descent sätze

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Descent sätze (in englisch)

  1. The Descent of Man and Press.
  2. He saw him on another descent.
  3. The descent, however, had begun.
  4. The elevator resumes its descent.
  5. In the morning I began my descent.

  6. Then, the gradual descent occurred.
  7. We must descent before we can ascend.
  8. I felt nothing but descent for (name.
  9. Notice the bullish Descent Block (Desc.
  10. They were proud of this direct descent.
  11. The ascent and descent of worship are.
  12. Down a new path and a spectacular descent.
  13. Officer Delahanty is also of Irish descent.
  14. But the mystery deepened upon their descent.
  15. We started a controlled descent immediately.

  16. Gently, he cries and the descent slows.
  17. Poise, my dear, and the marks of long descent.
  18. His last lucid memory was the mountain descent.
  19. You could get stuck with an impossible descent.
  20. In Sexual selection and the descent of man (ed.
  21. Many of these ancestors were of African descent.
  22. They pointed at him and then began their descent.
  23. The Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles.
  24. Some had already turned east for the descent to.
  25. Turn right heading 278, maintain rate of descent.

  26. The process of descent is the same, but in reverse.
  27. From them I draw my blood in a very short descent.
  28. The sun continued its descent making the horizon a.
  29. But then, tactlessly, Darwin published his Descent.
  30. A tear began its descent down Ilky’s delicate face.
  31. It seemed like hours before they began their descent.
  32. The descent of man, and selection in relation to sex.
  33. They swooped in closer at a sickening rate of descent.
  34. He pushed the button, and the car started its descent.
  35. People below may not be too happy about that descent.
  36. He was still gawking at his comrade’s rapid descent.
  37. This was the incident that began Corey's descent into.
  38. Less than one in ten were of entirely Spanish descent.
  39. After an hour in the air, Donovan began a slow descent.
  40. When I was near the bottom of the descent I looked back.
  41. When that became clear, the hit man started his descent.
  42. Descent will make us targets, except for me, of course.
  43. I'm a descent of the second vampire, Halldor Falkursson.
  44. The whole of this itinerary resembled a descent of black.
  45. No sound interferes with his meticulously descent downward.
  46. His thoughts were broken by a sudden descent toward the land.
  47. Their angle of descent was rather steep, about twenty degrees.
  48. On my theory, unity of type is explained by unity of descent.
  49. Don’t be long, Jason called out as he made his descent.
  50. Amaranthe slid over the ledge and navigated a cautious descent.
  51. The hydraulic brake maintains constant descent of the weight].
  52. He saw with a start that their rate of descent had increased.
  53. Poets write lyrics heralding the Descent of the divine beauty.
  54. Jane got the impression DS Burrows was of West Indian descent.
  55. At all events, descent here at the friendly home was impossible.
  56. It was a group of people who traced their descent from Abraham.
  57. It wasn’t a textbook entry and it wasn’t a textbook descent.
  58. The descent had been easier than the ascent, but only by degrees.
  59. Infrared cameras captured him as he began his startling descent.
  60. Tony adjusted the control column to reduce their rate of descent.
  61. He tied the handkerchief around his face and started his descent.
  62. African descent in the Americas have their own unique history of.
  63. Darwin, The Descent ofMan, and Selection in Relation to Sex, cit.
  64. They had begun their descent with some confidence, albeit forced.
  65. The Descent Block pattern is a three-day bullish reversal pattern.
  66. Difficulties of the theory of descent with modification—Absence.
  67. The stone steps felt uneven as he made his descent, as if crafted.
  68. And not an English patriot; when in fact he was of German descent.
  69. Those of descent cannot apply to it, because it can have no heirs.
  70. He had often lectured his students on the dangers of rapid descent.
  71. Amy’s grandmother is of Ukrainian descent, and the table shows it.
  72. In the book, My Descent into Death: A Second Chance at Life, Howard.
  73. I can only expect further terrible wonders as I continue my descent.
  74. In fact, if they hadn't watched the descent, they never would have.
  75. His twenty-story descent finally stops when he landed on the top of.
  76. Homer makes this clear when he speaks of Ulysses’ descent into Hades.
  77. It may still be heading lower, but the rate of its descent has slowed.
  78. From these red-haired conquerors the earlier Pharaohs boasted descent.
  79. David put down an anchor and a descent line and gave a pre-dive brief.
  80. Many explanations can be given regarding Ulysses’ descent into Hades.
  81. That shocked me! He actually thought of something descent for a change.
  82. In Christian symbolism the Ascension and the Descent of the Holy Ghost.
  83. Pathfinder’s final stage of descent was a balloon-covered tetrahedron.
  84. Three bright blue flares shot far into the air and began a slow descent.
  85. The fulcrum of this part of the voyage is his descent into Hades, where.
  86. It was not yet dark, but the sky began to glow with the sun’s descent.
  87. The greatest affliction then befalls them: a quick and terrible descent.
  88. Zoran called a rest on a bench of land just above the last short descent.
  89. People of African descent had higher rates of CPR but with less survival.
  90. A cabin door opened and the copilot said that we were starting our descent.
  91. The curves he saw dotted on the screen predicted a relatively mild descent.
  92. As we walked, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a woman of African descent.
  93. Once outside, the red mist continued its slow descent, expanding as it went.
  94. And so began his first, tentative descent into the daughter’s secret life.
  95. Shinvei's shop demanded a schedule so she left as Kortrax began his descent.
  96. The general method of this descent of Spirit into matter seems to be always.
  97. McFife"s irritable descent was followed by the young woman"s clattering heels.
  98. The test is in the normal rout of descent, but for what ever reason, they can.
  99. At midafternoon he hiked down the steep descent to the waterfront, where a U.
  100. Adriane Ramos was Brazilian born of German descent, 29 years old, she hosted a.

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