appall sätze

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Appall sätze (in englisch)

  1. I dread sleeping: my dreams appall me.
  2. He waited, enjoying to the utmost Adorno’s stammering indignation and appall.
  3. Why, you ask, why did we do that to Harry Hands? Was he some sort of super-villain who deserved our Christian persecution, a dumb sort of semi-crucifixion to appall the neighbors and ruin school history so that in the annals of time people would say, "1934, wasn't that the year that—" And fill in the blanks with Look, ma, no pants, no Hands.
  4. The profound respect I have been taught to entertain for this body, my conscious inadequacy to discuss, as it deserves, the question before you, the magnitude of that question, and the recent seat I have taken in this House, are too well calculated to appall, and would impel me to silence if any other member would assume the task I propose attempting.
  5. Who, then, can wonder that a Christianity so diminished in its forces both to win and to appall, so pale and so colorless, naturally maintains a doubtful fight with the stiff-necked pagans of Asia? Is there not required a doctrine that commends itself more cogently to the reason and to the conscience of men, of the teachers as well as the taught, to their imagination not less than to their affections,—a love so real, so tender and intelligible—a terror so soul-subduing, so near at hand, and so appreciably just,—as to shake if it cannot vanquish the stoutest resistance of the heathen;—a hope of speedy victory to the Church, sufficient to restore the death-daring energies of the first century, and a courage founded on overpowering conviction which would engage in closer conflict with Eastern Buddhism, and the stolid positivism of Confucius? That 'throneless king,’ as the Chinese call him, would soon, I trust in God, lose much of his, opposing power, before a Savior preached as if He were the very JESUS of the gospels, 'coming again quickly’ to be the Lord of the world.

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