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Suggestion в предложении (на )

1. On the suggestion of Mr.
2. This is just a suggestion.
3. He then made a suggestion.
4. Two Rivers had a suggestion.
5. This was a daring suggestion.
6. But I was open to suggestion.
7. Alex smiled at the suggestion.

8. The power of suggestion worked.
9. That was upon my suggestion.
10. Corina, I have a suggestion.
11. Barron waved off the suggestion.
12. Someone sent in this suggestion.
13. My chief suggestion has to do.
14. Holmes laughed at my suggestion.
15. Roger smiled at the suggestion:.
16. Just a suggestion of a movement.
17. Dewey laughed at that suggestion.
18. One suggestion is a garden arbor.
19. I have a suggestion, my lord.
20. My suggestion is that you bring.
21. The reason for the suggestion, I.
22. Katavasov acted on this suggestion.
23. That plan’s only a suggestion.
24. Seeing my suggestion was getting.
25. She frowned at the suggestion then.
26. That is an excellent suggestion.
27. Methods of infusion and suggestion.
28. There is no suggestion of eternal.
29. Do it! That’s not a suggestion.
30. I have a suggestion, he said.
31. That suggestion seemed to stop time.
32. With that fact bore the suggestion.
33. His suggestion caught her off guard.
34. I have an alternative suggestion.
35. The reason that the suggestion is.
36. I find the suggestion repulsive.
37. Hmmm, that’s a good suggestion.
38. Somehow his suggestion had set her.
39. I have a suggestion, said Reza.
40. I blanched visibly at her suggestion.

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