take sätze

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Take sätze (in englisch)

  1. Take it like a man.
  2. I can take a joke.
  3. She could take a hint.
  4. Take care of my soul.
  5. Take us to the stars.

  6. They both take their G.
  7. Take the horse and go.
  8. It failed on take off.
  9. Please do take a seat.
  10. I take care of his son.
  11. Bet I could take you.
  12. I take my hat off to Mr.
  13. This will take a while).
  14. This could take a while.
  15. I'd like to take a room.

  16. Take me home,' Ali said.
  17. Be Prepared To Take The.
  18. The men take steps back.
  19. He'd have to take a bus.
  20. But I can’t take it.
  21. Most of these you take.
  22. And take them out it did.
  23. It would also take time.
  24. He couldn't take it now.
  25. I didn't take the tests.

  26. I'll take it to her then.
  27. It'll only take a second.
  28. He itched to take a look.
  29. Take note of what other.
  30. I don't care, here take.
  31. He would take it that way.
  32. I’ll take bets on it.
  33. I’ll take it from here.
  34. This one can take a long.
  35. Here, take a look at this.
  36. Just need to take it easy.
  37. They take their turns to.
  38. I need to take the car.
  39. Now he could take a break.
  40. We can't take any chances.
  41. He hoped that would take.
  42. He should take the credit.
  43. God will take care of you.
  44. I can take care of myself.
  45. We can take him down then.
  46. I have to take this chance.
  47. Maybe it would take her a.
  48. Take me to it… I love it.
  49. I might take a small peep.
  50. We’ll take it from there.
  51. They take a very long view.
  52. The bouts take place in a.
  53. This is a lot to take in.
  54. That would take place soon.
  55. He couldn't take the peace.
  56. It would take a big load off.
  57. I wouldn't take that chance.
  58. What steps could they take:.
  59. Edward and Peter take longer.
  60. I could take care of myself.
  61. It was wrong to take a life.
  62. Take care of my friend here.
  63. Only she could take it away.
  64. We should take note of this.
  65. We’ll take care of that.
  66. Vera would take a leave of.
  67. I have power to take it again.
  68. What Scene, what goal to take.
  69. Pete, you can take a break.
  70. I couldn’t take it anymore.
  71. It won’t take him long to.
  72. Now take a look at verse four.
  73. Let's take the offenses away.
  74. Don’t take any risks, Mark.
  75. I yearned to take His burden.
  76. But I cannot take it for you.
  77. Take care and keep the faith.
  78. It was time to take a gamble.
  79. I ran over to take a closer.
  80. He refused to take our hands.
  81. A father could take his son.
  82. I could take you there again.
  83. We can take care of the sheep.
  84. He has to take responsibility.
  85. We feel we should take action.
  86. How long does it take to ah.
  87. The idea was to take a quick.
  88. Hell, let them take their time.
  89. Hogg and his command to take.
  90. Take care of it Emma, Love it.
  91. And take her out of this room.
  92. We need to take back the ship.
  93. Don’t take me for an expert.
  94. I’ll help you take them off.
  95. Just take it up the stairs.
  96. Kay could not take it any more.
  97. One more thing to take care of.
  98. I could feel her take a deep.
  99. But the things I can’t take.
  100. I will have to take that, too.
  1. If He is taking you.
  2. He was taking a long.
  3. It was taking its toll.
  4. It is the taking your-.
  5. Salt water taking me in.
  6. And was taking down lots.
  7. Lucy began taking his car.
  8. Him taking his love back.
  9. It means taking more time.
  10. He was taking our measure.
  11. Before again taking a rest.
  12. A window! After taking a.
  13. I loved taking care of her.
  14. This is not about taking.
  15. I’m taking what I please.
  16. That means taking on the.
  17. Taking a single pace, he.
  18. I'm taking his word for it.
  19. He’s taking a CAT scan.
  20. She is within, Taking hold.
  21. I can remember taking the.
  22. Where are we taking this.
  23. She was capable of taking.
  24. Bill is taking us on a boat.
  25. They were taking no chances.
  26. Our guys were taking cover.
  27. I'll be taking what's mine.
  28. He’s taking it pretty hard.
  29. Tired of scores taking the.
  30. I scanned the area, taking.
  31. The lesson was taking hours.
  32. Taking in what is handed out.
  33. The darkness was taking form.
  34. It was a gamble worth taking.
  35. It was mine for the taking!.
  36. You know, taking an interest.
  37. Taking stock of herself she.
  38. This was taking far too long.
  39. He is not taking any chances.
  40. I was taking them to Eldon.
  41. Where are you taking me?
  42. He was taking careful aim at.
  43. Where is he taking you?
  44. Where is the handover taking.
  45. You still taking up for her?
  46. It was as if I were taking a.
  47. Taking a rest before I retire.
  48. And I enjoyed taking the bait.
  49. She was taking her sweet time.
  50. It was a risk worth taking.
  51. I’ve been taking care of.
  52. She was taking off her clothes.
  53. He was again taking care of us.
  54. Even taking into account that.
  55. Mikael: This is taking too long.
  56. Where was he taking her? When.
  57. Boys and girls taking the piss.
  58. Rude kingdoms are taking shape.
  59. The reply seemed to be taking.
  60. He looked at me, taking this in.
  61. Taking a file on his ‘in’.
  62. Taking a deep breath, he began.
  63. It’s value lost in the taking.
  64. Why were they taking so long?
  65. I was, after all, taking a big.
  66. She was taking forever in there.
  67. Taking me in was never too late.
  68. It was as hard as taking it off.
  69. I was taking Sally—the one I.
  70. He was taking a much needed nap.
  71. Been taking care of Andrew?
  72. He knows where you're taking it.
  73. Taking what personal items she.
  74. Taking Stock of the Big Picture.
  75. Taking the same piece of paper.
  76. Was something taking over her?
  77. Instead of taking advantage of.
  78. Taking the example of Pepsi in.
  79. Taking another swig of her drink.
  80. My heart is yours for the taking.
  81. Taking life as it came was part.
  82. I stopped taking my medication.
  83. Are you still taking that stuff?
  84. They’re taking the wrong path.
  85. Todd insisted on taking her home.
  86. Are you so set on taking it?
  87. They should avoid risk taking too.
  88. It was taking many more hours to.
  89. You did us a big favor taking him.
  90. Instead of taking this chance to.
  91. Psyche is taking this really hard.
  92. He thought he was taking medicine.
  93. Nik’s taking Sierra to his cabin.
  94. He nodded, taking her into his arms.
  95. My fondest memory was of taking a.
  96. And at the same time, taking care.
  97. One was just taking on a passenger.
  98. Go! Nesten said, taking point.
  99. Taking a decision, she nodded once.
  100. China is taking the lead, with an.
  1. It has taken us a.
  2. I was a little taken.
  3. It has taken a long.
  4. It was all taken away.
  5. We all had taken tests.
  6. She had taken it for.
  7. He had taken off his.
  8. Mom's taken care of it.
  9. It had taken that long.
  10. We've taken a few hits.
  11. It has taken me a long.
  12. She'd taken a Mydol to.
  13. And he was taken aboard.
  14. He had taken a long time.
  15. Harry had taken out and.
  16. It had to have taken Pa.
  17. She was taken by a being.
  18. This has taken some time.
  19. He'd taken a large swig.
  20. I should have taken the.
  21. Pity it has taken so long.
  22. Knut had already taken a.
  23. He had taken leave from a.
  24. Her absence had taken its.
  25. He was taken aback to see.
  26. Chris was still taken aback.
  27. I was completely taken back.
  28. Sin has taken you prisoner.
  29. Brunner had taken the class.
  30. I‘ll get it taken care of.
  31. She’s taken a nasty fall.
  32. He’d taken that as a sign.
  33. I’ve taken upon the angel.
  34. He had taken great pains to.
  35. Another problem taken care of.
  36. Maybe he had not taken a day.
  37. He just marked you, as taken.
  38. They had taken all the land.
  39. It will not be taken from us.
  41. Projects should be taken as.
  42. We had taken out a loan for.
  43. It was one I had taken to him.
  44. I could have taken hell if I.
  45. Haymer been taken care of?’.
  46. So far we have taken what is.
  47. It was taken out in front of.
  48. Frank was a little taken aback.
  49. But great care should be taken.
  50. It is not to be taken lightly.
  51. He was as taken out of a dream.
  52. Brice shouldn't have taken him.
  53. They’ve been taken care of.
  54. Of the voyages they have taken.
  55. I'll rest when we've taken Eid.
  56. Warriors taken in clan battles.
  57. We had taken both of the boys.
  58. Where have they taken her?’.
  59. He’d taken the man into his.
  60. Drowsiness had taken over Scott.
  61. And it too is removed and taken.
  62. The fine animal had taken sides.
  63. He has taken on his Dragon form.
  64. It’s already taken care of.
  65. A tough life had taken its toll.
  66. This was taken two hours later.
  67. This was taken later in Imnotn.
  68. You will be taken there at once.
  69. I had taken to calling her that.
  70. A tough test, but one taken by.
  71. The good life has taken its toll.
  72. We had taken that as a good omen.
  73. I have taken a vow not to kill.
  74. That’s already taken care of.
  75. His travels had never taken him.
  76. Taken off guard, Teresa hesitated.
  77. I knew she would be taken care of.
  78. The after was taken on my.
  79. He was taken aback, Who informed.
  80. They’ve taken their toll on me.
  81. We have taken her to the hospice.
  82. My mother was taken to a mental.
  83. By this time, Bear had taken aim.
  84. I'm glad it's been taken care of.
  85. Adam must have taken it with him.
  86. They had just taken it as a given.
  87. Batistuta was taken aback by the.
  88. I was not taken to Harriet though.
  89. So yes it must be taken seriously.
  90. Being taken hostage is not a game.
  91. This photograph was taken in 1939.
  92. The Apothecary looked taken aback.
  93. She needs to be taken to a doctor.
  94. The hard drive had been taken out.
  95. I was? he seemed taken aback.
  96. Jessie and had some pictures taken.
  97. The trip that had taken the Mansi.
  98. Her doctors had taken a new x-ray.
  99. I wish now that they had taken me.
  100. She had taken Alexia away from him.
  1. It takes on a form.
  2. As long as it takes.
  3. Let us say it takes.
  4. She takes a sip of.
  5. This takes a lot of.
  6. All it takes is one.
  7. That is all it takes.
  8. It takes a few years.
  9. It often takes 4 to.
  10. The son takes a wife.
  11. Al that it takes to.
  12. God Takes A Child *54.
  13. He also takes two of.
  14. It takes one year to.
  15. He takes a deep breath.
  16. It only takes a moment.
  17. See where it takes you.
  18. It takes a very strong.
  19. But the winner takes all.
  20. Then he takes me to eat.
  21. As long as Keith takes.
  22. She takes a deep breath.
  23. She takes a shaky breath.
  24. It takes over your life.
  25. Until she takes it back.
  26. Ralph takes a step back.
  27. It takes a system with.
  28. Chris takes up the story.
  29. Slowly, she takes me in.
  30. Cal takes a step forward.
  31. When he takes his sheep.
  32. Sana takes Aarav to the.
  33. A moment is all it takes.
  34. She takes a ragged breath.
  35. Matthew takes his gun out.
  36. All it takes is practice.
  37. He takes an antacid pill.
  38. Missy takes a deep breath.
  39. She takes care of others.
  40. Jaden takes both of them.
  41. Aaron takes my hand in his.
  42. He takes one of the pool.
  43. Every step that she takes.
  44. Cherrie takes this as an.
  45. If that's what it takes.
  46. It takes the pressure off.
  47. She takes off into the air.
  48. Lust takes and love gives.
  49. Even if it takes 27 years.
  50. Ed takes care of the rest.
  51. He takes a sip of the beer.
  52. It takes a great deal of.
  53. It takes a lot out of him.
  54. Her queen takes the knight.
  55. It takes about 480 hours.
  56. All it takes is a little.
  57. John takes her in his arms.
  58. It takes time and practice.
  59. But the process takes time.
  60. The true object takes the.
  61. New King James takes it out.
  62. Spoiling a child takes time.
  63. This takes time and effort.
  64. He takes me in his arms.
  65. It takes a lot of work to.
  66. He always takes care of me.
  67. No one takes off their coat.
  68. She takes a big gulp of air.
  69. That takes time, of course.
  70. I guess it takes all sorts.
  71. SAMANTHA takes a step back.
  72. She takes you deeper into.
  73. Now he takes one last step.
  74. BUT: when a student takes.
  75. It takes care of the body.
  76. He takes pride in his craft.
  77. All it takes is observation.
  78. She takes it and pockets it.
  79. That takes away your choice.
  80. Takes you as cramp, I fancy.
  81. Carbide takes a lot higher.
  82. It takes her about a minute.
  83. Overseas Takes A Long Time.
  84. Whether it takes a year or.
  85. Eugene takes a bite of toast.
  86. He takes the time to listen.
  87. It takes much strength and.
  88. Fuck love, it just takes it.
  89. Takes care of all the girls.
  90. As stated before, it takes.
  91. Century takes to the stairs.
  92. If that’s what it takes.
  93. When he takes a long journey.
  94. He takes another deep breath.
  95. He takes us everywhere he can.
  96. And see where that takes you.
  97. It takes courage to be a pig.
  98. He takes a bite of his dinner.
  99. Your dog takes up a lot of.
  100. But the part that takes the.
  1. He took me to the.
  2. The kid took a swig.
  3. Took me at least a.
  4. It took us a good.
  5. It took me a while.
  6. He took her to the.
  7. Took a bag and went.
  8. And she took it all.
  9. He took hold of her.
  10. I took a look at my.
  11. He took a deep breath.
  12. She took a quick look.
  13. He took the other call.
  14. As I did I took notes.
  15. He took it and smiled.
  16. She took a deep breath.
  17. Amos took up the story.
  18. Junya took up a copy.
  19. Then he took the shot.
  20. He took a sip of water.
  21. Tei took a deep breath.
  22. I took her to my house.
  23. He took great care in.
  24. It took him by surprise.
  25. She took a breath and.
  26. I took a hesitant bite.
  27. C-zar took a step back.
  28. She took my hand with.
  29. He took one last breath.
  30. Of course this took time.
  31. Delos took a deep breath.
  32. Finally she took a bite.
  33. We then took it to the.
  34. I took her hand in mine.
  35. Took a step towards him.
  36. Raven took a deep breath.
  37. His tongue took my mouth.
  38. Or when Rocky took off.
  39. They took leave of the.
  40. He took a step toward her.
  41. Dorian took a deep breath.
  42. Brokin took a deep breath.
  43. My father took me back!.
  44. He took off his tank top.
  45. I took him upstairs and.
  46. He took it like one dazed.
  47. It took about 400 years.
  48. They took the lies that.
  49. We took 101 to Menlo Park.
  50. I took it with reverence.
  51. Moving at all took effort.
  52. She took his hand in hers.
  53. Eventually she took a sip.
  54. I took up Griffin’s cue.
  55. Jannson took off his shirt.
  56. He took his candle closer.
  57. His raving took its course.
  58. Helen took my hand saying.
  59. It took them a half hour.
  60. But I never even took it.
  61. I took a detour and went.
  62. He took the sword from me.
  63. She nodded and took it off.
  64. What took Ryato so long?
  65. He took a sip of the milk.
  66. Then Thomas took his turn.
  67. Hartman took the hand away.
  68. It took a long time to fall.
  69. Balthasar took up the story.
  70. He took step into the pond.
  71. He then took charge himself.
  72. Raven took her hand in his.
  73. He even took a shot at you.
  74. The lead rat then took up.
  75. He took no pleasure in it!.
  76. Daphnie took his death hard.
  77. I took the call from Malta.
  78. I took over the empty body.
  79. Ish said and took a big sip.
  80. The climb took over an hour.
  81. He took in the scene below.
  82. He took over the broadcast.
  83. C took place very recently.
  84. I took Grand Mothers hand.
  85. Jacob took another sip of.
  86. He took in all the lovely.
  87. Liz took a sip of white wine.
  88. He went over and took it up.
  89. Reese took a pull on his ale.
  90. He took hold of his future.
  91. The batter took a tomahawk.
  92. I took three tries to do it.
  93. Sharon took hold of his hand.
  94. The noise took his attention.
  95. Papa took me there one time.
  96. Petr took the steps at the.
  97. It only took half that time.
  98. Heather took a deep breath.
  99. She took too long to answer.
  100. On the other hand, he took.

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