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    1. It wasn't quite as bad on this world as it had been at Sol, but they could still be persistent and aggressive and there were so many more of them

    2. Our understanding of the human stress response has been based on the "fight-or-flight" model, which states that when confronted with a stressful situation, humans either will respond with aggressive behavior or will withdraw

    3. Men are more likely than women to respond to stressful experiences by developing certain stress-related disorders, including hypertension, aggressive behavior, or abuse of alcohol, or hard drugs

    4. Some of his work is very upsetting – children being abused … wives being beaten … I’ve never worked out if it is worse for him having to defend the aggressors or to prosecute them … either way, he has to delve far too deeply into people’s lives

    5. We are not in this world to passively drift with the tides of ever changing events, to aggressively fulfill useless desires in a vain attempt to express limited personal powers

    6. All these years reading pacifist manifestos, how to resist aggression passively

    7. The 1960's iconic American sport was her way of relaxing and releasing aggression safely

    8. The volume rose and swelled with mounting aggression

    9. If you enjoyed this story from the 2164-2165 war, then read The War of Alien Aggression

    10. The War of Alien Aggression

    11. In a rather aggressive manner, he starts interrogating me about my experience in love

    12. That bantering tone of voice that he started the conversation with had flipped instantly into something far more aggressive

    13. He was very aggressive with them in that hope

    14. "But if you don't act aggressive you can just walk along with the herd

    15. JOYCE: You have just testified that you've never seen Erick lose his temper or act aggressively

    16. JOYCE: Is that not aggressive behavior?

    17. Alan was probably a bit older and more mature in most ways, but Nuran was much more sexually experienced and aggressive than he, much raunchier and probably more energetic

    18. I ended my conversation, as I was distracted by two young boys who said not to fuck with them, as I walked over to them aggressively

    19. Her arrogance and aggression isolated her until she was left making speeches to hangers-on and scroungers

    20. “One can never be too sure where Scathers are concerned, they are very aggressive,” she said with distaste

    21. " He stood up to get himself from between those melons, he couldn’t think rationally while he was there, and after listening to Heymon he worried that there might be a chance it was Ava driving this cherub, though he could scarcely imagine Ava being this aggressive with her body

    22. aggressively by his former owner/trainer

    23. negative aggression with reaction

    24. that aggression my little gypsy friend

    25. Bethai was a plastic play-girl who had him now because of her aggressive pursuit, Ava was all depth and no surface

    26. To the untrained man, to the casually aggressive, violence is a blunt instrument wielded on a whim and a skin full, but to Alex it is a tool employed with the loving care of a master craftsman

    27. the aggressors over his back

    28. months into the training Roman was defending six aggressors at a time, his

    29. “Now look here, mister!” Monica said in the best attempt of an aggressive voice that she could muster, “This is immoral, unethical, and it’s not very nice either!”

    30. His aggression was apparent before he was even

    31. Instead of decapacitating the aggressors with a

    32. surprised by the man’s aggression, and backed his chair

    33. aggressively at the Dean

    34. and aggressive attacks on enemy fortresses

    35. The evangelists are bold and aggressive at taking ground

    36. And should they fail, beyond them was a pair of massive wooden doors that, when shut, could be easily reinforced and buttressed against any outward aggression

    37. “Manager" she said as she strode aggressively over toward the counter, "What is going on?"

    38. It had several attacks programmed very aggressively into the hardware layers however

    39. seemed unnecessarily aggressive to Jean, who was

    40. That lab's treatment is much more intense, aggressively seeking pathways to aggression and blocking them

    41. Kendal was more aggressive

    42. In the march against aggression,

    43. aggressive manifestations in Athens

    44. Aggression built until I saw what was causing my dominant nature to heighten

    45. aggression, a centre that was the truest and

    46. The other woman, Charitt, was aggressive from the start

    47. Aggressor and defender

    48. Yes, it was a dog-eat-dog (well, coyote-eat-gopher) world, where the apparent universal, natural aggressiveness of territorial animals and most primates led to frequent violent encounters in the seemingly peaceful prairie

    49. Aggressor nor defender

    50. He was known for his ultra-aggressive nature and is someone you didn’t want to mess with and who was best to avoid contact with at all costs if you planned on finishing out your safari with all your limbs and body parts still attached to their original frame! He had a huge set of sharp teeth with long canines that could be used quite effectively for fighting, coupled with a cranky disposition and unfaltering determination that would surpass that of the best mixed martial arts fighters that take center ring nowadays

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