take sätze

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Take sätze (in englisch)

Take it like a man.
Take us to the stars.
Take care of my soul.
She could take a hint.
I can take a joke.
Take the horse and go.
They both take their G.

Please do take a seat.
It failed on take off.
I take care of his son.
Bet I could take you.
Take me home,' Ali said.
The men take steps back.
Most of these you take.
It would also take time.
He couldn't take it now.
I take my hat off to Mr.
And take them out it did.
This will take a while).
I'd like to take a room.
This could take a while.
Be Prepared To Take The.
But I can’t take it.
He'd have to take a bus.
I’ll take it from here.
He itched to take a look.
It'll only take a second.
I don't care, here take.
He would take it that way.
I’ll take bets on it.
I'll take it to her then.
Take note of what other.
I didn't take the tests.
Now he could take a break.
God will take care of you.
He hoped that would take.
We can't take any chances.
I need to take the car.
Here, take a look at this.
This one can take a long.
If He is taking you.
He was taking a long.
It was taking its toll.
Salt water taking me in.
It is the taking your-.
Him taking his love back.
Lucy began taking his car.
And was taking down lots.
He was taking our measure.
That means taking on the.
I’m taking what I please.
I loved taking care of her.
Before again taking a rest.
Taking a single pace, he.
This is not about taking.
A window! After taking a.
It means taking more time.
I'm taking his word for it.
Bill is taking us on a boat.
Where are we taking this.
I can remember taking the.
She is within, Taking hold.
She was capable of taking.
He’s taking a CAT scan.
The lesson was taking hours.
Taking in what is handed out.
Our guys were taking cover.
They were taking no chances.
I scanned the area, taking.
I'll be taking what's mine.
He’s taking it pretty hard.
Tired of scores taking the.
You know, taking an interest.
Where are you taking me?
The darkness was taking form.
This was taking far too long.
I was taking them to Eldon.
Taking stock of herself she.
It was a gamble worth taking.
It was mine for the taking!.
It has taken us a.
I was a little taken.
It has taken a long.
It was all taken away.
She had taken it for.
We all had taken tests.
He had taken off his.
Mom's taken care of it.
It has taken me a long.
She'd taken a Mydol to.
It had taken that long.
We've taken a few hits.
And he was taken aboard.
He had taken a long time.
I should have taken the.
She was taken by a being.
He'd taken a large swig.
Harry had taken out and.
It had to have taken Pa.
This has taken some time.
Pity it has taken so long.
Knut had already taken a.
I was completely taken back.
Her absence had taken its.
Sin has taken you prisoner.
He was taken aback to see.
He had taken leave from a.
Chris was still taken aback.
I‘ll get it taken care of.
She’s taken a nasty fall.
He’d taken that as a sign.
Brunner had taken the class.
I’ve taken upon the angel.
Another problem taken care of.
Maybe he had not taken a day.
They had taken all the land.
Projects should be taken as.
It will not be taken from us.
We had taken out a loan for.
He just marked you, as taken.
It takes on a form.
She takes a sip of.
Let us say it takes.
As long as it takes.
The son takes a wife.
It often takes 4 to.
This takes a lot of.
All it takes is one.
That is all it takes.
Al that it takes to.
It takes a few years.
He takes a deep breath.
God Takes A Child *54.
It takes one year to.
He also takes two of.
It only takes a moment.
See where it takes you.
As long as Keith takes.
It takes a very strong.
Slowly, she takes me in.
She takes a shaky breath.
Chris takes up the story.
She takes a deep breath.
Until she takes it back.
It takes over your life.
Then he takes me to eat.
Ralph takes a step back.
It takes a system with.
Cal takes a step forward.
But the winner takes all.
A moment is all it takes.
Sana takes Aarav to the.
When he takes his sheep.
Missy takes a deep breath.
Matthew takes his gun out.
Jaden takes both of them.
She takes care of others.
He takes an antacid pill.
All it takes is practice.
She takes a ragged breath.
It took us a good.
Took me at least a.
He took me to the.
The kid took a swig.
It took me a while.
Took a bag and went.
And she took it all.
He took her to the.
He took hold of her.
I took a look at my.
He took a deep breath.
She took a quick look.
Then he took the shot.
As I did I took notes.
She took a deep breath.
He took it and smiled.
Junya took up a copy.
He took a sip of water.
Amos took up the story.
Tei took a deep breath.
He took the other call.
I took her to my house.
It took him by surprise.
She took my hand with.
C-zar took a step back.
He took great care in.
She took a breath and.
I took a hesitant bite.
Finally she took a bite.
Or when Rocky took off.
Delos took a deep breath.
His tongue took my mouth.
Took a step towards him.
He took one last breath.
They took leave of the.
I took her hand in mine.
Raven took a deep breath.
We then took it to the.
Of course this took time.
He took a step toward her.

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