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    1. While help and advice of others is always welcome, it is best to initiate actions ourselves to take care of our daily routine

    2. "It's so good to be welcome

    3. Silence laughed at him, and indicated that he was welcome to try with a gesture of her hand

    4. I have seen many hesitate on account of a feeling that they may not be welcome

    5. Yes, advice, especially if unsolicited, is not usually welcome, but a heart-to-heart talk is usually the answer in many cases

    6. "Getting the welcome message from the Kassikan

    7. Thus, the sun being well and truly over the yardarm, and with myself in a state of cleanliness to match the house, I had taken a tumbler out of the cupboard and reached for the bottle of gin … two generous gins and tonic later, I felt less stressed, the alcohol casting a welcome numbness over my violin-strung emotions

    8. I don't understand why you would even ask, you are welcome and eagerly awaited

    9. If the welcome for project staff and accompanying officials is anything to go by, there is already a deep sense of appreciation

    10. Maybe I have taken you for granted the last few weeks you were here? Maybe I forgot to tell you how honored I am any time you could grace me with your presence? You are welcome in my home and in my bed at your pleasure, as I hoped you understood by now

    11. The sign of the saddle didn't really mean anything more than Brazilians were welcome, and the way they spent money, they were welcome in most public houses

    12. He took a step forward, his hand outstretched and ready for a hearty welcome

    13. This was not quite the welcome that Johnny had expected, but he’d come

    14. "If I have something of yours, you're welcome to it,” Leonora said, and stepped back, gesturing with her arm for Kandhi to come inside

    15. All the populace knew was that they needed to welcome new souls, but all non-technical souls thought they were in a paradise of God's making as detailed in the scripture of holy war, they did not know they were simulated in a machine

    16. He ignores any acknowledgment and continues his talk with Sabrina, "I was wondering if I could stay with you tonight?" Sabrina walks around the table, "Of course you can, you know you're always welcome, we will be thrilled to have you

    17. "We will not restrict passage, we'll welcome everyone as cheerfully as any of the natives do," Ernesto said, and would have said more but was interrupted

    18. Well, as I said, you’re both welcome to come to stay until we can sort out what happens next

    19. “My son, if you receive my words, and store my commands within you, inclining your ear to wisdom, and applying your mind to reason; if you appeal to intelligence, and lift up your voice to reason; if you seek her as silver, and search for her as for hidden treasures – then will you understand reverence for the Lord, and will discover the knowledge of God; for the Lord gives wisdom, out of His mouth comes knowledge and reason; He has help in store for the upright, He is a shield to those who walk honestly; He guards the paths of justice, and protects the way of His pious ones; then will you understand rectitude and justice, and will keep to every good course; for when wisdom finds a welcome within you, and knowledge becomes a pleasure to you, discretion will watch over you, reason will guard you – saving you from the way of evil men, from men who use perverse speech; who leave the paths of uprightness, to walk in ways of darkness; who delight in doing evil, exult in wanton wickedness’ who are crooked in all their ways, and tortuous in their paths – saving you from the wife of another, from the adulteress who plies you with smooth words, who forsakes the companion of her youth, and forgets her pledge to God; for her paths lead down to death, and her tracks descend to the Shades; none who go to her come back again, or reach the paths of life – helping you to walk in the way of good men, and to keep to the paths of the righteous; for the upright will live in the land, and the honest will remain in it; while the wicked will be cut off from the land, and the faithless will be rooted out of it

    20. However, Issa will fall on him and probably terrify the poor lad with her more than likely tearful welcome at Abery

    21. ‘You are indeed welcome Karalintze Thwaite, and I am delighted that you have returned safely to us

    22. As he chattered on about how much he was enjoying himself exploring Abery, how welcome Issa and Remos had made him and a hundred and other little things, Kara drew on every resource available not to fall apart

    23. Somehow he managed to evade all the welcome and noise and bustle and sneak her into the house and along the shadowy, silent hallways to her bed chamber

    24. A cockerel somewhere in the village stirred, crowing half heartedly to welcome the day

    25. ‘Karalintze Thwaite?’ she asked, holding out a hand in welcome

    26. Only those that recognize the truth in the statements of Jesus and the apostles are welcome to come and speak

    27. To think I’d been concerned at Gilla’s apparent lack of enthusiasm for the proposed marriage! And you thought she was making the best of a bad job, settling for any man rather than none at all, Lintze! You idiot! Her delighted welcome for Caderl certainly knocks that idea on the head

    28. As predicted by Gilla, the house is ready to welcome us; beds are made and a supper of hot soup and fresh bread waiting for us

    29. I had travelled - actually flown all the way - and alone - into a balmy welcome I could never have imagined

    30. After everyone was in the Hall, Daniel stepped forward and began speaking, “We welcome you all here to Dragons Hill

    31. Sam had arranged a small feast and a cheery welcome for them

    32. As they came into the cave there was a mighty shout “Welcome to Dragons Hill!” He stepped forward and announced to them all, “We welcome you to your new home

    33. "You're welcome back any time," Yarin told her

    34. It means that Yoga is working for you so you should welcome it as a sign that you were performing the exercise properly

    35. ‘That would be very welcome

    36. He hurries across to us, smiling a welcome

    37. We are indeed honored by your gracious welcome

    38. Berndt immediately strikes up a conversation with the group on his right, while I tuck into my extremely welcome hot supper of sausages, potatoes and some sort of vegetable which I cannot identify

    39. ‘You are indeed welcome here

    40. "I am, but welcome,” was all he said, “what ever Desa’s humble home has to offer is open to you

    41. There was a welcome quiet until a voice broke the ice

    42. A welcome pressure on my arm brought me to my senses, but my guilt began to smoulder

    43. Nikos could see the man wasn't welcome in our crowd but being host, he was determined to create a relaxed atmosphere so, throwing his arms in the air, he announced to the room, 'OK everybody

    44. The ladies all went to her and hugged her in welcome, and immediately started discussing the symptoms of their impending pregnancies

    45. This time Terry had no trouble locating the bubble gum card, the tee shirt and the video, and he snapped out of his vacant trance with a sense of welcome relief

    46. The Dragons let out a roar of welcome that echoed across the valley to the mountain

    47. Ash blew on the little baby and keened a welcome call and told Andrew that his son would be a leader one day

    48. And the fireplace Mistress Sera spoke of was raging when Duncan entered his room; but it was most welcome, as the cold seemed to permeate everything

    49. Alastair’s not there when I get home, but by the time he arrives, I’ve prepared dinner and welcome him with a big hug

    50. Ken loved his son and did his best to welcome his new step-daughter into their lives, treading carefully and methodically through the minefield laid out before him by a new wife with strange new ways, by his own teenage son and by a new teenage daughter, about whom he knew very little

    1. Frogs actually eat up a great deal of insects and should always be welcomed in the garden

    2. He welcomed Tahlmute to Gengee City where Brazilian money was still keeping things looking up

    3. Its flares would be detected by the Kassikan in a few years and they would also be welcomed

    4. family and she was welcomed with open arms

    5. Not that he welcomed it as a revelation, she was sure of that, but he at last understood the real meaning of what she was saying

    6. to bother the Alderfolk, Infact he welcomed it

    7. The audience applause was welcomed

    8. Though it was very cold for humans, (the blankets were a welcomed relief), Lord Tarak took their minds off the cold and pointed out the various vegetation and wild life they encountered on the journey, giving a detailed history of each

    9. It was as if, having opened her mind to the dark side in her plotting and scheming, she had welcomed in the spirit of the lycanthrope, although she remained sufficiently cold-blooded not to have changed her shape

    10. It was made from a Septak’s hide and tho’ a bit big on her, she gladly welcomed its warmth

    11. The Inn Holder, Dane Tevid, came running in breathless, and welcomed them all

    12. He would be welcomed as a hero by all

    13. had welcomed in the spirit of the lycanthrope, although she

    14. Mandy was welcomed warmly into the house, and seated at the table in great room

    15. Some of those who merely held grudges due to business competitions, now welcomed the celebrity of the little Mercantile and talked about 'how much better business has been this year with the Livingson folks' store just down the street and all' whether a real uptick had occurred or not

    16. The newcomers were briefly welcomed by a representative from

    17. garage staff, he was welcomed warmly by Edgar, who was sitting on

    18. closeness, but then welcomed it when he began to speak

    19. Allcock welcomed him by name, indicated the trolleys of luggage following them, then he led Harry to the Ticketing office at the far end of the inside of the station

    20. “Ged,” Tom welcomed the hunter, “What brings you over this

    21. Roman marveled at how the breeze of stale beer was welcomed by the

    22. As Harry had become a dominant force in both, his decision to remain through the summer was welcomed heartily by instructors and practitioners alike

    23. as he welcomed his guests in, trying to small-talk them

    24. Chloe welcomed the thought of showing off her daughter to her family and in-laws, which Harold seconded

    25. The ship’s crew welcomed the help

    26. Knowing full well it meant their death, they welcomed its arrival

    27. He was charmed and amazed by the wonder of everything he saw, and mostly by the gorgeous palace, through which he was taken, by attendant fishes, to the sick chamber of the king, where he found a great council of learned doctors, who welcomed him very warmly

    28. He also welcomed the company of such an

    29. welcomed the opportunity to rest their aching feet

    30. What if a congregation welcomed a new

    31. The Pope welcomed Monsignor, the Bishop, the Archbishop and Stefan to his private apartments

    32. But he welcomed it

    33. respected, trusted friend, the entire household welcomed

    34. he welcomed the bustle and activity as he climbed the hill

    35. They will be messaged when they arrive, they will be welcomed

    36. I welcomed the monsoons as I always do but this time not

    37. lungs are welcomed, because the pollution is

    38. It’s time to be welcomed back into the fold

    39. They hugged Helez and welcomed her into the family

    40. Iadros's birthday feast soon, the one time every year he welcomed villagers inside his hall

    41. " He welcomed death

    42. Part of him welcomed such chaos

    43. More to the events at hand: We just made a historic open contact with an Alliance station and were welcomed, did routine business and were wished 'happy trails' upon our departure! That is the promise of a new future for our people we have for so long wished and which the Matriarch has hoped would transpire in our time

    44. And, of course, you are welcomed to stroll around the

    45. students are, of course, welcomed to enjoy

    46. and I was glad to see that I was welcomed back

    47. At the Toronto neurological sciences institute she was welcomed as a friend

    48. ” groaned Melissa, “But a longer rest would be welcomed

    49. By what seemed like some curious twist of fate (and not without a certain logic behind it) she’d be working with her old colleague Leonard Heigener – a prospect that up until a few months ago she would have have welcomed as more than just the acceptable option, in any context

    50. They welcomed us into their midst

    1. He welcomes you aboard for the

    2. a beacon of hope in the darkness, welcomes

    3. Katie opens the door and welcomes us in - we’re the first to arrive apart from Gary and he doesn’t really count

    4. She welcomes us home and hopes that you will attend the Gathering, as her guest

    5. screen televisions and welcomes the opportu-

    6. exhibitors and welcomes the atten-

    7. “Ashbourne is the only city that welcomes supernatural beings, but like every other city, my father—for the sake of my brother—put down a law that commands every hybrid to be killed once identified

    8. Hands moving to either side of the lectern, the President said, “Given Arakiel’s endorsement of peace, the United States welcomes our visitor with an offer of friendship

    9. The next day, Janay and Lelani arrive at TCM Communications to meet Queen Latifah as Rashad, who is VP of TCM, welcomes them

    10. The Society always welcomes visitors, donations and foster parents for the cats that

    11. Something has begun, who knows how, and he welcomes it

    12. He welcomes me in!

    13. He welcomes you in!

    14. 2 The Pharisees and the Scribes murmured saying "This Man welcomes sinners and eats with them

    15. Johan listens to the screeches of birds, breathes in the salt smell of the water and welcomes the warmth of the sun on his face

    16. but, since I received such festive welcomes as I

    17. She gives a home to the garbage, and the more garbage that comes to her home the more she welcomes it

    18. He welcomes thee to pleasures more refin'd,

    19. Yes, he welcomes you and is happy to see you here

    20. The European and Australian passengers left aboard would probably bring him warmer welcomes at his next stops

    21. He allows, welcomes and embraces his fear to be as it is

    22. despite some warm welcomes and slaps on the shoulder, all of which he

    23. He welcomes his punishment

    24. Polite gentlemen in every way, smiling from ear-to-ear; and with a loud voice spoke his welcomes to their little town

    25. Can this yet be a greater generation that welcomes humanity to the world of cooperation?

    26. He lives in Cascais, Portugal and welcomes you to connect with him at http://jmbatista

    27. But perhaps the most interesting part of the tale came from AIB’s own executive chairman, David Hodgkinson, who said: “The Board of AIB very much welcomes the actions of the Minister and is relieved to be in a position not to pay these bonuses

    28. ‘Seems she too welcomes you,’ said Raja Rao, to the cry of the child

    29. The devil welcomes them, for the mess to unfold

    30. Lives move on, welcomes wear down and out into the stream, they flow into another life, a shore, a tending to the shipwrecked survivors there and another moving on into Vermont, my daughter's heart – twisted around a wound pierced by a parting she remembers as abandonment, a pain starving her from the love she craves

    31. Headwaiter/hostess greets and welcomes guests within 30 seconds of arriving at the

    32. “If the food isn't perfect, but your heart welcomes it with thankfulness, the body can turn stone into soup

    33. An age of crisis, catastrophe, and collapse not only welcomes, but also psychically requires the invention and dependence not only upon the concept of hero, but upon its supernatural evolution – the superhero

    34. Some of the crew welcomes these superstitious idols as really having the power suggested

    35. “ A million welcomes and thank you for once again gracing my home

    36. However, not everyone welcomes that information if it clashes with predetermined dictates

    37. She could look a hoarding welcoming the travelers while a hoarding was displaying ‘Sun City Welcomes You

    38. Ireland has remained a place of welcomes and a

    39. the place of a hundred thousand welcomes, (Cead mile

    40. The Alaskan fauna welcomes us without any signs of fear, and we stay close to the shore: not only is it safer, but we can see more

    41. Babsie Bishop is a 54-year-old, wiry man, with a ramrod-straight back and short white hair, who welcomes me with a broad smile to his unusually-furnished house

    42. CHAPTER – Mars welcomes the new arrivals

    43. The man who has understood what his life is allows death to happen; he welcomes it

    44. And cool the verandah that welcomes us in

    45. The Great Father moved forward and shook him warmly by the hand and said, “Old Earth welcomes the brave

    46. Dandy welcomes and dolly kisses to the stage at High Tea, where the tea is high and always green and nothing is what it seems

    47. He welcomes him into Palestine with new and grander visions between the hills of Shechem

    48. For in that sad yet happy hour, she had learned not only the bitterness of remorse and despair, but the sweetness of self-denial and self-control, and led by her mother's hand, she had drawn nearer to the Friend who always welcomes every child with a love stronger than that of any father, tenderer than that of any mother

    49. She treats her children ill, but she always welcomes strangers

    50. These trumpeters saluted Christian and his fellow with ten thousand welcomes from the world; and this they did with shouting, and sound of trumpet

    1. ’ Emma said warmly, welcoming me into the house

    2. ’ I said, trying to sound friendly and welcoming

    3. She heard the welcoming in the hills and

    4. After welcoming me, he began to complain about “a woman who left Janus three years ago, without even explaining the reasons for leaving; she left because she couldn't find a boyfriend, but neither away from Janus did she find a boyfriend; maybe it's her karma, maybe its her idiosyncrasy

    5. When we first woke up we were receiving a message from the Kassikan welcoming us and asking us what help we could use in completing our journey

    6. She heard the welcoming in the hills and forests as each of these immortal beasts sang with joy in the bright light of full moons

    7. Zareide was quite as welcoming as she had been earlier; she even tried to send Kara away before the kaht arrived

    8. As subtle as the welcoming roar

    9. The whole was intended to represent the living rooms of sumptuous Stephanian homes, even down to the television set and the welcoming fireplace effect set into a bulkhead

    10. I should have known it by the flowers; they were everywhere, welcoming and dazzling outside a house the colour of summer sky

    11. outdoorsy kinds, you can plan a camp-out in the welcoming and solitary mountains of

    12. Peter lets us in, welcoming me with a kiss on the cheek and thumping his brother as usual

    13. Yet they were faced with a conundrum: how to sabotage the upstart's enterprise without soliciting collateral damage upon the stability of the village's good reputation as a welcoming and pleasant retreat, as it was still viewed by the flocks of visitors for whom they yearly played host

    14. It was warm and welcoming

    15. regular customers, and greeted him with a welcoming

    16. Olivia will be most welcoming of guests, and my youngest daughter, Chloe, shall be only too pleased to have a young lady closer to her own age for a change

    17. The ladies retired to the kitchen, where on this occasion Chloe was in charge of their welcoming feast

    18. greeted by a welcoming smile from his wife, Collette

    19. The warm, welcoming smile with which

    20. There was no welcoming committee

    21. He turned his face towards the welcoming

    22. sank below the welcoming waters without a trace

    23. moving spectacle of Christ’s welcoming, open arms on the

    24. Alec had no intention of returning to Lock Core, it held for him only memories of destruction and endless pain, while welcoming him back with nothing but the promise of death

    25. was certainly welcoming, and there was no hint of the

    26. and welcoming town, and Jean and Jacques joined up with

    27. Whether it was the welcoming aspect of the neat, compact

    28. arms outstretched, welcoming the pilgrim after his long

    29. The household proved to be friendly and welcoming

    30. sunshine, it was more welcoming than ever

    31. He let his halo fall, welcoming the bitter cold and pounding wind against his flesh

    32. 'eranara promises to be as welcoming as Hanur or Melnith

    33. Please join me in welcoming our Lead Arrow allies to our meeting this morning, Elaine and Stephan

    34. Her first instinct was to call Scott, it was almost like a mental reflex to say his name into the device – and he would come and and greet her with a warm smile, a hug, then drive them back to the welcoming comfort of their cabin

    35. It was warming and welcoming

    36. Her smile was wide and welcoming

    37. There was no official welcoming

    38. He had seemed to be accepting his death, finally welcoming the end and allowing himself to atone for his sins

    39. “Greetings to the good folk of Thimble Down,” announced Rufus, standing near the rear of the shop and gesturing with his arms in a most welcoming way

    40. He thought that Illeander would be welcoming and quiet

    41. The oatmeal coloured building with its French windows had a welcoming presence

    42. I was not unhappy standing at ease with the rest of my class listening to the COIN Company Commander welcoming us in true SAP COIN fashion

    43. He was scribbling notes on his tablet, but he glanced up as they approached and tucked it away with a smile, putting out a welcoming arm

    44. Once more we stood in a circle holding hands and Minister Wade prayed, welcoming our souls to God’s family

    45. Glenna was as friendly and welcoming when I arrived as she had been on the day of my interview

    46. For you have allowed the pagan to enter in and take his throne upon the altar, as the congregation gives ear to the deceiver, welcoming his every word

    47. As he looked at me open mouthed, Aunt Martha came out of the house, gave Uncle Hobart a big welcoming hug and stepped back

    48. Young as one ―feels‖ contrary to how one really feels, holding fast to youthful designs and illusory impressions, has undermined our human dignity by its failure to properly complete itself in a manner welcoming every changing phase in our lives as a life (maturing) process injecting vitality and new meaning as it passes through each successive stage offering its own unique rewards while preparing it for the uncertain road that lie ahead

    49. In that privileged world spot of unsoiled air, the people are simple, welcoming and friendly

    50. The welcoming committee at the booking desk had grown

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