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    1. The triplet that was absolutely Celina burst from the ocean and flew to the

    2. Gary pulled in the circle drive in front of Triplet Hall

    3. Triplet Hall was massive

    4. “There’s a lot more to Triplet Hall, but I thought I’d let Richard give you the rest of the tour when he gets here

    5. I have my own money, plus, I have a black Triplet International credit card

    6. “Sir… no offense, but when it comes to Triplet International, I don’t think your Mum is quite as benign as you think

    7. “Why should they? She’s just a woman and under contract with Triplet International

    8. “And…” Sir Richard added, “…since Triplet International is inevitably tied by the code of The Order, they believe I should hold her to her contract – force her – as Forrest did

    9. “Forrest or another one of Triplet International’s adversaries was behind that

    10. At random, for a few seconds, the wall of monitors connected to the security cameras at the Triplet Hall guest house showed nothing but static

    11. “As soon as Ricky gets back, I want all of these cell phones replaced with Triplet International models only

    12. Now Sir Richard would be forced to use all his efforts - costing Triplet International and the Ecuadorian government time and money - to convince the Foreign Secretary that whatever evidence he’d been provided with was unfounded

    13. When you’re involved with Triplet International, you tend to take threats seriously

    14. I’m already more involved with Triplet International, than I care to be

    15. It’s to do with Triplet International

    16. She and Wilson are the moles who have been feeding information to Triplet International since Rigden started working here

    17. My contact in the UK says Triplet has her

    18. “I heard at the guest house at Triplet Hall, but I haven’t been able to confirm that

    19. He was convinced that Sir Richard Triplet and GW Forrest were one and the same; one was bad as the other

    20. The media are speculating about a corporate showdown between Triplet International and Forrest Enterprises

    21. Triplet International could market this stuff and make billions

    22. Other than Jared changing his mind, if there was one thing that could make Donna run away screaming, it would be his grandmother, Lady Annabelle Triplet, Sir Richard’s mother

    23. Lady Triplet interrupted her mid-sentence

    24. “Just a lot!” He shook his fist at Lady Triplet

    25. I’ve been itching to try these water bombs since the scouts left them here,” Lady Triplet chortled loudly

    26. Richard shielded his eyes with his hand and tried to focus in the direction Lady Triplet was pointing

    27. Lady Triplet waited until Vera was out of earshot

    28. Lady Triplet sighed, shook her head and rolled her eyes

    29. Lady Triplet glanced at John out of the corner of her eye

    30. Lady Triplet smiled and stood

    31. He helped Lady Triplet to one of the recliners

    32. Lady Triplet propped one hand on her cane and the other on the arm of the recliner, rising to her feet

    33. “Just because the authorities know an illegal operation is taking place doesn’t mean they can, or will act upon it immediately,” Lady Triplet interjected

    34. “According to Triplet tradition, which Grandma will expect us to follow, he should be named after me – Richard Harold Triplet VI

    35. I understand your wanting the baby to be born a Triplet, but…

    36. Typical Triplet move

    37. The Order owes the Triplet family

    38. Lady Triplet narrowed her eyes

    39. “I never should have trusted you Triplet!”

    40. When asked who would replace him as chairman of the board at Triplet International, he stated that he hoped to be passing the torch to his son and sole heir; although, he said, “Young Richard was not too keen on the idea

    41. ” She gave Sir Richard and Lady Triplet a kiss on the cheek

    42. “In that case, you can call me Grandma,” Lady Triplet offered

    43. With the use of her cane and easy chair, Lady Triplet rose to her feet

    44. “Yesterday, I overheard a conversation between Richard and Lady Triplet

    45. Lady Triplet told Richard to take care of me

    46. Lady Triplet slowly released him; Richard stepped into the lift

    47. Lady Triplet winced and rubbed her chest as she cautiously made her way back to her easy chair

    48. Sam gave Lady Triplet an emergency injection to regulate her heart rate until they could get her to the complex

    49. Gary and Sam jumped in the chopper with Lady Triplet

    50. “With all the top qualified doctors at the Centre, it just seems strange that Lady Triplet would prefer to be treated by an outsider

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