refine sätze

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Refine sätze (in englisch)

  1. He was eager to refine his barking.
  2. Continually test, refine and improve.
  3. You will upgrade and refine your image.
  4. Tomorrow I can show you how to refine.
  5. Do the best you can now, and refine later.

  6. But our scientists continued to refine it.
  7. With His love He will refine His people in.
  8. Like trials, it improves us and can refine us.
  9. I was hoping that you’d refine it a little.
  10. Refine your work in the Second Draft of the book.
  11. Thinner paint is easier to refine and manipulate.
  12. Devote 5-10 minutes to refine the chosen statement.
  13. If the answer is yes, you can continue to refine the.
  14. You can then use this information to further refine your.
  15. I am the wind among powers that refine, Ram among armed.

  16. Exercises 5 and 6 will refine the work you did in Exercise 1.
  17. Refine the Second Draft of your book to show how others treat.
  18. We’re onto something here, so let’s refine the methodology.
  19. Those conversations allowed me to refine our interior finishing.
  20. With plenty of time to brainstorm, design, and refine her plan of.
  21. I’ll greatly expand and refine the above descriptions in the future.
  22. In the matter of civilization, he must not refine, but he must sublime.
  23. Over production of cortisol caused by intake of sugar and refine starches.
  24. Simple sugar and refine starches have a very high reading in the GI index.
  25. Now let’s use the info in your Master Keyword List to refine your concept.

  26. It is good that twice a year you get a chance to upgrade and refine this area.
  27. To refine this categorization a bit more, we break the groups into five categories.
  28. Nathan thought to himself, that he really needed to refine his interrogation skills.
  29. Tens of thousands of space miners have worked hard to mine and refine that metal ore.
  30. The program helped him refine quantitative abilities and skills in financial analysis.
  31. She always likes to help young women refine themselves or merely fine-tune their graces.
  32. That which is now offered and pressed upon us does not soothe, purify, exalt, or refine.
  33. On the other hand, white clouds refine and filter light and reduce the heat to a pleasant.
  34. Then pick the best one and really refine it over the course of a few days before publishing.
  35. Well, could you refine that somewhat? How soon exactly, is soon? More or less, of course.
  36. His friendly biographer claims that all Abramoff did was refine an already corrupt system!.
  37. During the early stages of planning, you have the best opportunity to refine and change your plan.
  38. The spirit of prayer seemed to purify her and refine those homely features and make them luminous.
  39. You could of course corroborate this with other indicators discussed in Part I to refine the view.
  40. In this last chapter we will learn to refine our gift and find how it fits in the place of worship.
  41. Any nobleness begins at once to refine a man's features, any meanness or sensuality to imbrute them.
  42. Scotty tried to refine the image, but no amount of fine-tuning brought up the shadowy figure’s face.
  43. The question should be: How can we build, refine, and verify the validity of our subjective analyses?
  44. This is a method that you can refine on an ongoing basis to improve the natural search traffic to your.
  45. As another day came to an end, Charlie headed back up the stairs to his room to refine his plans further.
  46. You will constantly review, then revisit, and then refine your position size limits and stop losses over time.
  47. It hones in on these common problems quickly and helps you to refine your voice and reach the next level in 30.
  48. She could work farther ahead but she decided instead to use that time to refine the search system that she had come up with.
  49. From there, it is easy to develop and refine your creations efficiently, with simple but powerful and accurate editing tools.
  50. Using a combination of time-motion studies and detailed mapping of the processes, we were able to refine the internal processes.
  51. Advances in genetic and neurological engineering have allowed World Government scientists to refine the genetic selection process.
  52. We can continue for a long time and refine the list, in which we will give examples of cases where organisms tend to live together.
  53. We have coal, oil, natural gas and the ability to develop nuclear power and refine oil and are not doing it because of the government.
  54. Lumisys Leads to Broader Understanding of O’Neil Methods While Lumisys was a painful lesson, it did help me refine my technique a bit.
  55. Ava immediately said her goodbyes and went back to her lab, probably worrying about the asteroid and attempting to refine the predictions.
  56. The following list will help you to refine your trading system and define the rules so that you are ready for any situation before it arises.
  57. It seems plausible that style timing can refine these strategies by identifying conditions when these strategies are more likely to excel or fail.
  58. What about if we just refine the rule to say that misdirection Thursday moves in opposition to expiration Friday? This doesn’t really do much for us.
  59. Some of the most important process elements and content pieces of family budgeting to read more about, study, learn and practice, hone and refine are:.
  60. This is a good thing when it happens – it’s good to revise our belief systems periodically and to refine them – but it’s not always so pleasant.
  61. Leanne left Pete to refine the search and gave the nod to the Detective Inspector, who was well into his information session with the other senior officers.
  62. You may already have an initial sense of the number of years until your target retirement date, but completing this step will help you refine that understanding.
  63. Successful traders tend to be process driven; they develop and refine routines that turn good trading behaviors into habits and execute these routines habitually.
  64. The company engaged only in oil and gas exploration and production having no downstream capabilities (that is, it did not transport, refine, or market petroleum products).
  65. Problem: The research techniques traders use to refine their strategy are deficient, leading them to the wrong conclusions about how they can improve their existing strategy.
  66. We can further refine our approximation if we note that an at-the-money option is made up entirely of time value and that the time value of an option is proportional to the square root of time.
  67. For one it’s punishment and utter destruction, but for the Remnant, that shaking, that persecution will be to test and try and refine His holy Remnant; His beloved Bride, His cherished Church.
  68. Now diving at a speed of less than 700 kilometers per hour, Ingrid had over a minute to refine her dive trajectory, aiming squarely at the cruiser getting progressively bigger in her aiming sight.
  69. It’s a result of over 4 years’ constant feedback and refinement, a true quality process: act, measure, evaluate, refine, act, and so on, all in the service of obtaining the exact outcomes I listed above!.
  70. Stung by this reception, Chuff returned to his laboratory and basically became a recluse, working day and night to refine his theory - partly to prove himself to his colleagues, partly because he didn't get out much anyway.
  71. So the challenge is to refine the art of investment decision making in a way that exploits all our knowledge about historical experience, theories, and current market conditions, without being overly dependent on any one of these.
  72. There was less agreement on the appropriate response—whether to stick with proven approaches, whether to refine and time them, or whether to replace them with more proprietary quant approaches (less crowded but less proven).
  73. The other 25 percent, however, contained insights, innovative techniques, or points for discussion from current findings in the field, and she used the time immediately before class to refine the organization and presentation of this newer material.
  74. After Jodas and his companions left, I went in search of Coatl and as usual he was with one of the trades people, a potter this time, he was covered with white clay lying on his back under the potters wheel explaining something about the workings and how to refine it.
  75. By my life! That is the only way leading to refine the human spirits and uplift them to the highest positions of perfection and humanity; for the noble moralities are obtained from Allah and to Him, alone, the seekers of reaching virtue return as He is the Owner of Supreme Attributes and the Source of endless perfection.
  76. Usually the student has a working idea for a dissertation research question before finishing up classes and choosing a committee and then the committee helps the student refine the question which should provide both new knowledge to the field and prove the student's fitness (when the research is completed and written) for a doctorate in this field.
  77. So we learn through experience to ‘grow’ and ‘develop’ in the best way we know how with the resources and knowledge we possess, with the desire to refine and hone Self’s self-awareness and consciousness in relation to Self’s Spirit and thus, thoughts, feelings, values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours culminating in Self’s personhood and personality.
  78. When nothing else matters except that single part of a disconnected linear chain of a linear, causal process that rips ore out of the earth, filters it, crushes it, washes it, chemicalizes it, melts it, refines it, turns it into an alloy, ships it around the world to other factories that refine it further, shape it, re-melt it, pound it, twist it, flatten it, and then sell it to another set of disconnected linear processes that makes that metal ends up in half the houses of the world as a screw, as a pipe, as a nail….
  79. And suppose the objector to refine still further, and to draw the nice distinction that not only parts of tops, but whole tops, when they spin round with their pegs fixed on the spot, are at rest and in motion at the same time (and he may say the same of anything which revolves in the same spot), his objection would not be admitted by us, because in such cases things are not at rest and in motion in the same parts of themselves; we should rather say that they have both an axis and a circumference, and that the axis stands still, for there is no deviation from the perpendicular; and that the circumference goes round.
  1. Refining, instructions on, xvii, 177.
  2. With the invention and refining of ever more.
  3. They are instituted to stop our refining oil.
  4. Adopting the hacking term, they began refining.
  5. But whenever you are refining your keywords, it is.
  6. Comment on the Corn Products Refining Company Exhibit.
  7. It has a refining capacity of 557,000 barrels per day.
  8. Keep refining the practice; don't let it become a disaster.
  9. Most major integrated oil companies have a large refining capacity.
  10. In history, it was known that North Korea was refining Uranium for.
  11. Refining the classification a bit more doesn’t alter those results.
  12. And of course, with the leadership of America, the refining of uranium.
  13. When you keep refining each element, you can apply this knowledge to other.
  14. These first four stages of Patanjali's ashtanga yoga concentrate on refining.
  15. One way to get exposure to the refining space is to invest in these major companies.
  16. The test of fire is meant to be a final refining process and not a process of destruction.
  17. Perhaps it was based on years in the FBI of refining an intuition of the evil within people.
  18. To shape it in accordance with the requirements of yagya is the act of refining and adorning.
  19. Millstone–Another symbol for a cleansing, purging, and refining crucible that causes a certain.
  20. He should stop thinking about refining the design of their speed yacht and concentrate on using it.
  21. In fact we thought it good enough through our months of testing and refining that we began trading it.
  22. Through our suffering there is a refining process that takes place where the dross is burnt out of us.
  23. Perhaps the boss didn’t consider what the drilling and refining of oil was doing to the environment.
  24. But the captain remained content with this method of refining my work, and he rarely discussed it with me.
  25. Barnsdall Oil owned both refining and producing properties, the latter profitable, the former unprofitable.
  26. Now break those groups down a bit more, refining your definition of above average and below average volume.
  27. They were going to work themselves into top physical condition first and then worry about refining technique later.
  28. He spent most of his spare time refining his weapons or simply retreating to his quarters and that damnable silence.
  29. She remembered the hours he’d spent whittling and refining every inch of her bedroom shelves and fireplace mantle.
  30. Third, plant size is important because the larger the refining plant is, the more it can spread out its fixed costs.
  31. Ray literally spent years refining his research until he had arrived at a completely new way to look at asset allocation.
  32. Of this 68% came from the electricity and gas industries, 26% came from coke ovens, oil refining and nuclear fuel production.
  33. Both the oil refining and electric generating processes produce a great amount of air pollution and other toxic waste products.
  34. Realizing he was done introducing her, Norah took his place up front, already refining her pitch, shifting from training to instinct.
  35. It is frustrating to realize that we have oil and the capability of mining it and refining it and yet we import two thirds of our needs.
  36. She then continued, Breakfast menu complete, we then set about refining our daytime menu as we wanted to change the whole look and feel.
  37. What would anywhere else have been performed by ore refining machines, here was being done with the broken teeth and bleeding fingers of slaves.
  38. Almost all the major energy companies have integrated operations that span from oil to natural gas to refining to alternative energy divisions.
  39. If the refining business is booming, but oil prices are down, the majors will not be affected as greatly as a more concentrated energy company.
  40. For example, when my firm was researching a refinery business, we identified three factors that combine to create the ideal refining business:.
  41. After my high school education I actually have thought about refining my art knowledge through a higher study, but I didn’t go through with it.
  42. This included mining firms, prospectors, logistical firms, refining operations, support operations and anyone else who lived and worked in the vicinity.
  43. Exxon is a diverse company with operations in the following areas: exploration, development, production, refining, marketing, chemicals, and lubricants.
  44. NOT LONG AGO, we had a Kennedy Forum meeting of top experts on different aspects of parity from all over the country, to begin refining our new agenda.
  45. You may find that your planning is better on clean sheets of paper and that you might make several drafts before refining your plans to your satisfaction.
  46. Anything labeled vegetable oil, soybean oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, safflower oil, and even many canola oils have been damaged by this refining process.
  47. Based in Brazil, Petrobras is involved in the exploration, production, refining, marketing, and transportation of petroleum products in Brazil and abroad.
  48. We will spend much of the rest of this book refining these templates, looking at specific ways to trade around them, and considering how to manage the risk of those trades.
  49. The oil-producing part of the industry has apparently accounted for most of the profits; the refining and marketing divisions have earned little, if anything, on their investment.
  50. It may be that we are so accustomed to the materialism of the English critics that we fail, at first, to apprehend the spirituality of this most refined and refining of Frenchmen.
  51. On the other hand, its income account, freed from the burden of these refining losses, showed profits from producing operations at a steady rate from June 1, 1933, to the end of 1938.
  52. Mind in a whirl of inadequacy, headache, self-reproach… I spent the day in bed, dehydrating, starving, unable to sleep, delirious with self-recrimination, refining plans for suicide.
  53. Overfitting can be unintentional—the summed outcome of many apparently minor choices in developing, refining, and combining trading strategies—but the cumulative impact can be large.
  54. It is clear that the record of Corn Products Refining Company does not suggest the same questions or doubts as arise from an examination of the United States Steel Corporation’s exhibit.
  55. The value added by the refining sector has also dropped from 1990 levels, with a fall of 40 per cent from 1990 to 1991, a slight fall between 1991 and 1992 and modest increases since then.
  56. The minerals that are removed from salt in the refining process have been known to be sold to vitamin manufacturers, who in turn sell them back to us in a form that is not easily digested.
  57. At the end of 1998, Shell Haven represented around 5 per cent of UK crude distillation capacity, and its closure is therefore unlikely to have a significant impact on the UK refining industry.
  58. Refiners and integrated oil and gas companies will continue to be laggards for the foreseeable future as low margins in the refining business will continue to act as a damper on stock prices.
  59. The purpose of this kind of analysis may best be conveyed by means of the following applications to the long-term exhibits of United States Steel Corporation and Corn Products Refining Company.
  60. And it is that in this art of the investigation, as in any other art, it is needed the refining of certain skills and special workmanship, only provided by the expertise of an exclusive dedication.
  61. Nihilist, Godless, paganized, the contemporary generation accepts as an undoubted law, that the development of man consists in enlarging the number of needs and refining them to the point of a cult.
  62. So when a new process was discovered of refining sugar cheaply and in large quantities honey began to lose its popularity as a sweetening agent and became increasingly less available as sugar became more so.
  63. When I first brought up that I was going to teach asset allocation and these additional refining strategies in this book, many of my friends in the financial world said, You’re crazy! It’s just too complex.
  64. The method followed by the Barnsdall Oil Company appears therefore clearly open to criticism, since it served merely to terminate the reporting of its refining losses without really terminating the losses themselves.
  65. Shall we sit here with our arms folded until the enemy is at our gates? If we waste our time in discussion and refining abstract questions of right and wrong, we shall lose our independence, and we shall deserve to lose it.
  66. Beside Blossom materialized Terri Stambaugh, the woman who owned the Pico Mundo Grille, who had given me a job when I was sixteen and helped me to master my natural talent as a hash-slinger, refining me into a griddle master.
  67. The manufacture of claying or refining sugar, accordingly, though it has flourished in all the sugar colonies of France, has been little cultivated in any of those of England, except for the market of the colonies themselves.
  68. They amounted, therefore, to a prohibition, at first of claying or refining sugar for any foreign market, and at present of claying or refining it for the market which takes off, perhaps, more than nine-tenths of the whole produce.
  69. We will spend an entire chapter refining our understanding of the characteristic features of price action in trends, but the basic pattern is a series of with-trend legs interspersed with pullbacks, which are also called retracements.
  70. On the other hand, if the division were made in proportion to book values, the refining and marketing sections would loom large, the oil reserves would have a much smaller value, and the depletion charge would be proportionately smaller.
  71. After that we might ask: why should we love our neighbor, to what extent, and what is the purpose, meaning, and teleology of neighborly love? Within this context we are refining the definitions of love and neighbor in regards to each other.
  72. The key, however, lies in public and private investment in alternative, more cost efficient (non-fossil) sources of energy presently available in the marketplace that require research, refining, sensible planning and extensive implementation.
  73. In 1939, however, the New York Stock Exchange called upon the company to correct its statements to stockholders by advising them of the effect upon the reported profits of charging there-against the write-downs of the investment in the refining company.
  74. In fact, at one point, the price of oil was so low that the wooden barrel was worth almost twice as much as its contents!4 It is true that there was chaos in the production and refining of oil, and that price stability was obtained, but at what cost?
  75. In contrast with this standard policy, now all but universally followed, we may point to the questionable practice on this important point formerly resorted to by such important companies as American Car and Foundry, American Sugar Refining and Baldwin Locomotive Works.
  76. I can no longer pursue amusements which are oil to the fire of amorous sensuality,—the reading of romances and the most of poetry, listening to music, attendance at theatres and balls,—amusements that once seemed to me elevated and refining, but which I now see to be injurious.
  77. Where conjunction natives rely on immediate, knee-jerk responses – or immediate dismissal of ideas to oblivion (once they’ve decided something, their minds are made up forever); elongation natives rely on continual self-analysis, sifting and refining their thinking, over and over and over and over.
  78. Excellent illustrations of the effect of this attitude upon the price of common stocks are afforded by the records of the earnings, dividends and annual price variations of American Sugar Refining between 1907 and 1913 and of Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway between 1916 and 1925 presented herewith.
  79. We infer that the wisdom of God saw good to pass his vessels of mercy through the fiery trials of temptation, reproof, chastisement, and discipline, that they might be molded into the image of Christ, and subjected to the most refining tests, the chaff would be separated from the wheat with the greatest precision.
  80. Who can weigh virtue, or even fortune against health, or moral and mental qualities against bodily? Who can measure probabilities against certainties? There has been some good as well as evil in the discipline of suffering; and there are diseases, such as consumption, which have exercised a refining and softening influence on the character.
  81. It would be refining too much, perhaps, even considering his monomania, to hint that his vindictiveness towards the White Whale might have possibly extended itself in some degree to all sperm whales, and that the more monsters he slew by so much the more he multiplied the chances that each subsequently encountered whale would prove to be the hated one he hunted.
  82. But now the true refining passion had regained throughout possession of me, with all its train of symptoms: a sweet sensibility, a tender timidity, love-sick yearnings tempered with diffidence and modesty, all held me in a subjection of soul, incomparably dearer to me than the liberty of heart which I had been long, too long! the mistress of, in the course of those grosser gallantries, the consciousness of which now made me sigh with a virtuous confusion and regret.
  83. His prose needs some refining though,.
  1. She was a refined and.
  2. Gold has to be refined 7.
  3. Had a more refined way of.
  4. As much as we have refined.
  5. I spit out the refined metal.
  6. High in Refined white sugars.
  7. They troubled the and refined.
  8. We have refined our measurements.
  9. When remembrance is so refined and.
  10. They refined the plan in the morning.
  11. These refined products have most of.
  12. This enables a far more refined and.
  13. The diet needs to be more refined too.
  14. She sounds very refined and upper.
  15. SEO has become a much more refined art.
  16. It is said that art has become refined.
  17. And both shall be refined until the time.
  18. The body is being refined and sensitized.
  19. By the late 1980s, Stallman had refined.
  20. When all your thoughts have been refined.
  21. And she had refined her plans for revenge.
  22. It is loved for its refined search engine.
  23. That which was refined will stop inwardly.
  24. Of fire that swept and left my soul refined.
  25. Refined birching to stimulate the circulation.
  26. Refined carbohydrates are food products that.
  27. It’s a very refined sounding name for an.
  28. Henriette had been brought up as a refined lady.
  29. We cannot say the same for white, refined sugar.
  30. He was a quiet refined man who was highly educated.
  31. He never departed from the most refined politeness.
  32. The longer a predominately sweet, refined diet is.
  33. Once again, this refined approach caused a problem.
  34. The dinner was very refined, the wines very costly.
  35. He was, even to her refined senses, completely gone.
  36. Your fat runs on unhealthy fats, refined sugars and.
  37. I’ve refined this doctrine for this age and it is.
  38. Avoid refined sugars that may cause bowel difficulty.
  39. Because he is pleasant, refined and a man of the world.
  40. Refined grains on the other hand are the total opposite.
  41. I wish I had his skills to make more refined judgement.
  42. This model has been refined after years of research and.
  43. His strategy was elegant—very refined for one so young.
  44. P…Caffeine, Refined sugar, Alcohol, and Processed foods.
  45. A refined kitchen garden was spread al over the backyard.
  46. And gratitude entails sensitivity and refined sentiments.
  47. An example of a refined and regular carbohydrate would be.
  48. Love, affection, compassion, and concern are refined and.
  49. The difference between whole grains and refined grains is.
  50. She refined her search, typed home fire wealthy couple.
  51. No refined sugar, no wheat, no highly processed junk food.
  52. Refined and restored, in the image in which He created them.
  53. Elowen, his refined accent struggled with the common tongue.
  54. Now the refined sugar that we spoke about can sneak up on you.
  55. The man’s face seemed to me to be refined and even pleasant.
  56. Gold is passed through fire while being refined and so are you.
  57. The foods to eliminate are processed food, refined sugar and.
  58. Bad carbs are refined carbohydrates and this is the stuff you.
  59. It is an exclusive, refined, elite awareness of nothingness….
  60. Grains (Whole Grains & Refined Grains) What’s the difference.
  61. The vulgar and the refined, what you call sin and what you call.
  62. Would He not know, He Who created? He is the Refined, the Expert.
  63. The love and social life is becoming more spiritual, more refined.
  64. The only refined thing about me is the oil in my plane’s engine.
  65. This shows that your thinking and speech are becoming more refined.
  66. Over the years the dish has been refined to become what it is today.
  67. With refined gestures he starts to eat and looks integrating at me.
  68. Honey, sugar and refined foods such as white bread and white rice -.
  69. You are attracting and are attracted by more refined types of people.
  70. Many of your highly refined foods are stripped of the nutrients and.
  71. To those that she has left behind — These won't be nearly so refined.
  72. She was sure that a man as refined as he would appreciate the gesture.
  73. This is part of the reason why highly refined salt is not good for us.
  74. In all these ways the disciple' s speech should be refined and evolved.
  75. The thing to remember is that when carbohydrates are refined, such as.
  76. You gravitate to highly educated, refined and perhaps religious people.
  77. High glycemic or refined sugars cause elevated glucose, which elevates.
  78. Though much mutilated, what remains shows workmanship of a refined kind.
  79. The torture of the next quarter of an hour was refined beyond expression.
  80. Remember refined sugars unnaturally spiking and elevation of insulin and.
  81. Crystal: It is a stone of the flint kind, the most refined kind of quartz.
  82. To reduce your carb intake, it’s better to cut out refined sugars and.
  83. The role she enacted was that of a refined sweet Southern lady in distress.
  84. Was it really necessary for love to be refined in the crucible of tragedy?
  85. The developed and refined Christian-Satanist who had spent time to progress.
  86. He was always courteous, always refined, but singularly silent and retiring.
  87. A niche is a more refined topic that is very much a sub-section of a market.
  88. Geminis like their partners to be refined, well educated and well travelled.
  89. Copies of the paper refined from my hurried drafts were passed around the table.
  90. The more delicate and refined the object is, the greater the disruption will be.
  91. This shows that your leisure activities are becoming more spiritual and refined.
  92. We began looking at properties, refined to houses we liked and settled on a home.
  93. High in refined sugar and artificial additives Look out for other forms of sugar.
  94. She looks refined, too, as though she were a lady, and he bent over her once more.
  95. The thing to remember is that when carbohydrates are refined, such as white bread.
  96. Free the slaves of capital, and it will be impossible to produce such refined art.
  97. Refined carbohydrates, such as those found in white bread, are referred to as high.
  98. Our hero's refined features betrayed, for a moment, an expression of bitter disgust.
  99. Whole Grain Oats: Important not to confuse with instant oats which have been refined.
  100. In the meantime he calmly eats further and in such a refined way it gets on my nerves.
  1. God refines, and the symbol is always by fire.
  2. Krishn shapes and refines beings with special care at the beginning of.
  3. In Verse 14, Paul refines this thought clearly stating that if those that live law can inherit –.
  4. The manufacturers first supply the neighbourhood, and afterwards, as their work improves and refines, more distant markets.
  5. Here is our master Joseph, who doesn’t care about the external appearance, but rather, he sees by Al’lah’s Light which refines one’s heart.
  6. The principles of Islamic economy is that it never deprive the natural instinct of possessing among Muslims, but it refines and guides it for the protection of man himself as well as his society.
  7. And now! now I felt, to the heart of me! I felt the prodigious keen edge, with which love, presiding over this act, points the pleasure: love! that may be styled the Attic salt of enjoyment; and indeed, without it, the joy, great as it is, is still a vulgar one, whether in a king or a beggar; for it is, undoubtedly, love alone that refines, ennobles, and exalts it.
  8. When nothing else matters except that single part of a disconnected linear chain of a linear, causal process that rips ore out of the earth, filters it, crushes it, washes it, chemicalizes it, melts it, refines it, turns it into an alloy, ships it around the world to other factories that refine it further, shape it, re-melt it, pound it, twist it, flatten it, and then sell it to another set of disconnected linear processes that makes that metal ends up in half the houses of the world as a screw, as a pipe, as a nail….

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