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    1. The image that came to doostEr's mind was a trio of guys walking out on stage with their arms on fire

    2. Everyone had fallen in love with the trio especially little

    3. Luray came down too, so the trio who'd boarded logs in Yoonbarla a year and a half ago were standing together at the front rail

    4. There, in a village on an island in the Aegean Sea, I stood in the nave of a gentle, humble church where above me hung a trio of splendid silver and gold chandeliers

    5. ‘That’s a bright trio you’ve got there, Sally

    6. ‘Hi, Karen,’ Jo said chirpily, ‘I don’t think you’ve met Anna, she’s the third of the trio at this end of the lane

    7. In a short while the trio were within conversational distance of Harry, and it was Mr

    8. The trio then simply continued their stroll, the two gentlemen kept an eye on Harry's activity as long as they were within sight

    9. The trio could be seen in any corner of the ship, during any of the captain's time away from the bridge

    10. The little trio of travelers had examined their Baedecker and decided upon Mont Saint-Michel as their initial destination

    11. The ride from Gare Montparnasse to the Splendid Etoile Hotel, near the Arc de Triomphe was without a doubt the most fabulous coach ride the trio had yet experienced

    12. During this alteration certain of the resonant vibrations within the seven's series came into contact, once and for all time to come, with the separated forces at one third and two thirds, one of the trio having already from the outset retained its original contact with the series; our DO, if you will

    13. The trio stopped at the station and retrieved Chloe's valise then strolled through the chill air of the late December afternoon to Clive House and home

    14. Chloe added her own presents to the gathering hill of wrapped gifts beneath the little tree in the Drawing Room and the trio took a turn or two up and down the Long Gallery fronting the modest great house

    15. Then as if on cue, Harry called shift at every toss and the trio were juggling nine balls between them as if practicing for a circus act

    16. He drew a dagger from his belt and as the trio of demons approached he yelled, "To the dead with you

    17. The trio continued on, traveling down Caleman road, one of the four main streets leading to the palace

    18. Occasionally the trio would come upon a horde of sheep or carts laden with supplies jamming the roadway, at such times, they would be forced to wait anxiously in the tightly packed street, choking on the stench of sweat and manure until the flow of traffic crept forward once more

    19. All the while the trio endured the eyes of the crowd, always on them, always wondering at their intentions

    20. As the morning moved on and the sun inched higher in the sky, burning the streets below, the trio came ever closer to the palace, until finally they saw it rising above the crowd

    21. Walking closer to the gateway, the trio noted several slits in the stones above, behind which shadows could be seen shifting about

    22. The movements of the palace guards were so subtle that the trio almost failed to realize that they were being surrounded

    23. Nearing the entry, the trio saw a series of huge iron gears partially hidden within the building's interior

    24. Without issuing a further farewell, he promptly departed, leaving the trio alone at the doorstep to the king of the underworld

    25. With his gaze focused on Brice, he walked closer to the trio

    26. Instinctively Katrina brushed her nails across her own clean shaven head, reminding herself that she had nothing to fear from the ghostly trio for they were bound as allies through a sisterhood of horrors

    27. However, the trio of whores were somewhat helpful in this regard, and yes, the One Elf did actually remain at his side during such sessions

    28. Clenching his jaw with rage, a geyser of flame erupted from his eyes, spilling into the energy stream and turning the trio of demons into a charred pit of ash, ten feet deep in the earth

    29. Prime service was just concluding, and the trio

    30. The odd trio of heroes stood together at the Rift

    31. Not far behind the trio, the rest of Adros’ children followed – a small, but highly skilled army of elves

    32. The fleeing Magi had been focused on the terror behind them, but because of Adros’ shout, they finally took note of the elven trio

    33. Mastecus was wise enough to avoid that trio, besides, he had made his choice – they were his enemies no longer

    34. The Bretons could see a trio of skittish and wiry figures moving in the shadow, could see them readying their bows and arrows for a volley

    35. to be corrupted by the deadly trio

    36. I say this much in contrast and defiance to the noted science writer Timothy Ferris, who has written a wonderful trio of books on cosmology, but seems lost at sea in maintaining that there are several minds within the mind, in continuous search for the one centrality to guide them

    37. C’mon mates!” At that, the trio headed off for a local pub and tucked into a late-morning repast of tea, rolls, biscuits, and all manner of butter, sweet local jams, and fresh cheeses

    38. The hollow dripping sound added to the hesitation of the trio as they followed the large figure up the steps, keeping their weapons at the ready

    39. Filling the mugs, the trio stood blowing on the surface, until they saw Jayana and his son sip the broth themselves, a wise precaution that had saved many an adventurer before now

    40. Taking the hint, the trio left the shop by the front door

    41. Murmuring in agreement, Milana led the trio into a passageway which descended into the bowels of the mountain

    42. During Soffen and Brock's only winter visit with Grey, the trio discussed Brock's vision at length, exploring it in every detail

    43. Galeron and the two remaining soldiers turned and fled toward the north as the keep’s troops thundered down the hill, drawing in around the trio

    44. Slowly the rest of the group followed suit, and soon only a trio of young children, including the now-sleepy Molly, were left behind, tucked into Kay’s room for safety

    45. The trio stopped for a rest beside a small pool of water and Soffen ate the worms she'd gathered

    46. Without exception every one cast their eyes to the ground as the trio bustled by

    47. Finally, having reached the entrance to the Great Chamber, the trio halted and for the first time the two guards seemed unsure of themselves

    48. When the trio neared the small point of light the air became fresher

    49. Kate led the trio inside, opening her purse as she walked

    50. Once the trio were on their way, Brokin cautiously followed at a safe distance

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