bleed sätze

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Bleed sätze (in englisch)

  1. A cut and a bleed.
  2. I bleed and I cry.
  3. They bleed on both sides.
  4. Bleed for the lady, Oscar.
  5. Should never have to bleed.

  6. Her ears started to bleed.
  7. He's like to bleed to death.
  8. We all bleed when we are cut.
  9. Don’t let her bleed to death.
  10. Cuts that are too deep may bleed.
  11. Only thing that made them bleed.
  12. I think I will bleed him again.
  13. Let It Bleed, the day it came out.
  14. Some days it would bleed and poor.
  15. I could bleed him if you like, but.

  16. As long as she doesn’t bleed out.
  17. So Alves began to bleed Callucini dry.
  18. He felt as if his heart would bleed;.
  19. He had continued to bleed internally.
  20. Her lip, cut by rocks, begins to bleed.
  21. They’ll continue to bleed the Earth.
  22. When you bleed the blood was very real.
  23. Locke bit his lip hard enough to bleed.
  24. The carcasses of your camp will bleed;.
  25. To make the heart bleed more profusely;.

  26. In this process, the bird began to bleed.
  27. We all had to willingly bleed to undo the.
  28. Souls [nehpheshs] have blood and can bleed.
  29. Souls (nehpheshs) have blood and can bleed.
  30. For even the enlightened bleed when stabbed.
  31. Trees will bleed, the ground will crack and.
  32. That night she began to bleed from the mouth.
  33. And then they had left him to bleed to death.
  34. But if he removed it she would bleed to death.
  35. Plus she’ll fight me and bleed all over me.
  36. Wiggles bit his tongue until it started to bleed.
  37. We know today that a corpse will not bleed, if.
  38. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.
  39. Why would you think you wouldn’t bleed?
  40. I had no idea what caused them to bleed that badly.
  41. After the second day, his paws continued to bleed.
  42. Pillsbury lay on the floor, watching his leg bleed.
  43. Gwenda drank the potion, but she continued to bleed.
  44. His wound started to bleed again, and I gulped hard.
  45. I have seen them bleed through an oil based primer.
  46. I would bleed to death before reaching the hospital.
  47. When one of us cuts his finger, the rest of us bleed.
  48. The pains of all you’ve harmed now makes you bleed.
  49. And this indecision seemed to bleed him of his energy.
  50. My heart opened up and began to bleed, or so it seemed.
  51. It is the time when all the women in our village bleed.
  52. This is the best to ensure no bleed through of any type.
  53. I can bleed him three times before he dies, he said.
  54. William was breathing hard and his nose started to bleed.
  55. I was making them bleed, but I wasn’t winning the fight.
  56. It was disconcerting to the riders that they did not bleed.
  57. She nodded and said, The time is right for you to bleed.
  58. The ape hand had struck his ear and made it bleed a little.
  59. The bleed through of negative psychic impulses, messages and.
  60. She has thrombocytopenia, this caused her to bleed profusely.
  61. You move him too soon and he could still bleed out internally.
  62. If they can bleed the country on these issues, all the better.
  63. Cristian cried out as the wound began to bleed again profusely.
  64. Over the last decade they have proceeded to bleed Hong Kong dry.
  65. There was a haunted look in his eyes which made her bleed inside.
  66. Our ‘host’ continued to bleed disinterestedly over the counter.
  67. They also have insensitive spot on their body which will not bleed.
  68. It only looks like a shallow wound, but head wounds bleed too much.
  69. Another swipe knocked Max back into his chair and made his nose bleed.
  70. His nose started to bleed and he looked around to the white blankets.
  71. We bleed from the holes in our understanding and we shrivel and we die.
  72. He has a fit, he is dying, and you come and bleed him and patch him up.
  73. Bleeding As soon as a fish is caught cut its throat and allow it to bleed.
  74. Bleed the animal by cutting the jugular vein or carotid artery in its neck.
  75. The screams were so excruciating that they made Boweloft’s ears bleed!.
  76. We should in fact bandage his wounds, so that he doesn’t bleed to death.
  77. If Lizzie had still had an eardrum it would probably have started to bleed.
  78. Frequently brings its victims to their knees Their souls are left to bleed.
  79. He turned, striking the poster with his bandaged hand, which began to bleed.
  80. He punched the wall, causing no damage to it, but making his knuckles bleed.
  81. They refused to call the physician, convinced that the doctor would bleed him.
  82. He fights her, because if he doesn't keep pressure on it he'll bleed to death.
  83. Christ bled for you on the cross, and now you bleed senselessly for nothing.
  84. And that is when you'll see that they are aliens, because they won't bleed 240.
  85. Puller, you better tourniquet it so our star witness doesn’t bleed to death.
  86. He swore quietly, wishing he could have managed to not bleed over a borrowed shirt.
  87. That way I can feel the life bleed from you when I tear your heart from your chest.
  88. I was able to use one arrow to capture him and thrusted once to kill and bleed him.
  89. She took her shirt sleeve and whipped her eyes dry and then she felt a nose bleed.
  90. His knees roll on the hard ground and bleed through his pants as he rocks in prayer.
  91. People bleed for it, suffer for it, die for it, are robbed of it, and killed for it.
  92. Kill birds by stretching their necks, then cut the throat and hang head down to bleed.
  93. Thanks to the type of weapons the Gorn use, he wouldn’t bleed to death, but he was.
  94. I’d bleed a bit, clean myself up, put on a band-aid if needed, and go back to work.
  95. Are the spirits of the Great Mother the ones that make us bleed like the moon?
  96. The regimental doctor, when he came, said it was absolutely necessary to bleed Denisov.
  97. They’d had to drill a hole in my head to relieve the pressure from an internal bleed.
  98. The regimental doctor, when he came, said it was absolutely necessary to bleed Denísov.
  99. We can keep standing here like this, I don’t care, but he’ll slowly bleed to death.
  100. You can bleed people dry as long as your exclusive product or service is in high demand.
  1. She was bleeding a lot.
  2. I was the one bleeding!.
  3. I feel like its bleeding.
  4. Maybe he was bleeding out.
  5. I was cut up and bleeding.
  6. Her brow was still bleeding.
  7. He, too, came out bleeding.
  8. I had to be bleeding to death.
  9. Her shoulder was now bleeding.
  10. No one could stop the bleeding.
  11. I couldn’t stop the bleeding.
  12. My hands were cut and bleeding.
  13. It was not bleeding any longer.
  14. It will help stop the bleeding.
  15. She was bleeding from the nose.
  16. That’ s why she’s bleeding.
  17. We needed to stop the bleeding.
  18. Internal bleeding had made his.
  19. And why is she bleeding?
  20. And the stab of a bleeding heart.
  21. There is heavy internal bleeding.
  22. He was holding one arm, bleeding.
  23. It was bleeding near her big toe.
  24. The bleeding, dying kind of hurt.
  25. He hobbled in, bleeding profusely.
  26. My dear, I have seen it bleeding.
  27. You were bleeding and unconscious.
  28. The bishop is bleeding heavily.
  29. Luckily, the bleeding had stopped.
  30. It appealed to his bleeding heart.
  31. And it’s stopped bleeding now.
  32. I didn't see any internal bleeding.
  33. She had stopped bleeding, but was.
  34. He came out with his nose bleeding.
  35. The young man's mouth was bleeding.
  36. The bleeding should have stopped.
  37. He was still bleeding badly though.
  38. Well, there was the usual bleeding.
  39. His nose and mouth started bleeding.
  40. But his neck was bleeding profusely.
  41. I was hit in the back and bleeding.
  42. And this was Ethan who was bleeding.
  43. He was now bleeding heavily from a.
  44. Look, it’s started bleeding again.
  45. She's bleeding from her ears, too.
  46. I had to slow this bleeding somehow.
  47. The wound was bleeding considerably.
  48. A bleeding in his mouth was visible.
  49. This boy is bleeding really badly.
  50. His leg was broken and bleeding badly.
  51. The priest was also bleeding heavily.
  52. I remember that my nose was bleeding.
  53. I would always be the bleeding heart.
  54. He was bleeding, but he was breathing.
  55. He was still alive, though bleeding.
  56. The pawn lays on the ground bleeding.
  57. Sean was bleeding, bruised, and had.
  58. His cheek had almost stopped bleeding.
  59. Louie would emerge dazed and bleeding.
  60. His paws were bleeding more profusely.
  61. We have to stop the bleeding first.
  62. There is a lot of internal bleeding.
  63. My bleeding heart hath had its wound;.
  64. The University of the Bleeding Obvious.
  65. But they had been bleeding money they.
  66. At least his ears had stopped bleeding.
  67. The offender was now bleeding profusely.
  68. The skin split open, bleeding profusely.
  69. I’ve seen this kind of bleeding before.
  70. Tommit’s hands were bound and bleeding.
  71. The University of the Bleeding Obvious:.
  72. I was asleep and I was bleeding to death.
  73. He pointed a revolver at Bleeding Skull.
  74. The gash on her head was still bleeding.
  75. She was bleeding from wounds caused by.
  76. He was bleeding profusely, barely alive.
  77. The blisters were breaking and bleeding.
  78. He was picking at a bleeding sore with.
  79. A bleeding physique and a bleeding heart.
  80. We need to go in to stop the bleeding.
  81. Then he had the problem with the bleeding.
  82. Then he pulled it off the bleeding wrist.
  83. His mouth and nose was bleeding profusely.
  84. He’s bleeding through one of his lungs.
  85. He fell to the ground bleeding profusely.
  86. A man… he was bleeding, really badly.
  87. Jesus was bleeding, bruised, and crucified.
  88. In touch with our blindness and bleeding.
  89. The cop looked at the kid’s bleeding ear.
  90. Leaving their bleeding dead bodies to rot.
  91. It’s bleeding from several bullet holes.
  92. Now you’re bleeding! Julie shouted.
  93. I lay there on my side, bleeding to death.
  94. Then deal with bleeding, dress and bandage.
  95. My uncalloused feet and the bleeding begins.
  96. Her hands were bleeding and covered in mud.
  97. My uncalloused feet and the bleeding starts.
  98. One ear was torn and bleeding and hung limp.
  99. You are only bleeding because you are weak.
  100. You don’t want her bleeding to death, do.
  1. I bled because of it.
  2. Like when she bled each.
  3. She’d bled for them all.
  4. I bled but not fast enough.
  5. The victim had bled out fast.
  6. I bled and should have died.
  7. The havtrol's neck still bled.
  8. Set the fire and bled into it.
  9. I have bled out for them and.
  10. It must have bled considerably.
  11. Red bled through it in seconds.
  12. I have bled all over this house.
  13. He bled slightly from the cheek.
  14. He suffered, bled and was shamed.
  15. Celeste’s nose bled too easily.
  16. Because it bled, the bird gave life.
  17. And bled into the cracked crevices.
  18. My heart bled at the scene before me.
  19. She bled and breathed; her heart beat.
  20. As I read the story my heart bled for her.
  21. She bit down on her lip till it nearly bled.
  22. That excitement bled through into her voice.
  23. Who would have thought head wounds bled so.
  24. My left hand still bled, but gave small pain.
  25. The lead bravo flopped on his face, bled dead.
  26. By now Garman had long bled out and was dead.
  27. Dario might have bled on the ones in his pack.
  28. Bled of feeling by hearts like yours and mine.
  29. Jack dropped to the ground, where he bled out.
  30. His nose and lips bled from the impact of the.
  31. You would have bled to death within two minutes.
  32. It bled, and he licked it, then licked the blade.
  33. Like most head wounds, this injury bled profusely.
  34. It’s as if the Sun exploded and bled on the sea.
  35. My master abused him, pinched his legs and bled him.
  36. As they beheld their beloved Jesus as His body bled.
  37. He must be bled, then fed sour apples and tripes.
  38. Jim – you fought, and bled, for our nation, in an.
  39. I could tell by the pattern that the wounds bled out.
  40. He bled to death, Avril Stachnik told The Canadian.
  41. Watch as a man who was supposed to be invincible bled.
  42. He bled like a stuck pig and yet it wasn’t that bad.
  43. The cut was jagged but did not look to have bled much.
  44. The sun bled into the red sand to rest for another day.
  45. Deltas bled off speed quickly at high angles of attack.
  46. Jack did this so much that the man bled from the mouth.
  47. He bled her beliefs till she almost lost consciousness.
  48. They arose together, fought, and bled, each in his turn.
  49. He bled to death quickly, I was sure to sever the jugular.
  50. If she’d removed it Utah would have bled out in seconds.
  51. Her sense of dissatisfaction bled into the rest of her life.
  52. For years the monks had bled the common people of Sherborne.
  53. They’d all bled more than that in Oxford, hadn’t they?
  54. Like it was his fault she bled out while giving birth to him.
  55. He’s an important man, Irene! I’ve bled with that guy.
  56. I cleaned beneath my nails with a scrub brush until they bled.
  57. Jack’s wound wasn’t serious and he had not bled profusely.
  58. She bled to death and my mother blamed herself for many years.
  59. The rip in his wrist no longer bled but was still in disrepair.
  60. I've been bled dry while I could have been paying very monies.
  61. Her wrists had chew marks on them that bled onto the sand below.
  62. Agneta bled badly after the rapes, but wouldn’t go to a doctor.
  63. As the sun sank to the horizon it bled red and orange light into.
  64. There were four of them, and they had been beaten as well as bled.
  65. They had bled out of their ears, probably deaf and scared to death.
  66. How he lived, and bled and died for me—but now I know it’s true.
  67. Once when they were walking her nose had bled; he had forgotten it.
  68. It was a good thing Mitch was close or you would have bled to death.
  69. Nathaniel! I screamed, as my head exploded and my throat bled.
  70. By the end of 2002, Nortel had bled more than $36 billion in red ink.
  71. I gave you everything on the cross, I bled, I died, and you will never.
  72. While they still lived and breathed, they were bled until empty and dry.
  73. They bled a little but not bad and seemed to be firmly in their sockets.
  74. I must say that we bled the Japanese dry over and around the Philippines.
  75. Then, gritting his teeth, Darek punched the rocks until his knuckles bled.
  76. The one he tied up and raped so many times she nearly bled out internally.
  77. My heart simply bled for the women who were separated from their husbands.
  78. If something is killed and not bled, the blood will coagulate and ruin the.
  79. The cat took me then, gripping me with harsh clawed hands that bled my flesh.
  80. Balancing on crutches, he looked down and saw the nurse, writhing as she bled.
  81. Christ bled for you on the cross, and now you bleed senselessly for nothing.
  82. He pulled over to help himself, almost bled out and then he lost consciousness.
  83. Cut his wrists with a pin an’ bled to death ’cause his feelin’s was hurt.
  84. She slit her wrists with a razor blade and bled to death in the master bathroom.
  85. She could easily have bled out and he would then have had to start all over again.
  86. I saw how you suffered and yearned for his affections, and my heart bled for you.
  87. Pure steam is bled off and condensed, and the condensed pure steam passes into a.
  88. She did not know what Indian Madras had bled color from passion's sweat on my back.
  89. They bled freshly now as his hand throbbed harder than any wound he ever had before.
  90. Her palms bled when Jesus was nailed to the cross? Olin asked for confirmation.
  91. I was in the process of selling him back into slavery when he got to me and bled me.
  92. You see this is a fit of apoplexy, and he might be saved if he could but be bled!.
  93. She did not know what Indian Madras had bled color from passion’s sweat on my back.
  94. The only mark on the people was that they had bled out of their ears, noses and eyes.
  95. The doctor, who was fetched that same night, bled him and said that the prince had had.
  96. He remembered the intense pain of the whip that hit every part of his body till it bled.
  97. As she bled, she started to weep, almost realizing that there was no chance for recovery.
  98. The words on the letter were blurred and streaked, as if drops of water had bled the ink.
  99. How can I not have? I should have bled to death, or been killed by the fall to the Eye.
  100. It is easier to skin any animal when the flesh is still warm, as soon as it has been bled.
  1. And bleeds and burns.
  2. Sex bleeds from holes.
  3. Emotion bleeds through.
  4. My tongue bleeds from.
  5. If I am cut, he bleeds.
  6. To where my heart bleeds.
  7. The bird dies easily and bleeds well.
  8. Searching and reaching as one bleeds.
  9. Money has no blood, but it bleeds all.
  10. He bleeds red blood the same as we do.
  11. If this goes wrong, if she bleeds to death.
  12. There is no universe like that which bleeds.
  13. When I dress in white, the world bleeds red.
  14. My heart bleeds at seeing such marks on you.
  15. The nose bleeds, feeling dizzy, all of that.
  16. The owner made it a corporation and bleeds it, along.
  17. His glory bleeds over her arm and into her less worthy soul.
  18. The woman conceives and then miscarries and bleeds to death.
  19. She bleeds slowly, darkening his vision amid a deep sense of.
  20. Contemplate Me in the image of the Christ who cries and bleeds.
  21. Why? Because as they say in the media, If it bleeds, it leads.
  22. If he bleeds across the yard, we can’t hide it, she gasped.
  23. That's a good thing! A ghost who bleeds is less dangerous! he grinned.
  24. The rocks have torn his flesh badly and he bleeds from at least a dozen wounds.
  25. The model at the foot of the bed bleeds away and is a long time restoring itself.
  26. No! It plugs the hole, remove it and he bleeds to death, loses the ability to breathe.
  27. As a child, she use to get stress nose bleeds all the time and always had to be aware of them.
  28. Already he bleeds us dry! In our schools, our universities, he denies us the right to know what is true.
  29. With a big scratch on his face that bleeds a little he appears in the operating room, a pistol in his hand.
  30. It is very weird behaviour for us when a strong man acts like a weak bully who runs away when his nose bleeds.
  31. Eppes) reminds us, fell from foreign influence; the unhappy Kingdom of Spain at this moment groans and bleeds from the same cause.
  32. This is only true, however, when the defence is so strong that the attacker bleeds to death when assaulting the defender's positions.
  33. But is it true that the country does wail? France bleeds, but liberty smiles; and in the presence of liberty's smile, France forgets her wound.
  34. Since you don�t feel pain from inner hemorrhoidal disease most people never realize they have a hemorrhoid until the condition bleeds or progresses to a painful state.
  35. Is there not a sort of blood shed when the conscience is wounded? Through this wound a man's real manhood and immortality flow out, and he bleeds to an everlasting death.
  36. And you will kill that monkey easily and safely… Without any tell-tale blood being spilled as its internal organs are ruptured and hemorrhaging, as it bleeds to death internally.
  37. That immaculate manliness we feel within ourselves, so far within us, that it remains intact though all the outer character seem gone; bleeds with keenest anguish at the undraped spectacle of a valor-ruined man.
  38. The exasperations of this crowd which suffers and bleeds, its violences contrary to all sense, directed against the principles which are its life, its masterful deeds against the right, are its popular coups d'etat and should be repressed.
  39. A hysterical crowd surrounds Mike, trying to break up the fight as Mike shouts at the taller boy, What the fuck you bothering my brothers for, huh?! Mike mercilessly continues to beat the taller boy’s head in as the taller boy’s face and head bleeds.
  40. Back in front of Ramesh's building, Ramesh is laying on the ground with his head in a pool of blood! Blood is everywhere! People have come out of their buildings! They are all at the scene! A crowd has gathered! Police cars and paramedics had arrived! Everyone is running around all scared! They are all panicking as Ramesh lies in a pool of blood on the sidewalk in front of his building! He is unconscious! The paramedics soon put Ramesh onto a stretcher as he still bleeds heavily from his wounds! He is in very bad shape! His family is outside the building with him crying and screaming all over the place! Everyone is frantic about what is happening and are all running scared! The paramedics put Ramesh into the ambulance and take him away! Ramesh's family follows in a car right behind the ambulance!.
  41. Yes because he never did a thing like that before as ask to get his breakfast in bed with a couple of eggs since the City Arms hotel when he used to be pretending to be laid up with a sick voice doing his highness to make himself interesting for that old faggot Mrs Riordan that he thought he had a great leg of and she never left us a farthing all for masses for herself and her soul greatest miser ever was actually afraid to lay out 4d for her methylated spirit telling me all her ailments she had too much old chat in her about politics and earthquakes and the end of the world let us have a bit of fun first God help the world if all the women were her sort down on bathingsuits and lownecks of course nobody wanted her to wear them I suppose she was pious because no man would look at her twice I hope Ill never be like her a wonder she didnt want us to cover our faces but she was a welleducated woman certainly and her gabby talk about Mr Riordan here and Mr Riordan there I suppose he was glad to get shut of her and her dog smelling my fur and always edging to get up under my petticoats especially then still I like that in him polite to old women like that and waiters and beggars too hes not proud out of nothing but not always if ever he got anything really serious the matter with him its much better for them to go into a hospital where everything is clean but I suppose Id have to dring it into him for a month yes and then wed have a hospital nurse next thing on the carpet have him staying there till they throw him out or a nun maybe like the smutty photo he has shes as much a nun as Im not yes because theyre so weak and puling when theyre sick they want a woman to get well if his nose bleeds youd think it was O tragic and that dyinglooking one off the south circular when he sprained his foot at the choir party at the sugarloaf Mountain the day I wore that dress Miss Stack bringing him flowers the worst old.
  42. The ocean defends the water, the hurricane defends the air, the King defends Royalty, the democracy defends the people; the relative, which is the monarchy, resists the absolute, which is the republic; society bleeds in this conflict, but that which constitutes its suffering to-day will constitute its safety later on; and, in any case,.

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