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    1. The opening section of Medical Matters hits hard and fast – like an unintentional [?] simulation of the actual diagnosis and treatment

    2. random, unintentional thoughts, emotions and beliefs

    3. The soldiers, enraged at the unintentional treachery, poured a volley into the Spaniard as they passed on

    4. He was close enough to hear her quiet sobs, and embarrassed by this unintentional intrusion, turned to leave, disturbing a nesting Blackcap

    5. Matter may cause disturbances when united with other forms of Matter although such disruptions are the result of either pre-determined or unintentional (external) causes

    6. “Now, I know what you’re thinking since you’re in such a good mood, but any similarity with a donkey’s strap and rein is purely unintentional and simply a product of the same basic design principles that define both pieces of gear

    7. in the human race for all of the intentional and unintentional harm they may have

    8. Unfortunately, present in these bibles are omissions, additions and also deliberate and unintentional translation errors

    9. people or organizations are unintentional

    10. My eyelashes fluttered, an unintentional reflex, I was embarrassed at my inability to control myself, or my mind

    11. You could also unintentional y annoy people by sending

    12. Most wrongful convictions or miscarriages of justice are unintentional and the result of human fallibility, biases, experiences and inexperience

    13. If you have found any mistakes, unintentional referencing or if you have any questions, please email jeff@lovemathematics

    14. Enabling can be intentional or unintentional

    15. Something wasn’t right in the way Angela held onto him; almost squeezing him, her face leaning against his shoulder with a look of contentment; an unintentional admission that she’d love to remain there for the rest of her life

    16. And having had their unintentional revenge on her body, they snuffed out her vengeful soul in the end

    17. If it was unconscious and unintentional, then there

    18. " It was a reasonable statement but deep inside I also feared she would learn our unintentional mistake

    19. Fifty years ago, the way they treated patients involved a great deal of condescension, even if unintentional

    20. “That rhymes, doesn’t it? Totally unintentional of course,” he added with a tone of gravity

    21. To see him in these surroundings, his virtual home away from home, one would assume that he had intentionally colour coordinated his attire with the décor of his office, but confronted with this accusation on various occasions, he merely laughed and wholeheartedly assured that this was unintentional, totally coincidental

    22. I genuinely feel that what I have tapped into and accessed was by virtue of an unintentional discovery and is open to all that desire

    23. Lastly, there is sometimes an unintentional misstatement of debt obligations because

    24. “So it would seem, Cartwright,” Wickland said with an unintentional sarcasm as he took a drag on his cigarette

    25. “I see,” Wickland said with a slight trace of unintentional skepticism in his voice

    26. But, maybe the economic harm isn’t unintentional after all

    27. If there have been any degrading, limiting, or doubtful slights made against any products, companies, plans, programs, investments, individuals, institutions, organizations, systems or otherwise, are unintentional

    28. covers unintentional sin only

    29. Often they are innocent and unintentional

    30. However at this moment he felt as if there was nothing innocent and unintentional about hers

    31. young beautiful dancers had also began to intentional or unintentional revealed

    32. Thankfully, Rheus�s unintentional joke was just the distraction John needed to set his mind at ease

    33. “The wording, discretionary killing, was specifically chosen to cover not only a single accidental execution, but also the case of an unintentional mass killing in pursuit of one or more justifiably erroneously suspected terrorists, deranged criminals or people of interest

    34. inadvertent or unintentional trespassing, I was nonetheless trespassing

    35. The latter wills one or another lifestyle, not as a choice between viable options, but as the one which expresses your life as a willed, and not accidental or unintentional, ethic

    36. If I hurt your feelings in any way, when I questioned you about it, I hope you’ll realize it was totally unintentional on my part, and accept my sincere apology for having done so…”

    37. broke the next because of Bush? Do not get me started on the unintentional

    38. Bawn saw, stared, turned on her heel, and went out again volcanically; and the corridor shook to her departing footsteps and to the angry unintentional rhymes she was making aloud with words like hoax and jokes

    39. Best of all it looked like it was unintentional

    40. His, however, seems rough, with its jagged edges and its unintentional splotches of color

    41. After some increasingly severe prodding, the nuathreen slid cautiously onto the man’s back and wrapped his small arms around Liam’s throat in an unintentional death grip

    42. a lull in the action, an unintentional traverse, as if they are waiting

    43. If you would remain watchful of any gap and stop in your mantra you would not fall prey to unintentional and unwanted sleep

    44. All of the programs I have studied in the past have, I believe, a simple, unintentional but fundamental flaw in them

    45. “Well you have to promise that you will never brush your teeth publically again” I asked making a face which was an unintentional reaction to her hygiene issues

    46. I caressed his head with my hand, trying to soothe the unintentional ache I have caused him

    47. Rather than chastise her for the unintentional insult, he spoke of human fears

    48. Vine, page 149, New Testament; and like the men who have made translations of the Bible, their views sometime show up in their work, intentional or unintentional; and we must not believe there can be no error in even the best lexicon or translations

    49. unintentional ad absurdum, always bringing him back to the world of fact and commonplace by force of sheer stolidity

    50. I am much concerned to find there was anything in my behaviour last night that did not meet your approbation; and though I am quite at a loss to discover in what point I could be so unfortunate as to offend you, I entreat your forgiveness of what I can assure you to have been perfectly unintentional

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