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    1. ' There had been an overdose on a batch Tahlmute made, some girl from up north who had only been identified recently

    2. Batch of Japanese tourists entwining them in

    3. “Lucy figured you would want something like that so she made a batch of chicken soup

    4. She took 5 eggs and made the biggest batch of scrambled eggs he’d ever seen; then she fried up 6 slices of bacon, 4 large links of sausage, and finally, a small breakfast steak

    5. It seemed like humorousness was always associated with this batch of Kion Blue

    6. He wouldn't be able to meet with any of them about this til Monday morning, but if they gave their approval he was going to need another batch of antimatter condensate

    7. champion of my batch raped so in public by a mere boy of twelve was too funny

    8. What's this? Oh, it's a batch of that chilli I made last month, the last one by the look of it

    9. There's probably a killer or two in the batch that Davie will take with him, but there’s nothing the doctor can do about that

    10. At the time this had happened all they knew was that the synapsase in the shonggot that took her was from that batch, but it could have been from any bottle in that batch and there was no way to narrow it down

    1. picking up on batches of words here and there

    2. status and expiry dates to stock and the lack of an alert system about batches

    3. In a pan, add the cooking oil and when it warms up gently, fry the chicken pieces in batches

    4. covering the floor in batches throughout the room

    5. Apotex is accused of not properly investigating the failure of the batches of

    6. Inch by inch, the clouds drift along in gray batches, but they appear too light to shed water

    7. Other than that, only Norka knows, for he keeps his recipe secret and mixes it himself in huge batches

    8. Hundreds of them would come out in batches to the apparent delight of a pair of hawks that had taken up residence nearby

    9. You make five more batches until almost running out of nitric acid

    10. He attended all the weekend batches

    1. admixture, its storage, batching, change of the composition of concrete mixture, etc

    2. Many of the process workers had no idea that they were doing anything illegal and just followed orders in terms of batching and processing chemicals

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    batch clutch deal flock good deal great deal hatful heap lot mass mess mickle mint mountain muckle passel peck pile plenty pot quite a little raft sight slew spate stack tidy sum wad bunch bundle clump pack group