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    1. His wives had been as cynical as he, but because they didn't believe, were more conscientious of appearing to believe

    2. “Nothing over twelve decades,” she agreed, “Can you imagine someone with a job like this being conscientious about it?”

    3. Most are scrupulously honest, conscientious and careful

    4. I consider myself conscientious about my paperwork,” even then he was, “but I don’t have a fetish about it

    5. Athnu is not the jolliest person I know,” Kulai said, “But he is too conscientious to pass up

    6. Conscientious but not obsessed

    7. He’s conscientious of their personal lives and is at ease enough with them to joke around

    8. She wondered if the copy she had created of herself was as conscientious about her powers over her crewmen? She hoped she was, she had programmed her to be at least as conscientious of it, to never be able to take a notion that she had a power over them

    9. "I'm glad we were blessed with a system's expert as knowledgeable and conscientious as the one we have

    10. conscientious in his duties as a father

    11. In a small republic, where the people have entire confidence in their magistrates, are convinced of the necessity of the tax for the support of the state, and believe that it will be faithfully applied to that purpose, such conscientious and voluntary payment may sometimes be expected

    12. But we read these days, after 1994 that is, that many Army medics were conscientious objectors (in their hearts where no one could evidence it), and they used their medical kits for drugs and parties only! Yeah sure, that never happened when I was around, and more to the point they never mentioned their longhaired liberal views either

    13. Its flawed assumptions oftentimes fail to consider, however, that every Individual is subject to his or her own private set of moral and ethical assumptions that are naturally resistant to categorical imperatives or the conscientious ―merits‖ of narrow-minded viewpoints that seek to impose their (myopic) moral authority on others

    14. That is to say; they strove to supersede conventional customs and practices with quasi-nihilistic manners whose unscrupulous rejection of conscientious values ultimately created a mix of (moral/spiritual) confusion whose legacy has unhappily become a distinguishing characteristic of today‘s youth

    15. Officially sanctioned vigilantes the American Protective League proceeded to lock up antiwar protesters, socialists, even Jehovah's Witnesses as well as conscientious religious objectors

    16. Then, at the beginning of September, I returned to the United States and started a process of education, so that I would be able to cast a conscientious and informed vote

    17. The Daily Mirror of London may very well not agree with these view points and call “dumb” those of us who voted for Bush after a conscientious study of the positions of the two candidates

    18. Although the officials on the Czech side of the border seemed to be used to the sight of American uniforms, they were still very conscientious

    19. Of course, they excluded established criminals and conscientious objectors

    20. If you can be a conscientious objector to war and not serve, you should be able to be a conscientious objector to abortion and not fund

    21. In any case, being quite conscientious, he took what he felt to be remedial action

    22. From all accounts Orduja was very gracious and conscientious

    23. The little one is a handful and she’s a very conscientious mother who’s no longer very young

    24. How can a conscientious citizen know when the “balance” between being effective in support of a program and being honest about its merits may have been tilted toward exaggeration or political causes by scary scenarios?

    25. Conscientious that it was the mothers who prepared it and served it weeks later on the table, he sometimes surprised himself humming, to the sound and rhythm of “Guantanamera”, the refrain and the first stanza of

    26. Some of those conscientious leaders, according to more recent information, have succeeded quite well in the endeavor

    27. The citizens of that charming locality must be simple, healthy, conscientious of their unique position and interested in making their visitors stay pleasant

    28. Conscientious of his teaching duty, Roger ventured to explain to the students that “merengue” is also a dance

    29. Aware of his dissertation’s controversial nature, he made a conscientious effort to prove every issue to nullify possible attacks even before he was called to defend it in May of 1976

    30. conscientious act of mercy

    31. like to live in the most conscientious manner we can

    32. She is by far the most compassionate, conscientious, loving person I have ever had the honor of loving

    33. All religions before and after the times of Jesus, even Christianity, carefully provide for conscientious self-examination

    34. Research by US psychologist Dr Howard Friedman has found that the best predictor of ­longevity is how conscientious a person is

    35. They want their children to be conscientious,

    36. conscientious about his diet and exercise regimes and expected to live into his

    37. They were brave conscientious objectors who witnessed the brutality and waste of battle, specifically what was begun in March 2003

    38. He refused to carry a gun, being categorized as a conscientious objector and not forced to bear arms

    39. Some of the men interviewed in Conscientious

    40. conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today

    41. When some of these COs went to jail, one of the wardens, after all his undertakings with them, mentioned that he couldn’t wait until the war was over so that he could deal with murderers, rapists and Congressmen rather have to put up with these conscientious objectors, whom he just didn’t know how to handle

    42. Even today, we have conscientious objectors

    43. The previous chapter describes the conscientious objectors but much more has to be done

    44. Many good and conscientious representatives trusted that

    45. had I been more conscientious of her needs

    46. You will then be registered as conscientious objectors and will be offered positions in the United States connected to training, administrative support or ferrying of new planes

    47. Franks, who was really a good guy, a conscientious Christian, and an admirer of what Kareem

    48. be that wishy-washy, conscientious Randy

    49. As much as it pained him as a conscientious policeman, he had no illusions about the honesty of some of his colleagues

    50. impressed me greatly with her abilities and conscientious approach to her tasks

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    conscientious painstaking scrupulous thorough punctilious particular meticulous prudent exacting moral principled dedicated faithful ethical