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Superman in a sentence

Superman sacrifices a lot to be a hero.
Superman is the perfectly balanced man.
This is one reason why I named him Superman.
He addressed that false superman as follows:.
He would play superman with us, he would pop.
To her he was her superman, but she still seemed.
I felt like Lois Lane, being rescued by Superman.

Even his superman was only an attempt to encourage.
Yeah, he played Superman, the first agent said.
That's why it took Superman so long to marry Lois Lane.
What about his health? Maybe he thought he was Superman.
You're right, Professor, and your captain's a superman.
Whatever the reasons, I never looked at Superman the same way.
Maybe it was a situation similar to what Superman experienced.
They held out their hands like Superman racing across the sky.
I’m a lucky guy, Syd thought, to have teamed up with Superman.
Then the idea of a God was replaced with the idea of Superman as a God.
I’m off, slurred Superman as he waved goodbye to his drinking buddies.
My mother, who was staring up at him as if he was Superman, cleared her throat.
I bet even Superman or Star Trek’s Enterprise couldn’t achieve that speed.
But then his kiss – it had rendered her powerless, like Superman and kryptonite.
Superman and the X-men, is somehow similar to them in terms of possession of power.
Every child has the right to be Superman or Wonder Woman, if you purchase it for them.
Superman had discovered he was no man of steel and there wasn't a speck of kryptonite.
The point is that someone told that joke, using Superman no less, to an eleven year old.
He seemed to be a huge fan of Superman; under his posters there was a pile of comic books.
No, these powers are not like Superman, but more like Batman, they are powers of the mind.
He smiled to himself and shook his head; Gomes did not sound quite the same as Superman!.
Therefore, any person on the way to becoming of Superman has big difficulties and suffering.
What I do know is that we’re lucky your blue-eyed Superman spotted that cabin in the woods.
I’m playing DJ, alternating the Theme from Star Wars with the Theme from Superman.
How come Superman can stop bullets with his chest but always ducks when a gun is thrown at him?
Those weird "Superman" moments of feeling returned and I was once again losing touch with reality.
Superman and Batman would have been proud, but I had to remind myself that this was not the movies.
I have thought that I was superman and tried to fly; I felt on my ass trying to climb up a ladder;.
By surpassing and suppressing his humanity, Hitler became a distorted version of Nietzsche's "superman".
I can't be the only one otherwise Superman wouldn't have found a pair of glasses such an effective disguise.
Had He been a God of war and not of love, his divine Son would have changed into a Superman costume and 102.
The problem was, instead of seeing eight toll booths, he saw sixteen! No problem, our Superman said to himself.
As Superman shared his woeful tale of his life with us, he revealed the kryptonite that very nearly killed him.

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