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    1. All these years reading pacifist manifestos, how to resist aggression passively

    2. The 1960's iconic American sport was her way of relaxing and releasing aggression safely

    3. The volume rose and swelled with mounting aggression

    4. If you enjoyed this story from the 2164-2165 war, then read The War of Alien Aggression

    5. The War of Alien Aggression

    6. Her arrogance and aggression isolated her until she was left making speeches to hangers-on and scroungers

    7. negative aggression with reaction

    8. that aggression my little gypsy friend

    9. His aggression was apparent before he was even

    10. surprised by the man’s aggression, and backed his chair

    11. And should they fail, beyond them was a pair of massive wooden doors that, when shut, could be easily reinforced and buttressed against any outward aggression

    12. That lab's treatment is much more intense, aggressively seeking pathways to aggression and blocking them

    13. In the march against aggression,

    14. Aggression built until I saw what was causing my dominant nature to heighten

    15. aggression, a centre that was the truest and

    16. “Historically, you human beings have celebrated great achievements in many areas of development, yet all the while have suffered every kind of difficulty, treachery, and unspeakable aggression and violence that could be imaginable on our planet

    17. An unhealthy team mired in hostility and aggression is the # 1 barrier

    18. To dream about hate indicates repressed aggression and your fear of confrontations

    19. lest they do something to provoke the old sourpuss into some act of aggression

    20. You are not welcome here, we have declared ourselves a sovereign nation, no longer subject to Earth rule, and your continuing presence is an unjustified act of aggression

    21. confidence without reason, and aggression

    22. “Now take what is happening in France I would have that sorted out in no time I can tell you we have to get our lads out of the trenches and get them to show a bit more aggression going forward after all its only the Germans we are fighting

    23. Even over Christmas there was no let up the truce of 1914 was long gone what the Staff on both sides wanted now was more aggression

    24. following the aggression in her voice

    25. Try to consider, however, the need for a proportionate response to such an act of aggression – unless of course the Eastern Alliance has also been coerced

    26. I must, however, stress that this is not intended as an offensive strategy against Western interests, merely a demonstration of solidarity against neo-imperialist aggression

    27. ‘Now listen, you fat cow,’ he said firmly with a hint of aggression

    28. If the research showed that the new drug didn’t strengthen aggression for instance, but subdued it after the initial spurt, that would make it useless

    29. My reckless driving and natural aggression provided me a transfer to the Flying Squad within months

    30. “Listen, have you heard of any research being carried out for the armed forces on aggression?”

    31. Flying Squad manners are something you are born with: Natural aggression and individualism combined with a strong urge for killing or kicking terrorists and criminals

    32. War is a (collective) act of aggression by one sovereign nation against another

    33. I have often been reminded by Christians and Atheists alike that war, or any act of aggression for that matter, is inconsistent with Christ‘s Teaching

    34. It also includes those who permitted war crimes to be done by US military or government agents, as well as those who by going into wars of aggression created the conditions for war crimes to happen

    35. What nation had the highest proportion of its males killed in a war of aggression? The dubious record goes to Paraguay, with over three quarters of its adult males dying in the War of the Triple Alliance

    36. Not only has the Japanese government and military not committed anything close to its prior atrocities, the nation's constitution strictly prohibits wars of aggression

    37. What: The unprovoked war of aggression that stole one half of Mexico's land and one tenth its people

    38. Militias were once considered our nation‘s front line of national defense against foreign and domestic aggression

    39. From the start, there were many Americans convinced that wars of aggression were right and just

    40. This aggression was certainly not wanted by all Americans

    41. This sections is for all the remaining wars of aggression

    42. What: By his principled opposition to slavery (though he felt bound by the Constitution's recognition of it) Van Buren delayed both a war of aggression with Mexico to expand slavery and the genocide of California Indians that followed

    43. The Confederacy also planned wars of aggression against Mexico and the Dominican Republic

    44. What about aggression in dogs? It depends on what type of aggression they are

    45. Is it fear-based aggression or dominance-based aggression? This is too

    46. He discusses all the different types of aggression and the many ways to deal with each one

    47. “Confidence, and aggression, is what wins in the air; and I suppose in real life, too

    48. That makes for one longer war and three wars of aggression by choice

    49. Deaths caused by war of aggression: 200,000 to over 1 million

    50. Defeating the Confederacy prevented wars of aggression against the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Spain, as well as future wars against the US, saving at least 120,000 lives

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    aggression hostility aggressiveness blow attack charge offensive descent skirmish push