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    1. The many tiers of dwellings carved in the face of the cliff were built as barracks; to house a standing army of the Triad at all times

    2. “Since the Exodus, the Triad has stood as one,” Drau’d said, his intense brown eyes a mirror image of his father’s

    3. As he watched them labor, Brodin still found it strange that, among the rest of the Triad, his people had somehow gained the title ‘dwarf’

    4. The two races were so often working together, and so physically similar (other than their size), that the rest of the Triad found it convenient to lump them together

    5. "If the Triad grows anxious, tell them that I have more important matters that need

    6. As for our allies, with the Triad divided they will be hard to come by

    7. Few had ever actually seen him, and those that did said he was a being altogether different from the Triad

    8. There was only one weapon that had ever brought the Triad victory

    9. The following is a list of some of the stations and shows that promote this: Fox News (Shepherd Smith is homosexual) CNN (Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon are homosexual) MSNBC (Rachel Maddow is homosexual) American Idol (Ellen DeGeneres is the new judge and she is a homosexual in a legally recognized homosexual marriage) GLEE (features homosexual teen character Kurt) Modern Family (features obese homosexual couple) As The World Turns (features homosexual couple Luke and Noah) One Life To Live (features homosexual triad Kyle, Fish, and Nick) All My Children (sometimes features homosexual Bianca and her lesbian partners) How I Met Your Mother (stars homosexual Neil Patrick Harris) Bravo (homosexual network) HGTV

    10. reassured the Triad boss, "Don't worry about McAdam and what he's

    11. The Americans have shed light on this matter, with “the 14K triad is the

    12. but a little bit of digging by W-5 turned up connections between Triad

    13. W-5 turned up connections between Triad gang members and government

    14. "I discovered that these Triad people (members of secret Chinese

    15. Canadian visa, but he estimated the entry cost for a Triad member's family

    16. exact price for a Canadian visa, but he estimated the entry cost for a Triad

    17. Why would the RCMP want to ‘turn a blind eye’ to Triad members

    18. are all suspected of ties to the Triad gangs

    19. member of the 14K Triad” and “Robert Kwok is reported to be a Triad

    20. as a prominent member of the 14K Triad and a recipient of Chinese army

    21. Two years ago 2000 names of triad and gang members of Chinese

    22. Mitch was Jewish but this did not stop him after leaving Motorola, voluntarily I think, from working in DC for the jihadist Triad Group that illegally sold weapons to Israel’s sworn enemies for decades

    23. To Marx and Engels, Hegle’s triad was unfolding before

    24. deception with little adjustment, and that the Cartesian triad of knowledge, deception and

    25. I had pledged Sigma Phi, one of the Union Triad, the first three to found the fraternity system in the nation, and my nine freshman fraternity brothers were intrigued by our relationship

    26. announced today the formation of a second Park family foundation, Triad Foundation, Inc

    27. is the President and Chairman of the Triad Foundation, with his son and daughter serving as directors

    28. 56 The following day, Higgins confirmed in his article in the Ithaca Journal, headlined triAd FoCuses pArk Mission that The Triad Foundation, the new organization recently split off from the Park Foundation, won’t make any changes to the way it manages fellowship programs it will take over in Ithaca and Chapel Hill, NC, according to its director

    29. , the president and chairman of the Triad Foundation, said the new foundation, “was established to allow it to pursue the philanthropic objectives that reflect the interests of its board of directors

    30. Higgins went on to report The Triad Foundation was formed with a grant from the Park Foundation

    31. , it was enough for Triad to continue administering the grant programs at the two Universities

    32. Now the Triad Foundation, Inc

    33. Triad also will continue the Park Foundation’s support for the Cornell-based Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, specifically for plant research with strong promise for improvements in human health and medicine

    34. There are also a couple of other definitions of Triad, one having to do with music, “a chord of notes,” and the other, a secret Chinese organization involved in illegal activities such as selling drugs

    35. Our Triad mission statement was more specific but not much changed from that of the Park Foundation, and we intend to honor it

    36. It simply reads: The Triad Foundation was established to honor the legacy of the late Roy H

    37. Four members of the family live in Ithaca, and Triad, through the astute professional management of its assets, has created enough growth beyond that needed to cover our three initial commitments to be of help to the Ithaca community and to much broader goals

    38. Our foundation is doing fine, and a sample of the grants we have made that continue his legacy are listed in Appendix J, Triad Grants: Continuing the Roy H

    39. Since 2003, Triad has made over 550 grants ranging from a couple of thousand dollars to well over $2

    40. Without program directors, Triad family members serve in that capacity, putting in hours that range from 30 to 55 percent of a normal nine-to-five work week to keep up with a hundred or more grants that are active at any given time

    41. Though it is sad to leave behind a foundation carrying his name and going in a number of directions in which he had no interest and probably would not have supported during his lifetime, Triad has moved on to honor and support the traditions his life represented

    42. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill/The Triad

    43. Moshe slid off his mount as it came to a hoof-grinding halt in front of a triad of riders at the

    44. This synthesis becomes a new thesis that generates another antithesis, giving rise to yet a new synthesis, and in such triad fashion the process of intellectual or historical development is continually generated

    45. which is necessarily a triad

    46. 'Number NINE, is all-powerful, composed of the Triple Triad, which symbolizes

    47. In this way the second triad would approach the undefended backs of

    48. This disconnect can be observed in the triad relationship

    49. directly behind him and to the left or right of him, making a triad

    50. Bringing up a Google listing of all the local TV stations in the Triad, NC area, “Mr

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