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Welcome en una oración (en ingles)

  1. It was a welcome relief.
  2. Out, to welcome the sun.
  3. You are a welcome sight.
  4. And how I did welcome it.
  5. Of course, he is welcome.

  6. The idea was a welcome one.
  7. Welcome it with open arms.
  8. The visitor is very welcome.
  9. Please welcome her on stage.
  10. It's so good to be welcome.
  11. Sorry for the rough welcome.
  12. You are very much welcome.
  13. Welcome to the MySQL monitor.
  14. All are welcome to attend.
  15. Hardly the welcome Jean had.

  16. You are welcome in our house.
  17. Queensland was welcome to em.
  18. Welcome to the Fun House of.
  19. Welcome to the Inner Sanctum.
  20. They’ll welcome my tow fee.
  21. They were always welcome here.
  22. I welcome the beast with joy.
  23. Welcome back folks, Zack here.
  24. A roar of welcome greets him.
  25. They'd made her feel welcome.

  26. What a welcome! she said.
  27. This was a welcome distraction.
  28. I did outstay my welcome once.
  29. In fact, I would welcome the.
  30. You are welcome to read it.
  31. Please, welcome to our family.
  32. Thanks for the hearty welcome.
  33. Welcome to SOMA, Massie Block.
  34. Welcome it and follow the in-.
  35. This whale would be a welcome.
  36. I never welcome my father home.
  37. When death comes, we welcome it.
  38. Welcome CNC News Ship Edward R.
  39. I’m not welcome in the house.
  40. That opens to welcome our soul.
  41. But it was welcome nevertheless.
  42. They would be made welcome here.
  43. Stay here where you are welcome.
  44. Their welcome was good, as may.
  45. Welcome the call of good actions.
  46. You are also welcome to select.
  47. Welcome to the glossy Good Life.
  48. When they wear out their welcome.
  49. And you are most welcome!.
  50. You are always most welcome here.
  51. Yes, I’ll be there to welcome.
  52. He seemed to welcome my attention.
  53. Always glad to welcome newcomers.
  54. These would be more than welcome.
  55. He is here to welcome us!.
  56. Welcome to our village, my child.
  57. You are always welcome in my home.
  58. And this is what will welcome us.
  59. Of course you’re welcome, buddy.
  60. Then he’s welcome, he said.
  61. More availability is welcome and.
  62. You’re not welcome here anymore.
  63. Corey seemed to welcome my presence.
  64. The Hurons say, too, he is welcome.
  65. Cassius prepared to welcome friends.
  66. You welcome it into your awareness.
  67. The coffee was very welcome though.
  69. Well, you’re welcome I suppose.
  70. The suggestion was generally welcome.
  71. You are very welcome, I am sure, Mr.
  72. You’re welcome to come with us.
  73. They paid with cash, always welcome.
  74. Welcome, here's a name sticker guys.
  75. Flattery is always welcome, though.
  76. Maybe they will hold a big welcome.
  77. Girls’ colleges were welcome, also.
  78. He seemed to welcome the distraction.
  79. Trespassers are never welcome in zoos.
  80. Mira and I aren’t welcome there.
  81. Then, the welcome glimmer of sunlight.
  82. Hello and welcome to the bar-Seth.
  83. Still, you are welcome in the circle.
  84. Welcome to Green Glades mortuary!”.
  85. Ogangia, you are welcome to visit.
  86. An average day that I didn't welcome.
  87. Tell her she’s not welcome here.
  88. Of course, you’re most welcome Mr.
  89. Any form of caffeine would be welcome.
  90. If he could only welcome them with a.
  91. Barron smiled at the exuberant welcome.
  92. He got an enthusiastic welcome and a.
  93. Welcome to the world of online dating.
  94. Each region is welcome to self govern.
  95. At the welcome party I was too tired.
  96. Welcome to the house of pariahs, Mr.
  97. Welcome home, Captain! he roared.
  98. Other than that, welcome to our home.
  99. Welcome back to war, Angel Three!.
  1. It was warm and welcoming.
  2. It was a warm welcoming.
  3. Now that was a welcoming.
  4. This woman was welcoming him.
  5. It was warming and welcoming.
  6. It felt empty, not welcoming.
  7. As subtle as the welcoming roar.
  8. Her smile was wide and welcoming.
  9. There was no welcoming committee.
  10. Think of it as a welcoming gift.
  11. There was no official welcoming.
  12. The place was intimate, welcoming.
  13. He was not so welcoming this time.
  14. It is a welcoming custom after all.
  15. The beautiful house looked welcoming.
  16. The warm, welcoming smile with which.
  17. A welcoming party is a lucrative resource.
  18. Kasius: Sure it has and I am welcoming it.
  19. The third thing Lucy found welcoming was.
  20. He didn’t sound particularly welcoming.
  21. He turned his face towards the welcoming.
  22. We followed Chang to the Welcoming Center.
  23. She heard the welcoming in the hills and.
  24. Please join me in welcoming, to the wilds.
  25. What a dumpy… Hey! A welcoming committee.
  26. The hotel was simple, but warm and welcoming.
  27. When they saw me, they were not welcoming me.
  28. Now I have realized that welcoming life as.
  29. He turned and was met with a welcoming smile.
  30. Because it wasn’t welcoming, he says.
  31. We have a welcoming committee coming at us.
  32. Again, Sephiroth held his arms out, welcoming.
  33. Kaya practically floated into his welcoming arms.
  34. I tightened my hold on him, welcoming his weight.
  35. The household proved to be friendly and welcoming.
  36. He slipped effortlessly into the welcoming water.
  37. Usually Rob will be in the door welcoming me home.
  38. There was nothing welcoming about that storefront.
  39. Allowing is still passive, welcoming is empowering.
  40. That early in the morning, the forest was welcoming.
  41. I had made my room a welcoming place for Special Ed.
  42. The welcoming committee at the booking desk had grown.
  43. He was a man of few words but polite and most welcoming.
  44. Welcoming others without expectation is a selfless act.
  45. He thought that Illeander would be welcoming and quiet.
  46. This environment is meant to be welcoming and cheerful.
  47. And why should they? We haven’t been very welcoming.
  48. Whether it was the welcoming aspect of the neat, compact.
  49. Alex! Jason's voice was a pleasant, welcoming sound.
  50. All the forest was singing to you and welcoming you home.
  51. It was Nick Lowe’s wife, Carlene Carter, welcoming me to L.
  52. There was a chorus of cheerful greetings welcoming „Touny.
  53. D’ata swallowed the wine, welcoming the warmth in his belly.
  54. James saw that the broad welcoming smile on the man’s face.
  55. Parker made a welcoming gesture toward the far end of the room.
  56. This is the welcoming party? Kinda funny how there was more.
  57. I was constantly welcoming Tahira and then fading away from her.
  58. The old stone house looked welcoming, even after all these years.
  59. I know, I said, welcoming Rocky as he appeared on the porch.
  60. This too can make the walls of the endometrium less than welcoming.
  61. I hope it would be positive, welcoming, enticing to the point where.
  62. Philip stood outside the church, welcoming the guests to his wedding.
  63. Eying them cautiously, he forced a welcoming smile that fooled no one.
  64. It cascades over me, and I hold up my face into the welcoming torrent.
  65. He did little work himself, beyond greeting and welcoming all visitors.
  66. I slowed the pace as we approached the ship and its welcoming committee.
  67. There was nothing welcoming about the house, the yard, even the walkway.
  68. John was given very warm welcoming applauds when he appeared in the stage.
  69. You were unusually welcoming to this idea of controlling your environment.
  70. The organist was stood at the gate welcoming people into the little church.
  71. Her husband Pat on the other hand was a warm, very welcoming character that.
  72. When Comrade Komadze sees that lot he’ll know it isn't a welcoming party.
  73. There was a strong bright light on the horizon and it felt warm and welcoming.
  74. King Simon and Queen Rosamund waited in the courtyard, gaily welcoming their.
  75. In spite of welcoming a new baby, he was counting on a nest egg of $2 million.
  76. He was pulled hither and thither by sea monsters welcoming him to his kingdom.
  77. Esau was reported to have gathered 400 armed men as a welcoming committee for.
  78. All around the air was warm, velvet-tongued, as welcoming as it was enveloping.
  79. The oatmeal coloured building with its French windows had a welcoming presence.
  80. They were welcoming my daughter, celebrating her return home after her marriage.
  81. He then went on to describe the welcoming banquet he was having prepared for us.
  82. The kitchen lights were on but there was no welcoming aroma of hot food cooking.
  83. Up yours, wave the dark children, welcoming the new comer to the fallen city, this.
  84. Poor George was oblivious to the cold reason behind the welcoming invitation as he.
  85. For instance, a green lawn would offer a very welcoming atmosphere for your guests.
  86. However, by and large, the early Christian message was much more welcoming than the.
  87. He let his halo fall, welcoming the bitter cold and pounding wind against his flesh.
  88. Gene was a very welcoming, generous soul, and was very attentive to Garcia’s needs.
  89. Seeing him, Lembke frowned grimly and stood still at the table without welcoming him.
  90. She gently closed the door behind her and gave her guest a broad and welcoming smile.
  91. Rabinowitz and their teenage son, were welcoming and Carla had a generous sized room.
  92. The sun felt different here: relentlessly hot, but strangely welcoming just the same.
  93. Louie had an idea, If he is looking for a more welcoming place, let’s sing him in.
  94. If you wanted me to, she said softly, leaning her head to the side, welcoming him.
  95. He shook my hand firmly, welcoming me in a rich baritone that reverberated in my chest.
  96. He paused for a second before he went into his welcoming routine because.
  97. Will you whisper it to me? She held her arms out, welcoming the lost little child.
  98. Ah, there you are! Liv said, welcoming two men as they stepped in through the door.
  99. We have a welcoming party, I said sarcastically, pointing towards Bill and his men.
  100. It was the hominess of the place, which struck such a responsive, welcoming chord in him.
  1. I welcomed him with a smile.
  2. The mayor welcomed them in.
  3. The group was welcomed warmly.
  4. He, too, welcomed this battle.
  5. Being welcomed home with a hug.
  6. They welcomed me onto the team.
  7. The bible study welcomed Darlene.
  8. He was joyously welcomed as he.
  9. Part of him welcomed such chaos.
  10. She welcomed yoga as an argument.
  11. They welcomed us into their midst.
  12. Above all, the people welcomed it.
  13. Once a child is welcomed into the.
  14. Their clients are welcomed to the.
  15. She was welcomed into their group.
  16. The audience applause was welcomed.
  17. The ship’s crew welcomed the help.
  18. The bottom of the cliff welcomed me.
  19. Bover welcomed them all to Ivetarlis.
  20. Jesse welcomed all of those marching.
  21. There they were welcomed again with.
  22. Alex actually welcomed the suggestion.
  23. M A Sheikho, who welcomed his guests.
  24. He would be welcomed as a hero by all.
  25. The leader welcomed me with open arms.
  26. What if a congregation welcomed a new.
  27. These times of uncertainty are welcomed.
  28. But the Tollers have welcomed Ned all.
  29. No one welcomed me at the police station.
  30. But Luke had welcomed me into the cabin.
  31. It was the younger ones who welcomed me.
  32. He also welcomed the company of such an.
  33. I would have actually welcomed his touch.
  34. Its flames were offering welcomed warmth.
  35. They welcomed her with open arms and an.
  36. I welcomed death, as a passage to Paradise.
  37. So, when the telephone rang, he welcomed.
  38. She welcomed her by saying that it was an.
  39. They welcomed her with whimpers and joyful.
  40. Larko laughs and returns his welcomed insult.
  41. She welcomed him to the clan with this gift.
  42. Suggestions should be welcomed and discussed.
  43. They welcomed me with affection and nostalgia.
  44. The McDonalds welcomed us back with open arms.
  45. It’s time to be welcomed back into the fold.
  46. Eric welcomed the realm, and was welcomed back.
  47. But now they welcomed his reassuring presence.
  48. He came here and was welcomed by Ambrosius.
  49. Consequently, he welcomed him inside the house.
  50. Even as a welcomed rain in the height of summer.
  51. Now she welcomed the chance to rest and reflect.
  52. They welcomed Frodo and rose to greet him; and.
  53. They welcomed her although they did not know her.
  54. His mother, Kate, Matthew’s aunt, welcomed them.
  55. The silence is welcomed by Avery, but it is brief.
  56. Chandler and Rick welcomed them with opened arms.
  57. As they left, they each hugged her and welcomed.
  58. I had no need to worry -he welcomed me into the.
  59. You are welcomed to share it with me if you want.
  60. This is how I was welcomed to the practice of law.
  61. Only rarely is a son welcomed and given free-rein.
  62. Maybe they hoped they would still be welcomed home.
  63. They rose unbidden to my mind, but I welcomed them.
  64. They hugged Helez and welcomed her into the family.
  65. The people there welcomed him and his balance sheet.
  66. Madness became something I both welcomed and feared.
  67. The Texas magicians had welcomed us and supported us.
  68. There came a change in her aged face and he welcomed.
  69. In rasping cadences she welcomed and invited them in.
  70. Smiles, who had watched this, welcomed me with a grin.
  71. They each welcomed the child and gave him a blessing.
  72. And, of course, you are welcomed to stroll around the.
  73. They just laughed and said they welcomed such a child.
  74. Billy and two of his sisters welcomed me to their game.
  75. A young couple welcomed us into their home graciously.
  76. The dense woods had welcomed him on so many occasions.
  77. They welcomed the four young travelers with open arms.
  78. The news programme presenter welcomed him to the studio.
  79. Somewhat perversely, Hitler welcomed the Allied landing.
  80. He then turned to his left and welcomed those on stage.
  81. Her old girl friends had welcomed her back rapturously.
  82. He strolled round to the tennis lawn and was welcomed.
  83. And welcomed by guruji, together they bowed at his feet.
  84. Though that was the only guest I would have welcomed in.
  85. Velvet welcomed the tingle of her touch with a soft moan.
  86. How the Mother Church welcomed him! This great king from.
  87. He waved them up and welcomed them to his second home.
  88. I welcomed the monsoons as I always do but this time not.
  89. He was later hailed as hero and welcomed in his hometown.
  90. She’s helped us all and even welcomed me into her home.
  91. No longer did she fear the dark, but instead welcomed it.
  92. The train conductor had welcomed them aboard earlier, but.
  93. It was with such a smile that she now welcomed Nekhludoff.
  94. All in all, Eric felt relieved and welcomed the emptiness.
  95. He would of course be welcomed to stay with McCoy, but if.
  96. What happened … she was apparently welcomed into Canada?
  97. Once upon a time Pulaski would have welcomed any new leads.
  98. The over-crowding of the Manor was not universally welcomed.
  99. So, he turned back to be welcomed by his smiling photograph.
  100. Wait in the library, said Gautam having welcomed Vidya.
  1. He welcomes me in!.
  2. He welcomes you in!.
  3. He welcomes his punishment.
  4. He welcomes you aboard for the.
  5. To greet me with premeditated welcomes;.
  6. And cool the verandah that welcomes us in.
  7. CHAPTER – Mars welcomes the new arrivals.
  8. In fact, the true investor welcomes volatility.
  9. Ireland has remained a place of welcomes and a.
  10. The devil welcomes them, for the mess to unfold.
  11. Yes, he welcomes you and is happy to see you here.
  12. Something has begun, who knows how, and he welcomes it.
  13. He allows, welcomes and embraces his fear to be as it is.
  14. She treats her children ill, but she always welcomes strangers.
  15. Bellamy have returned, and Slocum welcomes them back with much pleasure.
  16. It welcomes truffle, browned butter, bacon, toasted bread, curry, and dill.
  17. She welcomes us home and hopes that you will attend the Gathering, as her guest.
  18. Headwaiter/hostess greets and welcomes guests within 30 seconds of arriving at the.
  19. The man who has understood what his life is allows death to happen; he welcomes it.
  20. The Society always welcomes visitors, donations and foster parents for the cats that.
  21. He lives in Cascais, Portugal and welcomes you to connect with him at http://jmbatista.
  22. Some of the crew welcomes these superstitious idols as really having the power suggested.
  23. He welcomes him into Palestine with new and grander visions between the hills of Shechem.
  24. However, not everyone welcomes that information if it clashes with predetermined dictates.
  25. Can this yet be a greater generation that welcomes humanity to the world of cooperation?
  26. She gives a home to the garbage, and the more garbage that comes to her home the more she welcomes it.
  27. The Great Father moved forward and shook him warmly by the hand and said, Old Earth welcomes the brave.
  28. She could look a hoarding welcoming the travelers while a hoarding was displaying ‘Sun City Welcomes You.
  29. If the food isn't perfect, but your heart welcomes it with thankfulness, the body can turn stone into soup.
  30. The European and Australian passengers left aboard would probably bring him warmer welcomes at his next stops.
  31. Katie opens the door and welcomes us in - we’re the first to arrive apart from Gary and he doesn’t really count.
  32. Polite gentlemen in every way, smiling from ear-to-ear; and with a loud voice spoke his welcomes to their little town.
  33. The next day, Janay and Lelani arrive at TCM Communications to meet Queen Latifah as Rashad, who is VP of TCM, welcomes them.
  34. Dandy welcomes and dolly kisses to the stage at High Tea, where the tea is high and always green and nothing is what it seems.
  35. Johan listens to the screeches of birds, breathes in the salt smell of the water and welcomes the warmth of the sun on his face.
  36. The Alaskan fauna welcomes us without any signs of fear, and we stay close to the shore: not only is it safer, but we can see more.
  37. These trumpeters saluted Christian and his fellow with ten thousand welcomes from the world; and this they did with shouting, and sound of trumpet.
  38. Babsie Bishop is a 54-year-old, wiry man, with a ramrod-straight back and short white hair, who welcomes me with a broad smile to his unusually-furnished house.
  39. Hands moving to either side of the lectern, the President said, Given Arakiel’s endorsement of peace, the United States welcomes our visitor with an offer of friendship.
  40. The commander of the regiment, a thin, feeble-looking old man with a pleasant smile- his eyelids drooping more than half over his old eyes, giving him a mild expression, welcomes an honored guest.
  41. Ashbourne is the only city that welcomes supernatural beings, but like every other city, my father—for the sake of my brother—put down a law that commands every hybrid to be killed once identified.
  42. In fact he welcomes this war, because it keeps us too busy to run his troops out of Mexico… No, Scarlett, the idea of assistance from abroad is just a newspaper invention to keep up the morale of the South.
  43. An age of crisis, catastrophe, and collapse not only welcomes, but also psychically requires the invention and dependence not only upon the concept of hero, but upon its supernatural evolution – the superhero.
  44. Everywhere preparations were made not for ceremonious welcomes (which he knew Pierre would not like), but for just such gratefully religious ones, with offerings of icons and the bread andunderstanding of his master, would touch and delude him.
  45. The commander of the regiment, a thin, feeble-looking old man with a pleasant smile—his eyelids drooping more than half over his old eyes, giving him a mild expression, rode up to Bagratión and welcomed him as a host welcomes an honored guest.
  46. But perhaps the most interesting part of the tale came from AIB’s own executive chairman, David Hodgkinson, who said: The Board of AIB very much welcomes the actions of the Minister and is relieved to be in a position not to pay these bonuses.
  47. Everywhere preparations were made not for ceremonious welcomes (which he knew Pierre would not like), but for just such gratefully religious ones, with offerings of icons and the bread and salt of hospitality, as, according to his understanding of his master, would touch and delude him.
  48. Lives move on, welcomes wear down and out into the stream, they flow into another life, a shore, a tending to the shipwrecked survivors there and another moving on into Vermont, my daughter's heart – twisted around a wound pierced by a parting she remembers as abandonment, a pain starving her from the love she craves.
  49. For in that sad yet happy hour, she had learned not only the bitterness of remorse and despair, but the sweetness of self-denial and self-control, and led by her mother's hand, she had drawn nearer to the Friend who always welcomes every child with a love stronger than that of any father, tenderer than that of any mother.
  50. He welcomes thee to pleasures more refin'd,.

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