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    1. Her husband was not impressed when she eventually returned home minus the shopping trolley, without any money and too scared to make amends for her failings by popping down to the off-licence for him

    2. In Virgenia's Jools and Robbie were in good spirits and seemed to think I should accept Mercouri's apology, make amends and forget it - after all he was just a bit drunk

    3. He’s cooked for the woman, for Christ's sake, pleading guilty, under house arrest, but he loves her and he wants to make amends

    4. He wasn’t getting any younger and he needed to make amends before it was too late

    5. She had been meaning to make amends with Caroline for months

    6. Please, give me a chance to make amends,” said Ethan, sounding genuinely sincere

    7. There was no way to make amends

    8. He could make no amends that would give him a second chance

    9. 3 "But these forty three days cannot make amends for the hour in which you did transgress My commandment

    10. 16 And he shall make amends for the harm that he has done in the holy thing, and shall add the fifth part thereto, and give it to the priest: and the priest shall make an atonement for him with the ram of the trespass offering, and it shall be forgiven him

    1. His own travel accommodations were amended from one to four with his chosen commercial carriers, and they were off

    2. “We have amended the decree to allow all male wielders to continue to touch teron once a week, wielding Air to form defences as they continue to practice becoming Blademasters, their new station, and a place of high honour within our armies

    3. Felicity soon amended the situation when she appeared in the bathroom doorway with

    4. “Maybe a stop by the infirmary would be a good idea first,” she amended with a reluctant sigh

    5. Her comments and suggestions were in all honesty fantastic and I amended my assignment accordingly

    6. “Yes,” Charles amended, “though the mechanism would not address the most basic reason why people don’t vote, it should at least help increase voter turnout

    7. amended in 1973 to “require that species be listed „without reference to possible economic or other

    8. It is also very probable that the regulations could be amended to better apply to the local

    9. promise should be amended to make it feasible

    10. Chief Justice Marshall, a Federalist himself, in effect single handedly amended the Constitution to serve the Federalist purpose of judicial supremacy

    1. Strenhowell had said, “However should you find that it is insufficient, we will arrange for semi-annual appraisals of your contributions to this firm and amend your compensation accordingly

    2. We've given him two extra chances to amend his decision have we not?"

    3. We may furthermore amend our argument by stating that someone who has more of something is ―better off‖ than that someone who

    4. He decided he wanted a nice distraction, something to take his mind of a situation he now felt powerless to amend

    5. sense into the process? Could Congress amend the act to place more value on people and their land and

    6. Gould’s theory that was meant to amend the earlier evolutionary understanding of even and gradual progression

    7. Lord, and they gave it to the workmen that brought in the house of the Lord, to repair and amend the house, 11 Even to the artificers

    8. now amend your ways and your doings, and obey the voice of the Lord your God; and the Lord will repent him of the evil that he has

    9. 23 But you have mercy on all; for you can do all things, and wink at the sins of men, because they should amend

    10. Is it possible to add some sense into the process? Could Congress amend the act to place more value on people and their land and jobs than on insects, critters, bugs and stuff?

    1. He stated that the ballot wording lacked the phrase “be it enacted” and therefore, the voters didn’t know they were amending the constitution, despite eight

    2. Amending these laws to include a

    3. In regard to amending your application

    4. The Cart class in CodeIgniter provides basic shopping cart functionality, such as adding items, amending the cart, displaying cart details, and removing items within the cart

    5. Fred Ford was amending his list and added, "This really should be standard

    6. 6 Those who wish it to do so should try amending the U

    7. For what are democracies, but the institutionally slow apparatus for amending rights of equality to constitutions of inequality one long laborious issue at a time

    8. The goal of democracy is to eliminate the need for endlessly amending rights of access to a broken system by transcending majority rule with universal equality

    9. Fripon reversing your results, and now, Uncle Ken amending results and as well apologising to a student? Who gave monkey banana? I mean, these achievements are simply incredible and unheard of in this campus

    10. ” He replied, amending his statement

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    adjust correct better right improve restore cure

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    amend rectify remediate remedy repair ameliorate better improve meliorate adjust correct right restore cure