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Swing в предложении (на )

  1. He took a swing at.
  2. Then he took a swing.
  3. That swing with the air.
  4. The swing low is 70 cents.
  5. That looks like a swing.

  6. His arms swing in over her.
  7. I swing out past the big.
  8. The swing of the pendulum.
  9. It's this swing from the.
  10. Nigel took a swing at me.
  11. The work was in full swing.
  12. Take a swing at it!.
  13. The party was in full swing.
  14. Dip, dip and swing the paddle.
  15. We glided awhile in the swing.

  16. He took a swing at the wizard.
  17. They tried to swing and leap.
  18. A Swing Trade near the Bottom.
  19. I’ll swing by the house on.
  20. The lady in the swing seemed.
  21. I saw an arm swing, a leg kick.
  22. I’ll take the first swing.
  23. Swing traders cannot be greedy.
  24. The Easier Path: Swing Trading.
  25. Rose was letting her legs swing.

  26. The heat wave was in full swing.
  27. I remembered Swing or the Lindy.
  28. Swing Trading with Harry Boxer.
  29. The children looked at the swing.
  30. The performance was in full swing.
  31. What would swing you into action?
  32. The operation is in full swing now.
  33. For now, though, doors swing shut.
  34. Soon the banquet was in full swing.
  35. When I swing a club, I shoot a gun.
  36. Ian took another swing at Halfshaft.
  37. Do you think you can swing that?
  38. I flex my fingers and swing my arms.
  39. The autumn season was in full swing.
  40. Popular stocks tend to swing a lot.
  41. I swing the knife, and it connects.
  42. Would rather swing from the gallows.
  43. The preparations were in full swing.
  44. But Aetes beat you with one swing.
  45. Here are some swing plane golf tips.
  46. This is the basis for swing trading.
  47. She jumped in close behind his swing.
  48. There was a porch with a swing on it.
  49. It took a single swing to chop each.
  50. A divided India can swing either way.
  51. There are three backyard swing sets.
  52. The school year had started full swing.
  53. Looks like someone had a mood swing.
  54. She used to swing her hips with pride.
  55. Of watching you; and swing me suddenly.
  56. I guess that means we have to swing.
  57. The next, he shot forward into my swing.
  58. I see the five of them swing their clubs.
  59. The swing trading approach is contrarian.
  60. This is where swing trading becomes fun.
  61. As for Locarno, he took a swing by the.
  62. She willed herself to swing the crowbar.
  63. Length of swing on the trading time frame.
  64. He was allowed just one swing of the axe.
  65. All you need to initiate the swing mode.
  66. Let him swing his bloody morningstar now.
  67. Oh, come on! I freakin’ love swing.
  68. That first swing may START OFF with glee.
  69. Ah, the carbon atom of western swing again.
  70. A swing, and the sound of metal and bone.
  71. Intraday swing trades is that new contest.
  72. And other than swinging on that swing up.
  73. He was a big guy with a good strong swing.
  74. Thereafter I proceeded to swing from one.
  75. Child, try to swing your arm and check.
  76. We soon found the swing set I was talking.
  77. In an hour, traffic would be in full swing.
  78. He’ll swing by tomorrow to get his stuff.
  79. Big damn swing, plenty hefty to ride a man.
  80. But after a while we got into the swing of.
  81. The rehearsal will be in full swing by then.
  82. Nem spun around stepping half into the swing.
  83. Tracy Byrd--- "Back In the Swing of Things".
  84. Already the preparations were in full swing.
  85. Soon the extent of the swing was a full inch.
  86. What we are after, I hope, is western swing.
  87. This swing connected with Ramon’s thin nose.
  88. B: The swing falls short of the previous high.
  89. That's one man's opinion of a western swing.
  90. Poetry, that’s what a good swing feels like.
  91. He heard a metal door swing back on its hinges.
  92. Titus began to swing his legs like a pendulum.
  93. His eyes look to heaven as he begins to swing.
  94. Ed’s swing came slower than Roman remembered.
  95. She was still moving gently in the swing when.
  96. Too much can swing the pendulum in the wrong.
  97. The Mafia wouldn't mind taking a swing at them.
  98. Similar to but slower than the swing beat you.
  99. The Price Action Swing Trading (PAST) Strategy.
  100. The blush of shame began to swing in my cheeks.
  1. Suddenly it was swinging open.
  2. We lurched away, swinging left.
  3. But he refused to stop swinging.
  4. Swinging golf clubs loosening up.
  5. Swinging it, he made a leg iron.
  6. He walked fast, swinging his arms.
  7. He vanished behind swinging doors.
  8. Then, seizing on the swinging tail.
  9. The time of the swinging pendulum?
  10. Douglas stopped swinging the beater.
  11. Franny peeks out of the swinging door.
  12. Swinging round, he faced his pursuers.
  13. Lov charged in, swinging his ax wildly.
  14. He lunged, swinging a two-handed blow.
  15. Jenks swinging wildly, clearly enraged.
  16. She was dancing with swinging her arms.
  17. Each tank had bars with a swinging door.
  18. He watched her hands swinging in the air.
  19. She was on him in an instant, swinging.
  20. Separating the clouds with swinging arms.
  21. Swinging that club, was an absolute joy!.
  22. There Conan halted, swinging off his horse.
  23. And other than swinging on that swing up.
  24. It hangs there, swinging, as if ready to.
  25. A couple had started swinging their clubs.
  26. I could see the top of the swinging door.
  27. She noticed her swinging hair, matted and.
  28. He strode up to them, swinging his shoulders.
  29. She thrashed about swinging the knife wildly.
  30. Darek would practice by swinging his daggers.
  31. Her hair was pulled up in a swinging ponytail.
  32. Oh, yes, right here at the Swinging G Country.
  33. Why did he enjoy swinging that ‘staff’?
  34. Swinging round he was surprised to see Vaselly.
  35. The sound of shop doors swinging open and shut.
  36. As he ran down the hall toward a swinging door.
  37. The man started swinging violently, screaming.
  38. Aspiration, swinging her hips, playing the vamp.
  39. No, they literally all started swinging at once.
  40. She slipped in the swinging door before it shut.
  41. The swinging barely missed the boys as they ran.
  42. This left the cage swinging wildly and Frances.
  43. So was this another swinging bridge, Jeff?
  44. They saw the pink ash swinging gently to and fro.
  45. He pushed open the swinging door and held it for.
  46. Diary, with the unlocked clasp swinging to and fro.
  47. Swinging around, he sees the bed-clothes are moving.
  48. The crooked skirt swinging, whack by whack by whack.
  49. His prick still half erect and swinging in my face.
  50. I don’t care! He pushed on the swinging doors.
  51. The runner rose and went around to the swinging door.
  52. He found a stick of his own, and started swinging it.
  53. Lov reacted without thinking, swinging his ax around.
  54. Lyra sat swinging her legs and chewing her bottom lip.
  55. This was top cop swinging into administrative action.
  56. He charged at Egil, swinging his sword at Egil's leg.
  57. She was also speaking to whatever she was swinging at.
  58. Where is she! Danny screamed, swinging his arms.
  59. Lasse swinging his fists and looking profoundly evil.
  60. Jaggers, swinging his purse,—what if it was in my.
  61. Swinging High: Thrill seeking and not counting the cost.
  62. Now, hanging there swinging, the rope’s knot cinched.
  63. The swinging sentinel was posted, and the sea rushed on.
  64. He was like a rag doll, swinging hopelessly up and down.
  65. She thought of swinging a two- handed axe to fell a tree.
  66. I follow his gaze, and there she is, swinging toward him.
  67. Thanks, I said to her retreating swinging backside.
  68. The gates were open, swinging slightly in the cold wind.
  69. A solitary light shone down from above, swinging lightly.
  70. Suddenly I heard a sound like that of a swinging pendulum.
  71. Pillsbury, swinging his head back and forth, ignored him.
  72. Redbolt kept them at bay from him with his swinging tusks.
  73. Swinging his left leg up, ignoring the searing pain from.
  74. Maybe ‘twas the difficulty, in swinging that ‘bone’!.
  75. Paul saw the tape of his garters swinging against his legs.
  76. Kevin was rooted in place, yoyos swinging from his fingers.
  77. I was as surprised as they were when you came out swinging.
  78. Squad to check it out, but the kid was already swinging it.
  79. Soup’s on, she said swinging one of the doors inward.
  80. She sat swinging her shapely legs, clearly enjoying herself.
  81. They walked holding hands, swinging their hands rhythmically.
  82. Aspen! This time he grabbed her arm, swinging her about.
  83. Cloud hurtled around the corner next, swinging his sword with.
  84. The two women sat on the veranda in an old fashioned swinging.
  85. The swinging doors opened and closed, squeaking plaintively….
  86. They both hear the sound of the swinging peek hole cover.
  87. With that, Alayna ran into the enemy lines, swinging her Elven.
  88. He exits the station, the door swinging on empty air behind him.
  89. Those milk jugs swinging all over the place seriously hindered.
  90. Swinging my head and eyes about; I was trying locate my Ghosts.
  91. I kept on slashing and swinging my sword at the merman but he.
  92. The round masts, the swinging motion of the hulls, the slender.
  93. Yay, I mumbled, swinging my legs over the side of the bed.
  94. Out of nowhere, he began swinging his blade in a furious, chop-.
  95. She disappears through a swinging door as he turns to the stereo.
  96. He too came up fighting and started swinging at both the others.
  97. They are very proficient tree swinging apes, grasping vines and.
  98. He was screaming orders, his free arm swinging in angry circles.
  99. They parried and evaded the swinging claws of the wolf creatures.
  100. Claire hip-butted the swinging door and entered the autopsy suite.
  1. I swung my foot out.
  2. He swung to face her.
  3. It swung up on a hinge.
  4. As it swung open, they.
  5. The gun swung into view.
  6. The car door swung open.
  7. A tree swung by overhead.
  8. The front door swung open.
  9. He swung around the river.
  10. Like a part of me swung.
  11. Swung up behind the wheel.
  12. I haven't swung in years.
  13. She swung it from one to.
  14. He swung round on his son.
  15. Brad swung off his cloak.
  16. Hiss swung the truck around.
  17. She swung a meaty fist at.
  18. He let the door swung open.
  19. A door swung on its hinges.
  20. Josh swung, and Alex ducked.
  21. His gaze swung to his twin.
  22. He swung out, and stood up.
  23. The airlock door swung wide.
  24. I swung by the smokers and.
  25. He swung his legs out of bed.
  26. A high wire gate swung open.
  27. Then the car swung on again.
  28. The door unlocked and swung.
  29. Sven swung his arm in the air.
  30. He swung his head towards Pa.
  31. He gracefully swung her around.
  32. The arm swung in his direction.
  33. Headlights swung to the exits.
  34. He swung around on the bench.
  35. He swung the claw at her head.
  36. The blade swung up from below.
  37. Just then the door swung open.
  38. Mac reddened and swung around.
  39. We swung and burbled to a stop.
  40. She swung her legs around the.
  41. He swung it at Blunt's stomach.
  42. Steely eyes swung on the Pastor.
  43. Lenar screamed as he swung out.
  44. The door swung shut behind him.
  45. There was no ladder! He swung.
  46. She swung both arms up stiffly.
  47. A troll swung an axe at his head.
  48. She swung, chopping off his hand.
  49. Caramarin swung up into the cab.
  50. Joey swung another fist at Karit.
  51. Al swung his head back and forth.
  52. The saw swung wildly in his hand.
  53. Seth swung his sword at the demon.
  54. Then swung to the emerging wombat.
  55. For hours they swung slowly along.
  56. Suddenly the back door swung open.
  57. The metal door slowly swung open.
  58. Hal jumped and swung around to her.
  59. Thomas swung around to look at her.
  60. His hand swung up on the dark air.
  61. Slowly, she sat up and swung the.
  62. The idiot drew his baton and swung.
  63. The car doors swung open and the.
  64. He swung the crow bar and struck.
  65. Smith swung a punch at the officer.
  66. Rojan swung hard, hitting the dais.
  67. She swung around and smiled at him.
  68. He lifted her and swung her about.
  69. Ashley swung her arm down sharply.
  70. When she swung me around, we both.
  71. He swung his bomber down toward it.
  72. Vinny swung the chain saw towards.
  73. He scrambled up and swung his club.
  74. Sati swung as she neared a massive.
  75. I swung viciously at it and missed.
  76. Rhone swung his axe at its purple.
  77. Fenton swung his head to look at him.
  78. She wrenched it out and swung again.
  79. The powder horn swung from her neck.
  80. She swung it like a bat at the wall.
  81. Petra swung up onto the window ledge.
  82. The zombie swung his long-barreled.
  83. He swung open the front door anyway.
  84. He swung up the driveway and parked.
  85. He lunged that way and swung his ax.
  86. He swung his ax with power, roaring.
  87. Maiorescu swung up his villa's drive.
  88. I turned to the door as it swung shut.
  89. He swung it to the left as I held on.
  90. Jesse swung and severed his left hand.
  91. He swung the lid up and stepped away.
  92. Nancy swung her gaze to him, startled.
  93. Gosen and swung its sword at its head.
  94. She ran to the door and swung it open.
  95. He swung the curtain over the window.
  96. What really swung the deal with the.
  97. Caramarin swung into the shotgun seat.
  98. He picked her up and swung her around.
  99. Sometimes she swung her baby harshly.
  100. Cloud ducked as one of them swung a.
  1. He swings a near miss.
  2. She spins as she swings it.
  3. Ten swings, he’d be there.
  4. As the slow sun swings round.
  5. He swings it around and stops.
  6. The door swings shut behind him.
  7. A face swings in your direction.
  8. The door shifts and then swings open.
  9. She will start by mood swings probably.
  10. He swings it over one shoulder with ease.
  11. You can repeat these swings ad lib but.
  12. A deceit swings between world and flesh.
  13. The door swings open and Selena rushes in.
  14. Does the teenager have any mood swings?
  15. Jayson swings his arm, shattering the lamp.
  16. A few more swings freed a couple of chunks.
  17. Pole swings in this case are hardly neces-.
  18. She will probably ignore the intraday swings.
  19. In the wings (sings and swings) Of your mind.
  20. Then he swings, striking Caleb under the jaw.
  21. Between the energy that swings in funny slice.
  22. Although Lucky was hardly one for mood swings.
  23. The way her crooked skirt swings at each whack.
  24. This is just another one of your mood swings.
  25. She beams at me and swings our arms between us.
  26. The strength and splendour of our purpose swings.
  27. High temperature swings would be very stressful.
  28. The robot swings its arm back as it gives off a.
  29. It’s a swing set with four swings, I said.
  30. Christina swings her arm, fumbling for the railing.
  31. Kyol swings as ordered, forcing the rebel to parry.
  32. Joey took up his baseball bat and made a few swings.
  33. He swings round, casts the emerald towards the dog.
  34. His mood swings were becoming increasingly intense.
  35. Many important swings begin in the most modest way.
  36. Of leisurely pace, of unhurried swings of the golf.
  37. Keith with his mood swings was highly unpredictable.
  38. Nearly in unison, every single car door swings open.
  39. The number of swings taken on Tuesday can be huge!.
  40. These are huge swings that materially affect his P&L.
  41. I nod and she swings the doors open and rushes inside.
  42. If there are no swings, there should be no trend line.
  43. Joey took a few swings and was pleased with the weight.
  44. The lock clicks and the door swings open with a creak.
  45. Rubber-tire swings hung in the silent air, uninhibited.
  46. And the stone is so arranged that it swings on a pivot.
  47. Behind him, a heavy, car door unlatches and swings open.
  48. After seating myself on one of the swings I went at it.
  49. He swings his gun, aiming it at Claire in the backseat.
  50. Love is faithfull, has no irony nor swings for reversal.
  51. Swings and a sandpit and a peddle car in yellow plastic.
  52. Effortlessly, Davis pivots and swings his arm into place.
  53. I could not do with nine months of crazy lady mood swings.
  54. Instead, he swings out and around, opening the rear door.
  55. The playground stood empty, the swings fallen to the side.
  56. Mood Swings – the emotional implications are just too.
  57. Suddenly the door swings open and something quickly enters.
  58. The policeman took several swings at me but I managed to.
  59. The pendulum swings on and on in the old grandfather clock.
  60. Catching the Swings on a Marginal Basis Impracticable.
  61. I excused his behavior, blaming the mood swings on the new.
  62. Wille said, You swings the axe too hard and fell the tree.
  63. At other times, he had mood swings and was a bit aggressive.
  64. Tyrosine, you will eliminate the mood swings and lower your.
  65. Factors Complicating Efforts to Exploit General Market Swings.
  66. As time passes, these price swings diminish on a daily basis.
  67. Those mood swings will not help you trade, just the opposite.
  68. He had some mood swings in which he made his temper apparent.
  69. The Gooch grabs a chair and swings it over Mr Hooperman's head.
  70. I did my best to step out of the way of his wild sword swings.
  71. Tori scrambles for her pistol and swings it around at the wolf.
  72. I crashed the net and took a few swings at the puck, with him.
  73. We jumped on the swings and raced to see who swing the highest.
  74. Bex swings round and looks at the specimens in the upstairs bar.
  75. Roman alternated swings of his arms and as each fist connected.
  76. I smiled - sort of an adult playground without swings or slides.
  77. Outside, it hisses as the shield absorbs more swings of his whip.
  78. But as it swings open he lets out a synthesized yelp of surprise.
  79. After the screaming swings, they board The Cosmos Ferris Wheel.
  80. That we’ve seen the last of these extreme swings seems doubtful.
  81. I was even looking forward to seeing you, over those moods swings.
  82. Shadow swings her sword cutting the desk into two, Century at the.
  83. They were a living, breathing entity with emotions and mood swings.
  84. For price, she runs retracements of prior swings using the ratios 0.
  85. Then, total openness is called for, as democracy swings into action.
  86. A pigmy woman swings on a rope slung between two railings, counting.
  87. Are you okay? What’s up with you and your mood swings lately?
  89. The samness stays driven by a nerve responding without swings or fear.
  90. This is an imprecise term with some overlap between swings and trends.
  91. For instance, if a stock has been fluctuating intraday in swings of 0.
  92. The only clear sign of attention were the swings in the EKG tone rate.
  93. And, Aaron says as he swings his backpack around and pats it on the.
  94. I normally expect volatility to decline to the low ebb of recent swings.
  95. Without using his hands, Roman jumped to his feet, dodging the swings of.
  96. He hefts the sledgehammer again and swings, Where the hell is it?!.
  97. Avoid drawing these trend lines in flat markets with no definable swings.
  98. The swing trader is a trader who acts on these chaotic price swings.
  99. Chart patterns reflect swings of mass psychology in the financial markets.
  100. Now that doesn’t mean it has changed but it swings the chances your way.

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