the whole stock of materials and wages which he advanced

    48. He could have no interest to employ them, unless he expected from the sale of their work something more than what was sufficient to replace his stock to him ; and he could have no interest to employ a great stock rather than a small one, unless his profits were to bear some proportion to the extent of his stock

    49. The profits of stock, it may perhaps be thought, are only a different name for the wages of a particular sort of labour, the labour of inspection and direction

    50. They are regulated altogether by the value of the stock employed, and are greater or smaller in proportion to the extent of this stock

    1. warehouses stand stocked and silent,

    2. Kate, with Michael and Steve’s help had taken Sam and Big John and about four dragons with her to the town warehouse and stocked up on food and drink and ammo

    3. At a suggestion from Jake, several of the well stocked towns began to share with their less fortunate compatriots

    4. She scanned the interior and ‘saw’ the short-wave radio set; the rifles on the wall; the crossbow; and a well stocked root cellar beneath the floor

    5. As soon as they were settled into their new cabin, it was time for darkmeal, and as the kitchen of the ship wasn’t stocked yet, they had to go ashore for it with a group of fellow passengers

    6. This was stocked with a wild

    7. Your fridge is stocked

    8. was well stocked – a far cry from when we’d last visited

    9. Cars were stocked with photo albums blankets and clothes and with those so important documents and jewellery,

    10. The pantry was so well stocked with crockery, they might never learn about it

    11. stocked cellar, and into the cloister

    12. especially when combined with your stocked freezer

    13. It is, as it were, a certain quantity of labour stocked and stored up, to be employed, if necessary, upon some other occasion

    14. It was pictures perfect on every street and in every neighborhood, as if an art gallery had been stocked full of paintings having different characters but all with identical scenes and backgrounds

    15. Within a few moments the tables were stocked with food and drink of all sorts that would satisfy any guest’s preferred culinary taste

    16. "I have plenty of water stocked

    17. The country has been much longer in a state of improvement and cultivation, and is, upon that account, better stocked with all those things which it requires a long time to raise up and accumulate ; such as great towns, and convenient and well-built houses, both in town and country

    18. at a dinner party and so it was never stocked in the farm shop

    19. He had a small, wood-framed cage that was big enough to hold a dozen chicks, but was still small enough to set up on the kitchen counter of his finished basement, just beside the fridge (which was stocked full of Bud Light, water, and juice boxes)

    20. The only other pieces of furniture were a wooden chair and a stove burning next to a stocked coal bin

    21. It is also fully stocked, so the workers have moved on to filling another warehouse down the block

    22. They are well stocked with food and wine; they will be fine until Lord Weston arrives

    23. Once fully stocked and almost trained a pre-emptive strike was made destroying it and the human material

    24. There are Shoprites and Spars (both are South African grocery chains like Sears) which are fully stocked

    25. In the back of the restaurant there is a well stocked bar

    26. “There was cake?” I say, looking at my own plate, which is more sensibly stocked than Uriah’s

    27. It was well stocked with low-fat milk, fresh vegetables, yogurt, eggs, berries, some fresh salmon and chicken fillets, power drinks and lo-cal dressings

    28. The jet is stocked daddy? Great! - Positive and

    29. stocked with fish where grandparents take

    30. space and a fully stocked kitchen

    31. Better still, however, is the macaroni made with fine wholemeal flour which is stocked by some food-reform stores

    32. “Ready for the summer?” Susan asked as I stocked the shelves

    33. would have needed to be stocked by anyone staying here, thusly, I’d

    34. As normal, it was stocked with all sorts of alcoholic beverages, but only a few cans of soda and fruit juice for children of attendees

    35. “You’ll have to pardon the crowding and the bustle all about, but the ship is being renovated, refitted, stocked, and prepared to sail, all simultaneously

    36. allowed to help ourselves to anything in the fridge, which was always stocked in abundance

    37. well with fried food since it’s stocked with vegetables and

    38. As we did, I could see the pond was well stocked with fish

    39. It had cupboards stocked with pots

    40. Chiron said, “The woods are stocked, if you care to try your luck, but go armed

    41. “Not unless they’re intentionally stocked in the woods or specially summoned by somebody on the inside

    42. It was a suite with three separate bedrooms and a bar stocked with candy, sodas, and chips

    43. they have stocked but which have not been sold and so not distributed

    44. Who"s getting dinner?" We tossed for it and I drove the couple of kilometres to the nearest store, where I stocked up on tins of ham, fresh apples, bananas, bread, biscuits, and a crate of bottled water

    45. They were also looking for a place that was stocked with things they could drink

    46. But of course, all this information was filed away somewhere or stocked in some

    47. a common trainer stocked by a number of stores

    48. “Totally, they will be here with their families, their house is as stocked as this one

    49. Make sure they are well stocked and keep a mattress there to protect you from any falling debris

    50. Stocked and with three mattresses for us to sleep or to protect us

    1. You could keep it in your pocket during the day and at night slip it into the toe of an old stocking and draw the other end over your hand so that the potato does not roll away from you while you sleep

    2. Drink the water first thing in the morning, at least once or twice during the day, and just before you slip your hand into that stocking with the potato in it before you hop into bed at night

    3. asked, gingerly pulling on her ragged stocking

    4. there were more red and white Santa Claus stocking caps bouncing through the

    5. A sea of red and white Santa stocking caps sat

    6. From his stocking less legs, to his slicked down mane and back to his streaming black tail, not a sight of white was visible

    7. Of course, it hadn't helped matters, to walk around in the snow with just a stocking over her cast

    8. her with a thin jacket on and no stocking cap

    9. Li-Na was stocking the shelves

    10. After stocking up on a few rations and sampling the

    11. As well as food he started stocking extra arrows by the hundreds of thousands, spears, armor, handcarts, tents, shovels, cooking pots and swords

    12. that every poor child in the city hangs its stocking for gifts in the

    13. The resolution to provide every poor child in the city with a stocking

    14. It was Christmas Eve, and Little Girl had just hung up her stocking by

    15. an old woollen stocking full of gold, she had not dared to send the boy

    16. child never missed a little something in her stocking before

    17. the strange twists and turns of that old stocking? I can see her, and I

    18. each stocking with red apples, and leaving a cornucopia of sugar-plums

    19. He prepared for a day in a canoe by stocking a cooler with beer, buying another ounce of marijuana, and selecting cassettes for his Walkman

    20. The alien being was clad in a silver-lame body stocking with integral booties

    21. Minutes after returning to the flat and stocking the refrigerator, my child comes home

    22. She had to knit so many rounds of her stocking before she might go to the valley

    23. I suppose every stocking she had was in holes, as you know very well they generally are

    24. A maid had drawn the bedroom curtains and lit a warm fire, and now he lay stretched out on his bed in his stocking feet

    25. The President had already hung up his stocking

    26. pulled the stocking cap over her head

    27. stocking the stores with produce and goods that had been grown on

    28. As a child, did you ever think the Christmas stocking was

    29. The buoys were scheduled for maintenance over the winter months, as was the Sundew after a season of aiding mariners and a downed pilot in distress, collecting ecological samples, stocking fish, and icebreaking

    30. up to find at the foot of our bed a red and white (or green and white) Christmas stocking filled

    31. He had been stocking up

    32. I took off my stocking cap and pea coat, tucking my hat and gloves in the sleeve and

    33. The feline anthromorphs are bound to be stocking up their staples as we speak

    34. „The hell he had! I was his adviser on stocking the gallery and there"s no way he would have agreed to that junk coming within a kilometre of the place

    35. Wednesday intervals were the preferred times, so Jarek excused himself from class early, went to his hideout and removed his trainers and anything else that would identify him, then barefoot in his school uniform, dagger ready, an old stocking pulled over his head, he concealed himself behind the largest bin

    36. Subsequently, every store stocking that type of knife would be

    37. Ruth explained about taking off their shoes and then they stepped up to the level of the restaurant proper and padded across the wood-grained floor in stocking feet to where the old lady awaited them at the entrance to an empty cubicle

    38. Ideal! She put a paper towel in the foot of one stocking and filled it with baking soda and charcoal

    39. Then she tied the top of the stocking to the bucket handle so that her deodorizer would dangle inside

    40. Both had stocking caps on

    41. When a load comes in from the warehouse, we can unload it off the truck and take it directly to the aisles for stocking

    42. He fell through the ceiling and not far from a night crew stocking shelves

    43. Just before my treatise on brain flatulations – if you have to, look it up – came into print, I handed him my business card heralding its arrival and asked about the possibility of stocking it, when I got copies, as well as my other two books

    44. All the bunkers that we visited to date were filled to capacity, and more, which would tend to indicate that the American forces were stocking up for a war

    45. Does the cat have a stocking yes indeed make one especially for your

    46. cat, And put catnip in the stocking as well

    47. He had a caring wife Ye Sijing, who did most works of shop-keeping, stocking, and household chores since Guo

    48. stocking books for the shop

    49. conversation stocking shelves and asked where I might find the

    50. Mother now passed the word around to all the elders to start stocking the stronghold with the taxes that Teotihuacan would not be stealing from them ever again

    1. · Discount Stocks: Co

    2. I’ve been promising myself a plant for the kitchen table for a while now, but the local supermarket only stocks flowering plants which don’t appeal to me

    3. How would they know it was me? Might they not think that the guards had cottoned-on to them and were playing a joke? Were they even now expecting the doors to slam open and the night air to be filled with the dull thud of fists and boots and wooden stocks?

    4. There were waiting suppliers, stuck stocks and unattended

    5. A landlord, a farmer, a master manufacturer, or merchant, though they did not employ a single workman, could generally live a year or two upon the stocks, which they have already acquired

    6. When the stocks of many rich merchants are turned into the same trade, their mutual competition naturally tends to lower its profit; and when there is a like increase of stock in all the different trades carried on in the same society, the same competition must produce the same effect in them all

    7. The great stocks employed in every branch of trade, and the number of rich competitors, generally reduce the rate of profit in the former below what it is in the latter

    8. In a thriving town, the people who have great stocks to employ, frequently cannot get the number of workmen they want, and therefore bid against one another, in order to get as many as they can, which raises the wages of labour, and lowers the profits of stock

    9. All people of small or middling fortunes would be obliged to superintend themselves the employment of their own stocks

    10. The extent of the market, by giving employment to greater stocks, diminishes apparent profit;

    11. ‘And for that they put you in the stocks? That seems

    12. stocks accumulated in them come in time to be so great, that it can no longer be employed

    13. All of these precautions had been implemented in order to prevent roving gangs of outsiders draining the meager stocks of the village

    14. The prof gave them free access to the abbey stocks of food and alcohol

    15. “Put him in the stocks Grandpa, that’s where the fool belongs

    16. If there are two merchants, one in London and the other in Edinburgh, who employ equal stocks

    17. Merchants brought in stocks from Cyrenaica and Egypt, but only the rich could afford to eat bread now

    18. More does, perhaps, in Great Britain than in any other country, though even there the great stocks which are in some places employed in farming, have generally been acquired by fanning, the trade, perhaps, in which, of all others, stock is commonly acquired most slowly

    19. Sometimes they have been introduced in the manner above mentioned, by the violent operation, if one may say so, of the stocks of particular merchants and undertakers, who established them in imitation of some foreign manufactures of the same kind

    20. But as all the different merchants, who joined their stocks in order to fit out those licensed vessels, would find it for their interest to act in concert, the trade which was carried on in this manner would necessarily be conducted very nearly upon the same principles as that of an exclusive company

    21. On top of that they were all becoming acutely aware of how their food stocks were dropping

    22. Such companies, therefore, commonly draw to themselves much greater stocks, than any private copartnery can boast of

    23. Both their annuity and trading stocks had, by this time, been reduced more than two millions each, by several different payments from government ; so that this fourth amounted only to £3,662,784:8:6

    24. In the first twelve voyages which they fitted out for India, they appear to have traded as a regulated company, with separate stocks, though only in the general ships of the company

    25. A few private traders, whose subscriptions amounted only to seven thousand two hundred pounds, insisted upon the privilege of trading separately upon their own stocks, and at their own risks

    26. But those who, in order to make family settlements, and to provide for remote futurity, buy into the public stocks, would not care to purchase into one of which the value was continually diminishing ; and such people make a very considerable proportion, both of the proprietors and purchasers of stock

    27. Investors bought shares of mutual funds rather than stocks in individual companies and trusted in savvy managers to buy into companies whose stock would go up

    28. I did know that what money in stocks that she had bought during her thirty one years with AT&T

    29. I‘m sure her daughter was well taken care of with Vangie‘s stocks in AT&T

    30. A savvy investor is seldom carried away by high P/E (Price/Earnings) ratios occasioned by frenzied speculation, overvalued stocks and lower than average earnings

    31. He planted it with choice grape stocks

    32. Yuembe’s men used the AKs stocks like clubs; the nuns suffered

    33. This perverse socioeconomic model creates the scarcity in the middle of the abundance, for instance, the world hunger in the middle of the abundance of produced foods; the lack of income in the middle of the abundance of available capital, the lack of products or services in the middle of the abundance of wastes or idle stocks, among others

    34. Those monetary masses act in an independent way, according to the double actuation of the Virtual Coin, without being inflationary and without there to be speculation with prices or stocks

    35. With this, products and services have the warranty of the free circulation in the market, without anybody to have the definitive possession or to do stocks improperly

    36. a) Entry of the money physical (paper money, stocks,

    37. You know, the Puritans used to place people in stocks and display them in the public marketplace for the sake of humiliation

    38. 27 You put my feet also in the stocks, and look narrowly to all my paths; you set a print on the heels of my feet

    39. 11 He puts my feet in the stocks, he marks all my paths

    40. fool goes to the correction of the stocks, until the dart strikes through his liver like the bird hastens towards the snare and he does not

    41. Still, buying stocks wouldn’t secure his place on the board

    42. whoredom, that she defiled the land, and committed adultery with stones and with stocks

    43. 2 Then Pashur struck Jeremiah the prophet, and put him in the stocks that were in the high gate of Benjamin, which was by

    44. 3 And it came to pass on the morrow, that Pashur brought out Jeremiah out of the stocks; Then said Jeremiah

    45. man who is mad, and makes himself a prophet, that you should put him in prison, and in the stocks

    46. Career choices like investing in real estate (such as a real estate developer, or commercial or residential investor), owning intellectual property rights (patents for inventions, licensing and even copyrights), being a bestselling author, investing in stocks or notes or bonds or being a successful business franchise owner are all ways to earn about a half a million dollars or more and that’s about the amount needed for Americans to earn if they don’t want to struggle from paycheck to paycheck but have enough to save enough and to really thrive financially

    47. people ask counsel at their stocks, and their staff declares to them, for the spirit of whoredoms has caused them to err, and they have

    48. 21 And this was an occasion to deceive the world, for men, serving either calamity or tyranny, did ascribe to stones and stocks the

    49. The stocks eligible for options will generally be those which

    50. Sell your stocks in door hinges!

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