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    1. While help and advice of others is always welcome, it is best to initiate actions ourselves to take care of our daily routine

    2. "It's so good to be welcome

    3. Silence laughed at him, and indicated that he was welcome to try with a gesture of her hand

    4. I have seen many hesitate on account of a feeling that they may not be welcome

    5. Yes, advice, especially if unsolicited, is not usually welcome, but a heart-to-heart talk is usually the answer in many cases

    6. "Getting the welcome message from the Kassikan

    7. Thus, the sun being well and truly over the yardarm, and with myself in a state of cleanliness to match the house, I had taken a tumbler out of the cupboard and reached for the bottle of gin … two generous gins and tonic later, I felt less stressed, the alcohol casting a welcome numbness over my violin-strung emotions

    8. I don't understand why you would even ask, you are welcome and eagerly awaited

    9. If the welcome for project staff and accompanying officials is anything to go by, there is already a deep sense of appreciation

    10. Maybe I have taken you for granted the last few weeks you were here? Maybe I forgot to tell you how honored I am any time you could grace me with your presence? You are welcome in my home and in my bed at your pleasure, as I hoped you understood by now

    1. Frogs actually eat up a great deal of insects and should always be welcomed in the garden

    2. He welcomed Tahlmute to Gengee City where Brazilian money was still keeping things looking up

    3. Its flares would be detected by the Kassikan in a few years and they would also be welcomed

    4. family and she was welcomed with open arms

    5. Not that he welcomed it as a revelation, she was sure of that, but he at last understood the real meaning of what she was saying

    6. to bother the Alderfolk, Infact he welcomed it

    7. The audience applause was welcomed

    8. Though it was very cold for humans, (the blankets were a welcomed relief), Lord Tarak took their minds off the cold and pointed out the various vegetation and wild life they encountered on the journey, giving a detailed history of each

    9. It was as if, having opened her mind to the dark side in her plotting and scheming, she had welcomed in the spirit of the lycanthrope, although she remained sufficiently cold-blooded not to have changed her shape

    10. It was made from a Septak’s hide and tho’ a bit big on her, she gladly welcomed its warmth

    1. ’ Emma said warmly, welcoming me into the house

    2. ’ I said, trying to sound friendly and welcoming

    3. She heard the welcoming in the hills and

    4. After welcoming me, he began to complain about “a woman who left Janus three years ago, without even explaining the reasons for leaving; she left because she couldn't find a boyfriend, but neither away from Janus did she find a boyfriend; maybe it's her karma, maybe its her idiosyncrasy

    5. When we first woke up we were receiving a message from the Kassikan welcoming us and asking us what help we could use in completing our journey

    6. She heard the welcoming in the hills and forests as each of these immortal beasts sang with joy in the bright light of full moons

    7. Zareide was quite as welcoming as she had been earlier; she even tried to send Kara away before the kaht arrived

    8. As subtle as the welcoming roar

    9. The whole was intended to represent the living rooms of sumptuous Stephanian homes, even down to the television set and the welcoming fireplace effect set into a bulkhead

    10. I should have known it by the flowers; they were everywhere, welcoming and dazzling outside a house the colour of summer sky

    1. He welcomes you aboard for the

    2. a beacon of hope in the darkness, welcomes

    3. Katie opens the door and welcomes us in - we’re the first to arrive apart from Gary and he doesn’t really count

    4. She welcomes us home and hopes that you will attend the Gathering, as her guest

    5. screen televisions and welcomes the opportu-

    6. exhibitors and welcomes the atten-

    7. “Ashbourne is the only city that welcomes supernatural beings, but like every other city, my father—for the sake of my brother—put down a law that commands every hybrid to be killed once identified

    8. Hands moving to either side of the lectern, the President said, “Given Arakiel’s endorsement of peace, the United States welcomes our visitor with an offer of friendship

    9. Hands moving to either side of the lectern, the President said, “Given Arakiel’s endorsement of peace, the United States welcomes our visitor with an offer of friendship

    10. The next day, Janay and Lelani arrive at TCM Communications to meet Queen Latifah as Rashad, who is VP of TCM, welcomes them

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    Synonyms for "welcome"

    welcome receive hospitality accolade salute salutation hug agreeable cherished desirable pleasant good honoured usher in hail wave at embrace host

    "welcome" definitions

    the state of being welcome

    a greeting or reception

    accept gladly

    bid welcome to; greet upon arrival

    receive someone, as into one's house

    giving pleasure or satisfaction or received with pleasure or freely granted