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    1. I noticed Trey walking towards my office and quickly grabbed my pen, stared at the papers in front of me and with great speed, tucked my cellphone under my legs

    2. This meant the office was not very soundproof, which enabled everyone to hear the rantings and ravings of Mr Drake and Trey in their offices on a daily basis

    3. Trey was entering Dena’s house

    4. I got up to look out of the window to see if it was Trey that had raced off

    5. ‘Was that Trey racing away like a mad thing?’

    6. And then it suddenly dawned on me why Trey had left so suddenly

    7. ‘What did you say to Trey? What did he say to you?’

    8. Alice was forced to put down the phone as Trey was walking towards her office, but she came to visit me after work to tell me what had happened after our phone call

    9. ‘I waited until several staff members, as well as Mr Drake, were within hearing distance then I congratulated Trey on becoming a father

    10. I was surprised at the level of anger that was welling up inside of me, not only towards Dena and Trey but also towards this unborn child

    11. Alice phoned as I arrived home to tell me she had heard from an ex-colleague at Luxous that Trey had left the country and was in Asia somewhere

    12. I went to Josie and Marco and ranted about how Trey had just run away and left me with this mess

    13. Wynne was standing in the entry holding a trey

    14. ” He slid the trey in front of him

    15. He plucked the bread from the trey and tore off a

    16. patted her back, then grabbed the empty food trey and walked out of the cell,

    17. Wynne slipped silently into Cinder’s cell with another trey of food

    18. ” She said, beginning to devour the food on the trey

    19. Wynne took a hunk of bread and a glass of water from the trey and stepped

    20. not have to take this bull from you all, and Trey I can’t believe what

    21. “What’s wrong Trey, it’s going

    22. “Hang up the phone Trey

    23. “You can’t do that Trey

    24. Real and he is a different person than what you know Trey

    25. And he rol ed four sixes and a trey

    26. leaped out again they were an ace and a trey

    27. At this she broke out into a wicked laugh like a witch: “Me with them, are you insane? My name is Lune, and this is Trey my husband and we are the Voles

    28. Actually it wasn’t Trey’s place, Trey never said where he lived, but when Trey wasn’t at Diondra’s he most likely was at the Compound, down a long dirt road off Highway 41, surrounded by hedgeapples on both sides, and then came a big brush-hogged clearing, with a warehouse made of a hard, tin material

    29. Trey was a poser, so far as Ben could tell

    30. Of course, Trey worked out a few hours a day to metal, pumping and squeezing and cursing, Ben had seen the routine

    31. Trey was a strutting, tan bundle of knots, and he could probably kill a cow with a machete, and he was probably fucking loony enough to do it for kicks

    32. It was then that the door-flap made its wavy warble and Trey walked in

    33. Trey, his long slick black hair and chiseled face, was unreadable

    34. They’d liked Ben’s patter, but Trey was spookier

    35. “Try one,” Trey said, motioning at it

    36. Trey rolled up full speed to Diondra’s house, a giant beige box surrounded by a chainlink fence to keep Diondra’s pit bulls from killing the mailman

    37. “I hate those fucking dogs,” Trey groaned, pulled to a stop

    38. “What’d you buy, Dio?” Trey asked, rummaging in the bags

    39. The result was a march of leeches down her throat, brown and blue and embarrassing to Ben until he caught Trey staring at them

    40. “Heyyyy,” said Trey, his hands shooting up, his eyes going slate

    41. He yanked the pants back off and kicked his boxers onto the pile of his old clothes, his hackles going up as Trey and Diondra whispered and giggled in the other room

    42. He smoked a lot with Trey and Diondra and whoever had pot in that crowd, and sometimes he chipped in a buck or two, but when he pictured a dealer, he pictured someone with slick hair and jewelry, not his dad in the old Royals baseball cap and the cowboy boots with the big heels and the shirts that looked like they were wilting

    43. “Trey!” Diondra yelled down the hall

    44. All around her mirror were stapled decrepit, dried corsages from dances Ben had not taken her to, they were mostly from this senior back in Hiawatha named Gary that even Trey said was a prick

    45. Trey, of course, knew him

    46. “I’m serious, Trey,” Diondra said, continuing a conversation Ben wasn’t privy to

    47. Trey immediately shot up, jingling his truck keys—I know where to find him—and suddenly they were out in the cold, tromping through the snow and ice, Diondra demanding Ben’s arm so she wouldn’t fall, Ben thinking, but what if she fell? What if she fell and died, or lost the baby? He’d heard girls at school saying if you ate a lemon a day you’d have a miscarriage, and had thought about sneaking lemon into Diondra’s diet Cokes and then realized that was wrong, to do it without her knowing, but what if she fell? But she didn’t, they were in Trey’s truck with the heater wushing on them, and Ben was in the backseat as always—it was half a backseat, really, only a kid could fit on it, so his knees were smashed sideways to his chest—and when he saw a shriveled pinky of a fry on the seat next to him he popped it in his mouth and instead of looking to see if anyone saw, he just looked for more, which meant he was very stoned and very hungry

    48. They said he left with a guy named Trey Teepano, who supposedly mutilated cattle and worshiped the Devil

    49. He had an alibi for the time of the killings: his dad, Greg Teepano, testified Trey was at home with him in Wamego, more than sixty miles away

    50. “Let’s do it,” Trey said, and started to get out of the truck

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