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    1. Tom found that he was bracing himself to ameliorate the effects

    2. Witnessing someone being eaten alive by microscopic machines would undoubtedly leave you plagued with the kind of nightmares that no psychiatrist could ameliorate

    3. There was a need to ameliorate the problems within the marriage

    4. The EMT who accompanied the ambulance told them that Trooper Burns had excessively pepper sprayed Mike’s face and eyes and that she had used wash clothes to ameliorate the condition at Mike’s condo

    5. Going the extra mile to ameliorate matters, I also emailed Mickey an apology (though I thought then, and still do, that none was warranted)

    6. His face was angular, with a cruel set to his features, and his smile did nothing to ameliorate the effect

    7. “Needles,” Jeff echoed, as though repeating this might ameliorate their situation

    8. The Ten Hours Factory Act, the legislation about women and children working in mines, the creation of ragged schools and reformatories, the rise and progress of the temperance movement, the many efforts to ameliorate the condition of the working classes by education, sanitation, public parks, and recreation grounds, hall these things have been the creation of the last fifty years

    9. to these questions may help us avoid or ameliorate in the future the bad seasons in

    10. � She chose to see her own childhood suffering as meaningful and used that meaning to ameliorate the suffering of the child in her care

    1. He continued to receive a stream of visitors which ameliorated the

    2. Some of them, especially society"s problems, are simply not solvable, but they can be ameliorated through tradeoffs

    3. Was Cain mentioned first because man’s carnal (that is, self-serving) nature came into being before it was ameliorated by a painfully long, gradual recognition of the primacy of a Creator, in whose name and through whose teachings we seem to have learned the greater good of sharing, as with Abel?

    4. By mid-afternoon, its heat is ameliorated by gentle

    5. It would take a few painful months but with a cocktail of the very latest drugs my condition and chances for survival would be considerably ameliorated

    6. This is sometimes ameliorated

    7. Our system of life has reached the limit of misery, and cannot be ameliorated by any pagan reorganization—All our life, with its pagan institutions, is devoid of meaning—Are we obeying the will of God in maintaining our present privileges and obligations?—We are in this position, not because such is the law of the universe, that it is inevitable, but because we wish it, because it is advantageous for some of us—All our consciousness contradicts this, and our deliverance consists in acknowledging the Christian truth, not to do to one's neighbor that which one would not have done to one's self—As our obligations in regard to ourselves should be subordinate to our obligations to others, so in like manner our obligations to others should be subordinate to our obligations to God—Deliverance from our position consists, if not in giving up our position and its rights at once, at least in acknowledging our guilt, and neither lying nor trying to justify ourselves—The true significance of our life consists in knowing and professing the truth, whereas our approval of, and our activity in, the service of the State takes all meaning from life—God demands that we serve Him, that is, that we seek to establish the greatest degree of union among all human beings, which union is possible only in truth

    8. This progress is very striking indeed; but owing to some bad luck, recognized, too, by the men of science, this progress has not yet ameliorated, but has rather deteriorated, the condition of working men

    9. In my opinion it would be ameliorated

    1. Or a man possessed with the hope of ameliorating them

    2. Although this highly sophisticated and financially prohibitive and ―impractical‖ venture may appear ‖implausible‖ to some, the reduction in stress-related travel, increased quality time, higher productivity at the workplace and the system‘s ameliorating impact on our environment (already) under enormous stress, not to mention our nation‘s increasing dependence on foreign sources of oil, may very well offset the cost(s) associated with this awesome undertaking

    3. I am sure he was more confident with his system and practices of ameliorating students

    4. Ameliorating to some extent this lack of an anchor is the fact that research department analysts and conventional money managers tend to be traders, not investors

    5. And other people who are in the same position as he believe him, commend him, and solemnly discuss with him measures for ameliorating the condition of the working-class, on whose exploitation their whole life rests, devising all kinds of possible methods for this, except the one without which all improvement of their condition is impossible, i

    1. Conformity thereby ameliorates the fear of error

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