blood sätze

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Blood sätze (in englisch)

It is in our blood.
She had blood on her.
But no, not the blood.
It gets in your blood.
My blood was hot and.
The blood at his lip.
The blood is the same.

He needs a White Blood.
A sudden rush of blood.
I started to see blood.
The Word and the Blood.
But there was no blood.
Her blood turned to ice.
I am not of royal blood.
The body and the blood!.
It was covered in blood.
Blood of Kings, The, 334.
The water was blood red.
But Conan's blood was up.
He is pierced with blood.
My knee is red with blood.
There was no human blood.
The Blood of Jesus Christ.
Because he drank my blood.
In the blood of the Greeks.
The blood of Solomon and.
Pay in currency or blood.
Heehee, they go for blood.
Blood drying on his chin.
Aviation was in his blood.
I’m here for my blood.
The tips had blood on them.
I have no blood, of course.
The blood that covered me.
Blood dripped down his fist.
Where did the blood spill?
In the heart of your blood.
In the blood of your heart.
You have some blood on you.
This Prank could be the Death of Fanny—the Ordeal by Water, e’en Blooding.
All the while I was busy conquering the whole world from behind the scenes, only to set it ablaze in a great pyre of religious fervor without even once blooding my own hands, that bastard’s son had created a new continent across the northern ocean.
You’re a cold blooded murderer.
The rim chipped and the blooded lip.
Pretty methodical, pretty cold blooded.
So this is where our cold blooded kil er lives.
For every undesirable that is blooded, another.
She knew the Catskinner was a cold blooded killed.
His mouth was blooded with my name as he heaved back.
A few fell to the ground with absolutely blooded faces.
A cold sweat began to form on the cold blooded instigator.
Finally he settled on: It was positively cold blooded.
Lancaster County is full of red blooded republicans that.
I was a cold blooded killer at heart, when I needed to be.
And what happens when all the poor and needy are blooded?
Sicarius was about as affectionate as a freshly blooded dagger.
They were heartless dictators and cold blooded murderers at that.
A head of a cold blooded animal came out from behind the darkness.
Marcus watched in stunned silence as Adrian kissed my blooded lips.
It was a cool night and being cold blooded didn’t sit well with him.
Brett has only just gone back to school after having his nose blooded.
Humiliated and blooded, Roger lay there on the ground for a few minutes.
He was daring and cold blooded and he would stop at nothing to progress.
The cold blooded emotion is the figure head to pay hard work and leadership.
Cold blooded writhing thoughts that refuse to connect themselves to each other.
Also, the blooded weapons I had used were in my house on the night of the murder.
I understand you are trained but this is a full blooded Angel we are talking about.
What did he mean I seem to have Human in me? Did he think I was a full blooded Demon?
Those creatures are cold blooded and they’ll become torpid in such a low temperature.
He was probably nearly a full blooded Dwarf with maybe a bit of Nordic in his ancestry.
A cold blooded animal will not throw as much heat as a warm blooded one or a machine.
If those men were murdered then that would be cold blooded, calculated and deliberate.
You’re too hard on yourself honey, you’re a killer, died in the wool, cold blooded.
Wing warrior—the traditional title of a blooded warrior of one of the Raven Lords clans.
God is not a cool blooded murderer who wants you to come to him with fear instead of love.
All over the walls were his blooded palm prints, for he was using the walls to steady himself.
First we are not cold blooded murderers and second she’s just a brokenhearted woman like us.
Adult fleas lay eggs outside in the grass or any warm safe place (usually near a warm blooded host).
On well-grassed flats the blooded Herefords grazed, only looking up as we drove by in a cloud of dust.
When my father was cut with the scythe, they sent a leech from the castle, who blooded him, and he died.
I saw her early next morning and gave her blooded nourishment, then Sheridan and Rochelle entered her room.
The White Bloods.
He did hate blue bloods.
There were also a few mixed bloods.
The Twelfth Street Bloods, she told me.
Besides, I thought you hated blue bloods.
And in this flea our two bloods mingled be;.
She was breathing heavily and vomiting bloods.
No more White Bloods, vampires will be vampires.
They lay down flat, bathing with their own bloods.
Why is it that only the full bloods among us are.
Not one of the mixed bloods was permitted to live.
Those whom possessed tainted bloods were contented.
The river water was turned red colour with the human bloods.
Bloods, tears, screams, fire, ultimately my corpse of my mother.
Paul Richards did the bloods on everything to do with this case.
The two Gods are two bloods less than one race injected into one beast.
It has the list of those who became White Bloods, the Sleeping Keepers, and witches.
Inside the room were bloods inside the tubes, thick hair like it came from an animal.
He was about to go to war with the Bloods for a dude that couldn't control his bitch.
Poor little slave of the jumbled bloods, she was Spanish and Carib and Negro and French.
At the time of the first book the Bloods and Piegans were still united with the Blackfoot.
This isn't what I think, is it? He then examined the underwear, and the bloods primary location.
It looked as if Nature no longer contained the breed of nobler bloods, but stood on her last toes.
Luckily for him, Raekwon told him that Bloods thought the Dog did it so Brian felt he was in the clear.
And since him and Sean are brothers, it brings us to the conclusion that they are both White Bloods.
I was trying to reach you before you reached me because I heard that the Bloods really are after you now.
The lower classes are a down-trodden, mongrel horde, a mixture of negroid, Stygian, Shemitish, even Hyborian bloods.
They were a mixed people, of Hyrkanian and Shemitish bloods, who were not taken with the conquerors in their retreat.
Do you remember…the bad reaction that happened to your sister? Because of the mixing of bloods? Glen, nodded, somberly.
The gunman of the first car was identified as Mark Grimes, a local thug for the Money Never Sleep Chapter of the Bloods known as Shine.
In the last eight days, Cell Block A has been on lockdown four times, as the Latin Kings and the Bloods have worked out their differences the only way they know how.
He didn't know about the Bloods then having a real vendetta against him because of Raekwon but he knew now and he knew that he would have to shoot it out before he could talk it out.
New England blue bloods, my mother would have called them, I knew almost before they told me a thing—which meant to her only that they were basically rich and from somewhere east of Ohio and north of D.
Just doing my part to get the oxytocin flowing through your bloods stream, she said with a warm smile, referring to the pleasant-feeling hormones produced in the human body through affectionate contact.
Look, I may be in the clear now because that stupid ass Dog thinks the Bloods put a hit out on him but if that motherfucker ever found out I may have been behind it, he would come and try to take us all out.
Was training then nothing? Was environment nothing? Was blood nothing? Was the blood of bishops, that blood which of all bloods must surely be most potent in preventing its inheritors in all their doings, nothing?
They are murderers and rapists and sex traffickers and mob bosses and major drug dealers, divided into fierce factions predominantly by race—the Bloods and the Crips, the Latin Kings and Trinitarios, the Aryan Brotherhood.
Surely, the hearse with the six black horses was taking the casket to one of the old cemeteries in the city, and judging from the description of the iron gate at the entrance that was flanked by both magnolias and oaks, there could only be one location to match—the old Confederate cemetery where generations of society’s blue bloods, some of which perished gallantly in the Civil War, were buried in the most elegant style imaginable for such somber circumstances.
Rex's age was greatly in his favour, for among Julia's friends there was a kind of gerontophilic snobbery; young men were held to be gauche and pimply; it was thought very much more chic to be seen lunching alone at the Ritz - a thing, in any case, allowed to few girls of that day, to the tiny circle of Julia's intimates; a thing looked at askance by the elders who kept the score, chatting pleasantly against the walls of the ballrooms - at the table on the left as you came in, with a starched and wrinkled old roué whom your mother had be warned of as a girl, than than in the centre of the room with a party of exuberant young bloods.
The blue bloods, though they called themselves,.

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