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Ancestry sätze (in englisch)

  1. American dog blood in its ancestry.
  2. There are numerous ancestry websites.
  3. The Pug traces its ancestry to 700 BC in China.
  4. Were they impressed about your ancestry?
  5. The great majority of Mexicans have mixed ancestry.

  6. Blefuscu when I arrived could trace their ancestry.
  7. The Xolo traces its ancestry to Mesoamerican society.
  8. EB trace their ancestry to 12th century British Isles.
  9. I became a reverted Quaker with Jewish ancestry, as.
  10. I arrived could trace their ancestry to these clever.
  11. The Dachshund trace its ancestry to early 17th century.
  12. The German Spitz dogs trace their ancestry to the Stone.
  13. Italian Greyhounds trace their ancestry to ancient Egypt.
  14. His ancestry is from that area also, but before the lake.
  15. Maremmas trace their ancestry to Ancient Room 2000 years.

  16. The modern day Gordon setter traces its ancestry to early.
  17. The Pomeranians trace their ancestry to Iceland where they.
  18. And her ancestry she willingly lets, in you so molded stand.
  19. The Papillon is an old breed of dog tracing its ancestry to.
  20. Many were French-Vietnamese mixed ancestry and/or Catholics.
  21. The KBD traces its ancestry to north-western Europe several.
  22. English Foxhounds trace their ancestry to late 16th century.
  23. However, modern day toys trace their ancestry to the mid 15th.
  24. Her appearance was a beautiful example of pure Borgoth ancestry.
  25. The ancestry and lineage of the Buddha are carried through the de-.

  26. Chapter 7: Ancestry and Genealogy Information And Resources To Use.
  27. Whether she knew it or not, Jean Paget had Australia in her ancestry.
  28. We are all of German ancestry, not a lot of taco eaters around here.
  29. The ancestry of Jesus passed through them, although not through them.
  30. She was a bit decorous from her Yingolian ancestry, but not excessively.
  31. All you have to do is a search on the Internet for genealogy or ancestry.
  32. She imagined that there must be Hungarian blood somewhere in her ancestry.
  33. That it harks from an Irish ancestry only adds to my reason for liking it.
  34. Of Coster ancestry, his name was Dan, and, of course, they called him Dandy.
  35. He was an able man of good ancestry and lived with his family at Capernaum.
  36. For those who doubt its ancestry, here is the latin name: Ursus americanus.
  37. You share a common ancestry and a similar lifecycle with all other animals.
  38. I’d always suspected that Rolf’s ancestry was rooted in the Valley Lands.
  39. I was sent to destroy Liora Henandez, a Sephardi— a Jew of Spanish ancestry.
  40. Whatever my ancestry, I have been raised a Mongol, and that is how I see myself.
  41. Rumours of Forrest’s European ancestry had sparked Jack’s reporter instincts.
  42. Panamanian society, with mostly mixed ancestry people, did not practice segregation.
  43. My birth mother’s parents came from Scotland, and my dad’s ancestry was the same.
  44. Also, as stated previously, Lao Tzu had ancestry and lineage cited to be in the army.
  45. Lust is one of the many flaws of the human race, an ancestry of our more animal past.
  46. He was probably nearly a full blooded Dwarf with maybe a bit of Nordic in his ancestry.
  47. People here marry for love, family name and ancestry never even come into the equation.
  48. Of course! With their ratty ancestry, Krillaz are very prone to breathing difficulties.
  49. She gave him an appraising glance also, noticing both Troll and Yondure in his ancestry.
  50. They then questioned me about some things in the Bible and then asked me about my ancestry.
  51. I admired the pride he took in his ancestry; I’d never had the slightest interest in mine.
  52. I looked at him, his feminine air being crushed by the ever pressing battery of his ancestry.
  53. All white people whose ancestry was suspect: would have been strung up by bloodthirsty mobs.
  54. The elected President Juan Jose Torres was a left leaning army officer of mostly Indian ancestry.
  55. Trevain’s limp, and the structure of his legs, could have nothing to do with sea-dweller ancestry.
  56. As a demigoddess she was mostly immortal and with my half Demon ancestry it was likely that I was too.
  57. The ancestry of its name dates back to a small village on the island of South Uist in the Outer Hebrides.
  58. I’m going to ignore that! Now, the second part of Darwin’s proposition has to do with common ancestry.
  59. Her businessman lover knew of her ancestry and all he wanted from her was the wealth of the ancient Kushites.
  60. First of all, some 50 million Americans claim Irish ancestry, and form the third largest ethnic group in the US.
  61. Like most Americans, and in spite of his Polish ancestry, he had always pictured Poland as a land of flat steppes.
  62. The land of my ancestry is a place where men still worship the Great Creator who made this world and all the others.
  63. And just like in this world, each year brings more and more youth who want nothing to do with their past or ancestry.
  64. He was of Koryo ancestry, but had been born in the Koryo settlement on the bay near the mouth of the Albayamule River.
  65. I mentioned the library web site, and it has quite a few sources of information, including a link for Ancestry Library.
  66. It was a blessing, our ancestry, my mother had said, although it was weaker in me than in her, for my father had been mortal.
  67. Not one to give up easily, I tried doing the census thing with an ancestry website more recently, but didn’t have the same luck.
  68. This is where you must prove your heritage and your ancestry - if you do it properly you will be obeyed as your father was obeyed.
  69. Both men were equally well-born of an ancient and honorable ancestry, but the up-country man had not the graces of table etiquette.
  70. She walked over to the second-place winner and smiled, then quickly rattled off the cat’s ancestry, all the way back to one of Mrs.
  71. I eventually traced myself back to Joseph of Arimathea, at least metaphorically, using a link in the Mormon Church’s ancestry files.
  72. Lezura saw the opportunity to share her knowledge and said, Joey, where as humans have simian origin, orderrans have canine ancestry.
  73. Yea, more than equally, thought Ahab; since both the ancestry and posterity of Grief go further than the ancestry and posterity of Joy.
  74. In a sense she was a native, this body was born here of native parents back when Alan was the only person of Earth ancestry walking here.
  75. The point under discussion was, how far any singular gift in an individual was due to his ancestry and how far to his own early training.
  76. Somewhere in his borrowed ancestry stood some patriarch to whom various other things had been entrusted, and look what had happened since.
  77. Many chose to deal with bigotry by converting to Protestant faiths, calling themselves Scotch-Irish, and then hiding their Irish ancestry.
  78. The Creator God is real! I know this from my own personal experience! I’ve never seen the land of my ancestry, but yet I have been told of it.
  79. ROARK (ROCKY) O’BANNION: Black Irish Catholic mobster with Saudi ancestry and the compact, powerful body of a heavyweight champion boxer, which he is.
  80. It’s called instinct… reason… logic, common sense, common ancestry, common genes, common DNA, common genetic design, common habits, common urges.
  81. Entitled families should be aware of their ancestry, genetic disposition, their strengths and weaknesses, specialisations, and overall familial mission.
  82. If current fertility rates continued, it was certain that a future majority of people with Mexican ancestry would live in much of the American Southwest.
  83. The heritage of this rag-bag ancestry was hair like a cataract of black water, eyes as blue as the sea, set in oriental slits, and a golden, golden skin.
  84. Colon returned to the question of my ancestry and I told him that my grandfather had been born in the Middle Kingdom, while it was still under Mongol rule.
  85. The nose itself was indicative of ancestry, the mouth was sensitive yet strong, and his blue eyes were remarkable for their depth and expression of sadness.
  86. It is hard to say as to what we are now in terms of ancestry, but what is important is that while we are of several people’s we are still all of one race.
  87. Although they had heard a lot about this man being descended from high ancestry and his ability to work wonders, these statements were of no consequence, for.
  88. On the voyage over to America they bore a son who they named Levi after the father’s Jewish ancestry in an attempt to hold onto their heritage and they had.
  89. Her mother knew Tess's feeling on this point so well, though no words had passed between them on the subject, that she never alluded to the knightly ancestry now.
  90. According to American Heritage Dictionary, the term hero in mythology and legend refers to a man with divine ancestry who is endowed with great courage and strength.
  91. And it is this pride got home—because that neighbor would call to report what of ancestry from which an oppressed or subjugated people he or she saw that child do.
  92. To spend most of the time talking about my ancestry seemed quite strange, but I have been on some strange interviews before and so I dismissed it as just that; strange.
  93. The whitewashing of evil rich aristocrats: by calling them ‘nobles’… Cunningly brainwashing the masses into believing that ‘Nobles’ were nobler not only by ancestry: by being highborn.
  94. There is also the matter of racism in the United States and especially the existence of internment camps for American citizens of Japanese ancestry, which is a very big sore point with us, Admiral.
  95. Although they had heard a lot about this man being descended from high ancestry and his ability to do wonders, these were nothing but baseless statements, for Al’lah does not care about our descent.
  96. It has long been dominated by a mestizo elite of Spanish-Filipino and Spanish-Chinese ancestry that keeps other Filipinos poor, and Aguinaldo and most other Filipino presidents were part of that elite.
  97. He grasped loiterers by the scruff of the neck, impelled them violently through the gate, added impetus with a lusty kick in the rear, spicing his urgings for haste with pungent comments on the victim's ancestry.
  98. Publishers are advised that it is often not necessary to refer to a person’s ancestry, disability, ethnicity, nationality, physical appearance, race, religion, sex, or sexuality in books of literature or history.
  99. It’s small consolation to realize that what you find in a three-hundred page book with all blank pages has as much reliable data as what you could find in one of your searches using some of these ancestry websites.
  100. Although they are not of the ancestry of the fame of Aldereithellen, the farmers and villagers of Menjaraith are also keen hunters and archers, and many of those farmers were once soldiers who are now hardened veterans.

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