buy sätze

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Buy sätze (in englisch)

1. I had to buy it.
2. But we buy a TV.
3. We want to buy her.
4. You can buy a farm.
5. The first buy at $4.
6. To buy her a present.
7. But does he buy it?

8. I wanted to buy them.
9. Number two? Buy a gun.
10. You can either buy a.
11. Maybe she will buy it.
12. They buy and they use.
13. Buy and eat lean meats.
14. Toby seemed to buy it.
15. I was allowed to buy.
16. We could buy a cottage.
17. So I decided to buy a.
18. To buy this horse, he.
19. Who needs to buy a.
20. We should buy a test.
21. So he didn’t buy them.
22. Plus it was easy to buy.
23. I will have to buy some.
24. At Walgreens I buy beer.
25. But I’ll buy that one.
26. I didn’t buy it at all.
27. I was trying to buy time.
28. Then, you buy the item.
29. Or better, buy a new one.
32. Not enough to buy a suit.
33. Where can I buy tickets?
34. She had to buy this book.
35. I’m not sure I buy that.
36. He could buy his release.
37. But June didn’t buy it.
38. You cannot buy your way.
39. I think they’ll buy it.
40. I should be able to buy.
41. Mum let me buy three books.
42. She tried to buy a wrench.
43. So I really wanted to buy.
44. You can buy original stuff.
45. I’ll buy you that drink.
46. Buy a heart rate monitor.
47. I buy a pay-per-click ad.
48. The proposed buy at $1.
49. I think I will buy her one.
50. She really would buy them.
51. I go out only to buy food.
52. Buy, live in it, and sell.
53. So I’ll buy her a horse.
54. Then I’ll buy her one.
55. Offer to buy a couple of.
56. The potenUal buy at $0.
57. When you buy a new piece.
58. The compelling need to buy.
59. Can I buy you a drink?
60. The products they buy are.
61. Buy Heaven Knows This Time.
62. Don't buy or rent the list.
63. One cannot buy it anywhere.
64. Help the buyer buy from you.
65. I could buy a car tomorrow.
66. You better be ready to buy.
67. She wanted to buy a gun.
68. They don’t really buy it.
69. Well, he did buy it new.
70. It's the best money can buy.
71. Given that buy, we pass.
72. In any case they can buy it.
73. They can choose what to buy.
74. But I'm sure I can buy that.
75. Still, it would buy us time.
76. Click book cover to buy the.
77. He knows nobody’d buy one.
78. Could you buy that many?
79. Never buy the next shiny.
80. Buy Irma a house on the beach.
81. They sent out to buy a shirt.
82. Tip 58: Wait 48 hours to buy.
83. So why should you buy them?
84. That is, if you want to buy.
85. The money was used to buy a.
86. What will you buy with your.
87. It is also the place to buy.
88. Buy the mandate of common man.
89. We buy what they are selling.
90. Buy a cook book, follow the.
91. She’d have to buy a closet.
92. Only he didn't buy the land.
93. Don't forget to buy a red one.
94. When the prospect will buy??
95. Still anyone could buy tickets.
96. Gold could not buy allegiance.
97. I need to buy some weapons.
98. We couldn’t even buy a beer.
99. We could buy two weeks a year.
100. Buy your cat toys to play with.
1. She was buying a few.
2. I was buying some time.
3. Buying up bits of land.
4. Buying the Blood in Oil.
5. Was he buying all this?
6. Louie was not buying this.
7. Thank you for buying this.
8. The Power of Buying Calls.
9. At same time, the buying.
10. He seemed to be buying it.
11. No more buying into this.
12. Buying Calls is for Bulls.
13. Buying a put is for bears.
14. Example of Buying a Call:.
15. Since we’re buying the 9.
16. So what about buying puts?
17. And either way, buying or.
18. Buying a call is for bulls.
19. You are buying slave goods.
20. Buying you flowers, I think.
21. I'm buying, so is Bannister.
22. Rumors, buying on, 305, 383.
23. He was buying smuggled goods.
24. Buying Bitcoins the Easy Way.
25. Tonya still was not buying it.
26. I’m not buying into that.
27. When you are making a buying.
28. After buying Microsoft for $24.
29. For buying one of my flowers.
30. Hereʼs what you will be buying.
31. In other words, by buying the 7.
32. When buying the list, you are.
33. Buying the seals and twine had.
34. I don't remember buying so much.
35. Buying Ads in Other Newsletters.
36. She was buying cleaning supplies.
37. Ask mates if they are buying it.
38. Buying the right heating product.
39. If buying the put butterfly for 1.
40. Whether you’re buying them on.
41. She's buying an island off Crete.
43. Buying a gun was not the solution.
44. Buying her dad's birthday present.
45. I wasn't buying his cover up story.
46. Buying the wrong horse can be an.
47. Buying Bitcoins the Efficient Way.
48. This is known as buying on margin.
49. Necchi clearly wasn’t buying that.
50. Sattler, he isn't buying that the.
51. Why are you buying him scotch?
52. Do you feel the same about buying.
54. Read the ingredients before buying.
55. My strategy for buying Molycorp, Inc.
56. Things to consider in buying a suit.
57. Step 4: Buying Bitcoins on Coinbase.
58. Buying and mailing out catalogs to.
59. Cause the public ain’t buying him.
60. Another option is buying a custom PC.
61. It is the same in the buying process.
62. Making the Call: Buying Call Options.
63. They are buying the property for you.
64. The buying pressure is draining away.
65. I’d not be buying the halfinterest.
66. The principal isn’t buying my story.
67. He was constantly buying things for.
68. The Frustration of Buying Northamber.
70. Buying ADRs requires thorough research.
71. Normally I could count on buying the.
72. He never uses all of his buying power.
73. There were some signs of buying at 14.
74. Way 18: Buying BS when the Bull rules.
75. And the students are buying him coffee.
76. The delta hedge involves buying 50 * 0.
77. So buying the $100 strike calls for $3.
78. Buying a Fuzer was affordable and easy.
79. I wasn’t buying his act for a minute.
80. Besides, the man was buying him drinks.
81. Olga was buying groceries and medicine.
82. You end up buying the lost item anyway.
84. Then thanks for buying me the whiskey.
85. But buying the best, required a top wage.
86. I used to go to the car auctions buying.
87. Before buying a cat read the following:.
88. Your effective buying price is now 450p.
89. Buying Birthday Presents for your Child.
90. This showed diminishing buying pressure.
91. But buying shares is about taking risks.
92. But it didn’t stop with buying the gun.
93. I’m interested in buying the whole car.
94. Buying bullets for the gun had been easy.
95. The Correct Time to Begin Buying a Stock.
96. But the buying of the call gave you the.
97. You want a company buying back its stock.
98. Voytov, who was buying the horse, came in.
99. Marcel wasn’t buying what I was selling.
100. Buying a house you two? No, suppose not.
1. He bought it of me.
2. I bought a new car.
3. I bought her a drink.
4. I bought a new house.
5. I heard he bought a.
6. Gale bought me a coke.
7. I bought it in a shop.
8. I bought one lot at $2.
9. I bought a printer of.
10. I bought her for you.
11. I bought a small cot-.
12. This new one, I bought.
13. One bought 15,000 at 7.
14. He bought it for his boy.
15. He’s bought her a car.
16. I bought a bag from them.
17. Having bought Cape at 13.
18. Bought him an early grave.
19. I bought the best Zeiss.
20. Kerry bought LULU at $72.
21. I could have bought some.
22. Even bought the odd stone.
23. He’d bought it at 1200p.
24. Yes we have been bought.
25. I bought a house today.
26. I bought it in a junk shop.
27. I heard you bought a one-.
28. Bought the Irish Field now.
29. Or bought it on the street.
30. At best I bought us a week.
31. She was glad she bought it.
32. She bought them for resale.
33. That’s why I bought this.
34. US government had bought it.
35. I bought the stock at once.
36. We bought it, he said.
37. I was afraid you bought it.
38. Another bought 10,000 at 6.
39. Allison bought into the lie.
40. He bought my act completely.
41. The puts were bought for $1.
42. It was for that I bought it.
43. Well yesterday we bought it.
44. Then I bought twelve more.
45. He always bought Ella dolls.
46. You are bought at a price.
47. Integrated bought it for $1.
48. He sold high and bought low.
49. I bought some Spanish shares.
50. Notes can be bought in the.
51. I’m not sure they bought it.
52. I bought this the other day.
53. He bought this place off him.
54. This bought us precious time.
55. He bought her a dress and a.
56. People who had bought at $20.
57. Morel had bought for her son.
59. Bought off by the same party.
60. She also bought two cartons.
61. I have bought a clip of Cobham.
62. Koza bought more Radian stock.
63. Bought it for home protection.
64. I bought a second hand coffin.
65. You should not have bought it.
66. We bought our way out of it.
67. So I bought a bit more at $40.
68. When I bought a SONY 17-inch.
69. I almost bought it, Puller.
70. Will had a job and bought her.
71. She thinks she's bought me too.
72. He had even bought the raised.
73. She bought all she was told to.
74. The stock was bought for.
75. I hadn’t bought him anything.
76. Those can be bought afterwards.
77. One chap bought six sports cars.
78. My brother bought it while he.
79. No! You bought the stupid thing.
80. I bought the house and the wine.
81. Tom bought me a book about it.
82. I bought a pack of Marlboro Red.
83. So I bought some shares at 220p.
84. Each time he bought a larger TV.
85. The one he had bought for Adele.
86. I also bought a good amount of.
87. Those who bought Chrysler at $1.
88. Yes, I also bought a lovely car.
89. They say he bought a fine estate.
90. He had bought special ones with.
91. I bought stuff we could eat cold.
92. I bought in at about 18p in 2011.
93. He bought milk and fed the child.
94. I also bought lunch for him, too.
95. She didn't care what they bought.
96. In summary, the trader bought 24.
97. We bought in some tuck to have a.
98. The stock can be bought by anyone.
99. He actually bought old pianos at.
100. She bought all that crap in there.
1. She buys a used car.
2. But it buys them time.
3. It’s the same with buys.
4. But what this money buys.
5. If that customer buys from.
6. If that customer buys your.
7. New buys may be of interest.
8. Spain buys a great deal of it.
9. I mean, if he buys this house.
10. But I don’t think he buys it.
11. By stopping clocks he buys time.
12. Stokes, who buys in what we need.
13. He can match the buys with the.
14. She buys our plan without hesitation.
15. Who buys all that food anyway?
16. The audience buys the act accordingly.
17. This buys you some valuable thinking.
18. The fairy land buys not the child of me.
19. It is the moment he buys the plane ticket.
20. Buys out the law: but 'tis not so above;.
21. So much so he buys it in the economy size.
22. You’ll write the buys on your worksheet.
23. NT comments: Not the greatest of first buys.
24. He buys fish and sends it to Tokyo; quite a.
25. The assumption is that nobody ever buys a dud.
26. A trader who buys the 100 call at a price of 5.
27. He knows the businesses he buys inside and out.
28. Teacher whispered, Her mother buys her uniforms.
29. She has other criteria about the stocks she buys.
30. That's where a longer-term trader buys and holds.
31. Let’s see if the jury buys what he’s selling.
32. On the same day, my friend Mandy buys an aquarium.
33. If that visitor buys something on the merchant's.
34. Wealth to Leo buys services and managerial ability.
35. Consider a trader who buys an at-the-money straddle.
36. Who is the person he buys those machines from?
37. Let’s say Long Gamma Man buys 10 straddles from Ms.
38. Kim meanwhile just goes to the store and buys a 123.
39. The trader buys stock D, risking another $1,000 or 2%.
40. My own money buys me nothing but an uneasy conscience.
41. Ten dollars in the cookie jar and $10 from stocks buys.
42. He now buys abandoned clothing from many other cleaners.
43. This is true whether one buys or sells these strategies.
44. Another company may be much larger, buys in volume and.
45. She buys, or does not buy, based on this perceived value.
46. The saleslady, or perhaps she buys, snorts sarcastically.
47. What Are the Trading Rules for Buys (Sells Are Reversed)?
48. Level 2: how to use it to grab great-timed buys and sells.
49. Before someone buys a software product from you they will.
50. What Are the Trading Rules for Pivot Buys on Choppy Days?
51. What is in demand in the subconscious buys the opportunity.
52. The price at which an investor buys or shorts an investment.
53. What Are the Trading Rules for Pivot Buys on Trending Days?
54. Association, which is one of the largest agencies that buys.
55. You know money buys the whisky and what walks? Even in Africa.
56. Exchange and buys the new property, thus avoiding the capital.
57. Our client buys new equipment and hires people to do the work.
58. Your $100 spent in March when the price is $10 buys ten shares.
59. A surfer "buys" the company by visiting his institutional site.
60. Safer bonds are not necessarily better buys than their juniors.
61. In accordance with his advice, Martin buys a copy of the Book.
62. What Are the Trading Rules for Sell Fades (Buys Are Reversed)?
63. This type of strategy essentially buys cheap stocks on the mend.
64. Once he finds a quality business, he buys it at a bargain price.
65. In his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.
66. It buys me about a month before she shows up with it at our house.
67. Your $100 spent in January when the price is $20 buys five shares.
68. A trader buys at this signal point and waits for price to rebound.
69. Pakistan, big money in the right hands buys a lot of government ass.
70. It "buys" the trader time to wait for the underlying price to move.
71. And then our competition buys in at a lower price when we're not.
72. It simply buys us back lost time – the one advantage we can gain.
73. Think about it this way: Nobody who buys a hammer actually wants a.
74. The next day, he goes out and buys a burner phone with a new number.
75. He then takes part of the collected premium and buys a July Wheat 9.
76. If a trader buys 200 lots of the calls, how would she delta-hedge?
77. After Roy buys a paper it becomes a better paper, Byerly said.
78. A prudent investor never buys a business that they do not understand.
79. Warren Buffett buys around 80 percent to 100 percent of the business.
80. Or prospect signs up to mailing list and buys something in the future.
81. Follow-up buys were generally made if the security moved up in price.
82. They have tiny share prices and a few buys can make them shoot about.
83. William buys a four-acre estate consisting of two homes and a stable.
84. Four tons of aluminum is the kind of money that buys power, even here.
85. Money is just as important as the mortgage, food and education it buys.
86. While none of this is revealed to the consumer who buys these products.
87. He buys me smokes and gives the best rubdowns I’ve had in this place.
88. Other times the collection agency actually buys the rights to the debt.
89. Reinforcing her oath to Angel, and like a love drunk fool Angel buys it.
90. Seven hundred billion buys a lot of stability in families, real estate.
91. Their loan, which buys three goats, may at least improve the family diet.
92. One might be the stock owner who buys put options as a form of insurance.
93. All of these things are the factors which make bad buys ideal for dating.
94. If a customer buys after the expiry date (say 8 days or 91 days) then the.
95. The longer-term options often appear, to the naked eye, to be better buys.
96. The Rings buys us a little over a year before it expires, he explains.
97. He goes to the Burbank Greyhound bus station and buys a ticket to Monterey.
98. If you closely observe your surroundings then, you will know that bad buys.
99. Loser buys the winner’s command staff first round at the Officer’s club.
100. He buys them back even if their share prices have not changed significantly.

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