improve sätze

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Improve sätze (in englisch)

  1. I wanted to improve my.
  2. To improve the tone color.
  3. I want to improve My Sleep.
  4. To be able to improve the.
  5. Trying to improve the world.

  6. They will help improve the.
  7. Can anyone improve on that?
  8. To improve the ability to run.
  9. He needed to improve on that.
  10. To improve the ability to walk.
  11. This is how you improve your.
  12. Improve trading around a core.
  13. To improve the ability to jump.
  14. To improve the ability to reach.
  15. To improve the ability to write.

  16. And improve my children for me.
  17. To improve the ability to stand.
  18. Since it helps to improve the.
  19. This will help to improve your.
  20. It did not improve their tempers.
  21. Love will improve after the 20th.
  22. They, in fact, will not improve.
  23. To improve the collapsibility of.
  24. How to improve the leader within?
  25. This to improve the footwork you.

  26. Willingness to Learn and Improve.
  27. To improve the ability to roll over.
  28. Improve him, but keep him the same.
  29. Menaker to improve his mental game.
  30. To improve the ability to use a fork.
  31. That did little to improve his mood.
  32. At times it helped improve her game.
  33. If you want to improve your society.
  34. Not only does it improve focus and.
  35. In order to improve the ef iciency.
  36. To improve the ability to run or hop.
  37. Things should improve after the 23rd.
  38. To improve the ability to use a knife.
  39. Continually test, refine and improve.
  40. For one, it can improve your stamina.
  41. You are about to improve as a trader.
  42. To improve the ability to run or jump.
  43. Improve the Security of Your WP Site.
  44. To improve the ability to move in bed.
  45. To improve the ability to run or skip.
  46. To improve the ability to walk faster.
  47. Rushworth was young enough to improve.
  48. To improve the ability to run and jump.
  49. As the season progressed I did improve.
  50. Test, measure and continually improve.
  51. To improve the ability to stand or walk.
  52. It can only improve our physical life.
  53. Not that it would improve her page 42.
  54. Daily exercise helps improve digestion.
  55. After that I started to improve rapidly.
  56. To improve the ability to jump sideways.
  57. To improve the ability to jump forwards.
  58. That will improve the odds for success.
  59. He held his own, and he'll improve, too.
  60. This will help you see ways to improve.
  61. Things that would improve our government.
  62. To improve the ability to descend stairs.
  63. How should I improve my concentration?
  64. That is your motivation to improve and.
  65. To improve the ability to walk up stairs.
  66. To improve the ability to stand and walk.
  67. To improve the ability to sit unsupported.
  68. To improve the ability to throw and catch.
  69. PPTS gives me an opportunity to improve.
  70. To improve the ability to grasp an object.
  71. To improve your ability to stand and walk.
  72. Chapter 14 - Using Meditation To Improve.
  73. You can’t improve on perfection, pal.
  74. How can I help to improve his learning?
  75. My temper does not improve during the day.
  76. The best way to improve the world is to.
  77. In the caverns it seemed to improve the.
  78. We are waiting for the weather to improve.
  79. She needs to improve her social skills.
  80. To improve the ability to roll over in bed.
  81. This should improve earnings even further.
  82. To improve the ability to extend the wrist.
  83. Caffeine may improve cognitive performance.
  84. To improve the ability to walk down stairs.
  85. And you can always have reason to improve.
  86. To improve the ability to stand on one leg.
  87. To improve your ability to throw and catch.
  88. To improve the ability to abduct the thumb.
  89. We need to improve our spiritual hearing.
  90. To improve the ability to reach for objects.
  91. The move did little to improve Stallman's.
  92. He doesn’t think he can improve anything.
  93. To improve the ability to hop, run and jump.
  94. Death is used to improve enormously people.
  95. I always had the hope things would improve.
  96. Improve response and ROI for your campaign.
  97. As his back began to improve,.
  1. His mood was not improving!.
  2. Instead, they work at improving.
  3. The Improving State of the World.
  4. He set upon improving the prototype.
  5. Her helpless state wasn’t improving.
  6. I enjoyed a sense of improving health.
  7. Menaker about improving his mental game.
  8. It has a system for improving your skills.
  9. Not all the way, but he may be improving.
  10. But only do this after improving your site.
  11. Improving your heart’s health is essential.
  12. Since exercise has the effect of improving.
  13. Seeing my reflection in the mirror improving.
  14. The economic situation was steadily improving.
  15. Never stop learning and improving your skills.
  16. Really? she asked, her posture improving.
  17. Not well, Michael, but seems to be improving.
  18. Instead of improving, Sebastian‘s day got worse.
  19. She was proficient with a bow and still improving.
  20. Why is improving the bottom line important?
  21. Suggestions for Improving Speed and Effectiveness.
  22. Anya’s English was improving, and that worried me.
  23. The demand on wipe out Israel from map is improving.
  24. These were growing, and profit margins were improving.
  25. Her accent was adorable, and her grammar was improving.
  26. Ideal for purifying the blood and improving circulation.
  27. Anthem, we are dedicated to improving the lives of the.
  28. By doing this you are improving your chances of winning.
  29. If she doesn’t show signs of improving, this is it.
  30. This results in increasing sexual desire and improving.
  31. Robert hung out with me or focused on improving the house.
  32. To tell the truth, my feelings were improving more with.
  33. Your overall health and energy began improving in July.
  34. Violet, on the other hand, hasn’t been improving at all.
  35. The role of guided imagery in improving health cannot be.
  36. Your shield skills are improving at an impressive rate.
  37. Improving the fitness of your mind not only improves your.
  38. There was still little work, but conditions were improving.
  39. Realizing this makes a large difference in improving both.
  40. Evan turned, then took a step backward, improving his angle.
  41. I had a place to live, my health was improving, and I had.
  42. Part III: Advanced Analysis: Improving the Odds of Winning.
  43. They're not improving with age then, our choristers?
  44. After Katrina, a House Task Force on Improving the National.
  45. They sometimes kept score to see who was improving the most.
  46. All the while the monthly reporting to Atlanta was improving.
  47. My diplomacy was improving, which is a good thing, sometimes.
  48. Topics in Further Maintaing and Improving Yourself with Yoga!.
  49. Okay, he says, and I can tell that his mood is improving.
  50. The process of improving your life is one that takes time and.
  51. Annie, you told me your sex life had been improving recently?
  52. Exercise can help tremendously with improving cognitive ability.
  53. We need to make a commitment to improving our use of the Bible.
  54. It was a start since the weather conditions had been improving.
  55. His health improving daily, he couldn’t believe how lucky he.
  56. The body also has the capability of improving how the skin looks.
  57. The dancers were now slowing and their navigation was improving.
  58. Ambivalence about improving in therapy is also paramount, as it.
  59. By improving the transmit information between cells, it reduces.
  60. Improving the Management of Pension and Institutional Portfolios.
  61. Alex insights on improving his tennis game, advice that could not.
  62. Speech therapy and improving her motor skills remained priorities.
  63. His speech is rapidly improving and he’s turning into a little.
  64. Never mind the Clements angle; things were improving all the time.
  65. We had been correcting and improving our rules for you benefit too.
  66. You wil not only be improving your powers of observation, but also.
  67. As long as he was improving his craft, nothing else really mattered.
  68. The weather is not improving, and the clouds almost touch the earth.
  69. As an 'entrepreneur' you see a way of greatly improving the physical.
  70. Caleb is obsessed with improving his fighting skills, Julia says.
  71. As you keep improving the software and removing the bugs you can keep.
  72. Not one school showed any interest in improving its trading education.
  73. The RSI had dipped and was turning back up and the MACD was improving.
  74. Our health was not improving, but was instead getting worse and worse.
  75. James spent a lot of time with Cahal improving on his fighting ability.
  76. Thus, it can inspire you or keep you motivated in improving your game.
  77. If more income was not the solution to improving economic profit, it.
  78. Max tried the next weld down, his hole blasting technique was improving.
  79. The economy was improving from 2002 to 2005, but in 2006, Ford lost $12.
  80. Using antioxidants for your overall health is a key factor in improving.
  81. This reduces the total metal used per casting & thus improving the YIELD.
  82. By improving the uterine tones, it helps to regulate the production of.
  83. He continued his garbled dragon speech, which was improving, Aesa noticed.
  84. All I will say here is just practice the technique towards improving the.
  85. You now have the first critical rule for improving your stock selection:.
  86. As the horse is improving, you can increase the distance little by little.
  87. Executive coaching usually is focused on improving performance on the job.
  88. Clearly the relations between Gania and himself were by no means improving.
  89. The weather was improving, the sun shining fitfully between showers of rain.
  90. His living is limited to each day and he has no hope of improving his wealth.
  91. Improving profits over time so that you can benefit from a higher valuation.
  92. A combination of valerian and lemon balm has been tested for improving sleep.
  93. There are three specific parts of your campaign that you can keep improving:.
  94. You are solely interested in improving your own lot, and that of your family.
  95. The flavanoids dilate and strengthen the capillaries, improving blood supply.
  96. Improving conversion rates should be another imperative area of focus within.
  97. It has been used in homeopathic medicine in improving levels of oxygen in the.
  98. When a corporation focuses its efforts in improving the world through concrete.
  99. Of course all this talk about improving your goal conversion rates is pointless.
  100. Blueberries, bananas, and chocolates may help in improving sexual conditions too.
  1. I improved on Day 2.
  2. It is much improved now.
  3. And now he has improved.
  4. ROIC can be improved by:.
  5. I improved by fifty percent.
  6. I think it could be improved.
  7. It can obviously be improved.
  8. Her French had also improved.
  9. Q: And build it again, improved.
  10. Even Gary’s mood had improved.
  11. I guess the odds just improved.
  12. My health is entirely improved.
  13. Health is much improved as well.
  14. It’s the new and improved me.
  15. Things improved the following days.
  16. Thompson’s mood had not improved.
  17. The situation has not improved.
  18. I have improved a lot since then.
  19. The weather hadn't improved at all.
  20. Selig improved it another $275,000.
  21. But it will definitely be improved.
  22. These improved methods of serving.
  23. In the prospect of improved global.
  24. The quality of frozen foods improved.
  25. Things had not improved this morning.
  26. Health is much improved this month.
  27. Daniel, your health is much improved.
  28. I improved her game immensely, though.
  29. Her vision had greatly improved, and.
  30. But the planning had improved my odds.
  31. The invalids improved rapidly, and Mr.
  32. As soon as this weather improved, he.
  33. She said you had improved a good deal.
  34. His condition had improved in many ways.
  35. I went home in a slightly improved mood.
  36. Love is much improved over last month.
  37. Life in the little village was improved.
  38. And claimed that it improved the cheese.
  39. A good night's rest improved her spirits.
  40. Yes, no doubt, but improved upon by ours.
  41. As technology improved, this all changed.
  42. As now improved, saves one third the time.
  43. Ellen's condition improved from that hour.
  44. More practice improved my fitness and my.
  45. Book has improved a lot - it is more co-.
  46. Health is much improved over last month.
  47. It's nice to see the styles have improved.
  48. He’s the new and improved Charlie Manson.
  49. As organization and technology improved on.
  50. No Sir, Have we improved on last month?
  51. Tegan’s ankle improved once he wrapped it.
  52. Their health already was somewhat improved.
  53. But when she returned, nothing had improved.
  54. It was amazing how much it had improved in.
  55. Now your understanding of anger has improved.
  56. From January to March of this year I improved.
  57. More Libra heaven! Love is much improved now.
  58. Recently, the educational system has improved.
  59. Investment practices could clearly be improved.
  60. Ages would pass before this was improved upon.
  61. Agricultural methods improved the food supply.
  62. Monte Carlo to celebrate his improved fortunes.
  63. None of them have improved the lot of mankind.
  64. The grim moors hardly improved Elowen’s mood.
  65. She wasn't smiling, but her tone had improved.
  66. The company has improved itself in several ways.
  67. I should also mention how improved the road was.
  68. Let's move to May opex-- not much has improved:.
  69. Things hadn’t improved by the following morning.
  70. There was no sign that he had improved since then.
  71. But occasional good games, improved his ‘lot’.
  72. The next day James had improved dramatically, as.
  73. Whether the quality of education can be improved.
  74. As now improved the most perfect pen manufactured.
  75. He didnt realize that you dont need improved.
  76. This ability can be improved so that we will not.
  77. In a sense, you‘ll have actually improved the.
  78. Sections of Town's improved Bridge, 292, 293, 295.
  79. The new and improved Dominex was his future.
  80. The weather has not improved; it's cold and rainy.
  81. The short hair had vastly improved her appearance.
  82. As her condition improved, I started writing again.
  83. Things have improved out of sight since my first.
  84. A club, as any troll knew, only improved with use.
  85. Re-opened because of Andy’s improved mobility.
  86. Emerson’s grades improved with every test he took.
  87. How it worked and works and how it may be improved.
  88. The command example can be improved in many aspects.
  89. Amazingly, his thyroid disease remarkably improved.
  90. His life had improved tremendously and a girlfriend.
  91. My mood has improved considerably, as have my hopes.
  92. His chipping improved dramatically within the lesson.
  93. Newt improved – of course, he introduced the bill.
  94. What about recall and memory can these be improved?
  95. They have improved the roads across the reservation.
  96. I guessed that the situation could not have improved.
  97. Over the next few weeks Tom’s health improved daily.
  98. The lump had not improved and her head felt lopsided.
  99. Calmness spread in the room as Anil’s mood improved.
  100. I noticed that Timmy’s spirits had improved somewhat.
  1. Q: One improves the other.
  2. This firm act improves morale.
  3. As the economy improves, the.
  4. My posture suddenly improves too.
  5. Even God improves His methods.
  6. Social confidence improves as well.
  7. This only improves the quality of.
  8. That is how the world improves — the.
  9. Moreover, it improves mood and pleasure.
  10. Laughter lowers stress and improves health.
  11. This also improves the condition of the skin.
  12. Eggs aid in concentration and improves memory.
  13. Health improves dramatically after the 18th.
  14. Like trials, it improves us and can refine us.
  15. Study after study has shown that it improves.
  16. As the condition improves, your weight loss will.
  17. It widens and improves your perspective on things.
  18. Meditation improves mental focus and thinking in.
  19. Parkin keeps well and actually improves with keeping.
  20. Practice helps with the pain, improves my flexibility.
  21. Stimulates the heart and improves general circulation.
  22. Meditation improves mental focus, health and thinking.
  23. Hence, green tea improves the functioning of the liver.
  24. This reduces wear and tear, noise, and improves perfor-.
  25. Flexibility exercises include anything that improves the.
  26. Improving the fitness of your mind not only improves your.
  27. Electropolishing improves the resistance of the stainless.
  28. As soon as Linda’s ‘condition’ improves we’ll have to.
  29. A competitor then enters the market and improves on my product.
  30. Shame and Guilt of Ancient Karma and Improves all Relationships.
  31. He is given IV fluids and IV ketorolac which improves his pain.
  32. I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until his condition improves.
  33. Later, however, if and when the market improves, it could change.
  34. Improves both the learning capacity and motor skills of the brain.
  35. It is also a state that improves you and recharges your batteries.
  36. Augmented Category 6 (Cat 6a) cable improves the bandwidth of Cat 6.
  37. Every major golf event improves each time it is offered to the public.
  38. Your strength increases as your ability to channel your power improves.
  39. In women, it improves the production of friendly cervix mucus for sperm.
  40. High intensity training has other benefits too such as it improves good.
  41. Our control over your lives improves your physical and mental wellbeing.
  42. It boost metabolism and improves the natural burning of fats by the body.
  43. Cistanche also helps to improves the function of the bowels, resulting in.
  44. Ignorance improves to naiveté with the simple choice to open one’s eyes.
  45. Aerobic exercise burns some calories and improves cardiovascular conditioning.
  46. By changing your results, you will notice that the quality of your life improves.
  47. But if it improves neither top-speed nor acceleration, what can it be good for?
  48. This aids in childrens development, and also improves concentration and focusing.
  49. Numerous trials have reported that hypnosis improves eczema in children and adults.
  50. Hydrochloric acid produced by the stomach improves the absorption of non-heme iron.
  51. It creates jobs for others and improves the general well-being of those around them.
  52. And thanks to the 7% rule, Barbara can take advantage of the market once it improves.
  53. It concluded that operating performance improves following activist interventions.
  54. Start with a larger dose, and then decrease it, as your healing improves and quickens.
  55. On the contrary, our study shows that treatment of acne improves depressive symptoms.
  56. FDI creates jobs and it improves the quality of goods and services we have in Namibia.
  57. This not only improves performance greatly, but it also reduces on the risk of injury.
  58. It is also said that bupleurum improves the digestive absorption of vital vitamins and.
  59. Potassium – This builds strong and healthy plants & flowers and improves the overall.
  60. This volatility reduction improves the portfolio’s GM by reducing its variance drain.
  61. Including an appropriate and popular hashtag also improves the visibility of your tweet.
  62. Breast-feeding provides important nutrients to an infant and improves the functioning of.
  63. Arginine supplementation increases protein synthesis and improves wound healing in animals.
  64. Fuchsia also improves the respiratory air ways, that not only helps to decrease the air way.
  65. This gives you a more sympathetic surface to work upon and improves the quality of your work.
  66. Aid to the poor, or its hated synonym welfare, also dramatically improves the lives of youth.
  67. First, if the futures spread improves in price, the calendar spread will generally make money.
  68. Being price conscious and having knowledge about the business improves this investor’s odds.
  69. Most of the time, the stock price improves within 3 to 12 months of the insider purchase date.
  70. That margin of safety only exists if values are stable and it only improves if value increases.
  71. Her life improves considerably when the farmer dies in an accident and she marries Rory Collett.
  72. This tones and strengthens your abs and improves balance, posture and coordination at the same time.
  73. Here we see that including shareholder yield improves the returns of the 25- and 50-stock portfolios.
  74. This process also improves the response of some brain chemicals, called endorphins, to certain drugs.
  75. Placing the stop loss here improves the chances that the trade may survive another touch of the zone.
  76. Balancing materialism with spirituality improves the quality of life by reducing the work of the devil.
  77. It also improves flabby upper arms, and excessive flesh on the shoulders will slowly be squeezed away.
  78. Using the VIX futures relative to the index improves performance versus just holding the S&P 500 index.
  79. As the year progresses however – and especially after July 16 – the love life improves dramatically.
  80. Enabling default editors in the coding environment helps to reduce the rework and improves code quality.
  81. This is a short-term strategy, so adding the VIX index into the mix actually improves the results a bit.
  82. An additional benefit from learning to listen to yourself is it improves your ability to listen to others.
  83. An increase in consciousness always improves a situation, not the opposite as you suspected and described.
  84. I’ve got an idea that improves, I think, both on the hulk in Philadelphia and on von Neumann’s machine.
  85. The dairy becomes more worthy of the farmer's attention, and the quality of its produce gradually improves.
  86. Will a new fuel additive improves gas mileage and ride quality in both stop-and-go and highway situations?
  87. If you see the chance to make an additional adjustment that improves the quality of the position, then do it.
  88. If he improves at all, it is commonly not with a capital, but with what he can save out or his annual revenue.
  89. Hypothyroid and High Blood Pressure Improves Lou had a history of high blood pressure and low thyroid function.
  90. A traditional blood tonic that helps to improve blood circulation, which then improves memory and boosts alertness.
  91. Nebido is a treatment that turbo-charges male libidos—it improves sex drive and oftentimes one’s mood as well.
  92. You help me rescue them and then there will be four of us, which improves our chances of survival, Garcia said.
  93. Equator is an online software service that improves the lenders' response time and keeps track of important documents.
  94. As the clarity of your imagery improves through repetition, you will find the duration of you visualisation increasing.
  95. This swinging in the pan dissolves the flavor, which solidifies in the bottom of the pan; it greatly improves the sauce.
  96. The metabolic rate is raised so the force of muscular contraction improves and the onset of muscular fatigue is delayed.
  97. Even so, confirmation that appears at the same time as an initial price move certainly improves timing of the swing trade.
  98. For industry, this improves competitiveness by bringing down costs; for individuals, it improves their standard of living.
  99. The manufacturers first supply the neighbourhood, and afterwards, as their work improves and refines, more distant markets.
  100. Also, just a side note that once the economic landscape improves, look for NuVasive to arise when takeover talks begin again.

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