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Superman in a sentence

no, it's Superman!.
with a black Superman.
you would shape the Superman.
It was like Superman in reverse.
Superman sacrifices a lot to be a hero.
Superman is the perfectly balanced man.
in one bound with the grace of Superman.

the Superman act out of some window.
This is one reason why I named him Superman.
matter-- he has become the Superman, or Adept.
He addressed that false superman as follows:.
He would play superman with us, he would pop.
To her he was her superman, but she still seemed.
I felt like Lois Lane, being rescued by Superman.
Even his superman was only an attempt to encourage.
Yeah, he played Superman, the first agent said.
you werent the only pretty woman that Superman loved.
That's why it took Superman so long to marry Lois Lane.
What about his health? Maybe he thought he was Superman.
You're right, Professor, and your captain's a superman.
Whatever the reasons, I never looked at Superman the same way.
Maybe it was a situation similar to what Superman experienced.
"In any event," Conseil added, "he's a superman, that Captain.
superman, and sometimes the girls since they only lived a few.
They held out their hands like Superman racing across the sky.
I’m a lucky guy, Syd thought, to have teamed up with Superman.
to change into Superman so he could pull stupid Lois Lane out of.
Then the idea of a God was replaced with the idea of Superman as a God.
I’m off, slurred Superman as he waved goodbye to his drinking buddies.
My mother, who was staring up at him as if he was Superman, cleared her throat.

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Synonyms for superman

acid dose dot elvis pane superman zen demigod ubermensch