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Transfuse в предложении (на )

1. They had to transfuse several units of red cells – How will I tell Soraya?
2. Inspector, you understand what I just said? We had to inflate the kid’s lungs, transfuse him, and remove a chunk of his liver.
3. Moreover, underlying all of the determined deference of his bearing to her, there was that which brought an undefined thrill of fear, that touch of primitive mastery in his wooing with which a man of strong virility may yet transfuse his personality through the pallid conventions of the centuries.
4. They say: If it were to the advantage of an individual to transfuse his consciousness into the family, and thence into the nation and the State, it follows that it will be to his further advantage to transfuse his consciousness into the universal entity, mankind, that all men may live for humanity, as they have lived for the family and for the State.

1. At this aggregate ceases man's power of transfusing his innermost consciousness; for such a fiction he can feel no direct sentiment.
1. Working suspended, in tandem, they transfused Zeke where he was.
2. Her strong faith, her ―never giving up‖ persona, and her loving family and friends transfused her body from weakness to strength.
3. I then rushed to the operating room and started the C-Section while the patient was being transfused with my blood and that of my wife who is also O RH.
4. When it was all over, we were standing beside Arthur, who, poor fellow, was speaking of his part in the operation where his blood had been transfused to his Lucy's veins.
5. The above summary of Executive powers, so opposite in their nature to those principles which form the basis of the Federal Constitution, and which are transfused through the constitution of the several States, is sufficient to show that the people are deprived of all participation in the choice of those who administer the laws, and that public functionaries are rendered independent of the community whose interests are confided to their management and discretion.

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