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    1. Most taboo of all, particularly for those of Maori descent who hold a reverence for the art of tattoo, is the skin-trade

    2. Weak with self-imposed malnutrition and the physical pain that came from my descent into madness, my body finally gave up the struggle for normality

    3. descent down the mountain was two hundred times faster than his ascent, as

    4. The usual horrors of the Waitrose car park seemed ambrosially soft compared to this hard, cold, terminal descent

    5. The OAAU was an organization rivaled Thanksgiving feasts, or how we held our elders in focused on the fight for human rights of Afro-Americans and such high regard—the highest in fact, or how arriving on promoting cooperation among Africans and people of African time to an event was never as important as showing up in descent in the Americas

    6. African descent, were killed when an Alabama church was bombed in retaliation of the Civil Rights Movement

    7. If he had taken a few minutes to think like a mature adult at any point along this descent into fantasy he would have realized that this could never possibly work out for him

    8. thereby saves a line of descent

    9. sounding the cross table descent that led to the vote,

    10. ” He walked them to the entrance and watched them all begin the descent down the mountain

    11. She sat in silence; her fuchsia colored nails drumming the seat handles until the descent started

    12. descent pair of walking boots,’ he complained as he

    13. His last lucid memory was the mountain descent

    14. This is not so very different than in other dimensions, including the linear ascent or descent of an octave model

    15. stopped their descent at the other walkway, high enough that Roman could see

    16. followed her with his own slow descent to the bed

    17. It wasn’t long before he began to reconsider his decision, and his need for haste, for normally he made the descent in the dark (finding his way by feel)

    18. The heat forced him to speed up his descent; his fingertips burning the longer they lingered on a grip

    19. Shinvei's shop demanded a schedule so she left as Kortrax began his descent

    20. fringes of the wood behind and had begun their descent

    21. For a moment the One Elf paused to look at him, then briefly closing his eyelids over orbs of gray and white he renewed his descent down the pathway

    22. His father, Charles Altamont Doyle was English of Irish descent, and his mother, born Mary Foley, was Irish

    23. Whatever power it held, was only available to those of elven descent – elven royalty most likely

    24. Poets write lyrics heralding the Descent of the divine beauty

    25. They had begun their descent with some confidence, albeit forced

    26. It was not yet dark, but the sky began to glow with the sun’s descent

    27. The ridge forked off into a narrower section, and soon he was having to use his hands to stabilise his descent towards the base of the waterfall

    28. There are no nations, accordingly, who abound more in families revered and honoured on account of their descent from a long race of great and illustrious ancestors ; because there are no nations among whom wealth is likely to continue longer in the same families

    29. Many of the protective outer hull plates would have fallen off had they not fused together during the descent

    30. The descent along the other side of the mid-section was trickier as the light had failed completely

    31. They believe it to be biologically untenable as it is not supported by the fossil record; they also generally reject the concept of universal descent from a common ancestor

    32. And when he was come nigh, even now at the descent of the mount of Olives, the whole multitude of the disciples began to rejoice and praise God with a loud voice for all the mighty works that they had seen; Saying, Blessed be the King that cometh in the name of the Lord: peace in heaven, and glory in the highest

    33. With his „Origin of Spiecies and Descent of Man," he may have accounted for the coloring of moths in 1900th century London, but not of the supposed origin of species, most especially of humans

    34. Or how about Darwin, whose theory of evolution , involving random mutations leading to a process of natural selection to the survival of the fittest may tell us a few things about minor changes in birds and moths, but tells us absolutely nothing about the origin and descent of man

    35. Fire had always been a strength amongst the Low Realm Angels though the brooding in flames seemed to result from their inevitable descent into madness

    36. They swooped in closer at a sickening rate of descent

    37. They moved at the same time, him jumping from his seat and running to the stairs to descend to her level, her moving hurriedly across the stage, dress trailing behind her, to reach the steps and meet him on the descent

    38. The air was polluted with a fine grey dust that would descent onto our floor and could not be hidden and had to be swept away

    39. Knowing she could not duplicate Sicarius’s descent without breaking bones, she did not try

    40. Amaranthe slid over the ledge and navigated a cautious descent

    41. He was still gawking at his comrade’s rapid descent

    42. She steadied herself for a moment before beginning the three story descent to the ground below

    43. The descent had been long and painful, the sharp rocks tearing unmercifully at their flesh, the snapping of bones heard even over the howls and screams torn from their throat

    44. Looking over the edge of the high drop, he tried to work out if there was the remotest chance of finding a descent into the chamber below, but before he could, Brokin heard voices approaching

    45. Less than one in ten were of entirely Spanish descent

    46. Almost all those who suffer from Plan Colombia are African descent or indigenous, especially the huge numbers displaced by fighting

    47. Many of these ancestors were of African descent

    48. lowed me to keep up with Cal’s swift descent by slacking the

    49. “Well, like I said, my dad’s mother’s side of the family are all German, and our town is in an area where most everyone is of German descent, especially the farmers

    50. The curves he saw dotted on the screen predicted a relatively mild descent

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    descent extraction origin ancestry blood blood line bloodline line line of descent lineage parentage pedigree stemma stock declension declination decline declivity downslope fall filiation slide dip drop descending degradation plunge downfall collapse sinking derivation stem genealogy assault advance foray incursion raid