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Uncivilized в предложении (на )

  1. It's uncivilized, so you won't see it often.
  2. But there was a point at which belching became uncivilized.
  3. I marveled that such an uncivilized man could have carved it.
  4. Many ancient, relatively uncivilized cultures had that practice.
  5. Stone had just named the most backward uncivilized areas on Earth.

  6. That would be very foolish and uncivilized, and I am neither of.
  7. They were going to have to pay the price for such uncivilized behavior.
  8. I’m tired of sharing borders with such an uncivilized group of humans.
  9. It would be uncivilized for a dragon to do that, do you willingly give it?
  10. Thus: If you dont agree with us, then you are an uncivilized opponent of progressivism.
  11. Those who live in huts, cook by a wood fire, and have very simple clothes are considered uncivilized.
  12. Who were supposed to be civilized in comparison to the supposedly lowly uncivilized savages they encountered.
  13. Even her experiences as a nurse with diseased and dying patients did not prepare her for this primitive, uncivilized, human scent.
  14. Some particular branches of commerce which are carried on with barbarous and uncivilized nations, require extraordinary protection.
  15. Our militaries are corporate missionaries in the land of mineral rich heathens and pollutable markets; we call them the Unfortunately Uncivilized.

  16. For some time past, though at intervals only, the unaccompanied, secluded White Whale had haunted those uncivilized seas mostly frequented by the Sperm Whale fishermen.
  17. As for me being blind, perhaps some of us have a more accurate vision of the world than your myopic perception of the realities that surround your uncivilized protest.
  18. As Europeans conquered and colonized so-called savages, barbarians, and primitive tribes, living in what they considered to be the most primitive, uncivilized, living conditions.
  19. Everything that was or is civilized is supposed to be intrinsically ‘progressive’: everything that is uncivilized or not civilized is supposed to be regressive, a step backward.
  20. In order to win over all those outside the Christian fold, all the Zulus, the Manchurians, the Chinese, whom many consider uncivilized, and the uncivilized among ourselves, there is only one way.
  21. Why? Because they had not earned the hatred of all the uncivilized tribes who had built-up the myth of Rome into a part of their traditions from the legacy of its famed dominance for hundreds of years.
  22. They wore armor, and brandished weapons, spoke loud, and carried on in what might appeared to be uncivilized behavior by any who were not apt at seeing through the illusion to the harsh social structure which governed every aspect of their lives.
  23. While he waited he passed the time printing a message to her; whether he intended giving it to her he himself could not have told, but he took infinite pleasure in seeing his thoughts expressed in print—in which he was not so uncivilized after all.
  24. But, besides the application to him of the generic remark above, this carpenter of the Pequod was singularly efficient in those thousand nameless mechanical emergencies continually recurring in a large ship, upon a three or four years' voyage, in uncivilized and far-distant seas.
  25. In order to convert uncivilized nations who do us no harm, whom we have no motive for oppressing, we ought, above all, to leave them in peace, and act upon them only by our showing them an example of the Christian virtues of patience, meekness, temperance, purity, and brotherly love.

  26. Russia, with its millions of civilized and uncivilized Christian rationalists, who have rejected the doctrine of the Church, proves incontestably that as regards emancipation from the yoke of the Church, she is, thanks be to God, in a worse condition of decay than the rest of Europe.
  27. The main reasons of all problems and conflicts that have extremely separated the present “humankind” are the false and, in essence, still primitive and uncivilized conceptions of the overwhelming majority of “people” that realize themselves in egoism concerning themselves, the outer world and their relations with it.
  28. Men affirm that the Christian life cannot be established save by violence, because there are still uncivilized nations outside of the Christian world, in Africa and Asia (some regard even the Chinese as a menace of our civilization), and because, according to the new theory of heredity, there exist in society congenital criminals, savage and irredeemably vicious.
  29. Any individuals who abandoned themselves to such a course would be avoided by their fellows; but if they became very degraded, we should still remember that they were our brother men and women, and we should regard them as suffering from a disease inherited from their uncivilized forefathers and try to cure them by placing them under some restraint: in an institute for instance.
  30. The colonies of the Dorians resorted chiefly to Italy and Sicily, which, in the times preceding the foundation of Rome, were inhabited by barbarous and uncivilized nations; those of the Ionians and Aeolians, the two other great tribes of the Greeks, to Asia Minor and the islands of the Aegean sea, of which the inhabitants sewn at that time to have been pretty much in the same state as those of Sicily and Italy.
  31. Let us not forget that the Indians for whom we work have been excluded from our civilized communities, until it is difficult to win them to our customs, our language and our religion; that until only about twenty-five years ago, generation after generation of our colored people had been born to bondage, and had groaned its hopeless life away in far greater misery than the same conditions brought in uncivilized Africa—misery made deeper and keener by contrasts in civilized America.
  32. As they narrated to each other their unholy adventures, their tales of terror told in words of mirth; as their uncivilized laughter forked upwards out of them, like the flames from the furnace; as to and fro, in their front, the harpooneers wildly gesticulated with their huge pronged forks and dippers; as the wind howled on, and the sea leaped, and the ship groaned and dived, and yet steadfastly shot her red hell further and further into the blackness of the sea and the night, and scornfully champed the white bone in her mouth, and viciously spat round her on all sides; then the rushing Pequod, freighted with savages, and laden with fire, and burning a corpse, and plunging into that blackness of darkness, seemed the material counterpart of her monomaniac commander's soul.
  33. Do we know, at this moment, as a Legislature, the causes of that disastrous business—I call it so from its consequences—or by whose authority this war was made? Or, is it come to this: that Governors of our Territories are to consider themselves as so many Hastings and Wellesleys of our country, and that, while they do not involve us in war with Christians like themselves, they may go to any extent in exterminating the Red Barbarians here as in the East Indies Governors and Proconsuls of the British Government do there in regard to uncivilized powers of that quarter of the globe? Is it discovered that our Territorial Governors may at pleasure invade the territory of other nations—for, inconsiderable and contemptible though they be, the Indian tribes are nations—in like manner that the British authorities make war upon those nations of the East? Yes, sir, not only is this a war of our own seeking—not only we had it in our power to keep the peace—but in the country which was the scene of the battle, and in the adjacent country, it was the most popular war ever waged.

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