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    1. Meredith returned home the next afternoon, but before his coming Faith contrived to scandalize Glen St

    2. "Oh, that is very simple; we have not sought to scandalize

    1. “Oh, don’t look so scandalized

    2. ” Books sounded scandalized at her silence

    3. Marcus gives me a scandalized look that seems false to me—his eyes are too wide and his mouth is too open

    4. “And my reaction is only partly one of being scandalized, as you elves put it

    5. I never knew that she was a Muslim princess until I heard the news that she scandalized her family

    6. But, as Duggar felt scandalized at finding Suresh mix with the common criminals, he averred that it was demeaning to say the least

    7. Colonel Gerineldo Márquez, scandalized, told Úrsula about it

    8. No one was scandalized

    9. Amaranta, was so scandalized with the plebeian invasion that she went back to eating in the kitchen as in olden days

    10. Fernanda was scandalized that she did not understand the relationship of Catholicism with life but only its relationship with death, as if it were not a religion but a compendium of funeral conventions

    11. Convinced as most people were by the official version that nothing had happened, Fernanda was scandalized with the idea that the child had inherited the anarchist ideas of Colonel Aureliano Buendía and told him to be quiet

    12. Fernanda was against the trip until the last moment, scandalized by the idea that Brussels was so close to Paris and its perdition, but she calmed down with the letter that Father Angel gave her addressed to a boardinghouse run by nuns for Catholic young ladies where Amaranta Úrsula promised to stay until her studies were completed

    13. What she saw would have both scandalized and horrified a typical tourist from the 34th century if he had found a hotel room like this one in a resort of the Global Council

    14. The other villagers threw scandalized looks at her and her weapons, staying away from her and watching her as she tied her horse to a wooden pole

    15. Those, as Amelia had expected, had scandalized the two British by their skimpiness

    16. Even the model Elizabeth had chosen, a one-piece sleeveless swimsuit of modern cut designed for swimming in cold water, while being by far the least revealing of the ones on sale, would have still scandalized Elizabeth’s mother

    17. “That’s it?” Exclaimed Ken, nearly scandalized

    18. As was her habit, which had scandalized at first Julia, she was naked and had not bothered to wrap a towel around her body

    19. MacArthur looked at her with curiosity, while his staff officers around him appeared scandalized at seeing a woman give her opinion on a military situation to a general

    20. Heracles was left speechless for a moment, stunned and scandalized

    21. Instead of being scandalized by it, as many American women would be, she answered in a firm voice while looking Ingrid into her eyes

    22. The corporal looked scandalized by her words

    23. � She also had made the day of a group of off-duty sailors, nearly caused two accidents by distracting male drivers, scandalized a few old ladies and was even called a slut by a fat banker

    24. Naruhito would have been scandalized however if he could have read the thoughts of his younger aide, an expert in maritime commerce in his thirties

    25. The man, scandalized by her attitude, then waved at a policeman standing in a corner of the ticket hall

    26. Marguerite Higgins, disgusted and scandalized, exchanged a glance with Dickey Chapelle

    27. The American public, which had little tolerance for public corruption, was certainly going to be scandalized when they would read the articles that will result from this press conference and was probably going to scream for a stop to all American support to France in Indochina

    28. Pope Nicolas the First embraced the scene with scandalized eyes before shouting at the jailers

    29. She was also by now sexually active, something that had surprised and somewhat scandalized her mother at first

    30. Further, the fact that the young teens of the Time Patrol all remembered at least a few centuries of past lives as adults made them sexually active at an age that would have scandalized most people

    31. ‘’In 1953 ‘B’, in the United States, the public would probably be scandalized to see what is going on in this base

    32. "Yeah and the rest of the world can choose to be terminally disappointed, angry or scandalized at our decision"

    33. The stunned expression of the American dentist, along with the scandalized look of his wife, made the French present burst out in laughter again

    34. The believers who take a cartoon of their prophet with a ‘bomb in the turban’ as an affront to their ‘religion of peace’ don’t feel scandalized at all by the suicide bombers of Islam

    35. “Grandma!” says Amy, sounding absolutely scandalized

    36. You were scandalized by the behaviour of the men in the local trains who sat and smoked in the faces of the standing women, and by those men who walked with their female relations in the streets and caused their parcels to be carried by them

    37. "Oh, m'_lady_!" murmured Manby, scandalized; but not at all sure in her heart of hearts, seeing how much had happened already, that it mightn't turn out to be true

    38. “No!” Grandma sounded scandalized

    39. side of her head though did nothing to remove the scandalized look on her face

    40. The man ignored Janie, but Callie sucked in a scandalized breath and turned tomato-red

    41. The Maitre’d looks scandalized that I asked

    42. Kate had gamely ignored the scandalized look the woman had given them-- one woman, four men

    43. The Kamaks were scandalized by their souls’ rebellion

    44. So he remains in history as a brilliant creative pop singer that scandalized the world with his appearance

    45. On the second Saturday after Jo got out of the window, Meg, as she sat sewing at her window, was scandalized by the sight of Laurie chasing Jo all over the garden and finally capturing her in Amy's bower

    46. Mercy on us, what are the children thinking of?" And Jo looked as much scandalized as if Amy and little Parker were not yet in their teens

    47. Bournisien was scandalized at such audacity; Homais marvelled at such stupidity; and they were on the point of insulting one another when Charles suddenly reappeared

    48. He had destroyed Merthin’ s door – an act of violence that would have scandalized the town, had it not been overtaken by the greater tragedy of the bridge collapse

    49. The women in the queue are muttering, intrigued or scandalized or both

    50. Even now, it wasn’t too late! Too often the County had been scandalized by elopements when one or the other of the participating parties was practically at the altar with a third

    1. This approach scandalizes radical environmentalists

    1. ‘So be it,’ said Ramaiah in a way that drew no further comment from those present, in spite of their reservations about her scandalizing proposition

    2. Scandalizing Mary the maid was one thing but an entire village? She had a sudden image of Lady Godiva on a horse

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