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    1. My parents taught to treat women with respect, that you should always be chivalrous and never hit a woman

    2. And the side effects of many medications used to treat some of these organic conditions can themselves compound the problem

    3. · A tremendous increase in the consumption of medical drugs, with and without doctor’s advice, to treat common as well as chronic problems

    4. Treat your grandson as an adult

    5. If you have determined that its carpenter ants then go to the Dances with Ants chapter and treat like you would the ants, the only difference would be that you place the ant cafes inside the house, in the attic, crawl spaces, any place where they are seen, hidden from view

    6. Anytime you treat the cause, you will be controlling its effects

    7. (16) The preacher must treat and respect the elderly

    8. People got used to seeing us together, and began to treat us as a couple, so we sort of drifted into a relationship

    9. How could they behave like this? How could they treat me like this after all these weeks? But mixed in with the sense of resentment I was also very conscious of the threat

    10. He had to dodge them both, though he could not treat the fat-sailed lake runners like islands, even wide open

    11. It all comes down to one question: how did you treat the least of these my brethren? I quote this from Matthew 25 where Jesus expresses how He will judge the nations

    12. Thus, when Jesus asks the question, “How did you treat the least of these my brethren,” He is getting to the core of the issue

    13. How we treat our loved ones, young and old

    14. It is used to treat discolouration, and damage due to the sun’s harmful rays

    15. Luray was able to treat herself to a cup at each meal, most dinners the others joined her, Nuran always did

    16. ' This was not the sort of man to treat lightly

    17. I have told the others what I am doing; they will treat your friend with utmost courtesy

    18. ‘Yes, … you know it should be possible to treat the stone in some way so as to prevent the writing from disappearing

    19. One of the learning support assistants has brought in some muffins as a treat and they’re disappearing fast

    20. It was quite a treat sitting there in that small and intimate little room with the local men hemmed in elbow to elbow, making happiness

    21. My treat is limited to a thali,' Ishaan protested

    22. As for my men; they will treat her with great respect

    23. Call up your best friend, or grab your wife, and treat yourself to a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant

    24. That his boy, his one link back to his beloved first wife, should treat him in such a cavalier fashion, whatever the promptings of teenage hormones, was too hard to bear

    25. Rob is obviously keen to treat me, and I enjoy the experience of letting him do it

    26. You can treat these fears as you would treat any thought, feeling, or sensation that arises in meditation

    27. 'If this match is a draw, I will treat you all to dinner

    28. Then I learned to practice saying his name, hitting the clicker, and giving the treat

    29. “We must treat her as an enemy operative

    30. guess he wanted us to have a treat at Vishala, normally unaffordable for us

    31. treating others the way they treat you and giving them the promise of

    32. Once he was off, the bull got up and trotted back to the girl, who gave it caresses, praise, and a treat

    33. “You have courage boy; this is good, you’re going to need it!” He laughed and then whispered in Alexei’s ear, “You are also the first she has shown any interest in… treat her well and with honor

    34. Emotions cause us to treat others the way that

    35. If you are interested in having me and/or my staff treat

    36. It is in our best interest to treat

    37. Treat others with love and value; by doing so you love and value

    38. should treat him in such a cavalier fashion, whatever the

    39. She gave the young man a moment to relinquish the sleeve still tight in his fingers then stated clearly and loud enough for his mates and anyone one else out at that time to hear, “You will keep a civil tongue in your foul little mouth, or there's more where that came from! Don't even begin to tell any one else about 'manners!' I don't know from whose foolish talk you picked up that misapplied epithet, but you will do well to remember this: you and your little friends are not even civilized humans yet and until you learn to treat others as you would be treated, I pity you the knocks and bruises in store for you, and not just at the hands of a 'woman' next time;” she glared at them one at a time, “Now get on back to your homes and don't even think of repeating such a foolish stunt!” she added

    40. ‘The pump worked a treat

    41. ‘See if you can get one of the local coppers to go and see her – treat her gently

    42. He would have to treat it at face value, that it concerned the present investigation

    43. We’ve not done this before … can’t justify the expense usually, but David’s cheque makes it possible and you thought it would be a treat

    44. 'I advise you to at least pretend to treat that fool with

    45. 'You will not treat this delegation in such a way!'

    46. “This is how I test myself, to see if I can treat myself

    47. I knew you had a break at ten and thought maybe I could treat you

    48. If you treat her as though she is getting over a nasty bout of ‘flu for a day or so, that should be about right

    49. After a few hours of hashing over the events of the day, Emma thought it would be an added treat to start a fire in the masterpiece of a fireplace

    50. She’d have to treat him as a son, or at least as a child

    1. The topic of sexuality and aging is often treated with tremendous sentimentality or with derisive humor, and it is hard for some people to conceive of sexual desire and passion among the elderly except in terms of lechery

    2. some time on your hands, are you being effective with your time, or are you being lazy? If you are being treated the way you want to be treated, pay attention! How are you being? Your life is going to move in a certain

    3. I treated his dog after she was bitten by a zombie

    4. Confirm plans verbally with your surgeon; mark areas to be treated

    5. In another experiment, the researchers showed that growth medium treated with the 2 percent caffeine solution had only 5 snails, when checked 30 days after the spray was applied

    6. That’s in contrast to the 35 snails that they found in growth medium that had been treated with a standard dose of metaldehyde, a common molluscicide

    7. Psychosomatic patients and frequent consulting persons are naturally to be treated differently

    8. During the next few years you should work on reducing the chemicals used by ••• then eventually not using any chemicals at all and be 100% Organic! Any problems your plants may have can be treated with the appropriate organic controls; some of which are mentioned in this book

    9. Fermented products are treated differently then you might think by the plant kingdom

    10. For the five years that Nichols has conducted trials on his technique, it has been completely effective on whitefly and a broad spectrum of small bodied “infestation” insects without any damage to the treated plants

    11. The client is willing to be treated and the counseling is voluntary

    12. Pesticide burns should be treated the same as above

    13. She was still all scratched up from landing in the brush, some of the wounds should have been treated with more than a few dribbles of water and the corner of a tee shirt

    14. Use non treated wood

    15. I can get treated for it when we get back

    16. They treated the whole population the way technicians are in Paradis, 'This is what God meant all along

    17. ‘I should mind being treated to a party?’ I asked wryly and his face clears

    18. ‘Yes … and?’ Kara said impatiently, fed up with being treated as some kind of invalid

    19. He turned and took her and treated her well with caresses for a couple minutes

    20. Is it possible that Onesimus heard the stories of Paul, heard messages of God’s grace, mercy, and love, and heard his master speaking so highly of this Jesus, but didn’t see the reality in his life? Is it possible that Philemon was a phenomenal example of what Christianity is supposed to be, but when it came to his slaves he somehow treated them with contempt? Was Onesimus believing the words spoken, but having difficultly finding the reality of them?

    21. But we have treated them like they have always been

    22. In the case of granulated sugar the sugar crystals that are formed after the cane juice is treated with the fumes of burning sulphur or heated with bisulphide of lime, are sterile and devitalized

    23. Old Jimmy Cameron was furious when he witnessed at first hand how his daughter treated his guests and friends

    24. Before leaving, one of the young fellows was helping my parents pack my things and he too mentioned that the way they treated me wasn't right

    25. To this day I'm not sure how I was treated in those few days or what happened overall

    26. You see, he’s very loyal to me despite the appalling way I have treated him

    27. It would presumably side with the mortals so the captain treated it as a potential enemy

    28. Up until this point we had only treated adults for

    29. had my daughter treated

    30. During my years in practice, it was rare that I treated

    31. Every cancer patient I treated was found to have

    32. all patients will be treated with the best of all methods

    33. is normally treated very successfully with chiropractic

    34. was an inflammatory condition that I had treated

    35. For example, I once treated a woman who had a rather

    36. the body what’s bothering it and, once we’ve treated

    37. hand how his daughter treated his guests and friends

    38. If this was a faithful reproduction of the bronze age, she was probably very fortunate that she had been treated as well as she had

    39. I treated him and released his Heart-Wall in

    40. I treated a young child once who had a Heart-

    41. “I shouldn’t be doing this,” Yellelle whispered as they snuck thru the narrow door, “especially after the way you treated me in your universe

    42. chosen caringly and treated caringly

    43. and he treated it

    44. “After the way I treated

    45. You will be treated with dignity and respect here

    46. of my questions directly, although I have to say that he always treated

    47. Although I believe that, in the privacy of his own head, he treated the

    48. how badly the Gypsies were treated by the humans

    49. She gave the young man a moment to relinquish the sleeve still tight in his fingers then stated clearly and loud enough for his mates and anyone one else out at that time to hear, “You will keep a civil tongue in your foul little mouth, or there's more where that came from! Don't even begin to tell any one else about 'manners!' I don't know from whose foolish talk you picked up that misapplied epithet, but you will do well to remember this: you and your little friends are not even civilized humans yet and until you learn to treat others as you would be treated, I pity you the knocks and bruises in store for you, and not just at the hands of a 'woman' next time;” she glared at them one at a time, “Now get on back to your homes and don't even think of repeating such a foolish stunt!” she added

    50. Give me what I want and you will be treated well

    1. He had been tired of being ignored, so Ackers had found a way to cut through the volume controls and punish Vinnie for treating him with so little respect

    2. ” Growing up in Puerto Rico/Miami, Lopez was heavily influenced by the fact that his mother grew her own fruits and vegetables and always used animal manure as fertilizer This organically based philosophy toward gardening techniques laid the foundation of Lopez beliefs and in 1972 he founded Astra’s Garden, based on something of a religion that subscribes to living in harmony with the environment: not polluting; treating all living plant life with respect; and, basically just listening to what the earth is telling us

    3. Clones, it turns out, however generated, wind up treating each other as identical twins, however different their lives and platforms may be

    4. " Then he interrupts, ""Quit treating me like a child

    5. She's a good mother except for treating the kids as adults, but he had to admit, his children were being raised more as Highland Elves than as Brazilians

    6. That left her feeling like she was treating him like an old sandal, just good enough for around the house

    7. She wasn't being sensitive enough to that, she was still treating him like a kid from the desert rim on an RNAcid trip

    8. She didn't want to have to get the map out and consult it too often, it was brittle as anything in spite of treating it with a rag she got in Lastriss

    9. "So how's those chips treating you?" She asked while pulling up a stool behind him where he was sitting on the bench

    10. "Oh they're treating me begrudgingly if at all

    11. I’m treating it like that

    12. Not that it stops him treating her like an unpaid housekeeper

    13. I began treating him with a traditional

    14. treating others the way they treat you and giving them the promise of

    15. dancers that I had been treating, went to Japan to dance

    16. until 2004, treating patients from across the US and

    17. How's the old man treating you?" She winks at Billy

    18. I know she’s not that flush with money and it’s something I don’t have to worry about; I’d enjoyed treating them all to cream teas

    19. 'And it doesn’t justify the Church treating his accusers

    20. He wasn’t used to young men treating

    21. They don't give a crap about anything except treating you mean, rotten, and dirty

    22. The connection between the increase of stock and that of industry, or of the demand for useful labour, has partly been explained already, but will be explained more fully hereafter, in treating of the accumulation of stock

    23. ‘Nothing,’ said Jacques, treating the young woman to

    24. Another important factor in absolute belief is treating yourself as if and acting as though your goal is already achieved

    25. border, used to treating bombs as flimsy fire crackers

    26. now, and was treating him as a friend

    27. Thank you for treating

    28. “Yes, that was the report according to the physician treating him – why do you look so shocked?”

    29. What the shadows hid from their fellow conscripts' eyes was all to apparent to them: the Naudi habit of treating all things as disposable made their ships floating garbage bins in space

    30. This therapy advocates that while treating the patients, one must keep in mind their respective types

    31. This inevitably entails treating each other better and showing our appreciation for Mother Nature, by taking care of the environment that we live in

    32. Instead, they readily accept and forgive others for treating them “unjustly”

    33. It could be whoever switched the blood didn’t realize the effect it would have on Alex, but we were, after all, treating her for exposure to immortal blood

    34. This makes it ideal for treating PMS-related symptoms of cramps, moodiness, and bloating

    35. Author of „Spartacus," a novel which, while treating with the trials and tribulations of the rebel gladiators in first century B

    36. By not treating terrorists attacks as acts of war, we invite only escalation, greater bloodshed, and exponentially greater loss of American lives

    37. They are used in treating a

    38. It is, in short, at a minimum condescending, and at maximum, treating the American people as numbers, as mere groups, and not as human beings

    39. I was disgusted by the way they were treating me as a celebrity, when I was nothing more than an executioner

    40. obviously treating me as somebody she’s only going to share a ride with

    41. Care should be taken in treating animals with bile duct problems, gall bladder inflammation or any type of intestinal obstruction as dandelion may exacerbate the problem in these cases

    42. be treating this excursion into enemy territory as no different from any other mission—a fact that

    43. “Hey Paul, how’s life treating the new reporter?”

    44. We are saying to banksters stop your inhuman behaviour in treating defaulters as something akin to Satan

    45. In the meantime, while they were treating this nasty germ there was another one building up around the outside of that infection and the antibiotics I was receiving would not take care of it

    46. Treating the wound with antiseptic powder, he covered it with a field dressing and sat back

    47. General Wood soon perceived the danger and injustice of treating the Cubans as a conquered people

    48. Because you are staying in the barracks, they are treating you as soldiers

    49. Whatever the cause of his present predicament, Darkburst could see now why the two guards were treating him so suspiciously

    50. I tried to explain to her that I was in the middle of treating patients and could not just leave them

    1. skeleton of a 14-year-old girl show that her flesh and each other’s hands and ran together, then sat together brain were removed, presumably to be eaten by the enjoying their treats

    2. Even though your country treats them like that

    3. Essentially, the subconscious mind treats everything

    4. Sometimes he treats the place like a personal fiefdom

    5. “He is reasonably close with his staff, treats them with respect and is respected in return

    6. 16 ‘Cursed is the one who treats his

    7. “Because he treats me like a woman

    8. "Mom, no man treats his wife that way

    9. Which Treats of a Mirror and of the Splinters

    10. She believes in handling her slaves exactly as a drover treats his

    11. The fifth and last chapter treats of the different effects which the different employments of capital immediately produce upon the quantity, both of national industry, and of the annual produce of land and labour

    12. Every independent organism treats time differently

    13. Memories surfaced of their nightly walks around the Imperial City, through the Arboretum - memories of eating sweet treats along the coast, watching the marvelous sun sink beneath the glittering water

    14. Then you placed the mixture on the mess tin lid and placed this over the fire until the pancakes were cooked then you ate these mouth watering treats and the taste of something soft when you were used to eating hard dog biscuits was truly amazing

    15. He does not even despise the prejudices of people who are disposed to be so favourable to him, and never treats them with those contemptuous and arrogant airs, which we so often meet with in the proud dignitaries of opulent and well endowed churches

    16. This far north, summer evenings are glorious sensory treats: the clear blue afternoon skies give way to pink-and-gold sunsets, flecked with red in bad fire years

    17. The measure of a man is not his wealth, beauty, intelligence, or physical strength, or any other ascertainable attribute, except this: how he treats other men – and how he treats his pets

    18. So, which is it? On the other hand, we"re told that a doctor who treats himself has a fool for a patient

    19. This entailed a trail of various treats, Hoola Hoops, Chocolate Digestives and Polo’s all leading to a waste bin outside a city slickers pub

    20. She seemed oblivious to his presence, only eventually noticing ducks gathering round, hoping for treats

    21. For just these few moments, I was in pure country bliss — the smell of the spring lilies sweeping through the air, the sun dancing through the early leaves and flowers of the blooming trees, the sounds of the morning robins looking for those worms, the excitement of our four legged fur-babies as I snuck them extra dog treats while Grandpa had his back turned (I was their favorite) — this was true joy for any young child born to be wild

    22. "These treats are enjoyed by all peanut butter and chocolate lovers and are on my Christmas tray every year

    23. "I have made these every year as one of many Christmas treats

    24. Well, we both heard him rattling on endlessly about how unfairly his brother treats him

    25. Good treats can be carrots, ice cubes, apple, a bit of bread with coconut oil or butter

    26. A NOTE ABOUT TREATS: Remember that only when the rules are established and

    27. enforced can treats be properly valued as a reward

    28. I hate it when treats and cookies

    29. By the way, your dog should EARN all their food, attention, toys and treats

    30. could afford the treats because Uncle Carl gave me a regular

    31. treats all children the same

    32. She sat down on the grass, caressed Vanil, and fed her the treats

    33. there are treats in there, and give

    34. he won't need the treats in the ball to

    35. give your dog several treats while he

    36. some treats and put them under a

    37. showing him that there are treats

    38. Farmers’ gates were unhinged and left in ditches, peoples’ horses were moved to different fields, and children would knock on neighbors’ doors for food and treats in a way that we still find today, in a watered-down way, in the custom of trick-or-treating on Hallowe’en

    39. his employees are happy because he treats

    40. That is why wife treats husband like toxic waste

    41. * Treats others equally

    42. "I believe that one could say the company treats their employees with respect, Monica

    43. He treats them

    44. So, before you complain about the way your boss treats you, have an honest and

    45. I wanted to talk to her about her behavior, the way she treats you and her attitude in general

    46. Have you noticed he treats you differently than the other females in his life?”

    47. experiences, thanks for stopping by, you’re in for some lovely treats tonight, sir

    48. It exacerbates racial tension, and treats Blacks as having a childlike mentality

    49. The only exceptions are treats and confections

    50. Those would greatly enjoy hunting, killing, and eating you or me, and would consider us to be rare treats indeed

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