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    1. It was urgent that this unbearable situation be rectified so he could get back to normal, continuing as before, immediately satisfying his every desire, buying today and paying tomorrow, because…the sky’s the limit

    2. But he was stubborn enough to believe that such oversights could always be rectified and managed

    3. a rather silly mistake they soon realised and rectified by copying the SAP COIN units in vehicles and tactics

    4. All these things could have been rectified before you face the claim in court

    5. A famous victory had been won tonight and that would need to be rectified

    6. This was rectified by

    7. but like most things it could be rectified

    8. The problem can be rectified by understanding the simplicity of the human mind when

    9. is that with focus and accurate analysis they can be rectified

    10. than 6 months, if the violation has not been rectified within the period set forth under

    1. Find a remedy that rectifies the problem

    2. Thus referring to God’s indication rectifies the spirit’s conduct and makes it pleased and pleasing

    3. Referring to God’s Revelation thus rectifies the conduct of the spirit and makes it well-pleased and well-pleasing

    4. It also evaluates the inner strength of a seeker and rectifies the inherent flaws of his resolve

    1. I know very little about what goes on under the bonnet of a car and though I realise this is something I should rectify, I’ve never got round to it

    2. Rectify the Situation

    3. You need to find the power to rectify and care for the issues in your life

    4. Undeniably, there is great wisdom in holy books, such as the Bible which we can learn from, to rectify the situation

    5. This is one argument you cannot win for if you know or suspect you aid money is stolen or let us be nice and say abused then why do you not rectify the situation as any honourable man will do? Your lack of action in this regard means two things to us

    6. “They did warn us that we would not be safe after using the powers to rectify the task

    7. fortune, the one way to rectify it is by giving away

    8. situations to rectify in the church to stop the

    9. To rectify the situation, the church needs to get

    10. The message of the Greek tragedies is recognition of the boundaries of human action, of limits to violence, and of the need to rectify injustice and to assure retribution against those who violate those principles

    1. There are novel ways to get power, viral spy circuits in the hardware mask definition often get their power by rectifying electrical noise in the air around the circuit they're parasitic on

    2. Were he truly committed to rectifying social ―injustices‖, perhaps he might consider resigning from the newspaper, thereby enabling an equally qualified journalist of color, otherwise prevented from engaging in his or her chosen profession because of ―institutionalized racism‖, to assume his present position as sports writer

    3. 138 The topic of rectifying the concept of independent entities within a united collective consciousness is very well

    4. issue mandatory prescriptions on rectifying the violation within a period

    5. (2) After rectifying the violation within the period defined, the supervisory

    6. we don't have the choice of rectifying the past through hindsight

    7. It seemed that the question of Duffy’s authenticity had not arisen and she was only concerned with the simplest means of rectifying the supposed injustice, so I said nothing for the moment, only determining to investigate this plausible rogue, (as I mentally termed him), before allowing him one penny

    8. Rectifying the constraint by turning his chair slightly towards the jury, he could clearly see those suspects involved in his investigation and those who were willing to testify, though with much reluctance and after a lecture on civic duty provoked by the desire to avenge the death of the young woman in a meager way, here at this formality

    9. at who is to blame for the ‘failure’ of their child becomes their means to rectifying

    10. As if to reassure him that he needn't have a worry in the world, as if they were all friends out for a midnight picnic and only some minor irritation had occurred which she was easily rectifying

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    rectify correct right amend remediate remedy repair reclaim reform regenerate refine emend improve ameliorate help